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I shouldn’t post a WIP but this is a WIP of some Louis-centered thing I’m working on & I couldn’t stop myself from sharing a sneak peek (this is like 15% of it??) because IDK when will I finish the whole thing & this had been sitting in my folder for a while so xD.

(btw should I let him have his facial hair or not i couldn’t decide)


There are no good words to say to someone when they’ve lost a person who’s been incredibly dear to them. All of a sudden, as life as you know it comes crashing to a halt, it seems there isn’t a single word in any of the world’s estimated 6,909 languages that can make things all right again.

part iv of Checkpoints, coming soon

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if it kills me by you_explode (106k, M)

Harry really doesn’t care about that anymore. He stays by the coal walk, staring at the glowing coals, at the fire flickering up the sides. He still thinks he could do it.

He’s been trying so hard to become a more fulfilled person. A more honest, courageous, raw person. He feels like he’s been shedding all the parts of himself that are holding him back. And he just imagines that doing this coal walk would feel like letting go.

He breathes, and he looks up at the sky. Night has fallen, and the stars are out. It’s a beautiful clear night, and Harry just feels so special, looking at the stars. The universe is so vast and beautiful, and he’s lucky enough to exist in it. It makes him feel like he should be living his fullest life.

Harry takes one last breath and then he runs across the coals. His feet are burning, but after a few seconds he stops feeling it. He just feels like he’s flying. When his feet touch the cool sand, Harry stops and breathes and feels like his head is clearer than it’s ever been.

Harry and Louis have worked together in a difficult office environment for six years. They’re best friends; Louis is the bright spot of all of Harry’s days. But Louis is in love with Harry, and Harry’s engaged to someone else. And that’s only the beginning.

The Office AU. More or less follows the first five seasons. A lot of pining and misunderstanding the depth of feelings and rejection and angst, until there isn’t.

@nobodymoves​ wrote this fic for Round 5 of Big Bang

a bunch of you who follow me have probably noticed that i’ve rediscovered drarry fic in the past month or so and it’s resulted in a lot of flailing and screaming and pure joy and happiness on my part. anyway! i’ve had a few people interested in a fic rec so here we go :)

azoth - eighth year, portrait!snape, amazing plot. 88k

right hand red - eighth year, muggle games, secret relationship. 73k

the light more beautiful - 6th year & post hogwarts, pining. warning: dub con in first chapter, potions mishap. 81k

helix - eighth year, tent, SOFT, SNAILS, SOLOMON. read it read it read it. 92k

the boy who only lived twice - unspeakable!harry, secret identity, rabbit. 54k

foundations!verse - healer!harry, hard to describe, just SO GOOD. reparations 87k, foundations 230k, plus drabbles. 

a convenient impracticality - fake relationship, pining, aaaahhhhhhh! 38k 

It just hit me there weren’t any “regular” classes at Hogwarts. So, like, can wizards do math? Do they know about evolution? Do they use there, their and they’re correctly? Like, it’s cool that they can get a broom to wash their dishes or turn into a cat or whatever, but can they solve for the value of x?

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okay so I'm not in the 1D family but I was curious because it was trending but like can you fill me in on what's happening I'm literally so confused??

Oh gosh, rip rip. This is going to be SO surface-level, bear with me.

So the context for the situation at hand is that, as you’d expect, 1D was an boyband fabricated in 2010 to specifically and exclusively cater to a young, heterosexual female demographic as boybands always are: a cashcow investment for Simon Cowell that was always supposed to be milked dry until their ‘lifespan’ was up and the next pretty things came along. It’s a formula that’s worked for 20+ years, nothing new. However, the difference this time was that their presence and rapid-fire popularity was because of fans on social media, so their marketing team played on that and we’ve always had this incredible day-to-day ‘access’ to the boys ever since.

