1d o2

Okay so, story time~ I got presale codes (which first of all, this is not the kind of luck I normally have) for both dates at the O2 - April 11 & 12 - and then I actually got through to both, but it was at pretty much at the exact same time and I was Panicked™ and watching the timer tick down and basically just clicking on whatever I could see. (I haven’t moved to the UK yet and it’s 4am here so I’m not totally shocked that I was a disaster, but anyways). So I actually managed to get tickets to both (!!!!!!?????) and now have….too many Harry Styles tickets (who knew there was such a thing??). Basically if you didn’t manage to get tickets and would be interested in 2 floor seats for Wednesday April 11, 2018 (Block D1, Row E, Seat 1-2), they’re yours for £126.50 (which is exactly what I paid, I think upselling is immoral af WE ALL JUST WANT TO CRY ABOUT HARRY STYLES). Hit me up if anything, and feel free to reblog if you think you might know someone who needs them!

tl;dr: I have extra tickets for April 11, selling at face value, let me know if interested

@Harry_Styles is ready to go onstage #OTRALondon4