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I made this account to find people to roleplaying with on kik! Please only kik me if you have long replies and write in third person. I ALWAYS play the dominant. I’ve tried playing the sub but it just wasn’t for me. Sorry. I’ll be willing to try again though. 

I have no triggers

Ships I can comfortably roleplay: 
Larry, Lilo, Ziam, Zouis, Zourry, Destiel, Evak

Likes: Daddy Kink, Dom/Sub, Size difference (muscle Harry/ twink Louis) Angel Cas/Demon Dean,

Dislikes: Water sports, Bottom Harry, age play, 1 ½+ day late replies

Things I’d be willing to try to the first time: M/F (larry) rape, rapeplay, huge age gap, very underage + older.

I’m willing to try anything, message me if you want to try any of these or other kinks of yours that you’re scared to share! I DON’T KINK SHAME!

I’m open to ALL prompts and willing to try anything new.
Don’t be afraid to message me again if we’ve role played in the past! Let’s try again!

With that being said - my kik is hugsfromlou

harry styles is..

• sunlight
• ginger cookies
• autumn coat
• soft smile
• stars in the eyes
• angel voice
• louis’ kisses
• bun with cinnamon
• white shirts
• old poetry
• dried flowers
• polaroid photographs

Kik Rp? 😻

Hi guys, I’ve been so bored lately and I’m looking for someone to do a long term rp with! I can do anyone for you guys. ❤

Info about me before I start:
❤I do have school but sometimes I’ll text you in class. My class has poor service but my last three classes have good service so I’ll usually be available.
❤I live in MST (Mountain Standard Time Zone), one hour behind CST time zone, two hours behind EST time.
❤I send messages that will say “Testing” once in a while. My house has spotty service and I usually say “Testing” to see if my data or WiFi is working. (Do not worry about this!)
❤I usually send messages in a few hours if I don’t get a reply back without any notice if you’re gone.

Now, here are my likes in rp and dislikes.

❤M/F (mxf, bxg)
❤M/M (mxm, bxb)
❤F/F (fxf, gxg)
❤Age play/Age gap
❤Some fluff
❤Daddy kink
❤Affair plots
❤Medium/Long Responses
❤1st P.O.V (3rd is fine also.)


💔Cheating (affair is different)
💔BDSM/Heavy Bondage
💔50 Shades of Grey (so old)
💔Cancer/Mental illnesses (anxiety is fine)
💔Abuse/Being the mean guy

Things I’m rusty about:
💛 Hybrids

Your Requirements:
❤Good grammar
❤Make our replies equal. I cannot stress more about this! Don’t make yours half a Kik page and mine, 2-3 lines, please. I will fit my replies with yours.
❤Have emotion to my character. I have anxiety and I really need reassurance in my characters. :)
❤Don’t control my character. You control yours, I’ll control mine. 😊
❤I’m not going to play Dom all the time. You do both, I do both.
❤It’s okay if you don’t have a plot/prompt! We can make some up together. 😊

If you’re up to rp with me, just message me your Kik. I hope we can have fun rping!


🕸 Kik roleplay 🕸

Alright, i did this before but I’m going to redo it and make this more detailed.

👀 oc
👀 I do not play female role unless it’s fxf.
👀 I para (only), it doesn’t matter about third or first person.
👀 I don’t do slaves, werewolves, watersports, anything based around sex (sex worker, etc.), gender swap, or mental age gaps, or cliche things such as teacher/pupil or highschool au.
👀 I do doubles if its mxm or fxf or if you are the female in both of the fxm’s.
👀 I will actually have as many rp’s going with you as you want.

🐖 I will do things that most people won’t such as incest, abuse, etc.

💚 My kik; shlickerthanshlime

hi there!

so my kik reset and I literally lost all my contacts. so I’m going to create another post!

I’m looking for semi to literate roleplay partners! here’s what I require:

• doubling is a must :)
• third person posts
•lengthy posts (at least a solid paragraph or more)
• have a good plot. (Its hard for me to work with a flat plotline, and flat characters with no demension whatsoever)
• please nooooo use of ’*’ they are my biggest pet peeves.
• must be comfortable with smut!
• be active as much as you can!
• have fun!!

if you are interested in setting up a plot, then shoot me a message on kik! (my kik is awhniallhoran) I will reply asap and we can set up a kick ass roleplay!

  • Louis: i just keep on coming back to you
  • Me: *sings without knowledge of melody* i just keep on coming baaack to harryyy
one direction / 5sos roleplay partners

Hey guys, I’d really like to have more people to long term roleplay with on kik so I made this blog! I do one direction or 5sos roleplays. I’d either do my prompt or I’m more than willing to do doubles as well if you want, as long as you put equal effort into both prompts. I usually write in past tense (don’t mind present though) and I always write in first person. I usually refer to the other character as ‘he’ or ‘him’ but don’t mind using ‘you’ if you’d prefer. I’d like someone with good grammar and I write about a kik page usually. Just so you know, I don’t do incest, big age gaps, prompts just about smut or abuse / rape. I’m okay with mature language and sexual scenes though. I’d really like some new people to roleplay with so message me if you want to and give me your kik so I can add you! I’d really love for somebody to play Harry or Michael for me as they’re my favourites 💜 ** I’m active a lot of the time at the moment because it’s summer, I’d really love to have someone to rp with on kik so please message me! Also someone who can understand that I’m busy with university as well at times but will be very active now as it’s summer. Thanks!

daily reminder

harry styles exists
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louis tomlinson exists

Glamor and Glasses

(Hiii! Ok warning this is super smutty 😏😏 I co wrote this with @isabelleintheam )

Harry wasn’t the most popular boy in school… Well he wasn’t very popular at all. He tended to blend in, and he liked to keep it that way because when he wasn’t, people would snicker and ridicule him based off of his social skill that weren’t that great, shyness, grades and his appearance. Now Harry wasn’t unattractive but people refused to see that because he hid in his sweater vests and dress pants, slicked hair and bulky glasses. They didn’t see his bright eyes and long eyelashes, his structured cheekbones and pink lips. They just saw a nerd.

Harry was brilliant. The top of his class, he always focused on his grades. But besides that he liked to write, and draw. And the inspiration behind that was /her/. She was gorgeous and Harry had had a crush on her since freshman year but she had never even once looked his way. She wasn’t mean, no. In fact she was very nice, but no one ever noticed Harry.

Scarlett was beautiful, to say the very least. She was not only an incredible person, in the sense that she was outgoing and extremely social, but she was also extraordinarily beautiful. She was one of the bombshells of the high school, she had little to be insecure about.

Scarlett had her share of hookups with guys, but she never gave them all of herself. She always made them work for it a bit, she might give them a hand job, and on a good day she might give a guy head, but she always left them wanting more no matter what.

Scarlett and Harry are in the same class, and although their names are both called often, Scarlett didn’t really know of who Harry was. She had so many things to think about.

“Attention everyone, I would just personally like to congratulate a certain student on Acing the last test. It was definitely a tricky one and a 100% is very admirable. So, everyone give Harry a warm round of applause,” she says, making Scarlett turn around to where the teacher is looking.

Scarlett is one of the few people who gives Harry applause besides the teacher, she is just trying to be friendly. She hasn’t seen Harry before, at least she doesn’t remember, but this time, he catches her eye.

Harry blushed deeply, hating the fact that he got called out in class. He was proud of his grades yes, but he didn’t need everyone knowing about them. People used him all the time to cheat off of it get his homework. He wouldn’t mind helping someone, but they just wanted the answers.

He kept his head down, fingers playing with his rings. He had big hands and he had always sort of been insecure about it. Big hands, big feet, tall, big everything.

He felt eyes on him and when he looked up to see who had been staring at him, his eyes widened and his head shot back down. Scarlett.

Scarlett’s brows furrow as she notices Harry’s eyes widen slightly, and his head shoot down as he makes eye contact with her. Confused, she continues to stare at him with her blue eyes.