The thing is, Simon had been trying for decades to break one of his clients into the US (which is pretty much a ‘make or break’ achievement in the industry), so come 2012 there was an instant change of tone and an agenda to 'snuff out’ anything that could 'threaten’ 1D’s appeal to its hetero pre-teen audience, one of which was the flamboyancy and 'heavily and happily implied as not straight’ Louis Tomlinson, who essentially stepped up to become the heart/glue of the band after being heavily and constantly shat on by his own management (who even go so far as to turn his mic off during performances, etc). Anyway, Louis has probably THE most fascinating personality I’ve ever come across in a person - multifaceted, charismatic and so, so generous - but his constant standing up for the good of his bandmates is likely what made him an enemy of Modest! and Syco verrrry quickly.

Forced closeting isn’t 'legal’ but insisting a client stay closeted for the success of the band is. Cue 'girlfriend’ who he supposedly 'started dating’ within days of their first ever global album release (though literally no one, not even Louis, could ever do more than um-and-ah over when their 'anniversary’ was supposed to be) and for the next four years would be painted as a quiet recluse who would only venture outside his house if he was with Eleanor and painted as an absolute homophobe on his Twitter (an account we have irrefutable proof of that he’s not the only one tweeting). He’s been the victim in the most frustrating smear campaign I’ve seen in a long time and it’s coming from his own team - a team whose motto is the DEFINITION of 'any publicity is good publicity’.

We’ve been spending years trying to speculate when all contracts end so when he and Eleanor 'broke up’ last March we thought that’d finally be indication that all the bullshit was over… until July 14 last year when they gave him a baby scandal that was so obviously orchestrated, unsustainable and for PR that we know it has an end date… only we believe he got fucked over once again (he’s literally been doing everything he legally can to show he doesn’t want this). It’s clear that one or more of their contracts are still in play because Simon’s still around, but there’s been someone (likely whoever the boys will sign with next) working behind the scenes to help counteract this mess since last year, TMZ is playing an important role, 'babygate’ is finally in its last stages and everything from here is pure performance art.

If you want to read about an Old Hollywood cover-up job that sounds too ridiculous to be true look up Loretta Young–in the 1930s she got pregnant by Clark Gable, faked illness to give her an excuse to drop out of the private eye for a while, and then staged the adoption of her own daughter in order to cover up the affair and pregnancy (x) (x) (x)

Fetus Harry looks like Ponyboy Curtis
External image

I wondered where I saw that innocent stiff face before.

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FIC: when things go wrong i sing along [1d; louis tomlinson/taylor swift]

Title: when things go wrong i sing along
Author: dulosis/el_em_en_oh_pee
Ship(s): Louis Tomlinson/Taylor Swift (past: harry/louis, harry/taylor)
Rating: NC-17
Wordcount: 18.6k fuck my actual life
Summary: How come everyone I’ve loved likes you better Louis sends, before he can think better of it. He waits a beat, listening to the voices bubbling up in the room around him, the clatter of serving spoons against the chafing dishes and the gasp as Liam misses something on the Xbox, and then sends, What’s so special and great about you
Notes: ALTERNATE TITLE: “canon divergent au where loulor cowrite home” i’ve been meaning to write this for eight+ months, but like, i meant for it to be 2k. oops. anyway, thanks to @wearestarshine for inadvertently inspiring me to finally write it and to @hunkgame and @frecklefacedbaby for the beta!!!

Read when things go wrong i sing along at the AO3!


Part II

Dammit!”, was the first thing you heard as you got out of the car, pine needles crunching under your boots. “I can’t believe you actually got her to come.”, Louis told Harry, while getting out his wallet. He handed a ten each to Liam, Zayn and Harry, of course.

You frowned. “I see how it is, Tommo, betting against me, huh? Not cool, man!”

Oh, come on, who are you trying to kid. You plus nature equals, well, nothing good.”

You glared at him, mostly because he was right, but you wouldn’t give him that satisfaction.

Harry, who knew how deadly that look could be, quickly interjected: “Well, it doesn’t matter, we’re all here now and that’s what’s important, right? So, let’s get started. Where are the tents?”

