1d my idiots

So, serious talk.

How is anyone supposed to both have a full time job and be a solo 1d fan?

Like… how?


Saint Malik (5.5k)

Some fan throws a candle with Zayn’s face on it onto stage, and because Zayn can’t ever catch a break it becomes a thing within the band.

Thanks so much to @liamalmighty for her drunken purchase inspiration, and to @queerlyalex for listening to me yell about this before I decided to write it down.

My first 1D fic on AO3! It’s official; I’m part of the fandom now.

“You’re going to lose a toe, Harry jesus.”

Wishing all the Narries and everyone out there a Merry, Merry Christmas (or should I say, a Narry, Narry Christmas jk omg im kidding) and a wonderful Happy New Year! 

Based off of @leprechauncupcakes​ lovely, lovely Christmas drabble, Scarves and Snowflakes

i’m sorry it’s late and if it sucks, this is all my clumsy left hand and free editor could do. lmao.

masterpost of my 2k+ ziall fics

 like a shot of sunshine in your veins (2598 words; sexual content and drug use)

Zayn rolls blunts, Niall is stressed, sexual shenanigans ensues. It’s basically smut with fluff.

I’ve got your body on my skin (and tequila on my tongue) (6246 words; sexual content and alcohol use)

And at that exact moment Zayn didn’t feel the need to drown himself in alcohol anymore. Because Niall’s lips were far more intoxicating than any brand of tequila and Zayn craved Niall’s touch more than he craved the burning of the alcohol.
Zayn and Niall both start using alcohol as an excuse to keep hooking up with each other.
Niall is literally the reason that Zayn is becoming an alcoholic.

breathe in the stars (2689 words; major character death, hints of depression, anxiety and bipolarity, suicide)

Zayn blinks, a little bit confused and a little more awed. “You mean, like a…” he trails off, cannot bring himself to say out loud the words on the tip of his tongue.

“Yeah, a suicide pact,” Niall finishes off for him and he wants to hate him because he makes it look so easy.

Please Stay (I’m here hold on) (10 451 words; major character death)

“A list?” Zayn asks when Niall sits at the table beside him. He pushes a plate full of pancakes in front of the blond and the two boys waste no time to stuff their faces.

“Yeah, a list. I’ve got a month, I’m not gonna waste it,” he shrugs. Zayn feels like throwing up.

“Like a bucket list?” Niall nods.

i’m lost in empty pillow talks again (2176 words)

Three times Zayn wants Niall to stay in bed with him, one time Niall does.


Drunk Liam + Zayn’s Weetabix + Niall’s Gun Show + Harry’s wee wee + Louis’ Hair = Reasons why I love One Direction 

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why did i do this lmaoooooo