“Okay, class,” the teacher begins, before she introduces the next lesson. Scarlett can’t keep her eyes off the boy the whole class, the boy who she doesn’t know has been smitten about her for the past few years.

It’s odd for Scarlett to be in this position. The one sneaking the glances instead of a guy trying to sneak glances at her, trying to get her attention. But this time around, Scarlett is curious about Harry. The roles have changed, and Scarlett is both confused at herself and the situation, but deep down she is oddly content with it.

Harry felt her eyes on him the entire class, as he wrote notes and tried to focus on the teacher but he just couldn’t. He was squirming and his stomach felt weird. Of course he always wanted to be noticed by Scarlett but now that it was happening he felt odd.

“Alright class, for this assignment you’ll be needing a partner, so choose one quickly and decide the subject.” The teacher said.

Harry sighed and relaxed into his seat. No one ever choose him as a partner, so he thought he would be safe. But he thought wrong. She was walking towards him.

Scarlett’s interests spark as the teacher says that for the next assignment, a partner will be needed. She immediately knows who to pick, it’s like an opening that’s waiting to happen.

Scarlett exits her seat and begins walking Over to him. A few eyes follow her as she brushes past them and takes a seat next to Harry, crossing her long, tanned legs.

“Do you want to work together, Harry? I don’t think we’ve ever met, my name is Scarlett,” she introduces herself, holding up a hand to shake.

Harry’s heart was basically pounding out of his chest, but he tried to keep his composure. She was just a girl.he kept telling himself.

A gorgeous, tanned, girl who had been the subject of a lot of his dreams.

“Um- uh… Hi?” He said before clearing his throat. “I’m Harry. S-sure.” He said. He was scared but god, he wanted to work with her.

Scarlett noticed his stuttering, and she couldn’t help but smile at it. Most guys who talked to her didn’t miss a beat, they were overconfident and they acted like she was just some trophy girl, who they deserved to have in their collection.

“It’s nice to meet you. Congratulations on your great grade, by the way. I don’t think I did half as well as you,” she laughs softly, tucking a strand of her brown hair behind her ears. She felt warm for some reason, more giddy than usual.

“You as well.” He said quietly. “Um, it comes easily to me. And studying helps I guess.” He shrugs. “I’m sure you did fine, and if you didn’t you could always get a tutor?” He suggested, pushing his glasses up his nose.

He played with his rings nervously while he looked at her. She was beautiful and it was very intimidating for him.

Scarlett nods, smiling softly at him. She thinks he’s so adorable, the way he isn’t trying to make moves on her right away. The way he is completely relaxed, and cutely a bit nervous.

“Maybe,” she nods, tapping her fingers on his desk softly, “I don’t know who it would be though…” She trails off, a bit suggestively.

Scarlett is very much interested in this boy. She’s never really approached anyone like him before, no one with a more gentle voice, no one who fiddles with his rings while talking to her.

“I mean I could? If you wanted?” He asks nervously, hoping that’s what she was hinting towards. He was smart yes, but he wasn’t very smart with social cues and sarcasm.

His hands were sweating as he looked at her and observed her beauty. She thick hair and gorgeous eyes framed with long lashes, small nose and gorgeous lips.

She smiles wider at his response, getting what she intended.

“Oh, really? I would love that, if it wouldn’t be too much trouble for you…” She plays it off. She had a way with men in general, but Harry was different. She felt more nervous, more giddy around him than other guys who were up her ass, both literally and figuratively.

“Not at all. I’d be happy to help.” Harry smiled lightly, happy he was able to help her in some way.

She was sweet, he thought. She wasn’t treating him with disgust or rudeness, so even if she was just trying to get answers for homework he would give them to her. She was Scarlett after all.

Scarlett bites her lip to suppress her grin from growing even bigger, “that’s incredible,” she blurts out, laughing softly at herself, feeling embarrassed in front of a guy for the first time in forever.

“So, uh, maybe we can exchange numbers so we can talk about a time and a place where we can meet up? I’m free most days after school. Unless I’m hanging out with my friends,” she explains, twirling her hair around her index finger.

She wanted his number. She wanted his number. She wanted his number. He was excited, no girl he ever asked for her number before. And it was his crush, for god sakes.

He nodded and handed her his phone, taking hers and typing in his number with the name ‘Harry.’ Sweet and simple he thought.

He handed it back over, their hands brushing and he got shocked, probably from static electricity.
“Shit, I’m sorry.”

She feels her hand brush against his and her eyes widen at the spark. The literal spark, that they both feel. Not the figurative spark, although she does feel them as well.

“It’s okay,” she blushes, pushing her hair behind her shoulder, “really, it’s okay. Thanks for giving me your number. I will definitely be texting you to plan the get together,” she grins, allowing herself to get lost in the green of his eyes that are hidden behind his slightly large glasses.

She’s captivated even though he may not be the stereotypical 'pretty boy’. Underneath the glasses and hair do, she sees a bit of Harry, the actually extremely attractive and sweet man that she will get to know sooner than later.

Harry was a bit confused but he let her stare into his eyes as he observed her gorgeous face. She truly was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.

After the bell rang, he got up to leave but she whispered a “I’ll text you later” to him in a sweet voice before walking out, and he had to take a second to recuperate.


He drove home and did his homework, eyes checking his phone every so often.

Scarlett thinks about Harry the whole rest of the day, still wondering why he looked down and away from her that first time their eyes met.

Did he think she was a bitch before she came and introduced herself? Was that his impression of her when he first heard of her? He had to have before, he wouldn’t have looked away like that from a complete stranger.

Once Scar comes back from shopping, she decides to quickly text Harry, 'Hey. It’s Scarlett. By the way, you can call me Scar. I only let people I really like call me that, haha.’ She texts, nervous as to if she’s coming on too strong or not.

Since when does Scarlett worry about that?

Harry’s heart felt weird at the text. 'Scar.’ He thought, it fit her. 'People I really like?’ What was that supposed to mean! They he just met today.

Harry didn’t know how to text girls, let alone girls he liked and dreamt about weekly. He had been ashamed to admit more than one of his 'wet dreams’ was about her.

'You can call me H, or Haz if you’d like. Not many people call me that, but I don’t have many friends.’

He sent back. Then cursed, wishing he could take it back. He must surely seem like a loser to her now.

Scar’s smile soon turns into a frown as she reads over Harry’s next message.

Harry is so sweet, how could anyone not want to be friends with him? Maybe he’s a bit shy, but that isn’t a reason to not be friends with someone.

'I like H. It’s like, cute but it can be sexy too. Also, anyone who doesn’t want to be your friend is a dick. I want to be your friend.’ She replies, proud of her response. It is truthful, after all.

Harry smiled at her response, blushing to himself. He had finally finished his homework, so he took off his clothes and got into his comfortable clothes, his hair messed up a bit and laid on his bed.

'Well thank you, I’d love to be your friend as well (:’ Harry sent it carefully hoping the smile face wasn’t overkill.

And truthfully, Harry would love to be her friend, her tutor, her boyfriend… Anything.

Scarlett hadn’t smiled over texting a boy like this in ages. It was normal for her to be talking to a guy, but she wasn’t always very interested. Sometimes the guys were just fun to flirt with, but there was no real /feelings/ there. Scar only met Harry just today, and she can already tell he’s a bit special.

'But I promise that tutoring won’t be just studying. I’m gonna want to get to know you as well. You are so much different from other guys I’ve met.’ She admits, biting her lip as she presses send.

Holy shit… Holy shit. Was Harry dreaming? He pinched himself and ouch, he definitely was not dreaming.

She wanted to get to know him? Why? He wasn’t that interesting to be honest. But just the thought of laying around and talking to her made him smile.

'Alright, but I’m a bit boring. You might fall asleep when I tell you about me, ha(:’

Scarlett rolls her eyes at his message, but can’t help but smile at his use of emoticons over text message. She thought it was really cute. Especially the simple smiley face. She was tired of seeing those fire emojis and those winky faces, maybe a bit of heart eyes from guys. Tired and overrated.

