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Masterlist || Part 2 (as requested)

A/N: Okay bIG MOOD

8:30 showed on your phone as you sat at the hotel lobby bar. A pianist played classical music in the corner of the room softly. The piece sounded familiar, but you couldn’t focus on the harmony. Your legs were a little chilly on the metal chair in your olive dress. You pulled down the hem wondering if it was too much for tonight; you told him to dress up, but you wondered if what you had on was too much.

Did it matter anyway? He was now fifteen minutes late at a 30 became a 31 on your clock. The bartender almost passed you until you caught his attention. 

“Dirty martini please,” you told him, tapping your coaster.

He nodded before starting to make your drink. Your patience was wavering. He hadn’t texted you or messaged you about being late or on his way. A simple text just saying, “traffic is horrible. be there in five,” would suffice. 

Your drink was delivered faster than you thought it would, but there was still no one walking into the hotel. You were the only one at the bar. Some had come to get a drink, but they were swept away by others, and that’s all you wanted. You wanted to be swept by someone; you wanted someone that demanded your attention but you always demanded theirs. 

“Scotch, straight,” a man dressed in a suit and tie said as he walked up behind you to order. He laid down some cash next to your drink; you weren’t an expert on the price of a scotch, but you were sure he laid down too much, “and hers as well,” he finished.

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Preference #7: He Finds You Sleeping On His Side Of The Bed (5/5)

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Preference #98: Phone/Skype Sex {Niall.} (His POV.)
  • A/N: I haven't written smut in so long, not to mention I've never had phone sex before so bare with me???? Enjoy. x
  • Niall: Tour was great. Meeting new people, seeing different places, combined with doing what I loved; there are no words to describe the feeling. However, being away from the one who you love for the extended time period was the only downfall. The occasional Skype and phone calls helped, but I couldn't ignore the emptiness in my heart, as well as the feign for her warmth pressing against me when I hold her tight. I lay in bed thinking about memories, and a bit of the future, and it brings a smile to my face. From the corner of my eye I could see my phone light up, then start to vibrate against the plush duvet. The screen displayed [Y/N]'s face, and I quickly answered and brought the phone to my ear, "Hey, babe" I cheered, but only got a muffled sound on the other end, "[Y/N]? You there?" I questioned, sitting up and listening closely, "I miss you, Ni." She finally answered, her voice low, and out of breath, with a tang of lust. My eyebrows knitted together, and I took a breath to say something but I was quickly interrupted, "Are you alone?" She mumbled, and my expression softened, a sly smile growing on my face, "Yes I am, baby." I answered sitting back against the headboard of my bed, "I've been very lonely with out you Niall. I miss your touch," [Y/N] moaned, "And your mouth," She noted, and I felt my self gulp, hanging on to every word, breath and moan that fell from her lips, "I miss being able to feel you," She whispered, "I can't help but slip my hands, and imagine they were yours; roaming my body, like you always do." [Y/N] said, and a shaky groan spilled out of me, my hand absentmindedly pulling at my trousers, "Tell me what you want to do to me, Niall," She whimpered, her voice so urgent and persistent, it could be passed as begging, and that was enough for me to slip my own hand below the waist band of my boxers, and begin to tug at my hardening length, "I want to peel off every piece of clothing you have on," I began, and she hummed in response, "Then I want to capture your breast into my mouth, nipping at them, before leading my way down to your wet pussy," I continued, "Then what are you going to do, Ni" She pleaded quickly, her breath quickening as I continued, "I'm going to take you into my mouth, tasting your sweetness, you know I much I love to taste you, right baby?" I panted as I continued to stroke myself, "I'm going to keep pushing my fingers deep into you, letting you squirm until you're screaming for me to fuck you," I added, and I could hear her moans getting louder, leaving myself to twitch, almost to my release, "Then what, Ni" She breathed, "Then I'm going to fuck you so hard and deep, and I won't stop until the sun comes up" I said, barely breathing as my hand ran quickly up and down my shaft. [Y/N]'s breath hitched, and my name fell repeatedly from her lips, pushing me over the edge, initially being the reason for my release. All being heard was our out of balance breathing, " I miss you," I finally said, and I could hear her laugh on the other end, making me let out a small chuckle too, "I can't wait until you get home," She said, calming down, "I love you," I whispered, pulling the covers over me, "I love you too, Ni"
Preference #6 - Late Night Text

Harry: “So I guess you just got home from work? Hope you’re not too tired. I’ll call you tomorrow. I love and miss you so much! Can’t wait to see you again soon .x"

Liam: “Goooooodnight baby. Sleep well and sweet dreams. 5 days left until I’m home again. can’t wait xxxx"

Louis: “I miss you so much, babe :( Don’t know if I can survive the next few days without you. I love you xx"

Niall: “I hope you’re still awake. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow again. Then we can go to Nandooos!! Love you!! xxx"

Zayn: “The best thing is when you can fall asleep next to the person you love, but it’s not possible currently :( I miss you, baby xx"

In This Corner... (One Shot #11)

The Boxer Series 

The Boxer Series

Past One Shots

NOTE: All of this is completely fictional. The male lead is only being used for physical appearance. 

With every breath he took, with every beat his heart had you were in tuned to it. You could feel his anxiousness from just a few feet away and you could sense the determination that was ablaze in his eyes. 

“We aren’t gonna let him win are we kid?” Coach was yelling to Harry was he was getting ready for the final match that would be taking place in just an hour. 

“No,” Harry yelled back and continued to shadow box. His movements were quick and calculated, he was analyzing everything. 

“This is your city not his!” 

“It’s mine,” he roared and the sound reverberated off the walls. The sound of the door being opened and slammed shut had your head whipping behind to see who had just come in. 

The Dax stood with with his hair all over the place and dark circles under his eyes. He spotted you and moved to stand at your side. 

“Our boy getting ready?” He spoke as he stood on your left. 

You nodded. “Yeah he’s got Mitch riling him up. What happened to you?” You gestured to his appearance and he just shrugged, his eyes still trained on his friend. 

“Tonight’s going to be different. I don’t know how to tell him,” Dax trailed off heavily and the familiar feeling of dread crept along your bones. 

“What do you have to tell him?” You asked tightly and the man looked down at you in surprise. 

“Might as well tell you both together. Harry.”

“What?” He yelled back, not taking a break from his movements. 

“It’s final submission tonight.” Those words had Harry turned around with his eyes narrowed whereas you could sense the puzzled look on your face. 

“Final submission? Good.” He smirked and continued on shadow boxing in his area with Coach shaking his head at the boy. 

“Can someone fill me in? What the hell is ‘final submission’?” You had no idea what they were talking about and you wanted to be informed about everything when it came to Harry and his fighting. 

“Final submission is when there are really no rules. The fighters coach or the fighter has to submit when it becomes too much. Some people kill their opponents because they are too stubborn and prideful to call out.” You mouth dropped open and you found yourself backing away from Dax’s words. You could hear that Harry had stopped moving since the whole room was quiet. You looked over at him and saw he was walking towards you; you didn’t want the hands that might kill someone to touch you. You backed away from him and ran out of the room, the sound of his voice trying to reach you. 

