1d rocks

‘Sign Of The Times’ sounds more like something straight out of the 1970’s, or, rather, exactly like somebody trying to replicate the tastes of a past generation. The tune blends a top 40-ready version of psychedelic-leaning rock with high notes better suited for an R&B slow jam as Styles croons about the end of the world. 'Sign’ is one of the few songs where a written description cannot do justice—you have to hear it to get it.

The song may not be what some One Direction fans had in mind (many probably already considered a handful of 1D tunes to be rock in the first place), but it works better than it should, and perhaps more importantly, it stands out. It is rare when a chart-topping artist takes a risk and tries something that nobody else currently on the pop landscape is doing, and hopefully, Styles’ attempt to bring rock back to the masses in his own way pays off.
—  Harry Styles Finally Goes Solo With Rocking New Single ‘Sign Of The Times’ - Forbes