'Oh no, I know I won’t be. I honestly can’t wait. Been thinking about you all day.’ She admits, once again, over text message. She’s always been quite confident, she doesn’t know any other way to be.

'Really? Why? I’m really not anything special, Scar.’ Harry sent back.

It was weird. He wasn’t so sure why she was interested in getting To know him. He was a nerdy boy who everyone avoided and she was a gorgeous, more than popular girl who had guys drooling at her feet.

But the fact that she can’t wait to get to know him has him giddy and excited.

'You just treat me better than most guys. Most guys only text me because of something they want from me, which is usually always the same thing, if you know what I mean…you’re so genuine.’ She replies.

She lies back on her bed and looks to the ceiling, wondering why she hadn’t noticed Harry sooner. She’s been in class with him for many years it seems, but she’s never cared to take a glance his way.

She is so happy that the teacher congratulated him today. If she didn’t, she may never know who he is.

Harry got angry, thinking about the assholes who try to get in her pants and use her. He’s heard guys say plenty of things about her, really rude thinks and commenting on her ass and breasts.

Now, Harry does know and has noticed she has a spectacular body. But she’s more than that. She’s a gorgeous face and a genuine and sweet personality. And not that he’s getting to know her a bit better, he can tell she deserves to be treated like a queen.

'Most guys around our age are immature and only want what you were implying, and they don’t see what’s beneath the physical body. And j think it’s so important to get to know someone and understand them at least a little bit before ever trying anything like that.’

Harry’s texts makes Scarlett reevaluate her choices in men completely. All of those boring nights of mindless handjobs or suggestive texts, receiving countless amounts of nudes, seem all worthless to her now. Wasted time.

Harry is easily what every girl who wants self respect dreams of, so she’s even more confused as to why he doesn’t have a girlfriend, let alone friends.

'I really, really like what you just said. You’re awesome, you know? And if you don’t know, I’m telling you. You are. And this makes me only want to get to know even more about H (;’ she replies, now becoming the one with the winky faces.

Again he blushes at a text. But it meant a lot to him, actually. Not a lot of people besides his mum told him that he was cool, or awesome. And to have Scarlett say it was even better.

Harry imagined dating her. He would love to hold her and talk about anything and everything, and go on adventures. She seemed like she was the type to be happy staying in for a day and watching movies and the next, going on a trip.

'Thank you, scar. It means a lot, truly. So when did you want me to help you out?’ He asked

'I’m free tomorrow, and Thursday. Either day works for me. Or both! If you want to hardcore study, haha.’ Scarlett replies, making up an excuse of 'hardcore studying’ to hopefully be able to spend more time with Harry.

She isn’t and can’t explain how she feels about Harry. Her feelings for him are obviously stronger than most, and positive, but she doesn’t know where it’s headed. Is it headed in a just friends direction? Romantic direction? Sexual direction? Just acquaintances direction? She can’t tell, and she wants to figure it out.

'If you really want help we can definitely do both. I don’t have much going on. I don’t live that far from the school.’

He smiles as he pressed send, thinking about how she would be willing to spend not one but two days with him. This really was a dream come true.

He started to tidy up his room, though it was already clean. He knew his mum wouldn’t be home because she was on a business trip as usual, so they wouldn’t get distracted.

Fuck yes! Harry was free both days, meaning more time to get to know him. Scarlett sighs happily and rests her phone on her chest briefly, just staring up at the ceiling in awe of what has happened today.

She met Harry, figured out he wasn’t like the rest of the guys, planning a 'tutoring’ session with him for both tomorrow and Thursday.

'Great. I can’t wait to see you! In class tomorrow as well. If you ever want, you can come sit by me in class. But if you’re comfy where you sit, I understand.’

'Sure, I’ll sit by you, If you’d like.’ He smiled and sighed contently.

When did this ever happen to him? He felt like he was in a fanfiction. Too good to be true.

She was so sweet to him and actually put effort into trying to be friends with him, which made him feel a lot better. At first he thought it could have been a joke but now he felt reassured. He was going to be in her life.


The next day, Scarlett arrives to class, and a few guys in the hall whistle as she enters. She rolls her eyes, tired of the low class of most of the guys who are interested in her.

But Harry is different.

She takes her seat and taps her fingers on her desk, waiting for Harry to arrive impatiently. She hadn’t been excited to be with a guy in a while. Not sexually, but just to be in his presence.

Harry woke up the next day excited, a little spring in his step as he walked down the hall, a small smile on his face.

He walked into the classroom and saw Scarlett, smiling shyly as he sat next to her.

“Hi.” He said quietly, cursing himself because he was blushing lightly.

“Hey,” she grins. She notices that Harry has the same hair and the glasses are still on. She wishes she could take them off and run her fingers through his hair, get it a bit messy and show him how sexy he can be.

What did she just say?

She pulls out her books and stares at him again, “how did you sleep? I couldn’t sleep very well, some reason…” She trails off

“I slept alright, had a bit of trouble falling asleep though. Was thinking a lot.” He said, his eyebrows furrowing in concern.

“That’s a bit odd, did you change anything in your daily schedule? Sometimes that can cause sleep problems.” He said quietly, looking at her. His hands were sweating but he became a bit more comfortable talking to her.

She notices his hands are sweating, she tries not to furrow her brows too much to save him embarrassment. Why would his hands be sweating like that? Why does he seem so nervous around her?

She just isn’t used to it, but part of her thinks it’s cute. It’s innocent. Which turns her on more than she’d like to admit. She can’t imagine Harry having sex more than once or twice in his life.

Maybe not at all?

“No, I guess I was just thinking too…who were you thinking about? Your girlfriend?” She laughs softly. Maybe there’s a girl equally as shy and quiet as him who’s already stollen his heart.

Harry laughed softly at her words, but then realized she was serious.

“No, no. I don’t have a girlfriend. I’ve never had one to be honest.” He admits to her.

He’s never had a girlfriend, never had sex, never been kissed. The typical nerdy virgin you could say. Of course he’s gotten himself off and things like that but he’s never actually done anything with someone else.

Scarlett’s eyes dance with a bit of excitement and happiness to hear he’s single. Her ideas that have been stirring in her head can absolutely be executed if he’s single.

“Hmm, really? These girls must be missing out then,” she blurts out, her cheeks turning a bit red as she does so. She didn’t think before she said that. She’s never been the slightest bit nervous around a guy before.

“I mean, you’re the sweetest. I’m sure you’d be a great boyfriend,” she grins.

Both of their cheeks were a bit pink but Harry’s heart was beating so fast he was almost sure she could hear it.

“I think I could be, I’m not sure. I’d like to think so.” He said shyly.

He noticed the happiness in her eyes and was a bit confused but let it go. He wished he could be her boyfriend, treat her nicely and give her compliments all the time.

“You would be. Most boyfriends only want that one thing we were discussing last night. Then they stop calling you after they get it,” she rolls her eyes, going off of her own experience from a few years ago. One of her boyfriends had sex with her and then broke it off not even a week later. She wasn’t /that/ into him, so it didn’t hurt too much, but her ego definitely was bruised.

“But I know you aren’t that type of guy. And I really like It, like, a lot,” she hums.

Harry was a bit upset for her that someone would use her that way. But he wasn’t surprised. Most boys at their school were douchebags.

“Thank you. I wouldn’t do that to you, to anyone.” Harry said strongly, finally gaining a little confidence.

“Guys that do that to girls aren’t real men, as they claim to be. It’s disgusting to use a girl for your own needs, just to leave them when you get what you want.” Harry said in disgust. His sister was used by one of her boyfriends so this hit close to him.

“the problem with men now a days is they don’t treat women with respect.”

Scar is touched by Harry’s words. Isn’t this what every girl wants to hear fall from a man’s lips? She’s unknowingly getting the best bachelor at the school. Even if he’s shy, a bit dorky, and inexperienced, Scar’s interests are still sparked.