You couldn’t seem to wrap your head around the fact that someone could die tonight. You couldn’t stand the thought of Harry being so hurt, too stubborn and prideful to submit. You wouldn’t stand in the crowd and watch his fight to his death, it wasn’t worth it. 

You screamed when you felt a hand catch your arm. Harry twirled you around so that you were facing him. His free hand lifted to touch your cheek but you turned your head. He dropped his hands and took a step away from you. 

“What’s wrong?” He asked you, his voice small. You could see the hurt on his face that you had pulled away from him, but he needed to understand your view.

Your voice was shaky as you replied to him. “I won’t watch you kill yourself in there! What if he doesn’t submit? What happens then?” 

“He’ll submit. I promise you, he will submit and nothing bad is going to happen to me.” He took your face in his hands and this time you didn’t pull away. 

“I just want you to be safe,” you murmured.

“I know but I need to do this. I’m not promising I am going to walk out of there unharmed but I will walk out of there.”

With all that said he leaned down so your foreheads could touch. His fingers were gently rubbing the apples of your checks as his lips brushed yours. His lips felt chapped along yours but they felt familiar all the same. 

Your eyelids dropped as one hand dropped to your waist to pull you closer to him. You rested a hand on his chest while the other snaked through his hair and got wound up in the unruly strands. You tugged slightly and that made him moan into the kiss. 

His tongue caressed yours as the kiss became a full on make out session. His hands were becoming more touchy feely and you giggled as he brushed a sensitive spot. He broke away and looked at you with raised brows. 

“Are you ticklish?” You shook your head quickly and he grinned widely before attacking your sides. You squealed and tried to wiggle away but he wouldn’t let you go. 

“Please stop! It- it tickles!” You let out between your laughing and pants for air. He stopped and kissed you one more time before pulling you in for a hug. I rested his head on the top of yours and held you close to him for a few minutes. 

“I’m going to need you to stay with Dax as the fight is going on okay baby? There will be tons more people there tonight and I can’t focus on the fight and worry about you.” You nodded tightly and pushed your body more into his. 

“Come on boy, the fights gonna start in a few.” Coach’s voice tang through the hall and Harry pulled you away from him.

“Let’s go, you can put my robe on me.” 

You both walked to the locker room hand in hand and you waited for Harry to hand you his robe. The silky black material felt soft in your hands as it was passed from his to yours. You had him hold out his arms while you placed the robe on him; you ran your fingers over his embroidered name on the back in gold. 

“It’s time boy,” Coach told Harry as he nodded at you. You smiled a small smile and lifted your hands off of Harry’s back. Harry grabbed your hand again as you made it to the ring. Stepping out of the locker room had your eyes grow wide as you took in the sheer number of people you had to push through. 

You both finally made it to the front and Dax appeared and took you from Harry. Your nerves were shot as there was no parting words from you and your boyfriend rather you were whisked away and placed in your usual spot. 

“Don’t move from this spot. I mean it, Pierre’s got a lot of his people in the crowd tonight and everyone know’s your Harry’s girl.” You nodded and kept your eyes trained on Harry’s figure in the short distance. 

You watched as Dax squared his shoulders and walked to the middle of the ring. 

“Hello Ladies and Gentleman! Tonight is the finals of the season and The Sound has its best fighters tonight. In this corner we have London’s best undefeated champion Harry Styles!” You clapped loudly and Harry raised his arms for the crowd before throwing his robes off. He looked over at you and pointed, saying to the crown that ‘this ones for her.’ 

“In this other corner we have our neighboring countries finest Pierre Annette!” There was some cheering but a good loud booing sound filled The Sound. You smiled as Harry was obviously the favorite of the night and crowd.

“Tonight our fighters will go through submission! Let us begin,” Dax trailed off and made his way to his podium. You could hear the people taking about who would fall first and you could people turning against Harry. You had to admit that Pierre was much bigger than he was and that thought of him begin crushed frightened you. 

“Hey, Harry broke the guys jaw last time they were in the ring. Don’t worry about him,” Dax told you lightly as he rang the bell signaling the fight had begun. 

You watched as the two mean circled one another; Pierre was already running his mouth but Harry seemed to be paying no attention. Once Harry threw the first punch that landed Pierre in the shoulder the talking stopped at the men went at it. 

You could tell that Pierre was struggling to keep up with Harry’s quick movements on his feet; the shadow boxing had really helped with making him almost seem to be fighting on air. 

Once Harry’s opponent figured he wouldn’t be able to punch him he used his legs to knock Harry’s right out from under him. You jumped up as you ward Harry hit the ground loudly. Tears welled in your eyes as you could see the breath had been knocked right out of him. 

It hurt you to see him hurt but you let out the air you were holding in as you saw him get up and wind his shoulder back. You could sense the new determination that was fueling Harry and you watched as he came back at Pierre harder than before. 

Each punch Harry’s glove made in contact with Pierre’s skin was another step he took back and Harry took forward. This was Harry’s ring no one else’s. Pierre gained his ground and punched Harry and this time it came in contact with the side of his face. You paled as you watched him spit out blood but he didn’t give up. 

By this time the whole room had fallen silent, there was no booing, there was no cheering, jus the steady breath of everyone in the room as they listened to the fighters talk to one another. 

“You think I would let you get away with what you did to her?” Harry spoke to him as he circled him. 

“She had it coming,” you saw the blood running down Pierre’s face as Harry punched him right in the mouth. 

“Well you had this coming,” Harry pulled off his gloves and grabbed Pierre’s arm in his massive hands. You watched as he turned it to the point where the man was squirming in his grasp. 

“Submit or I’ll break every bone in your body.” Harry yelled at him and the man flinched. 

“No!” He gasped and loud crunch was heard. You shook your head and watched as Pierre’s arm hung limply. 

Harry took his other arm in his hands and this time went for his wrist. A snap was heard and so was Pierre’s anguished cry. You looked over to his coach and saw him grab a red towel and threw it into the ring. Once the towel hit the ground so did Pierre. 

Once Dax saw the towel he jumped into the ring and put the microphone to his lips. 

“We have submission ladies and gentleman! Will someone escort Mr. Annette out of the ring.” You saw two large men jump into the ring and grab the mans limp form and get him out of the ring. Dax went over to Harry and grabbed his arm and raised it high in the air. 

“This seasons champion everyone! The one, the only Harry Styles! London’s undefeated!” The crowd was going crazy but then again so were you! Once Dax let go of Harry’s arm he bound over to you and you jumped into his arms. 

“You did it,” you blubbered as he kissed your face repeatedly. “I love you so much.” 

“I did. I love you too. I have something to ask you,” he replied breathlessly and you looked at him with wide adoring eyes. 