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(1/2) Hi Alex! How did you get into Larry in the first place? At the time, were you aware of tinhatting as a concept? Was Larry your first exposure to conspiracy ships? I have noticed that 90% of people who get sucked into Larry are under the impression that it's a unique ship and the first of its kind. They aren't aware that there are a dozen tinhat ships out there, none of which have turned out to be real. Those who have witnessed tinhatting in other fandoms are less likely to fall for Larry.

(2/2) I think that once you witness (or become a part of) one tinhatting fandom, and eventually leave it, you become aware of how silly and futile such groups are. You are far less likely to join another tinhatting fandom. When you discover a new tinhat ship, you start to see patterns between that one and your previous tinhatting group. Each new piece of ‘evidence’ has been debunked in a similar fashion. You can’t help but feel sorry for everyone who is being led astray by influential bloggers.

Yes, you’re exactly right!! I had never really been in a fandom before (except reading HP fanfic while in the droughts between books), and had never heard of tinhatting or knew that it was a thing. So Larry was my first experience with that. I don’t know why I was so credulous about it, I’m still pretty embarrassed about that.

Here’s how it happened – I was reading a bunch of fanfic, including Harry Potter fanfic. I was sort of running out of good stuff to read, so I broke down and read “Accio My Heart”, which is high on the list of HP fics with a lot of kudos. I had been avoiding it because I wasn’t into 1D at all. So then I read it, and loved it (if you’ve read it, you’ll understand why), and decided to read more 1D fic. Of course, the vast majority of 1D fic is Larry fic. I noticed that certain things happened in lots of fics (“Oops…hi” for example). I had read enough fanfic to know that repetition probably meant those things were canon. That piqued my interest, so I did a bit of googling.

Of course, that led me to Larry blogs. Unfortunately the first blog I really found with this WILD Larry/Ziam blog. I was fascinated, I had never seen anything like this. That led to the treatise, the videos, the masterposts, etc. I now know that a lot of the “proofs” were later debunked (for example, I didn’t realise that “I’m hot I know and so is my boyfriend Harry” was fake for MONTHS). But at the time I thought they were legitimate. It did not occur to me that the fandom would be full of liars…remember that this was my first foray into fandom at all, and the 1D fandom is particularly prone to falsehoods.

It was a fun theory, and exciting to think it was real. And it was fun to become part of the community, to make friends and have people to talk to and something compelling to talk about. I live in a very rural area, and don’t have that much face-to-face social interactions with people outside my family. So being able to make friends was a huge draw to me.

Anyway, I’m super embarrassed that I ever fell for it, and definitely won’t be sucked in to another tinhat fandom. I would much rather be respectful and surprised that invasive and correct about a stranger’s private life.

As for feeling sorry for Larries, I do feel bad for some of them. First of all, the very young. They really can’t be expected to know better, and it is a compelling theory and community. Second of all, it seems to me that a lot of Larries get involved in the ship when they are going through something hard in their life. Depression, divorce, gender dysphoria, death of a loved one, and so on. It’s a form of escapism, and a good one, since it is so compelling. I do feel sympathy for people who were just looking for something to distract them, for something else to think about, and ended up choosing something that will only make them feel worse. That’s a real shame. I have no sympathy whatsoever for the remaining “big larries” who feed their followers bullshit every day. They are actively doing harm to their followers, as well as to Harry & Louis & their associates.

FOUR Analysis: Track 2 - Ready to Run

So many questions about this track. Why the ukulele? Why the complete break with only toms right before the chorus? Why the abrasive guitar strumming to accentuate the middle of the chorus? We may never know.

I know a lot of us have noticed that the opening is very like SOML. A bit faster, different key, but very similar. And so far the first two tracks basically map onto the first two tracks from MM; Best Song Ever –> Steal My Girl, Story of My Life –> Ready to Run. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT.

The opening “ooh"s sound like a simpler version of some of the "ooh"s from Simon & Garfunkel’s The Only Living Boy In New York, which… where have we heard that before? Oh, right.  