“You’re truly amazing, Harry. I don’t know any other guy who is as considerate and wise as you. You prove chivalry isn’t dead. It’s incredible,” she says softly, looking into Harry’s green eyes with her blue ones. She’s so captivated by him.

He smiled at her, his dimples coming out like he did when he genuinely smiled.

“I would like to think it isn’t.”

Class started and their talking ceased but they stole looks at each other often, smiling at each other. Scarlett scooted her chair closer, and when she didn’t explain the worksheet Harry explained it to her while she stared at him.

“Do you get it now?”

Scarlett swears she tried to pay attention to Harry as best she could. And she did catch some of what he was explaining, but she couldn’t help but watch the way his lips slowly moved as he talked, the way his long fingers guided the pencil on the paper.

She day dreamed about how those lips would feel on her body. Since she’s never had innocence in a man, she craves it. She wants it. She thinks about how those lips have probably never touched anyone else, and she wants to be the first.

She stutters a bit as she snaps back to reality, “uh, yeah. Yeah, I do. You’re such a good teacher,” she bites her lip

Harry looks at her and furrow his eyebrows.
“Are you sure? You seemed a bit distracted.”

She was looking at his face, his lips and he wasn’t sure why. He thought his lips were alright, a bit too pink for his taste but they weren’t really something to stare at.

“I can go over it again if you’d like.”

She curses at herself mentally for making it obvious that she wasn’t focused. She just couldn’t help it.

Her mouth becomes a bit dry and she licks her lips, shaking her head, “n-no. I’m fine. I get it. Thank you so much. You don’t have to go over it again for me. You did amazingly the first time,” she says, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear, “thank you so much, I really appreciate it.”

She’s reached a new level of nervousness around him. A new level of feeling high off of his energy, the butterflies in her stomach were intense.

She looked a bit nervous which made him confused. Usually she was so confident and carefree, he had seen it with the other guys she talked to. But in front of him she was playing with her hair and giggling nervously.

He nodded and the bell rang, and he gathered his things to put into his bag, not noticing she was waiting for him.

“You alright?” He questioned wondering why she was waiting.

“I’m fine, yeah. I just wanted to wait for you to get your things so we could walk together,” Scar says, the nervous tone left from her voice completely as she holds her bag over her right shoulder, humming softly as she waits.

The teacher glances over to Scarlett and Harry, taking off her glasses as she curiously stares at them. Scarlett is a great young lady with so much character, but it’s odd to see her and Harry interacting, even if she’s a teacher.

“O-oh, okay.” Harry smiles nervously and puts his bag on his shoulder, walking out of the room with Scarlett.

“Do you have any other subjects you need help in?” He asked as they walked together. He wanted to help her in any way he could. “I could help you with whatever you wanted help in.”

A few people give Scarlett and Harry glances, wondering why she of all people is walking with him down the hallway. Scarlett returns some glances with bitch face, letting everyone know not to mess with Harry.

She turns back to him and grins, “I think I’m okay for now. Maybe biology. But if I come across anything else, you’ll definitely be the first to know,” she grins, “I can’t wait to come over your house,” she adds

Harry got the butterflies in his stomach as he thought of her coming over and being able to spend time with her. Even now was a blessing. He didn’t notice anyone but her.

“Um, I’m excited too. I hope I’m able to help you” he grins at her, stopping at his locker.
“Hold on a second, I just need to switch my books.”

It was then he heard the whispers and snickers of people wondering why Scarlett was with him, and he suddenly became self conscious.

“If-if you want to walk without my that’s okay.” He said quietly, not wanting her to be upset that people were talking about them.

Scar grows angry as Harry tells her this. Not at him, but at all of the assholes who think that they can make comments about Harry hanging out with Scarlett, and vis versa.

“No. No, stay by me actually. Come closer,” she instructs, taking his hand in hers to guide him. Not in a romantic way, although she does feel electricity as their hands touch.

A few people’s eyebrows raise and she finally says something, “keep walking. Nothing to see here that’s different than two people walking together. Get over yourselves.”

Harry’s eyes are wide as Scarlett’s hand takes his and walks with him down the hallway.

He had thought about this before but now that it was actually happened he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

She lead him through the hallway, glaring at people who looked at them. Harry’s heart felt happy that she didn’t care what people were saying.

Scarlett didn’t care what others thought. She never really did care to begin with, but now, she really didn’t. Harry was an incredible guy and she is anything but embarrassed to be seen with him.


Scarlett heads over to Harry’s house on the night they scheduled around 6 PM, more excited to see a guy than ever before. She pulls into his driveway, applying some lip gloss in the car before she rubs them together and smirks.

She goes up to his house and knocks on the door. His home is lovely from the outside, but she can’t wait to be on the inside.

Harry had tidied up his house like a mad man, but didn’t have time to fix his hair after he had showered, so it was still curly. He shrugged and grabbed his glasses, and put them on.

He ran down the stairs as she knocked on the door, opening it quickly.

“Hi!” He said out of breath. “Sorry, was just fixing some things. Come in.”

Scar thinks she’s prepared to see Harry, but her mouth falls open a little as she takes in his appearance. His hair is curly, as she’d never seen it before, he’s still wearing the glasses, but he looks incredible. He’s handsome at school but right now, he’s, fuck…he’s sexy.

“I-I, okay,” she stutters a bit, walking into the warm home. The house is lovely, but it’s still not as fine as how Harry looks tonight.

She turns around and takes in his appearance again, “you look very well,” she gulps, trying to suppress the current feeling she has.

“Thanks. I didn’t have time to fix my hair, mum likes it like that.” He smiles. He feels a lot more comfortable in his own home.

“Would you like something to drink? Or do you just want to go up and do some work?” He questioned leading her into the kitchen grabbing a water bottle for himself.

“I, uh…do you actually have anything a bit stronger? I had a really long day and I think it would help,” she explains, biting her lip.

God damnit, Scar, why did she have to ask that?

“I mean, for after we study. For now I will just take a water,” she corrects herself. She was partly hoping she could get Harry to drink something as well to loosen him up a bit, maybe make him feel more confident about making moves and such. But she feels as if she will have to be the one making the moves with Harry.

“Yeah, I’ve got some stuff we can have. Don’t worry.” He smiled at her, having her a water.

“I’ve got some marshmallow vodka and then I’ve got some whine? Haven’t been shopping in a while.” He flushed, holding out the options for her.

He hadn’t drank much before, a couple times at family parties and things like that but not really with school friends.

Scarlett is relieved to find that he does In fact have alcohol. It’s not to take advantage of him, it’s just to loosen him up a bit. She doesn’t know exactly how she’s going to execute it but she wants to show him how, well, to put it bluntly, how sexy she is.

“Great, that sounds perfect for after studying,” she grins, taking out some chap stick and applying it over her glossy pink lips, “so, where do you want to study? Kitchen? Living room? Your bedroom? Doesn’t matter to me,” she hums.

“Well I have all my things in my bedroom but we could come down to the living room if you’d be more comfortable.” Harry offered politely.

He felt off if he wasn’t studying in his room. A technique that helped him study was a common setting. But he didn’t want her to be uncomfortable in his room of course.

Scar is pleased with Harry’s response, nodding.

“Of course, yeah. No, we can stay in your room. Whatever is easier for you. And I’m not weirded out by that stuff either. People can be so…just, so quick to jump to conclusions about everything. Your room is perfectly fine,” she grins, allowing him to lead her up the stairs.

Scarlett made herself look better than she is willing to admit for the night. She kind of has a feeling that it won’t take much to impress him, but she still wanted to look extra amazing.

Harry definitely noticed how amazing she looked. Her features popped with her subtle makeup, and her clothes fit her body /very/ well. Which made Harry not able to look look at her chest for very long, scared he’d get hard right there.

He lead her up to his room, and turned on the light quietly.
His room was pretty oasis, navy blue walls with the occasional photo and one small wall filled with artwork he was proud of. His bed was huge, Harry’s favorite part of the room, filled with fluffy pillows and a while bedspread. A guitar and drum kit in the corner of his room, a large desk with a desktop and near papers stacked on top of it. He was pretty organized.