“What?” Just as you got the word out Dax ran over to the two of you and slipped something into Harry’s hand and winked. 

“I’ve been waiting for the perfect time and what better way to do this than here where I first saw you.” Your eyes widened as you knew what he was about to do; a smile overtook your features. 

“I used to think that fighting was the only thing I could ever love that would love me back, but then I met you and everything flipped. It was like the fight or win didn’t matter anymore, no it was coming home to you that did. You’re everything I ever wanted and ever could want. I am asking you to please marry me,” he opened his palm to reveal the ring he had chosen. 

You nodded your head and started to cry as he placed it on your finger. 

“Thank you,” he kept repeating as he kissed your lips. “I love you so much.” 

“I love you too.” 

“You’re going to make me very happy you know.” He said to you as he looked down at you. 

“You already make me very happy, this is just a plus.” 

“That it is.”

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Preference #94 Meeting Royalty (Niall)

Your name: submit What is this?

“Y/N, are you ready for the Horan’s? They are expected to be here any minute.” You mother said as she entered your room.

“Yes mother, but I still see no point in this arrangement.” You said adjusting your new gown.

“Y/N sweetheart, you have known that you would have to marry, in order to keep-”

“Our lineage alive, yes mother I’m well aware.” You said cutting her off.

She sighed as she fiddled with your hair. She had married your father through an arranged marriage, it had been planned since the day she was born. When you were younger she would tell you stories about how they didn’t get along, but they soon fell in love. She told you that she had always hoped that it would be the same for you, if not better. A light knock at the door caught our attention.

“You highness, they have arrive.” Dena, a young chamber maid told us.

“Thank you Dena. We will be there shortly.” Your mother informed.

“Yes m'lady.” Dena nodded before leaving the room.

“Y/N, at least promise me that you will give the prince a chance.” She pleaded cupping your face.

“Yes, I promise.” You sigh.


You prepared yourself as you descended the spiral staircase. With thoughts of what life would be like with the young prince. Was he strong and brave, or was he quiet and kind? As you got closer to the bottom of the stairs you could hear your father introducing your mother and himself.

“Robert, Maura, this is my wife Liliana.”

Turning back as you reached the bottom of the stairs, your father smiled, “And this is our daughter. Y/N”

You curtsied, greeting the King and Queen, when you saw a young man with thick blonde hair, standing near the window facing the garden.

“Our son, Niall.” King Robert coughed, gaining the young man’s attention.

Shyly returning to his father’s side. He ran his fingers through his hair and smiled before reaching for you hand.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you princess.” He said kissing your hand.

“The pleasure is mine.” You smiled.

“Y/N darling, why don’t you give the prince a tour around the garden, whilst we speak with the king and queen.” Your mother suggested.

“Yes, mother.” You nodded.

Prince Niall offered you his arm, and you gladly accepted, before heading towards the garden. As the two of you approached a row of stone benches, you noticed Bayard. A young stable boy, who had stolen your heart years ago. His handsome rust coloured hair, and bright green eyes were mesmerizing. His arms were strong, and his smile was as warm, as he was kind. He had recently been taking care of a young foul, whose mother had passed. He bottle fed him three times every day and bathed him every night. He had even mentioned that to you that he had slept in the stable with him. He had always cared so much, and when you saw him you couldn’t stop from blushing. The prince, must have caught you staring, because he politely cleared his throat before saying,

“Pr-Princess? Is everything alright? You look a bit warm.”

“Oh! Uhm, no. I’m quiet alright. Thank you, your highness.” You said pulling your gaze from Bayard.

“To you, I’ll always be Niall. Just Niall…” He corrected.

“Right, just Niall then.” You agreed.

You sat down on one of the benches, and gestured for Niall to join you.

“The stable boy. What is his name?” Niall asked suddenly.

“Sorry?” You asked in confusion.

“You care for him don’t you?” He said looking to his feet.

“Niall, I-”

“I understand, caring for someone that is…” He sighed.

“…Her name was Ella, and she was a servant to my parents. I loved her more than, I thought that I could have ever love someone. She was always so sincere, but uhm.” He said starting to choke up.

“It’s okay.” You whispered.

“S-She got very sick. I would see her as often as I could, even taking care of her every once in a while, but one night she was just…she was just gone. ”

You clasped Niall’s hand, “Oh Niall, that’s so awful. Ella sounded like a wonderful girl.”

He nodded in agreement before standing again. He walked up to a small bed of flowers that were planted in between the benches. He kneeled down, plucking one of the small, snow white daisies that grew upon it. Inspecting it in between his thumb and index finger, he glanced up at you.

“My heart is still mending over Ella, but what of you? Of your stable boy? Of this marriage?” He asked.

“This marriage is for the good of our kingdom, not for the good of us. I know that we are going to be married. It is not up to us, but I am in love with Bayard.” You told him.

Niall twirled the flower in his hand, thinking. He walked over and held the flower out as he bowed.

“Which is why I will be apprehensive in my pursuit.” He smiled.

“W-What?” You stammered, accepting the flower from his hand.

“Yes, the hurt of losing Ella was great, but I promised her, as she promised me that we would find love again. Like you said, there is no stopping this marriage, and I can’t not stop you from loving Bayard, but could I get you to love me?” He pondered aloud.

Your fingers traced the petals, as you felt yourself blushing once more.

“As of today, we are engaged. By your twentieth birthday, I hope that we could love each other and repeat our vows with pure hearts.” He smiled, kissing you hand once again.

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Harry / Liam /

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Niall AU// Where The Heart Is

Part 1 [Part 2]


“Okay, just let me know if they lower the price on the house,” you finished the call and wrote down the address in your planner. You were close to getting your clients this home, but you were hoping the thirty-day mark would pass so you could justify lowering the price further.

“Ms. Y/L/N,” your receptionist, Morgan, called over the intercom, “Niall Horan is here for his scheduled meeting.”

“Send him in,” you send, crossing out his name in your planner. He was five minutes early, and he was your last appointment of the day. You remembered him from his Irish accent on the phone. You never talked to anyone with his accent before; it was a little entertaining.

Morgan nodded before letting the door close, retrieving Niall. Your feet were killing you, and you were too tired to work for another hour. All of your energy was drained.

Your door opened revealing a dirty blonde man in a dark suit and tie with circular glasses. He gave you a friendly smile as he approached your desk. His eyes were a deep blue

“I’m Niall Horan,” he smiled, reaching out his hand to shake yours.

You were sitting before approached you; you just stayed in your chair and shook his hand, “Y/N Y/L/N. Please have a seat,” you told him. Niall did so and adjusted his jacket. His eyes were very soft but also intense. They didn’t size up your chest or your face; he only looked into your eyes “So you would like to purchase your first house, yes.”

“I’m sorry, you’re just very beautiful,” Niall smirked.

You blushed a little and chuckled, “Thank you, but you’re interested in a house, correct?” 

“Uh yeah, I’ve been renting an apartment for a couple years, and I kind of want something to grow into and settle down,” he explained.

