1d post

I don’t rlly post about 1d any more but they were a huge part of my life and my teenage years and Louis’s mom passed away and I’m like in a state of shock like it’s so close to Christmas and Louis’s birthday and she had 2 year old twins and I really hope that family is okay and will rely on each other for strength

straight smut
  • she bit her lip and looked down at the floor
  • took off her oversized cozy sweater and messy bun
  • put down her cup of tea she cautiously was sipping on
  • he hugs her from behind w/ boner
  • calls her “baby” 700 times
  • their tongues fought 4 dominance. he wins
  • he pinned her down on the matress. oh my she said
  • his hands roamed her curves
  • “ur so beautiful” as he entered her
  • throbbing member
  • their bodies fit together like puzzle pieces
  • “"his musky smell”“
  • no mention of protection of any kind
  • girl comes wildly from having 1 lame boy finger in vagina