He walked over and sat on the bed, pulling his books out of his bedside table. “Ready?”

Scar takes a look around Harry’s room, admiring everything in it. She puts her hand on her hips as she smiles at the countless amount of artwork that she just knows is all Harry’s.

“Wow, you’re incredible. Your room is amazing. And holy shit! Your bed is huge too,” she grins, laying back on it and humming before she realizes she may be acting a bit rude. She quickly sits up and laughs at herself softly.

“Sorry, your bed just looked so comfy, couldn’t resist…”

“It’s okay, don’t worry. I do it all the time.” He teases lightly. It amazing him at how comfortable he got with her. He was still a bit shit, yes, but yesterday he wouldn’t even has imagined it to be a possibility for her to her here, on his bed.

In fact he quite liked it. It looked like she was sort of meant to be in his room with him. It felt right.

“Thank you by the way.” He smiled at her before sighing. “So what do you find the most difficult?”

“This new lesson in my Calculus class was impossible for me. And I assume you’re in a higher math class since you’re not in mine,” Scarlett laughs, sliding her shoes off gently to sit criss crossed Apple sauce on Harry’s bed.

She leans back on her hands, feeling extremely comfortable in Harry’s bed. It’s so comfy, but it’s not only that, she can just /feel/ that she’s meant to be here at this point in time. Not with anyone else. Not making out with someone else on a couch or catching a movie with friends. Right here, with Harry.

“I’m in AP, let me take a look.” He said, taking her binder and looking it over. He was thankful that he knew this backwards and forwards.

“Oh, I learned this a few months ago. So what you do is…..” Harry explained how to do the problems, in depth. He got really into it so she understood the best she could, outlining in her binder papers the important things and drawing a quick and easier way to do it.

“So you think you can try a few problems?” He looked up at her.

Scarlett enjoys the way he is marking up the important stuff for her. She wasn’t stupid but she wasn’t a straight A student, and she didn’t care as much about school as Harry did.

She suddenly became nervous as he requested she do a problem. What if she messed up?

“Uh, yeah, sure,” she nods. When he points to a problem in the book, she copies it down and halfway through, she gets stuck. Her cheeks flush In embarrassment and she buries her face into her hands, “God, I can’t finish, I’m not as good as retaining information as most are,” she shakes her head.

“Hey, it’s okay. It’s hard, even I struggled a bit at first.” He said to help her relax. He took the pencil from her hand and showed her how to finish the problem, not realizing how close he had gotten to her.

“Is that a bit better?” He asked, eyes widening as he saw how close he was to her, but not moving hoping she wouldn’t pay attention to the closeness.

Harry gets closer to Scar and her body heats up. The Sparks between them are ridiculous, she can’t even believe it for herself. She watches as he finishes the problem and she actually understands it, gasping, “oh, I see,” she grins, giggling softly.

She raises her head and finally notices how close to Harry she is. When their eyes meet, she lets out a small breath, carefully moving her hands to play with his curls a bit.

“Thank you. You’re such a good teacher…” She says quietly, staring at his lips.

Harry’s breath hitched as Scarlett put her hands into his hair to play with his hair.

“I um..” He cleared his throat, getting a bit flustered. “I try to be.” He says softly, looking at her. She looked so focused, and she was close to to his face, it was like one of the not so innocent dreams he had about her.

“Is it easier? Or is it still hard?” He asked, looking at her.

Scarlett’s heart began to beat faster as Harry says 'hard’, even though it’s not being used in that context.

Hopefully, a part of his body will be hard soon, though.

“It’s easier. A lot, lot easier,” she breathes, leaning even closer to him. She knows he wants to kiss her and that he’s controlling himself, and she wants him to let that go.

She continues playing with his hair, her face inches from his, “we could, um…get some of that alcohol if you’d like, if not…we can, we can just stay in here and chill,” she breathes, tugging on his hair gently, not hard, but just enough so he notices.

Harry licks his lips gently, and her eyes widen. He knew she was staring at her lips but he wasn’t sure why she was. Why would a girl like her want to kiss him?

A small whimper left his throat as she tugged on his hair.“Y-yeah.” He stutters before clearing his throat. “Yeah, we can just chill if you want… What alcohol do you want?” He whispers, watching her face intently.

He wanted her to lean into him and kiss him, he wanted Scarlett to be his first kiss… God he wanted it so badly.

“Mmm, maybe some vodka? I love a little bit of vodka,” she hums, beginning to ache between her thighs at the small whimper that falls from his lips. Mmm, so he likes when a girl tugs his hair…

She runs her other hand up his arm, getting completely pressed against him.

“But you know what I could really go for…” She whispers, beginning a statement that she won’t end with words..

She finally leans in all of the way and presses her lips against his warm ones. Her lips are a bit sticky from the lip gloss and she hears his breath hitch as she molds her lips into his.

Harry’s eyes widen, and he stiffens for a second before he relaxes, letting her kiss him. His mind is going crazy.

First of all, her lips are so soft and smooth against his. Small and plump, they fit perfectly between his. Her hand stroking his arm feels amazing and relaxing, and her body is pressed up against his.

The only problem was, he didn’t really know how to kiss.

So he pulls away for a second, licking his lips. “I-I don’t know how… This is my first kiss.” He whispers to her, hoping it wouldn’t turn her off.

Scarlett smiles gently, shaking her head.

“Mmm, it’s okay baby. I can lead. All you have to do is move your lips with mine, doesn’t have to be too clean, doesn’t have to be too messy. You don’t understand how sexy you really are, just let me guide you, okay?” She whispers, before connecting their lips again.

Her tongue softly swipes along his bottom lip and she feels his breath hitch again. She slowly presses her tongue into his mouth, tugging on his hair a bit harder as they kiss.

“Swipe your tongue with mine baby…feels good,” she breathes, grinning against his mouth as he does so, “yeah, that’s good, mmmm, just like that…”

Harry moans against Scarlett’s lips as she tugged on his hair, it felt so amazing combined with the ecstasy he felt with kissing her.

He followed her instruction, his tongue shyly playing with hers. He didn’t know kissing could feel this good, but then again it could just because he’s kissing Scarlett.

“Like this.” He whispers against her lips, kissing her again.

“God, yes…” She says, letting a soft moan fall from her lips. She climbs into Harry’s lap slowly as he lies back, laying on top of him.

After a few more seconds of tongue filled kissing, which Harry happens to be incredible at already, she moves her lips to his neck and jaw, nipping at the skin as she trails her hand down his body. She whimpers against his skin as she feels he’s hard in his pants, his jeans straining him.

“You must like it baby…already hard…” She moans against his neck, suckling gently on the skin just below his ear. He’s never been touched like this before and she fucking loves it.

Harry blushed, nodding. “Sorry, you just… Do things to me.” He said quietly, groaning when she suckled on the skin of his neck.

“Holy shit…” He gasped when she lightly bit at the skin, shivers flooding his body. “That feels, so good.” He panted.

His hands slowly reached up and touched her hips as she worked his neck. He moved his neck to the side so she would have more room.

“Yeah baby. I’m gonna make you feel good tonight. I’m gonna make you feel things you’ve never felt before, okay?” She whispers, licking down his neck as she applies pressure to his pants. She feels his leg jerk and she smirks, before she straddles his waist and hovers above him.

“Have you ever seen breasts baby?” She hums, reaching down to peel her shirt off of her body. She wasn’t going to admit this, but she did in fact wear a new push up from Victoria’s Secret. In case anything happened tonight, “do you want to see mine?” She hums

Harry nodded his head rapidly at the question, looking at her with wide eyes. God he wanted to see her /so/ badly. And he really would appreciate it, he appreciated every part of her.

“Yeah, yeah I’d like to i-if you want to show me.” He said shakily. She was sat on his lap, right above his hard dick and it was driving him absolutely crazy.

She smiles a little at the way he is still so unsure of himself. She wishes he’d realize how sexy he actually is, how sexy he truly can be.

