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if a friendship lasts longer than seven years, it will last a lifetime
—  the quote that keeps popping up in my head for 1d’s 7-year anniversary 😭

ok but can I just say harry’s 1D tweet is my favorite ever??? cause like… it’s so simple, yet impactful, esp in the wake of so many people saying that he hates 1D, and crucifying him for literally, /everything/ (tho especially for suggesting the hiatus (which, painful or not, was a good freaking call, by the way)). i just!!!! wanna squish his face and brush his hair out of his face and tell him he’s doin a good job i love harry

Oh it’s a 1D-Anniversary time! You know, as much as I just follow closely Harry’s stuff these days, I have to say that 1D has given me some of the best memories! Best concerts, best tunes, best friends who’ve come into my life, best laughs! I’m always gonna love them and they hold such a special place in my heart 💕

Some people before Harry tweeted: he doesn’t care about his fans. He doesn’t care about 1D. He’s selfish. Thanks Louis and Liam for caring about us unlike some people!

Same people after Harry tweeted: he didn’t tweet first. He just did it so he wouldn’t look bad.

It doesn’t matter what he does, how he does it or when it does it some of you will still complain. There’s literally nothing he can do that will make you happy.

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Niall might still tweet, but I don't mind if he doesn't. Unpopular opinion but maybe it's better that he doesn't tweet for every event. We know how he feels about the band, he has been the most vocal about his willingness to reunite and he never tries to erase or minimize 1D's musical accomplishments in interviews. When fandom practically makes it a requirement to tweet then it just ends up sounding forced.

i completely agree :)

hey happy anniversary of 1d !! it’s always fun to curse these hellbeasts for chaining us to a chaotic fandom, but we’ve all stuck around for a reason. so this time, please put in the tags why you’re a fan of this band

one band one dream one direction

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Harry's thank you is set up so no one would know it's for 1d outside of fans since he doesn't want that association. It was also left this late to reinforce he's in a North American time zone so no Larries could HC he's with Louis (who was working today in London). Pick someone supportive!

I had the same thought about how nobody would know what it was for. Hell, it’s late Sunday of opening weekend of a movie he was in. For all anyone knows, he’s thanking people for that.

Anyhow, I’m just surprised Niall didn’t tweet honestly.