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Watch if u would like to be slayed by Harry in Drag Me Down

8/29/15 Detroit

I’m not crying :))))) and I was perfectly fine when this happened :)))))

the absolute only reason im in this fandom is because of the 2012 imagines: a masterpost

y'all, i don’t even think you need an introduction to this masterpiece of written art y'all are about to witness. All i can say is that 2012 sure was a dark time for all of us, but who the hell needs ao3 when all you gotta do to find the good stuff is typing this in the google search bar: 

*hacker voice* im in
now let’s get directly to the good stuff, because honestly it ain’t that hard to find. this shit is a fucking gold mine. lets go down the memory lane.

say no more, this is the dream scenario

wrote for

aww boobear:’)<3 (i never thought i would have to write those words again in this life im nauseous)

that sure is a sick prank

if niall ever looked at me like that i wouldve fetched my pepper spray long ago

this is comedy gold im gonna cry

zayn has a shitload of spare time on his hands im guessing 

this is why they were so late for the first otra show

this was wild from start to finish

his tongue is battling yours for dominance

you absolute fucking nutcases

the nandos era im crying

who the fuck is kristen

im nominating this for all litterature awards of the century *kisses you*

hes proposing to her with a jason derulo song im a loss for words on this one im fucking done with this.. before i log off forever i am gonna leave you with the absolute vein of gold. the masterpiece. the imagine that started it all. my feels are going overboard again.

this is the absolute biggest gold vein of klondike that is google search. goodbye my peers, im logging the fuck off