1d notebook

Bring back the suspenders! x

I was tagged by @akai-coat <3 <3 And I’m going to do this since I’m sick in bed anyway. Might as well.

how old are you? 30s, so v old by 1D tumblr standards. lol.
what’s your current job?  I’m a stay at home mom, but I used to be a teacher and a newspaper columnist.
what are you talented at? Writing? I think I’m pretty good at that, I suppose.

what’s your aesthetic? The one long curl Louis’ hair gets when it’s long

do you collect anything? Books, things with owls, notebooks, 1D/Louis merchandise lol
what’s a topic you always talk about? fan fiction and Louis Tomlinson
what’s a pet peeve of yours? ignorant people who are opinionated
three songs you recommend? “Somebody Else” The 1975, “Happier” Ed Sheeran, “Misery” Shawn Mendes (What? No, I haven’t written all these into fics. Okay, FINE. I have.)
nickname: Nini
zodiac sign: Libra
height: 5′3
last thing you googled: microplasma infection and anemia. Which is why I’m stuck in bed and went to the ER last night. I thought I was having an asthma attack and my meds weren’t working. Turns out I’m just an idiot who doesn’t take my iron pills and was v sick and didn’t know it.
favorite music artist: I am assuming not 1D/Louis here…so besides that I mostly have been listening to The 1975 and Ed Sheeran.
last movie you watched: Logan. I was a wreck, and I sobbed so hard and had to blow my nose in my scarf. I tried to go hide in a bathroom stall and calm down, but then I just ended up crying harder. Makes you really want to go see a movie with me, huh?

what are you wearing right now: a purple dress. It’s v casual though. 

why did you chose your url: I used “allwaswell” for other things and I was pissed I couldn’t use it here and just went with it with a 16. blah. “All was well.” is the last line of Harry Potter. 16 is my son’s birth date. 
do you have any other blogs: YES!! @allwaswellcubs Is my blog dedicated to the (cough 2016 World Series Champions cough) Chicago Cubs. I am not good at side blogs though, so there are some baseball fans that get some Louis armpit posts on occasion. I also have random other ones saved that I don’t use…my fav of those being seventh-row-dickets just to mess with @realitybetterthanfiction and her love of Niall
what did your last relationship teach you: Well, my last romantic relationship before my husband was over a decade ago, so. That one taught me that I wasn’t going to wait around for people anymore. If you didn’t act interested enough, I was done.
religious or spiritual: religious, I guess? I’m Catholic. I have a kick ass priest at my church that has been there for ages. I’ve always been worried he was going to get in trouble for not following the typical Catholic doctrine, but now we have a pope that aligns with my priest’s views a lot. And oh man, my priest is hyped with this pope around. 
favourite colour: purple
average hours of sleep: 6
lucky number: I like 7 or 9 usually. Although I choose 16 for a lot of stuff. Hence, my URL. 
(lesser known) favourite character: every female protagonist in L.M. Montgomery’s short stories. I even adapted one into a fic once. ahaha.

how many blankets do you sleep with: 2
dream job: writer, or maybe I should say successful writer. lol

No clue why there are weird spaces in there. Sigh. I’ll tag @flamboyantommo @suddenclarityharry @hazzabooween @jaerie @letsjustsee and @icanhazzalou if you want to do it!



Ive been camping outside my house for weeks waiting for this to come and Im so in love with it 😍😍
Thanks to the lovely radadusta for making this beauty, I’ll be carrying it with me everywhere now hahha

PS: I used cyrilliart’s “rated b for bananas” thingy to cover the postal info :p


can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing my friends hollzf97 and fangirljjbinxeyy are for making this cute collage book for my 17th birthday, this isn’t even all of it!

i recommend reading the imagines (if the pics are good enough) as they are guaranteed to induce feels

also please follow my aforementioned awesome besties, you won’t regret it ;) fangirljjbinxeyy and hollzf97