This actually seems really interesting ...

Credits to those who had come up with all of these. They’re pretty interesting questions. ;) Send in a number and I’ll answer it as honestly as I can. 

Time to get truthful. xx

1. How did you find out about One Direction?

2. What was the first song you heard them sing as a band?

3. Have you seen them live?

4. Have you met them?

5. Who’s your favorite member and why?

6. Favorite thing about Niall?

7. Favorite thing about Harry?

8. Favorite thing about Liam?

9. Favorite thing about Louis?

10. Favorite Bromance and why?

11. What One Direction quote do you use the most?

12. Favorite song off the album?

13. What one member would you love to be for a day?

14. If you were your favorite member for a day, what would you do?

15. Favorite Video Diary?

16. Favorite cover on The X Factor?

17. What would you do if they decided to split up?

18. How long have you been a fan?

19. 1D member you ship yourself with?

20. Initial thoughts on One Direction when you first discovered them?

21. Favourite personality trait about each member?

22. Favourite physical feature of each member?

23. Something you love about this fandom?

24. Something you hate about this fandom?

25. Favourite song off of Up All Night?

26. Favourite 1D quote?

27. Do you own any 1D merch? If so, what?

28. 1D member you think you’re most like?

29. Favourite One Direction group picture?

30. Favourite picture of Louis?

31. Favourite picture of Niall?

32. Favourite Picture of Harry?

33. Favourite Picture of Liam?

34. How you dream of meeting One Direction?

35. How long have you been a fan for?

36. Would you rather spend a day with all four or a week with just one?

37. Do you ever dress like them? 

38. What’s the top played song the boys have ever sung?

39. What would your reaction be if you met them? 

40. Have you ever been to a concert? 

41. Approximately how many pictures/gifs of them do you have saved on your computer? 

42. What’s the first piece of 1D merchandise you’ve ever bought?

43. What is your favourite music video? 

44. Who do you think has the best hair? 

45. Who do you think will be married first?

46. Who do you think will be married last? 

47. What made you cry the most during A Year in the Making? 

48. When was the last time you seriously cried over the boys?

49. On a scale from 1-100, how troubled do your friends and family think you are? 

50. What would you give up just to meet the boys? 

51. Do you often get yelled at by your parents over the boys?

52. How do you handle it when someone says something incredibly rude about the boys? 

53. Have you or do you know anyone who has been to one of the boys hometowns? 

54. Have you ever been to a signing?

55. Do you own anything identical to something one of the boys have?

56. When was the last time you told someone off after they’ve been blatantly rude about One Direction or one of the boys? 

57. How many really good friends have you made, because of One Direction? 

58. What is your favourite interview One Direction has ever done? 

59. Has any of the boys followed you on Twitter? 

60. Has any of the boys friends or relatives followed, RT’d, or responded to you on Twitter? 

61. Was there ever a time where you were so close to the boys, but weren’t able to go see them? 

62. Do you ever think you’ll meet them?

From the beginning, Tomlinson knew what he wanted: red pants, which he liked to keep rolled up at the bottom, and a striped shirt.

About Louis choosing his outfit for the WMYB Video, Inside One Direction’s ‘What Makes You Beautiful’ Music Video, 5 Years Later

Bless Louis and this iconic look. Harry is obviously known for his fashion, but I’ve always believed Louis takes a lot of pride in what he wears. He’s not always allowed to showcase his taste (for various reasons), but there’s no mistaking he knows what looks good and knows how to dress his body.

“my uber driver is telling me about how he was in a rly popular boyband but they broke up & now he needs extra money”

Honestly though.