She tosses her shirt elsewhere before she unclasps her bra slowly. She pushes the straps down her shoulders and then finally pulls the whole bra away, tossing it elsewhere, smirking as Harry’s eyes nearly pop out of his head. She squeezes them together so he gets a nice view of cleavage, biting her lip.

“Fuck…” Harry said under his breath. He had seen breasts online obviously, but to see them up close and personal, on the girl you had a crush on.. It was mind blowing.

So when Scarlett reached down and took Harry’s hands and placed them on her breasts, he felt like he couldn’t breathe.

His hands were huge, so they covered a good amount of them, they felt warm and soft in his hands, perfectly rested in his palms. “Shit, Scar. You’re gorgeous.” He bit his lip as he looked up at her.

She nearly moaned at his use of the nickname Scar. Not many people call her that. As she said to Harry, she only lets people who she really likes call her that.

“You like my tits baby? Play with them. You can pinch and suck on my nipples, massaging them in circles, bury your face between them, anything you’d like…all yours,” she breathes.

Because she’s so wet, she begins rocking her hips against Harry’s lap, groaning softly as she rolls her head back momentarily, bringing it back up again to watch his hands.

“They’re gorgeous.” Harry said breathlessly, his hands squeezing them a bit. He leaned in and kissed her neck gently, reciprocating what she had done to him before.

Pinching her nipples lightly between his fingers he felt her hips rocking against his bulge, making him moan against her skin. “Feels good… Everything about you is so good.”

Harry leaves small kisses all over her neck before finding a spot that he knew was sensitive, sucking on it gently leaving a small love bite like she had done to him.

Then he cautiously moved his head down, his lips slowly kissing her breast, watching her reaction.

Scarlett feels as if she could have an orgasm from just hearing Harry’s kisses and watching him kiss a female’s body for the first time alone. She moans and tugs on his hair, gasping in pleasure as she feels his lips on her breast.

“Fuck, you’re so sexy, God, I’m so wet…I’m so wet baby. Gonna let you put your hands all over me. Every inch,” she pants, crying out as Harry’s lips daringly pucker around her nipple.

“Fuck yeah, like that baby. Oh shit, that feels so good…”

Harry takes that as a go ahead, his tongue swirling around her nipple hesitantly before he sucks lightly on it, listening to her whimper. He thinks it his new favorite sound.

His other hand tweaks and pulls at the nipple, like he had seen in porn, and her moans increase letting him know he’s doing something right.

The knowledge that he got her wet was driving him crazy… He wanted to feel it, to know how she tasted. Her hands tugging his hair was making him so fùcking turned on, his eyes were dark with arousal.

Harry has to had watched porn before. Men have natural instincts, but not this good of them. He knew what to do, and how to do it. He may be inexperienced and still a bit unsure of himself, but shit, he was incredibly skilled.

“Oh my god baby…you’re so good, fuck, so good…” Scar gasps. She holds onto Harry before she lies down next to him, pulling him on top of her as she moves her hands down and fumbles with the zipper of his pants, sloppily attaching their mouths together again.

“You like born, fucking hell That’s hot,” she breathes into his mouth, suckling on his tongue gently.

When Scarlett pulls him on top of her he isn’t sure what to right right away, but he blushes when she calls him hot.

He didn’t know someone sucking on his tongue could be so erotic, but fuck, he was turned on. He rested his arms near her head and his hips bucked info her hips.

When she released his tongue, he let them breath for a second before diving back in and taking her tongue into his mouth, sucking on it, moaning at the taste of her mouth. She tasted so good, he couldn’t get enough.

Even though she’s realized he’s a bit more skilled than he comes off, she is still happily shocked by the way he sucks on her tongue. She’s never sucked face like this-literally. She didn’t like to kiss other guys like this, a bit of tongue was okay but Harry is full on sucking on hers.

She fucking loves it.

She gasps and pushes his pants down once she’s gotten them undone, feeling his hardened cock make a tent in his boxers, palming his aching erection through them. She can already feel the outline and holy shit, he’s huge…

He releases her Tongue, moaning loudly at the feeling of her hand on his cöck.

“That feels amazing, shit.” He cursed through gritted teeth. Her small hand squeezed his hardness through his boxers, making him whimper. His lips went back to her neck to kiss and suck while she palmed him, embarrassed by his noises.

“Your moans are so hot baby. That deep voice…fucking hell. I’m so happy this is happening,” she whimpers.

And she truly was. She’s so happy that she was finally giving herself to a man who actually values /her/, and a pretty sexy one at that. He was perfect for her and she knew it, but she was angry at herself for not noticing him sooner.

But it doesn’t matter. She’s with him now. That’s what matters.

“Wanna suck that big cock baby. I can feel how huge you are,” she pants, tugging on the band of his boxers.

He was in heaven. This was all a dream… But he wasn’t. He got that confirmed as she pulled his boxers down and turned him around, sitting in front of his hard erection.

He looked at her wide eyed. Why was she staring at his dick like that? Did it look weird? He started to panic.

“What? Whats wrong?”

“Oh..oh my, fucking…oh my fucking God. Holy hell,” she gasps, staring at his massive penis. She’s never been with anyone this big, and she thought she’d done pretty well when it came to penis size on her guys she’s fucked.

She looks up as Harry asks her worriedly what’s the matter. She’s speechless. She stutters before she finally manages,

“It’s, fuck, it’s just…you have the biggest penis I’ve ever seen. Honestly, H, you’re massive. Holy shit. How do you even tuck this? Like, you’re huge. And I’m wetter than I ever thought was humanly possible.”

He sighed in relief knowing it wasn’t a bad stare. He hasn’t thought his cöck was that big, but with her reaction he knew he must be.

Her hand reached out to touch it and he moaned, biting his fist. Her small cool hand wrapped around him felt incredible. Her eyes were blown with lust and she was practically drooling all over him. He liked this, he decided.

“I love your pubic hair, baby. And your penis is quite veiny. So fucking hot. And Mmm, I like the pinkness of your head. You’ve got a stunning penis, she compliments, moving her head down to begin giving him the best sexual thing he’s ever felt.

She rubs her thumb across his head, spreading the pre cum that’s oozing out around the tip. Her other hand pumps his shaft, watching the way the soft skin jerks with her hand, his balls moving along with it.

She leans down and spits on his tip before she begins suckling it like a tasty lollipop, swirling her tongue around it before pulling her mouth off with a wet pop, "you like watching me suck your penis baby? You like when I have your dick in my mouth?” She groans.

Harry watched as she played with her erection, the feeling making his stomach warm. Her compliments and words flowing off her tongue made him twitch, turning him on even more.

When she spat on his dick, sucking on if lightly, he started to feel light headed, fisting the sheets next to him.

“Yeah, love it. Feels amazing, baby.” He groaned while she looked up at him with wet lips and messy hair. “You look gorgeous sucking me.”

“Gonna get you nice and coated in my spit, baby. You’re gonna cum and I’m gonna make sure it’s on my big tits,” she groans, before moving her hand down to the base.

Scar begins taking him in her mouth, inch by inch. She wants to deep throat him a bit, make him feel pleasure like never before. She begins bobbing her head up and down slowly, hollowing out her cheeks as she plays with his balls.

She moans, taking as much as him in as possible. She gets him in her mouth nearly to the base, holding her head there as she sucks harshly, his cock getting nice and drenched in her sticky spit. she feels him hit the back of her throat and Gags a bit but continues bobbing her head slowly, deep sounds from her throat coming out as she rubs up and down the seam of his testicles.

Harry’s eyes bulged at her dirty talk, but he loved it. He loved the dirty words and promises coming out of her pretty lips.

His groans a loud “Fuck, baby!” As she takes him down her throat, his hand moving to her hair, fisting it. He couldn’t help it, it felt so good. And when she gagged on him, his head fell back in pleasure, a loud moan leaving his throat.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck. You look so good, Scar. So pretty, love this.” He whimpered looking down at her, lifting the hair out of her face.’