“Settle down?” you questioned. “You look like you’re twenty-three.”

“I’m actually twenty-eight, but thank you,” he chuckled.

“I know you said you wanted something modern in style, but is there anything else you want in this home. Gated neighborhood, pool, large, small, rooms, bathrooms?”

“I want something kind of large. A pool would be nice, but it’s not necessary. Four bedrooms, three and a half baths. A large basement and yard would be great.”

You wrote all of it down in your notebook. This page was labeled, “Niall Horan.” You organized his page by priority. On the phone, mentioned modern being his top priority. Now you knew a pool was the least of his concerns.

“Okay, so everyone hates to talk about it, but we have to talk about your budget. I know I can find you a perfect house with a healthy budget,” you told him. “I’m amusing your hearty list includes a hearty budget.” You couldn’t tell how many times someone would come into your office with a lengthy list but a short budget.

“I was thinking something between the $995 thousand to $1.1 million,” he told you. You were quite surprised by the price range for a guy his age.

“Niall, if you don’t mind me asking, what do you do for a living?” you asked, intrigued with him. If you were to see him in the streets, you would think he was a regular guy, but a regular guy wouldn’t drop a million on a home. If you could land this sale, this would be the largest commission check you would receive,

“When I was in college, I co-created an app for students that needed help on homework. It sets you up with a tutor in the subject you’re in. It really blew up during my senior year,” he explained. “It’s only 99 cents but you receive all the benefits, and I have been working and improving on that for the last six years.”

“Oh, my god! I used that app when I was in college my junior year. It literally saved me,” you gushed. “That’s amazing, Niall. Well just let me get you something that may help narrow done the search when we get started.”

You stood up from your chair, and he saw it. What we under your black and white hearted blouse and your black skirt. Niall was amazed that he didn’t notice at all even if it was under your desk.

“I didn’t know you were pregnant,” he commented as you got up for the first time. “Congratulations! When are you due?”

“Thank you, I’m 28 weeks along as of today, and I’m definitely feeling that today, and, if I can be honest, I’ve been trying to get out of these clothes all day because they are barely fitting anymore,” you sighed, reaching up to get the booklet from the shelf behind you. “Just two more months I guess.”

“You look amazing, though, but once again, congratulations.”

“Thank you but here is a booklet with different sets of kitchens, bathrooms, living room etc… I just suggest looking through it tonight so you know what modern style you’re looking for, but we can start tomorrow, I can email you the addresses, and we can check out a few.”

“Alright thank you so much. I’m excited,” Niall smiled, standing from his seat.

“I am, too,” you said as you got your coat from the rack. “Well, I need to get out of these shoes and eat some food.”

“Hey, do you need someone to walk you out from your car. I know it’s kinda dark and a lot of people already left,” Niall offered. “Our meeting was kind of late. 

When people found out you were pregnant, they began treating you like a child. Everywhere you went, people would be nicer to you and more willing to help you out. You didn’t mind the extra help every once in a while, but you never knew if someone was just being nice they liked you or because you were pregnant.

“Thank you, I would like that.”

You gathered your things into your work purse as Niall opened the door for you. You thanked him as you walked out with Niall behind you. We said goodnight to Morgan as you and Niall entered the elevator.

“I can’t wait to go home and finally have the dinner. I am starving,” you mentioned on the way down.

“So, your husband made dinner; that’s nice.”

You looked down and shook your head, “Uh no husband at the home front.”

“I’m sorry, I mean boyfriend. I didn’t see a ring.”

“Actually, no boyfriend, no husband, or partner of any sort. Just me, myself, and I. I left some meatballs cooking in a crock pot this morning, and I’ll be making pasta so…”

An awkward silence filled the air in the small elevator. You could tell Niall felt bad about his assumptions. This usually happened when we mentioned you home life.

“I-I didn’t know; I just assumed–”

“It’s okay, it happens a lot, but I’m really happy and okay with becoming a single parent,” you told him.

The elevator opened to the lobby as you and Niall went into the parking lot. The night air was crisp against your legs. You lead Niall to your car as you pulled out your keys, but you felt a small kick to your side causing you to drop your keys.

“Oh, my god!” you gasped. You held your side and smiled.

“Oh, are you okay?” Niall asked, quickly coming to your side.

“Uh, yeah, I’m fine. I think the baby just kicked for the first time, and I’m just surprised,” you gushed, rubbing your side. “Do you wanna feel?”

Niall looked at you surprised and a little unsure, “I’ve never felted a baby kick before–”

You took his wrist and placed his hand on your side. You had his hand rub your side until you felt another series of kicks to your side.

“Do you feel that?” you asked him. Niall slowly nodded and smiled. You laughed as you watched Niall become amazed by your kicking child. “She or he has never kicked before. I don’t know the gender yet, and I don’t like calling him or her an it”

“It’s so weird but amazing. Like that’s a real person in there,” he mumbled. He removed his hand before picking up your keys from the ground and handing them to you. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow, Y/N,” Niall said, opening your car door for you.

“Thank you, Niall, and I’ll see you tomorrow.” You started your car before driving off.

You smiled as you drove out of the parking lot. You were kind of excited for tomorrow, to say the least.

Girls - The 1975 Inspired


Harry: 17 and a half years old, worrying about my brother finding out. “Harry, what about Niall?” He pushed you harder against the kitchen counter. Your brother was just in the next room, able to walk in at any minute. “Don’t think about him, baby. Focus on me.” You suck in a breathe, as he picks you up, setting you on the counter and leaning between your legs. You muster up the courage to enjoy the moment and grip onto his t-shirt, letting yourself be pleasured by him. You two had been doing this for months now, but not when Niall was so near. The adrenaline pulsed through your veins, but if anything, it turned you on more to think about what a risk this was.
Niall: They’re just girls breaking hearts. Eyes bright, uptight, just girls. He shoved his books in his locker, glancing down to where you stood, twirling your perfectly curled hair around your finger. You were currently breaking up with your third boyfriend of the month. He knew the kind of girl you were; the kind that broke hearts. With your short skater skirts and lowcut tops that showed off everything a guy like him could ask for. And yet there he sat, running his hands through his hair and banging his head against his locker as you strutted by, your two followers close behind. “Hi Niall,” you wink at him, knowing he had been watching the entire rendezvous. “H-hey.” And then you were off, grinning at any and every guy you made eye contact. Was he an idiot for being madly in love with you?
Louis: One minute I’m tearing off your blouse, now you’re living in my house. What happened to just messing around? He missed the days that you were just a quick fuck. It wasn’t anything to do with you, he just wasn’t a relationship person. It was like he was numb whenever he was with you. Thoughts would spill from his mouth without his mind being able to control it. Sure, he loved you, but this was too much. You were moving in. That’s some serious shit. You had only brought four or five boxes, but he was still scared. He didn’t like letting people into his life. It was something that was only his own, and now you expected him to let you know any and everything. How would he be able to do that?
Liam: You just sit and get stoned with 30 year olds and you think you’ve made it. Well, shouldn’t you be fucking with somebody your age instead of making changes? He watched you manipulate your body because of what these men expected. Every few nights you would just leave, wearing some short dress that you would never for the life of you wear. And then you’d go and get high with these thirty year old perverts. Why would you do that to yourself? Shouldn’t you be spending time with him instead. He wasn’t sure. He’d tried to talk you out of it so many goddamn times, but it was hard. He didn’t know how or why you had gotten tangled up with them, but he did know you didn’t like to talk about your past. You were just a girl. There was only so much he could ask of you.
Zayn: I told her from the start, “I’ll break your heart.” He had told you so many times that this wouldn’t work, but you wanted him so bad. And he wanted you, too. But now he was sitting her saying the things that he always told you he’d say. “I told you so, Y/N. I told you so many times, and you didn’t listen. I wish I could say I’m sorry, but I’m not. You’re just a girl.” You laughed soullessly, and looked up at him with dull eyes before whispering, “And you’re just a boy, Zayn. Have a good life.” You were done. You had tried so damn hard, but in the end you both knew the fun would have to end somewhere. You couldn’t deny that this was what you needed.