Also, the cadence (phrase ending) on "but I know, yes I know we’ll be all right” is straight out of “A Most Peculiar Man”, also by S&G (interestingly, another song of theirs contains a cadence which is also identical in vocal harmony but not as rhythmically or contextually similar: “A Church Is Burning.”  (Only the live version, though.  The Paul Simon Songbook version had no vocal harmony because it had no Garfunkel)).  It’s not complicated at all, effectively creating a plagal cadence that resolves from a suspended dominant. It even uses parallel fourths; it’s not sophisticated voiceleading or anything. I’m not even sure why it’s so distinctive, but I immediately recognised it. Part of it’s the vocal styling, probably. Louis is somehow extremely genre-flexible, and usually, it seems, by accident. I’d really like to see him harness his potential and do it on purpose.

The melody of the chorus is very static, in contrast with the more mobile verse melody. As an artistic decision I understand it, the attempt at contrast with the verses and portrayal of a steady intent, but I’m still not convinced I actually like it.


  • Harry sounds like if this were live he’d be straining in the chorus. However, the second half of his verse has some lovely nuance.

  • Niall sounds BEAUTIFUL. Niall, I think, has developed the most since this band formed. He has SO MUCH more flexibility and breadth of expression in his voice than he did at the start. I’m really proud of him.

  • Louis’ half verse is basically the best thing about this song. I will entertain no opposition. Also, aside from the stunning plaintive beauty of his voice, the lyrics are “There will always be the kind that criticize / but I know, yes I know we’ll be all right” and it just means so much to me to hear those words coming from him.

Okay, so in my quickie teaser review post I called this song a love song for criminals and this is where I come clean and say that it wasn’t my own idea. You can thank my roommate for that one. Seriously, listen to it with the idea of two criminals who were going to run away together and live happily ever after on the lam, but one of them didn’t go through with it and left the other hanging… but they’ve reconnected, rebuilt trust, rebuilt their repertoire of thievery, and for real this time they’re going to Bonnie & Clyde it right out of Dodge.

You’re welcome.

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omg Kate, as always you're speaking from my soul. the entire "Harry MUST eat unhealthy 24/7 because EVERYTHING is a lie and he's NEVER eaten a salad because he's a messy manly BOY" discourse is too fucking annoying let Harry eat kale ffs he's literally glowing where do people think this comes from if not a healthyish diet

fjdks literally ik like i totally get that we get angry and frustrated over the disparity btwn harry and louis’ public images - rightfully so, and i do too! - but too often it somehow turns into this thing where harry never eats healthy!!! he eats burgers all the time!!!!! and then ppl…get…mad? when he does eat healthy?? or when louis drinks corona and eats a burger and it’s just like ??? alright. my buddy,,, my pal,,, mm maybe take a step back there for a second, my friend. idk it’s just such a strange thing to get riled up about at this point imo. and seemingly unbeknownst to a great portion of this website, people are v complex beings and just bc something is part of their image doesn’t mean the Exact Opposite is the Truth?? i’m sure they both have very healthy and balanced diets bc neither of them would look as incredible and fit and glowing as they do if they DIDN’T!! they can still go out for pints and booze it up and have some junk food here and there while doing so; i mean, you gotta do it to keep your head on straight sometimes. case in point: me, your resident lowkey health freak vegan who demolished an entire pint of ben & jerry’s new non-dairy pb & cookies ice cream the other day bc she fuckin’ wanted it and then proceeded to have a salad for dinner. amaze. idk man, life is all about balance and tumblr has a tendency to make things like this so black and white. but as always, that’s just my onion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

heated. ( zayn / niall )

note: find harry/louis/liam here.

Zayn: “Babe, come on.” The impatience bleeds into Zayn’s voice and you can practically see his bored, exasperated expression in your head. Though pegged by his fellow bandmates as the late one, Zayn is actually determined to make it to this event on time–after all, it’s the world premiere of the group’s second tour documentary. 