She couldn’t keep it up for much longer, she knew her throat would be sore as hell the next morning. She keeps bobbing her head for a few more seconds before she finally pulls off, gasping for air as she finishes.

A good amount of spit covers Harry’s cock as Scar pulls out, and she has a bit of drool hanging from her lips as she breathes heavily, but she gets back to work quickly, using her spit to jerk Harry’s cock at a fast pace.

“You’re so close, let go baby, it’s gonna feel so good, shit,” she breathes, squeezing her thighs together. If he’s as good at eating pussy as he is as at kissing, she’s in for a treat.

Harry closed his eyes for a second while she fucked his cöck with her hand before opening them and taking a look at her.

His stomach was clenching as he saw her swollen, wet lips, saliva dripping down to his cock, messy hair and tits on display. Finally, he came.

He came harder than he ever had before, his hot cum splashing all over her chest and chin. Looking at her made him twitch again, a little more spurting out.

“God… Damn it.” He cursed looking down at her.

Scar watches as his cock twitches and more cum oozes out of his penis. She has a glistening chin covered in his salty, sticky cum, and her tits were nicely splattered with his intense orgasm.

Scar moves her hands down to her chest and rubs his cum around her nipples so he can focus on them when he sucks himself off of her body.

She climbs up onto the bed again, getting on top of him. As she hovers over him, she pinches her nipples.

“Wanna clean me up baby? You got me so dirty with your cum. Absolutely filthy,” she says, collecting some of his orgasm on the pad of her index finger and rubbing it together with the pad of her thumb, humming at how sticky it is. She moves her finger into her mouth and hums, “Mmm, so sticky and salty. You taste so good baby.”

Harry gained more and more confidence as he was with her. She made him feel amazing, like a real man.

“You look beautiful, Scar. All covered in me.” He says softly, his hands coming up to her breasts as he holds them.

He looks up at her and moves his mouth to suck on one of her nipples. It tasted salty, but not much like anything. He was more focused on her pleasure, and he could tell she was really turned on by this.

Scar’s legs shake a bit as she feels his lips pucker around her nipples. She’s quite sensitive now from all of this. Her eyes roll to the back of her head as she lets out soft cries of pleasure.

She’s never been this dirty with any guy before. She’s never let any man suck his cum off of her tits, actually, now that she thinks about it, she’s never let a guy cum anywhere besides her mouth, and sometimes even then she’d spit.

“Feels so good baby, I’m soaking and throbbing for you..wait until you touch me, lick me out,” she whimpers, biting her lip hard, hard enough to get a bit of blood from it.

“Wanna, want to do that to you.” Harry said quietly as he kissed his way back up to her neck. He thinks this is his new favorite thing.

He had dreams before about licking her out, watched a lot of 'educational’ videos about how to please a women. And now he had one that wanted him.

“You’re really beautiful.” He says quietly, looking up at her.

“I love that you call me beautiful. Most guys call me hot or sexy. They never call me beautiful. You’re so special, Harry. You’ve no idea,” she says truthfully as she rolls over and lays on her back beside him, waiting for him to reciprocate.

She has never felt so incredible in her whole life. She was actually so proud to be doing this with Harry. Everything felt so right to her. The dirtiness felt right too. The way she’s touched him, licked him, sucked on him is like nothing she’s done before. And there is no other man she’d want to do that with. “Seriously, this has so far been the best time I’ve had in bed with a guy in a really fucking long time,” she breathes.

Harry got up and hovered over her, pecking her lips gently. “You are beautiful, and you deserve to be reminded every single day.” He said softly before going between her legs.

“I’ve never done this but I, I know the general gist of it? So if you want me to change something or do something else just tell me.” He said a bit insecurely before taking a deep breathe and leaning down.

She was gorgeous, every part of her. His thumb came down to where he knew the clít was, rubbing gently. She seemed to like that, so he leaned in and licked a long stripe up her heat, looking up at her from between her legs.

She was so moved by his words, she felt both emotional and also still extremely aroused, which is never a good mix for a girl usually, but in this case it was. He was truly taking care of her.

“Shh, you’ll be perfect baby,” she assures him. Soon enough, his thumb was applying pressure to her swollen clit and she was gripping onto her sheets, tugging on them, “oh shit,” she gasps, feeling his tongue lick up her slippery slit. “Oh yeah baby, holy shit, feels so fucking good…” She whimpers, her back arching off of Harry’s mattress.

Harry was still a bit nervous but she reassured him. She seemed to be enjoying it so far.

He kicked up and down, tracing patterns with his tongue on her wet cunt, before moving his lips up to her clit. He was a bit messy, his face had her juice all over it but he strangely liked it. He was prim and proper in the real world but liked it a bit dirty in the bedroom.

His lips wrapped around her clit, remembering what he had learned in his 'videos’, and began to swirl his tongue around, sucking occasionally on it.

She begins gasping loudly as her swollen button is suckled in Harry’s mouth, her head rolling back as she cries out profanities.

“Fuck yes baby! Oh my fucking God! That feels so f-fucking good, I love your mouth on my cunt….” She cries out, her legs beginning to shake from the immense amount of pleasure Harry’s mouth is giving her. Her toes curl until she has a foot cramp in both feet, but she doesn’t care, not when pleasure is coursing through her body like this.

Harry smiled against her, finally getting the reaction he wanted.

He slowly eased a finger into her entrance, knowing he had big hands so he was careful not to just shove it it. But the long moan that came from her made him think he was doing alright.

He slowly thrusting his finger In and out of her while he pleasured her clit, tapping and licking and sucking.

Her body shakes and she squirms as Harry pays extra special attention to her clit. He knows what he’s doing. Most guys go right for the hole, but pleasing and stimulating the clit is the most important part of pleasuring a girl. No clitoral action, no orgasm.

“Fu-fucking yes baby! Oh my god, add another one, shit, add another one!” She squeals, referring to Harry’s fingers. She wants at least two buried inside of her and curling against her g spot.

He slowly slides another finger into her. She was so tight, he was struggling to control himself. He imagined how that would feel around him. She was tight and wet and warm and he knew that she was enjoying this.

His fingers speed up a little bit, watching her face and and enjoying her whimpers as he fingered her a big harder. He wanted to me her orgasm so badly. His fingers must have hit the right spot because she started moaning very loudly, so he went back down to suck on her clît while he hands were buried in his hair.

Scar’s hands tug at his curls as he goes back to sucking on her clit, his long fingers curling at her g spot, right where she needed it.

“Fuck yes right there baby! Oh god! I-I’m gonna cum!” She cries out, thankful that they have the house to themselves so that she doesn’t have to worry about the volume of her moans.

Her toes curl again and her body shakes as she finally cums around Harry’s fingers and is left breathless, “o-oh my god..”

Harry takes his fingers out and licks around her until she’s pulling him off.

He enjoyed that more than anything, and he wanted to do it again and again. Her moans and whimpers and the way she tasted, it was all amazing to him.

“Was that okay?”

If Scar wasn’t so out of breath, she would laugh at Harry’s question. He just gave her the best orgasm of her life and he’s asking if it was okay?

“Baby, that was better than okay. That was, that was fucking incredible. The best I’ve ever had,” she breathes, pulling him closer to her.

“I need a few seconds, and then I can, well, I can show you how it feels to put your cock in a tight pussy, yeah? I want to be your first,” she whispers

Harry looked at her with big eyes, wondering if he was dreaming.. His crush, the one he’s had for years, wants to take his virginity?

“Really? Are you serious?” He asked breathlessly, his cöck already hard again.

“Yeah baby. Wanna be your first. Please,” Scar practically gets, moving so she’s on top of Harry again. She spreads her legs over his lap, looking down at him, biting her lip.

“Don’t be nervous,” she whispers, as she sees uncertainty in his eyes. “You don’t have to break a hymen or anything baby. I’m not a virgin, and I don’t have to break yours. ” she giggles.

Harry nods and looks up at her, her hand going between them to grab his hardness and rubbing it on her wetness, causing both of them to throw their heads back in pleasure.