Preference #125 Autumn





One Direction Preference #12 Possessive (Dark)

A/N: Okay so this is kind of dark so you’re warned. Nothing serious though but the boys aren’t all cute and shit so yeah. Feedback is loved and request are open. xoxo

Harry: You never noticed the green eyes peering at every move you made. You where to busy in your own world that he was desperate to be a part of. He merely sat a few seat away from you in the coffee shop as you sat with a few friends. He toyed with his lip his black sunglasses covering his eyes and he scanned your every move. You gently sucked on your lip a nervous habit he knew you possessed, and always made him moan, because he loved imagining you sucking his length. He tighten his grip on coffee when one of your male friends got to close to you. Snarling to himself he took his phone, which a picture he found on your Facebook was the background, and started to write out a message. He smirked and leaned back watching as the male friend pulled away from touching your arm and took his phone out. The color on his face drained seeing the threatening message and his eyes darted around the coffee shop. Terrified eyes meet green ones hiding be hide sunglasses. Harry motioned to the back of your head and lipped one word. “Mine.”

Liam: Across the bar he watched as you flipped you hair and giggled. Leaning close to the boy in front of you. Liam felt the frown fill his face as the boy responded to your flirting. He leaned in closer and brushed his lips across your check. Waving for the bartender to come over Andy smiled at his old friend. “Again mate?” Liam hummed as Andy poured rum and coke before giving it to Liam. Reaching into his leather jacket Liam took out a small pill and put it in the drink watching as the pill disappeared. Andy took the glass and walked over to you Liam watching with a grin. Placing the glass in front of the boy Andy said something making the boy smile. Andy walked off and rolled his eyes at Liam making him smile. Liam watched and waited as the boy finished the drink and he started to get green. You asked him something but he ran out of his seat covering his mouth and darted towards the bathroom only to get to the dance floor and throw up all over a bunch of girls and guys legs. Liam grinned his eyes on you as a horrified look covered your face. No boy was allowed near you, only him. Even if you didn’t know him.

Niall: He hit his pen against his notebook not paying any attention to the lecture that was happening. His eyes where trained on the back of your head. You sat a few seats down in the row in front of him. He was able to get a full side view of you but you couldn’t see his stare. He watched as you fiddled with your paper, your eyebrows drawn together as you tried to understand the lecture. He smiled softly seeing your cute face wanting to wake up to it every morning. When the professor started to hand back the test Niall watched as one of your male friends James turned to talk to you. Niall’s grip on his pen tighten as his eyes started down hard at you two as James made you laugh. “Ey James!” Both you and James looked over as Niall nodded for James to come over. As James come towards Niall, blue eyes meet your a dark glint into them as he sent you a wink. You blushed and looked down making Niall chuckle dark seeing the blush fill you checks, he wonder how far the blush went down when he will have you naked on his bed. “What’s up man?” James asked. “Oh nothing.” Niall sighed but gripped James arm digging his nails into the flesh. “But if I ever see you near (Y/N) again I’ll fuck you up. Okay?" 

Louis: Louis hummed softly to himself as he wrote in his old notebook. In it was poems, stories and small doodles of you. He looked through his room window where he was sitting near seeing you on your lawn. You where with your friend tossing a soccer ball around. Knowing you couldn’t see him he lead in more to see you clearer. Louis let his blue orbs drag over your tank top and shorts covered body. Licking his dry lips he pressed the heel of his hand against the bulge that was forming in his tight dark jeans as you threw your sweaty hair back. Sighing Louis leaned back into his stool and looked at his bedroom. Pictures of you filled the room. Every inch of the wall was covered with either a photo of you or a poem he wrote about you. Humming Louis let his eyes drag across the wall his eyes darting along the room. "Oh darling.” Louis sighed looking at the picture he took of you at school. “If only you knew who you belonged too.”

Zayn: Finishing the last stroke Zayn put his pencil down looking over at the picture he drew. It was you. You hand cupping you check, your hair falling over your shoulder and small smile playing on your lips. Biting his lip Zayn looked up across the restaurant too see you getting up with your date. Zayn scoffed as the prick helped you with your coat and lead you out of the restaurant to your car. Getting up Zayn threw cash onto the table getting his leather jacket and notebook. Leaning against the wall in the shadows, Zayn puffed on a cigarette watching as you and your date talked near your car before he kissed you softly and lent you leave. Zayn felt anger boil in the pit of his stomach. Throwing his cigarette and stepping on it with his boat covered feet Zayn stalked his way over to the boy. "Hey mate, you know your way around a car? Mine isn’t starting.“ Zayn asked with a easy grin. The boy nodded and followed Zayn to the back parking lot. Before he could blink Zayn grabbed the boy and threw him onto the floor. "What the hell do you think your doing with my girl?” Zayn snarled. “W-What?” The boy stuttered trying to back away. “(Y/N) mate.” Zayn spat throwing a kick to the boys face. “And she's mine.” Zayn stated before bringing his boot down to the boys face.

Liam AU// A Forceful Love

A couple of parts to this

Part 1


King Liam AU

Saving your country was your father’s only concern even if that meant marrying off his only daughter. You believed in marrying for love. You had heard of King Liam; he was the youngest king you had even heard of at the age of twenty-three. Losing his father in war and his mother at to illness set him up to rule a very successful kingdom, Crasera, at a young age.

“Y/N, you know this is for the greater good of our country,” your father told you as you rode to Crasera. “Our country Breaven will prosper because of you.”

“It’s not like I have a say in the matter,” you mumbled, crossing your arms.

“As a princess and soon to be queen, you have a responsibility to your kingdom.”

“But I wanna love the one I marry.”