And it’s for that for reason that you’re taking so long to get ready; a makeup artist yourself, you didn’t want Zayn’s team working on you and instead, opted to handle your own styling–which meant that you had to bring your absolute A-game. Millions of people across the world would be watching a livestream of the premiere and you want to be sure that you present yourself well–for Zayn’s sake more than your own. “I’m coming, I’m coming, hold your horses!” With a final glance at your ensemble in the mirror, you gather your purse and make your way downstairs. 

“Seriously, love,” Zayn starts, eyes trained on his watch, “the driver’s outside now and–” Finally glancing up, he stops short at the sight of you, eyes going wide. “Wow…”

You laugh heartily at his reaction and shoot him a grin that drips with vindication. “Worth the wait, huh?”


A honk from outside draws your attention away from him and you peek out the window to see a familiar black limo waiting on the curb. “Alright, he’s getting a bit annoyed, I’m sure. Let’s head out there." 

The moment you’re in the car, Zayn’s hand is on your knee, tracing idle circles into your skin as he looks you over again and again. "Take a picture, babe, it’ll last longer,” your jab is accompanied by a playful giggle but he isn’t laughing–in fact, Zayn, who’d normally throw back an equally cheesy response, doesn’t even crack a smile, attention far too focused on you. “Babe,” you call worriedly, leaning into him a bit, “you alri–”

Before you can finish speaking, his lips are over yours and his fingers are trailing over your smooth legs, tips pressing lightly into your thighs. “God, you look so good.” His normally light voice is rough with desire, a sound that sends shivers up your spine. “Get over here, you.” He pulls you up into his lap with a strong tug, his full lips finding purchase on the curve of your neck as soon as you settle. It’s a hunger you’ve never seen from him before, the way he paws at your hips through your dress, almost as though he wants to tear the restrictive fabric off you. 

Humming against your neck, he bites down sharply, hissing as the action makes you buck your hips against his. “This is going to be a pretty long ride, boo,” he purrs lightly against your neck, pulling away so that you can see how dark his eyes have become, “can we play a little?”

You part your lips to speak but your voice is lost when he, in an effort to persuade, begins to snake fingers up the expanse of your thigh. So you simply nod and he dives back into his playful behavior, giving your neck one final nip before moving his attention back to your lips. His kiss is sensual and deep at first, lips moving over yours at a determined pace. But the space between your bodies–or lack thereof–has you grinding over him with every shift of the car, aggravating his need for you and making his kisses more and more passionate. “(Y/N),” he moans out against your mouth, fingers gripping at your freshly styled hair and holding aberrant strands away from your face. 

 Your only response is a low hum, your hands gripping at his suit jacket as you melt further into the kiss. Part of your brain remembers that you’re in a car with another person at the wheel and though the divider has been up since you got in, you find yourself swallowing moans beneath soft pants. As Zayn’s grip on your waist tightens, you can feel him growing beneath you and give a playful buck downwards, which makes him grunt beneath his breath. “If you keep that up, baby girl…we might not make it to this premiere.”

Pulling away with a mischievous lick of your lips, you slip a hand behind your back, slowly undoing the fastenings that keep your dress together. “Fine by me.”

Niall: “Are you sure about this?” The confident nod that follows makes Niall chuckle. ”Well, alright…just remember it was you that suggested this, princess.“ He gives your nose a little flick before padding off to set up the game console, rummaging through the pile of DVDs and games to find the one in question.

The tone of his voice alone is enough to reveal his disbelief; after all, you’re always the least excited about playing video games with him because, frankly, you suck at them. But, of all the games he has, nothing is worse than Mario Kart. Driving games in general aren’t your forte but Mario Kart is its own kind of hell, with all its booby traps and wild cards. It’s easily Niall’s favorite game to play with you because you get so mad but, this time, things would be different. While he was away on tour, you’d been practicing and tonight, with dinner on the line, would be the perfect night to debut your new gaming skills. 

The two of you settle next to each other on the floor, controllers in hand, as the start screen flickers on the TV and the familiar theme music begins to play. "You can still just give in now, babe,” Niall jokes, his eyes focused on the character selection menu, “save yourself the embarrassment.”