The head of his dick was rubbing against her clit, getting his erection wet, before she started sliding on to him.

The tightness surrounded him, the warmth and wetness overwhelming him as he let out a long moan, his breath hitching.

As Scar finally slides her soaked cunt down onto Harry’s massive penis, she lets out a cry of pleasure. It’s even sexier since this is Harry’s first time. It’s all pleasure, no pain, no nothing. Just perfect.

“God damn it baby, you’re so big,” she breathes, taking him slowly so she doesn’t hurt herself. She is tight after all, and she’s never been with a cock as big as Harry’s.

“You like my tight pussy baby? Oh god, you’re buried inside of me, it’s so hot. You like your cock stuck in my pussy?” She groans.

“Yeah, love it.” Harry moaned as Scarlett started to move up and down on him. She took her hands and placed them on her ass, and he helped her move up and down.

He wasn’t completely clueless about sex, and had watched plenty of porn. But he never imagined he would have Scar riding him in his bed as she took his virginity.

“So tight, Scar. Faster, please.” He pleaded through moans, biting his lip as he watched her. He wasn’t sure what to say, scared of saying the wrong thing.

This is Better than Scar could have ever expected. She wasn’t aware of how incredible sex could be when it was with the right person. She rolls her head back in pleasure before she begins bouncing faster, moaning out a thank you when Harry holds her breasts for her.

“You’re so hot baby. I’m so happy this is happening,” she admits, breathing heavily as she bounces up and down on his penis. The sound of his dick pounding into her swollen cunt is loud, and she screams as he hits her g spot.

The sight of her on top of him was enough to make him want to cum, so having her bounce on his, he was on cloud 9.

He loved this, but he wanted to try. He wanted to see if he could do it well. So he took her waist in his hands and swiftly flipped them over, so how he was on top, still thrust a bit. “Is this alright?”

Scar’s eyes widen as Harry rolls them over so he’s on top. He looks sexier than she thought possible, and that’s saying a lot, because she knew he had extremely high potential.

“Fuck, it’s so good baby, feels so fucking good with you on top of me. You’re so strong and sexy. All mine,” she groans, leaning up a bit to watch his penis slide in and out of her pounded cunt.

Scarlett’s nails dug into Harry’s back, making him hiss with painful pleasure. It felt amazing, he never knew how great this would feel.

He started moving faster against her, his hips thrusting and losing the rhythm every once in a while before getting it back, going a bit harder than before.

“I-I’m close baby.” He whimpered and leaned down to kiss Scarlett messily, lost in his own pleasure.

She puckers her lips together a bit, making a kissing motion, but she really only ends up getting Harry’s sloppy tongue, which she is completely content with.

Her moans intensify as he pounds into her soft spot, that’s really gonna get her there. She shifts slightly and cries as his pubic bone begins slapping against her clit, “fu-fuck yeah baby, me too, oh god!” She cries out, knowing she won’t last much longer.

Scar is on the pill, so there’s no need to worry about a condom.

Her hands are tugging at his hair, making it even harder for him to keep it together, his hair a mess and both of them sweaty, with swollen lips.

“You first-ugh- please, want you to go first.” He whines, going even harder to try to trigger her orgasm. They were in their own world, no one could distract them. They were lost in each other, in their bodies and moans and pleasure.

Scar takes his offer, as she’s never been given it by anyone else. It’s always been the guy only caring about himself, about if he cums, not about her at all.

“Fuck, yeah, okay,” she breathes, concentrating on the way he’s pounding her g spot, slapping against her clit, making her writhe with pleasure.

After a few more thrusts, Scar clenches around Harry’s dick and finally reaches her orgasm, screaming his name before she calms down, her breathing then even.

Harry’s thrusts get sloppy, and he grits his teeth as the pressure in his stomach releases, moaning loudly as he released Inside of her.

He collapses on top of her panting, both of them shaking from their orgasms. They were sticky and sweaty but god, they were happy.

Scar’s body feels like a pile of mush after the orgasm and she imagines Harry feels the same way.

Their bodies stick together, sweaty from the messy sex. Her eyes close as she allows herself to enjoy the post coital bliss.

After a few seconds, she kisses the top of Harry’s head, sighing in content, “that was incredible…I’ve never had better…” She whispers.

“I never thought my first time would be that good… Kind of thought it would be awkward.” He chuckles tiredly against her skin, before rolling over to his back.

It was better than he had every imagined. He didn’t think he would lose his virginity in high school, let alone to the most beautiful and popular girl who happened to be his crush.

“Thank you for that.” He says softly, turning his head to look at her.

Scar turns her head to look at him. No glasses on, hair natural. Completely natural. She wishes that most girls could see this side of him. It’s sad, though, that people truly only value physical appearance.

“No, thank you,” she whispers, running her fingers over his warm, sweaty skin, “that was the best sex I’ve had, honestly…I’ve never been with anyone who cared so much about my pleasure,” she explains, studying his features.

God damn, he’s breathtaking.

“Not a lot of guys feel this way but I always think you should take care of your partner. I was trying my best to do it.” He smiled lightly at her.

“And never date someone who doesn’t care as much about your needs as they do theirs. It’s not good.” He scrunched his nose in distaste, looking at her.

He wished he could be her boyfriend, give her pleasure all the time. Sexually, emotionally, any way he could. She deserve that.

She bites her lip as she looks into his eyes, running her fingers up and down his arm gently.

“Well…” She begins softly, “if I was dating you, I know I wouldn’t have to worry about that. If I was dating you, I’d be pretty fucking lucky,” she whispers, connecting their lips gently before tangling their legs together.

She doesn’t care what anyone else would think about them. She is ready to face anything with him with a smile on her face. The opinions of others have melted away from the list of things she cares about completely.

“Would you really want to date me?” He asked in disbelief against her lips.

He couldn’t even believe that she was suggesting that she wanted him. He had wanted her all this time and finally, things looked to be turning around.

One hand intertwined with his, the other on his cheek, he stared at her as she smiled and nudged their noses together.

The odds of this happening were very slim when Scar didn’t know him. If the teacher never congratulated Harry on his perfect score, none of this would have ever happened.

Scar smiles, nodding slowly, “of course I would. I would be honored to be called yours. Even though in some way, I already feel like I am,” she says softly, kissing on his nose.

“Well then, girlfriend… Let me take care of you again.” Harry smiles and rolls over on top of her again, ready to take her to the clouds again….

pleeeaaase roleplay one direction with me over kik? c: username is XBloodLust_

i do everything but het. sorry, cannot stand that. i am up for gender swap members, however both must be girls. any ship is acceptable ~ i love them all! and i do rp smut, but it must tie into the storyline.

all i ask is that you be literate (know the difference between the ‘your’s and 'there’s), and use “quotation” marks to show speech. no *asterisks* or anything else of that kind

i don’t have very many prompts seeing as i like to use my partners (:

you roleplay and enjoy:

The Styles Twins ~
Dark themes ~
Vampires ~
Daddy kink ~
Hybrids ~

hope to hear from you c:

After spending a year off at the University of London the boys of One Direction are back on tour for the summer of 2013!

Modest Management has asked the boys to reunite for their biggest tour yet since the 1D chaos around the world has yet to settle down. Even though their management may just be after the money the boys of One Direction have figured they have nothing better to do with their summer than appease the screams of their fans. The past year has taught the boys a lot of things and even though it had its struggles they all feel as though they have grown and changed in the process. A few of them are even worried they won’t be able to embrace the spunk they previously had on stage but are willing to give it a shot for the sake of the people who have changed their lives forever, the fans.

Headlining alongside some of the world’s biggest bands and artists, and selling out venues across the world, the boys are looking forward to being back on stage doing what they love most. But has the college life forever changed them?

Join the boys, some of their close friends from University, the girls from Fifth Harmony and more as they take on their craziest tour line up yet! Will they prosper under the flashing lights and sharp screams, or realize that they have outgrown their ‘boy band’ image?