“Our people won’t survive unless you do this,” your father reminded you

You nodded. This was your duty to your people. You finally arrived in Crasera. The roads were cleared for your arrival; the people stood aside. You heard people cheering and clapping. If only they knew your reason for coming.

You and your father rode all the way to the castle. It was grander than what yours was back at home. 

“Welcome Princess Y/N and King Y/F/N of Breaven,” a guard of the castle greeted helping you both down from the carriage. “King Liam is waiting for your arrival.”

You slightly smiled walking into the castle with the guard and your father. You admired the palace before you. White marble laid on the floor with pillars aliened with gold and silver. You saw the throne in the distance, one for Liam and one for his queen or you.

“The King will meet you in the dining hall for dinner,” the guard announced before opening the door to the grand hall. It seemed much for only three people eating.

“King Liam,” your father greeted, shaking his hand. “Its a pleasure.”

“And the same to you, and to you, princess,” he smiled, grabbing your soft hand and kissing the top.

“Its a honor, King Liam,” you bowed.

He shook his head, “No need to bow, m’lady, but please sit,” he said offering you a sit. 

You and your father took a seat for dinner. Liam began small talk with your father, mostly discussing what the deal at hand. That’s what you felt like: a deal; a job. You were being discussed over dinner like a plan. 

“And Y/N, you would be staying with me until otherwise if that’s okay with you,” Liam told you.

“I would prefer to sleep in my own bed until our marriage is finalized,” you demanded. “I refuse to sleep in a bed with a man I’m not wed to.”

He nodded in agreement, “I will have that arranged for you then,” he said before notifying a maid, “and King Y/F/N, it was great meeting you,” Liam said standing up to shake his again at the end of the dinner.

“Thank you for this Liam,” your father said. “Y/N, take care,” he said before embracing you into a final hug. 

“Good-bye father,” you mumbled. He kissed your temple before ending on his way.

“Your room should be nearly prepared by now; I’ll walk you,” Liam volunteered. 

You nodded before he led the way through the castle. He walked with much poise and grace. You walked behind him and admired his features. His looks were beyond unreal.

“And this is your room for awhile,” he said opening the double doors. “If you need anything, I’m in the next room down a bit.”

“Thank you,” you smiled.

“Goodnight, beautiful,” he said before kissing your cheek. You blushed before entering your room.

The next morning, you were awake before dawn. You decided to explore the place you knew would be your new home. You walked through the halls looking at the art work on the walls. King portraits lined the wall beginning from Liam’s great-great grandfather. You looked down all the way to Liam’s portrait. It was freshly done considering he has only been empower for two months.

“It wasn’t a choice,” Liam said behind you, startling you, “it’s tradition.”

“I can tell by your stare off into the distance,” you giggled.

“Uh yeah imagine just hours of sitting like that.” You both chuckled. “You know, I can give you a proper tour if you want.”

“Lead the way,” you smiled.

He showed you around the castle from the courtyard to the ballroom. For every room, he had a story about his family. According to him, there was always something to remember. 

“My father was a great man,” Liam mentioned as the tour finished after you left the library. “If I can be half the leader he was, this country will prosper.”

“My father always said, ‘a son is an extension of his father.’” you told him. “I think you’ll be a great ruler.”

He slightly smiled, looking at his shoes as he walked, “You want to marry for love, don’t you Y/N.” You didn’t say anything. “When we were in the library, you were drawn to the romance section; I just assumed.”

“I’m here on the behalf of Breaven.” 

“Princess, you don’t have to marry me if that’s not what your heart desires,” he told you as you reached your room. “I can promise you full protection and help for your country if this is not what you want.”

You looked you up and down; he was serious.

“Liam, you’ll make a great king because your humble and down to earth and genuine,” you told him. “but let me think about it.”

He nodded, “I’ll leave you to get ready for the day.”

“Thank you,” you smiled before closing the door on him. 

Liam AU// A Forceful Love

Part 3 {Part 2} {Part 1}



They either flooded your mind as reminders, things to come, or nightmares to dread. There were times when, instead of keeping you asleep, it keeps you awake. Sometimes it was hard to tell which one it was trying to become.

Marrying the King seemed like the best thing to do; on the other hand, you would never receive an opportunity like this again. Any other king would have married within a couple days as they wanted to start the next generation. You need more than that; you craved more than that.

But he deserved an answer.

“Madame Y/N,” you assigned maid, Luna, asked as you sat in front of your meal. You only stared at it, “is everything okay?”

You shook your head, “Luna, can you sit for a moment?” She hesitantly nodded. You knew she wasn’t used to things like this. “You’ve been here for awhile. How would you describe the king?”

Luna was older than most of the servants in the castle. She had been there and longest and spent all of her life there.

“I helped deliver Liam so many years ago. Quite the miracle he was; we didn’t think he was going to make it.” You nodded. “But I saw him grow. You must understand that he’s been told what to do all his life, as well as you. But whenever he has a choice to make, he always makes the right on.”

“Do you think he’s one to marry?” you asked.

“For love, yes. Anything less than that would be disheartening,” she explained. “But it is your choice, madame. I’m just a servant.”

“You may be a servant, but you’re still a worthy person to me,,” you smiled as you got up. She nodded before collecting your bowl and spoon and taking it back to the kitchen.

You had not talked to Liam in days. You’d seen him around but he was always busy or in a rush. You could honestly say that you missed him. Your talks relaxed you; they reminded you of the talks you would have with your father back at home.

You got up from you seat and made your way out of the dinning area. You knew what to do now; your only fear was making the wrong choice.

Sunset had already fallen, and you still haven’t seen Liam. Out of boredom, you wondered the castle looking for even a sign of him. You found yourself looking at his portrait.

“My lady, what are you doing wandering the castle?” a knight you had seen before asked you. You were sure his name was Frederick.

“I’ve been bored and looking for the King, but I don’t think he’s here.”

“You’re right, he’s been away for the day. He said he’d be back before sunset, but something must be keeping him.”

“Oh, I just wanted to tell him some important news,” you sighed, looking at your hands.

“If it’s about the marriage, I’ve never seen Liam so distracted and bothered before about anything, and he’s been to war,” Frederick told you. “He talks about you, ya know. He says he’s never met anyone more challenging than you.”

You blushed, “He’s quite great himself. He’s mature beyond his years for his age. I’ve never met anyone quite like him.”

“Then why leave?” he asked.

“Thank you, Frederick.”

It was late, and you began to dear the worst for Liam wasn’t back yet. Any unplanned journey never would of took this long. You couldn’t bring yourself to sleep again. Instead, you went out for some fresh air. The town was quiet and peaceful. No one was out or in sight at least. Snow began to fall from the sky; some stuck to the ground.

“Liam, I really need you to come back,” you whispered to the night sky.

You heard horses galloping in the distance. You smiled as you heard them come closer; some came ahead into town square first leading the way. You were farther from the castle than you intended to be. You knew you would of been recognized by any of the men riding in.

“Princess, why are you out this late?” one of the men asked as he galloped near you.

