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can you give specific parallels for revolver and mitam? im not a beatles fan so ive never heard it and i dont want to listen to the whole album haha thank youu

Ok, well, first of all, go drop what you’re doing, engage with some music history and listen to what is arguably The Beatle’s best album. (It is also my favourite Beatles album, but I’m trying to be unbiased). If you like MitAM, you’ll like Revolver, and you’ll understand the richness of the parallels better than I could explain to you. 

Then come listen to Auntie Bear spout some Beatles trivia that she knows off by heart because she’s watched/read The Beatles Anthology over 100 times in total. (This is not including other Beatles stuff, I’ve been in love with this band since I was six, I know them very, very well). 

In 1966, The Beatles came off their final tour. They’d been touring almost non stop for four years, as well as making two films and SIX ALBUMS. This is not counting the almost two years before that where they played every night in a seedy club in Hamburg Germany. They were exhausted, no one was hearing their music because the screams were so loud, but creatively they were just starting to find their groove (Rubber Soul, their previous album, has some CLASSIC tracks on it and was an indication of the musical development that was happening BTS). 

So Revolver was released in August 1966, almost straight after the end of their tour. At the time they’d also been having some conflict with their record company. Revolver, sonically, is the album the Beatles really found their creative style. Some prefer the earlier years, I get it, but for me Revolver is where they synthesised their rock/pop roots with their creative inclinations perfectly. Key tracks to listen to: Got to Get You Into My Life, Eleanor Rigby, I’m Only Sleeping, For No One (Paul’s break up song with Jane Asher), Love You To (George’s first masterpiece), Here There & Everywhere, and Tomorrow Never Knows

Upon release of Revolver, The Beatles had a six month hiatus, where they pushed themselves creatively and had a nice break. (During this period, their best friend and manager Brian Epstein died, leading to pretty much non stop management problems from then onwards with arguably the worst manager in Rock music history, Allen Klein). They came back and released Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which is another masterpiece of an album. They never toured as a band again, unfortunately, but this was really the period that set them up for the career longevity that they would enjoy for the rest of their lives. (It also gave us Yellow Submarine). 

My point is, the old guard really hate it when I point out the similarities and parallels between 1D and The Beatles, but there is really no better band in music history to compare them to. 


the hangover: part 1d

a blowout las vegas gig turns into a race against time when four drunken bandmates awaken after a night of drunken debauchery to find that their fifth member, liam payne, has gone missing, a tiger in the bathroom and a baby tucked away in the closet. with no memory of the previous night’s transgressions and precious little time to spare, the four set out in a hazy attempt to retrace their steps and discover exactly where things went wrong.

It comes to something when the gossip mags move away from enjoying speculation and focus on a group of people who are behaving worse than they are.

“The 1D world is a parallel universe like no other, where ferociously acid comments are the norm……”

Three pages on the amount of hatred Cheryl is receiving. And given which magazine this is it’s a fairly serious article which would leave anyone sickened by the behaviour of fans and embarrassed to be one.

“Protecting your privacy is all well and good, but it’s a double-edged sword. Reduced to feeding off scraps, obsessive fans are more likely to rush to the wrong conclusion, often making false outrageous claims.”

There is no mention of ziam or larrie among the rumours and speculation talked about in this article. I wonder if even these type of magazines realise that something they used to treat as a joke has backfired spectacularly for Louis and now for Liam.

It is the fans and fan behaviour that is the story here and this is where all the hatred of Cheryl has led. Nothing justifies a person being treated like this.

How must Liam feel about his fans? Feeding and encouraging this level of hatred means taking the risk of hurting the person you claim to be supporting if you are in fact wrong in your opinion or belief.

“And what do 1D fans really know anyway?”

The answer is very little and they ignore anything that would make them question their beliefs anyway.

And if you’re right and this is all a stunt what does that say about Liam? Why has he let it get to this point? Just how powerless does he have to be to allow another person to be treated in this way and be excused from any responsibility?

And this whole situation won’t just vanish from sight allowing Liam and Zayn to walk off into the sunset. These stories and the rumours will be dragged up continually and the excuse that a “contract” forced him to behave this way even after he had signed with a new team won’t gain him much credence or sympathy and nor should it.