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The height difference between Louis and Harry kills me KILLS ME

I cringe every time I see one of the boys in pics with fans that insist on touching them, putting their arms around them, pulling kissy faces etc. And now someone touched Harry inappropriately when he was performing?! Celebrities are not props to be used in pics/selfies. There is NEVER any kind of implied consent to touch them just because they are in the public eye. They are not our playthings. Being fans doesn’t give us permission to invade their personal space unless they explicitly say it’s okay. 

Decent people understand this. Some, however, clearly need lessons in respecting boundaries.

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People who think one direction still looks like they looked in wmyb mv have no right to criticize them.

“Next year, school will be starting at 7:45am.”

“Students will be welcomed into the building beginning at 7:20am.”

“Teachers should arrive by 7:00am at the latest.”

“Staff meetings will now be held after school, where there is no natural ending point so they could literally go on forever.

“…but students will be dismissed at 2:15pm.”