“I need to see King Liam,” you told him.

“My lady, it’ll have to wait still morning. If have no business being out here,” he said, sternly.

“Cedric,” you heard Liam yell, “I’ve got her.” He slowed down his horse before he got off of it. With hesitation, he rode off. “Y/N, why are you out so late?”

“Where were you all day?” you countered back.

“We had gotten word of a surprise attack on the city. We had to move quickly,” he explained. “Now why are you out here so late in the night?”

“Liam, I’ve been giving your proposal some thought, and I want to marry you,” you told him, grabbing his hand.

“Y/N, you don’t have to if you’re feeling forced to. I still want the best for you. Even if that means I take you back to Breaven tomorrow.”

“Liam James Payne, I love you,” you said before placing your lips on his. The kiss was slow. His hand caressed the back of your neck. You were slowly melting under his touch. Your rubbed your thumb across his cheek and smiled.

“Princess Y/N Y/M/N Y/L/N of Breaven, will you marry me?” he breathlessly asked, his hand intertwined with yours.

“Only if you promise that our children will have the choice to marry whoever they want. Whether it be royalty or a commoner; they have a choice.”

“I promise,” he vowed before kissing your temple. He climbed back onto his horse. He held out his hand for you to grab onto. You smirked before lifting yourself onto the horse yourself making him chuckle. You wrapped your arms around his torso and lead your head on his back.

“I use to ride when I was a child.”

“I’m so lucky to call you my wife and Queen.”

A full year had passed after that day. You and Liam were married within the week. The country was in celebration for four days. Three months had passed before you found yourself pregnant with a son. Nine months later, you gave birth.

“Oh god, he’s perfect,” Liam whispered as you had him rested in your arms. He was all clean and wrapped up but barley a couple hours old.

“Yeah, we did good with him,” you muttered as you some of the cloth out of the baby’s small face. “Do you want to hold him?” you asked, handing the baby to Liam. He accepted as he cradled the child in his arms. “Support the head, Liam.”

“I got it, I got it,” he whispered. He was peacefully asleep with his tiny chest rising and falling. “Hey, little guy. Someday you’ll be king, and they’ll make you do somethings you might not want to do but don’t worry. You’ll have a great wife of your choosing for love; I promise. She may not be as great as your mother but you’ll love her.”

“Liam, you’re full of it,” you laughed causing the child to wake up a bit. He didn’t cry, but his eyes were open.

“Now he’s awake, Y/N, but he’s smiling.” He sat down next to you to show you.”

“He’s got nose and big brown eyes and probably your hair once he grows some.”

“And he’ll have your spirit and wit that drives me crazy.”

You smirked at his sly comment although it was true. You were practically Liam’s second in command when it came to the decisions for the country.

A maid walked in quietly, not wanting to wake the child, “Your Highness, does he have a name yet?”

Liam looked at you; you nodded.

“Liam Y/F/N Payne II.”

Preference #75: You try and meet on Omegle.
  • Louis: one night while he was away on tour, you two go bored while skyping. So, you suggested trying to find each other through Omegle's video chat. He calls you so you can both hear what's happening on the other end. You get a very elderly man trying to seduce you on your first try and nearly die from laughing so hard. Louis, however, keeps getting girls who recognize him. His only reaction is to start screaming and switch users. This continues for the next hour until he starts to loose his voice and you make him go to sleep.
  • Zayn: You were hanging out at Zayn's house when he brought out his laptop and randomly started Omegle chatting. You pulled out your phone, found out his interest (himself), and tried to find him. Eventually, you do but he has no idea you're on. You start to quote things he's said through out the day, just to freak him out. And you do. But it only lasts for a while till he discovers its you and tickle-tortures you.
  • Liam: It started out as you two separately video chatting, trying to find each other. But you ended up getting all the funny people, so you two decide to stay on Omegle and have a laugh. Although, the people start to get boring and Liam suggests a twitcam. You two twitcam the night away.
  • Niall: It is a tradition of yours that when ever you and Niall are bored you try and meet each other on Omegle , only using strange codes. After about thirty tries of asking anyone you meet if they've ever "smelt a monkey's armpit", Niall gives up and offers to take you out to dinner.
  • Harry: You were pressed against his chest as you both trolled around Omegle. You strike up a conversation with a stranger about Titanic. The suddenly the stranger says, "I like your underwear. Black is a nice color on you." You get really creeped out but feel Harry laughing underneath you. You slap his cheek as soft as you can but he just shrugs. "It's true though!"
  • Josh: Josh was on tour when you were feeling cheeky with your best friend and decided to go on Omegle video chat and be weirdos. You were tweeting the entire experience to the world. Then when your friend clicks "new conversation", Josh's beautiful face pops up. "Hi, love! You have no idea how long it took me to find you!" he smiles.
Something Cute


liams face lights up whenever you walk into a room, his mood can go from bad to good just by hearing your voice he is very interested in you and will always tell you how important you are to him.


whenever your out with zayn he wont take his eyes off you and he’ll constantly tell you how beautiful you look even if your hair is up you have no make up on and your wearing sweatpants he’ll tell you you are the most beautiful girl he has ever laid eyes on!


whenever niall is away on tour you two will skype almost every night. he’ll tell you about how amazing the country they are visiting is, how much he misses you and he will always play you a song of your request before you two say goodnight.


louis will throw you random surprise parties for no reason.. not full on parties just something small for the two of you he loves seeing the smile on your face when you see the pinata and boardgames he has selected


harry is a big fan of your laugh he is always doing something to make you laugh weather its tickling you or making silly faces he will do anything just to hear your beautiful laugh and see your smile


josh knows you love it when he plays the drums so he’s always learning new beats to try to impress you.. he’ll always show off for you to try to get your attention.

#310 Late Night Conversations
  • Harry: “Have you every tried braiding these curlies?” You asked, laying on top of him as you played his curls. He shook his head and laughed “No. I barely know how to properly brush this, you think I want to braid it!” You giggled and looked down at him, pecking his lips quickly before you straddled him “I’m braiding them.” “Go right ahead,” He laughed, eyes closed “feels good.” You smiled and began a braid on his messy hair.
  • Liam: “What if we never met?” You asked, looking over at him. “Don’t say that babe” he said, looking at you and squeezing your head “why would you think about that?” You shrugged and raised both your hands, letting them fall back down on the duvet “I dunno, its just you changed my life for the better, I don’t know where I'd be without you.” A smiled crept to his lips as did a light blush. “I love you” he mumbled, rubbing small circles in your knuckles.
  • Louis: “Did you know every baby is a girl until one of the chromosomes kick in?” Louis told you randomly one night. “And which chromosome is that?” You asked, testing him. “The Y chromosome that is from men. Babe, I know my stuff” He winked, smiling. “Why would you just tell me that? Its 1 a.m., Lou” You laughed, watching him. He shrugged “Just felt like something you should know” He mumbled, placing a hand on the small bump forming on your belly.
  • Niall: Another laugh left your lips. “Okay, okay. Now... whats your favorite beer?” you asked, knowing how the answer would play out. “I’m Irish, I can’t choose princess” He laughed, grabbing your hand and tugging you on top of him. “I knew you were going to say that.” You smiled, grabbing his bicep as he quickly changed positions, you now on the bottom “Rude...” He let out a loud laugh and kissed your lips, once, twice, three times. “You’re so beautiful” he said in between chaste kisses.
  • Zayn: “What if we do a big painting” you said, eyes on the ceiling and your head on Zayn’s chest. “About what?” He question, playing with your hair that was sprawled across his upper body. “I dunno. Maybe a dog.” “A pug maybe? That’d be cool.” You nodded and looked up at him “A purple pug... I won’t draw though, thats your job.” He chuckled and smiled down at you “Love?” “Yea, boo?” “I love you” He said, his fingers coming to a halt and a smile spreading across his face.
Preference #44: "Good Morning"