You respond with a scoff, choosing your character as he chooses his before moving on to the race track options. “You’ll be regretting those words in a bit, just you wait.”

The countdown kicks off and the atmosphere between the two of you grows tense. Then, a bright ‘0’ flashes across the screen and you’re off. For a moment, you feel a swell of pride take hold as you zoom ahead of all the other characters, snagging first place right off the bat. Niall, stunned by this sudden explosion of Mario Kart skill, is not far behind but that initial hesitation proves costly as he’s going too slow to avoid being passed by the automated characters. “Looks like someone’s been practicing,” he muses, eyes flickering between the half of the screen that shows your progress and the half that shows his own. 

But it seemed that even months of practice are no match for Niall’s expertise as he slowly but surely begins to catch up. Fifth place to third, a quick maneuver into second and suddenly, he’s right on your tail.  Though you don’t notice it, a look of panic flashes over your face and Niall's boisterous laugh fills the air. “Oh boy, someone really doesn’t want Nandos, huh?” He’s more jovial than before (if that’s even possible), toying with you as he continues to get close enough to overtake you but let himself fall just short. 

That is, of course, until the finish line emerges around the bend and suddenly, it’s World War 3. He’s quick to drive past you and you, without even thinking about it, throw yourself into his lap, arching a little to block his view of the TV. “Oi!” He tries to peek around you but you move with him every time, blocking his view with your body as you do so. “(Y/N), this is so unfair, you’re such a cheater!”

“I cannot eat Nandos again tonight, I refuse.” You take advantage of his lack of sight and overtake his character just in time to pass the finish line before him. “Yes!” The ecstatic cheer is coupled with a light bounce in his lap and arms thrown into the air. “I get to choose dinner!” You turn to face him, a playful taunt on the tip of your tongue, but freeze at his expression; his cheeks are dusted with a light blush and he’s staring down at the ground with an adorable kind of shyness.

“Niall?” You adjust yourself in his lap so you can see him better and without fail, a soft sound passes over his lips–a moan. It’s at that moment that you become hyperaware of the position you’re in but more than that, you realize that you can feel him growing beneath you–you must have been squirming a lot more than you realized. 

“Oh, shit–babe, I’m sorry, I…" 

He silences you with a bold kiss to your bare shoulder–a simple action and yet, coming from him, it’s more sensual than he probably intended–and a shake of his head. "Don’t say sorry. Just gimme a kiss.”

You oblige him easily, leaning in to press your lips to his. The kiss he gives in return is eager, his controller quickly set aside in favor of your hips. He takes advantage of the position you’re in to press himself up against you, another sound of pleasure raising out of him at the delicious friction. It’s been a while since you’ve been intimate with each other so there’s a sense of desperation in the way your hands thread through his hair and his pull you closer. His tongue flits over your bottom lip, begging for entrance, and you’re quick to grant it, moaning at the taste of the beer he’d been drinking that lingers on his lips. 

Niall’s wanting fingers find their way up your shirt and slide over your back and torso, indulging in the way your breath catches each time he makes contact. It’s a sound he lives for, really–hearing his effect on you brings him an incredible amount of pleasure. So as he pulls out of the kiss to mouth over your jawline and then your neck, he keeps his hands trailing over whatever skin they can find, listening to the way you mewl, squirm and moan against him in response. “Niall,” you breathe out softly when his roaming lips find your spot, pearly whites teasing at the sensitive skin before pressing down. He’s determined to leave a mark on you, sucking and biting all over your throat until the skin is littered with bruises and once he’s pleased with that, he’s back up to your mouth, kissing you deep and hard from the get-go.

An eternity seems to go by before you finally part, breathing heavily as you both search the other’s lustful expression. A few moments of comfortable, sexually tense silence pass before Niall’s expression shifts into something cheeky and he presses your controller back into your hands with a lopsided, puffy-lipped grin. “Best two out of three?”