Liam: “Good morning beautiful.” You woke up to Liam’s gravely morning voice whispering into your ear as he pulled your sleepy body even closer to his. He nuzzled his face into your messy hair and kissed the top of your head. “Morning Li." You quietly said back to him, burying your face into his bare chest, you could hear his heart beating slowly and with rhythm to yours. You felt his warm hands slip under your shirt and rub over your back, almost lulling you back to sleep.

Louis: "Well good morning to you too." Louis said, looking up from his spot in bed where he was still laying. You didn’t respond back to him but only walked past him into the bathroom. "What did I do to you?” He leaned against the door frame to the bathroom. You turned to him with arms crossed over your chest. “You really don’t remember what you did in your drunken state? Well think hard." You said as you slammed the door shut in his face.

Harry: "Good morning my little flower." You heard Harry coo to Sophie as you walked past your daughters nursery. He had Soph cradled in his arms as he bounced back and forth trying to rock her back to sleep. You couldn’t help but smile as you watched Harry hold Sophie, he had fallen into the father role so naturally. He turned around, probably heard your footsteps stop in front of the nursery. "And good morning to you my love." He smiled, bouncing over to give you a kiss. 

Niall: "Good morning." You said to Niall as you walked into the kitchen downstairs. "It is when you’re here." He smiled and continued to cook the eggs he was frying on the stove as you walked over to him and wrapped your arms around his bare torso, you kissed between his shoulder blades before resting your head on his back. "You know you look good in my clothes." He stated, referring to his shirt that was the only piece of clothing you were currently wearing. 

Zayn: "Good morning." You smiled into the camera at a slightly blurry picture of Zayn who was currently getting his hair done by Lou. "And good night to you Y/N." He laughed, the crappy face time reception making it sound weird and it kinda made you sad you wished you could just hear his laugh normally."I’m glad I could see your face today, but now I gotta go to bed Z it’s like one am." Zayn made a pouty face, "Alright I love you, sleep good.” “Have a good day." You said to him

The Model Series #47 Moving In Together

Harry: “And this is the olympic-sized swimming pool….this Spanish-style house has five bedrooms, four and a half bathrooms, a covered lanai with barbecue grill, full second-level deck….” The real estate agent continues listing the features of the beautiful home you and Harry were touring in a gated LA neighborhood. “This is gorgeous…” You mumble, hand finding his. “It’s a nice size….good neighborhood…” He agrees. You turn to him and there is a moment of silence. “You want this one?” You ask, hopeful. He nods and grins, pulling you into a tight embrace. “I can't believe we’re moving in together!” You whisper. “I know…..I feel so grown up!” He jokes and you laugh standing poolside at the house. Your house. 

Louis: “Leaked Pictures of Boybander and Supermodel’s New Penthouse Together! Reported Cost €4.5 Million!" Similar headlines echoed the same sentiment around the web and gossip magazines everywhere but you and Louis didn’t care. You were just happy that throughout the entire process of finding a place together and filling out all the paperwork it wasn’t leaked months before. You both helped the paps by posting several Instagram photos of your new place and Louis tweeting out ”Just got the keys! Major excitement!! @Y/T/N" Your first night in the flat you flopped down on the huge sofa and breathed a sigh of relief, the final box sitting unpacked and empty in the corner. Louis flopped down next to you wordlessly and you sat in silence for a while before he leaned over. “Wanna go break in the bedroom?” You nod and the both of you sprint down the hallway towards your shared master suite.

Zayn: “Guess what we’re up to this weekend?" Zayn posts on his Instagram page causing wild, and occasionally lewd, speculation. Actually you were taking it upon yourselves to re-paint a room in your home. You and Zayn moved in with each other over a year ago, before the start of the lads’ latest tour, and you loved every moment of living with Zayn. You decided to re-paint one of the guest rooms in a mural of different colors, a project that took you three days with barely any sleep and a lot of paint fights until your bodies were completely covered in the stuff. At the end of the weekend, and your last paint fight, Zayn’s face had slashes of blue all across it and your hands, one ankle, your back, and the lower half of your face was red. He stared at the finished room and then at you, biting his lip sexily. "Wanna make purple?” He asked before pulling you towards him and the steam shower in your bedroom. Three hours later you were both paint free, shampooed, and completely satisfied. 

Niall: “Party at the Horan’s tonight!” Niall yelled in excitement, his voice reverberating throughout the complex. You giggled and sighed in contentment, studying your new home. You and Niall had decided to move in together after he mentioned looking for a place in LA to be closer to the recording studio and Harry and you were looking to move out of your apartment and into an actual house as well, also in LA to be close to family and friends. It took months of secret house-shopping in-between photo shoots and recording sessions, dodging paparazzi by switching vehicles and using wigs from a costume shop. You both fell immediately in love with the modern construction glass compound on the beach and purchased it directly from the seller in all cash. “Welcome home Princess,” Niall whispers into your ear as you’re looking out over the ocean and the private strip of beach in front of your house. “Welcome home my Prince,” you reply, leaning happily into his touch. 

Liam: You and Liam accompanied his best mate Andy to look at estate houses for Andy’s upcoming wedding. You shift in your seat as you pull up to the last house, your period really affecting your mood. “This is beautiful!” Liam gushes as you all exit the car and you can’t help but begrudgingly agree, the estate is absolutely breathtaking. The house is enormous with a private driveway and separate guesthouse and garage, not to mention the giant yard. “I’m just going to pop in and see the ballroom, I’ll be right back.” Andy hurries off with the wedding planner and you sigh into Liam’s chest. “We’ll be home soon baby and you can take a warm bath,” He promises, kissing the top of your head. “This place really is beautiful….” He muses. You nod and turn around so you’re facing the house. That’s when you notice the small “Open House” sign hanging on one of the windows. “Liam….I think it’s for sale.” He raises his eyebrows at you and you return the gesture, the same thought popping into your heads. “Let’s take a look shall we….” Liam grabs your hand, trying and failing to hide his excitement. 

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