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I just love it when Harry raises his arms and dances…

Like when he just does it to the sound of music.

Or the rhythm of the song.

The times when he swings his waist.

And when he waves his hair in the wind.

Or his hair and entire body.

Let’s not forget the moves he does while looking weird as fuck.

Weird and drunk too.

Or when it looks like he is dancing with someone in his imagination.

When he is a banana.

Or a fucking ballerina.

We all know that Styles, we all know that…

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One Year Since Tattoo Roulette:

Aka Niall’s National Nightmare & Harry Is A Cocky Bastard

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When someone mentions Ziam

When someone says there’s no evidence to back up Ziam

When someone believes Larry is real but won’t even consider Ziam

When someone keeps talking about S*ph*am, Z*gi, Paynet0n or Ch*am

When people act like Zayn and Liam haven’t gone through any problems with Modest!

When someone says Niall is the captain of Ziam

(it’s Louis)

When you didn’t sleep because you were dealing with Ziam all night

When someone you know IRL finds your Ziam blog

When you decide you don’t care that you’ve been #EXPOSED as a Ziamie

When someone finally realizes Ziam is real

The End. 

Here’s one last Ziam gif to end on a good note:

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jealousharry is y/n’s and y/n is harry’s.

the morning after - y/n doesn’t do one night stands and harry truly and honestly believes she’s a proper angel or something. 

magnetic - harry and y/n reconnect after 5 years. 

mesmerized - y/n is a fangirl and harry is mesmerized. 

rumors - y/n is upset and harry just loves her way too much. 

*percentagey/n likes control and harry likes to be controlled.

*thirst trap - harry’s on tour and y/n posts a daring game to her snapchat story. 

little black dress [part 1] - harry thinks girls in black dresses are trouble and y/n loves the attention. 

*red cup - harry is a dork and y/n takes an odd liking towards him.

fashion killa - harry thinks competing for an unofficial award of fashion is a bit childish and y/n loves the competition.

a little too young - harry seems to like y/n a little too much for how young she is.

sex on the beach - harry loves free drinks and y/n just so happens to be the bar tender.

*roll up the partition please - y/n loves to tease and harry loves calling y/n peaches.

tattoo counting - y/n wants to count each and every one of harry’s tattoos with her lips and he’s just not one to complain.

fuckable [part 1] [*part 2] - harry thinks his best friend is way too fuckable to still be a virgin. 

*wet dream - harry dreams a not so innocent dream about y/n and y/n is always there to help him out. 

Babygate Masterpost: Important Evidence You May Have Missed...

On April 7, a Buzzfeed UK article was posted of Louis Tomlinson’s child “being a conspiracy theory” and how many fans believe that there isn’t even a baby at all. While the evidence was impressive… I could tell that many people weren’t taking this subject seriously. And most people loved blaming it on “deluded 12-year-old Louis girls who had nothing better to do.” I was insulted because: 1) it’s not just “Louis girls” who believe that babygate is fake and 2) we’re not all crazy 12-year-olds who have nothing better to do. 

After thoroughly reading the Buzzfeed article a few times (which was trending with over half a million readers in less than 24 hours) I found that the writer, Ellie Woodward, was probably low-key mocking Directioners as well. She led with “Fans believe…” or “Many Tumblr users have theorized…” and this is what makes it seem like we’re crazy.

So I’m taking matters into my own hands; I’d like you to read this post. It includes reasonable and more thorough evidence that Miss Woodward didn’t bother to include (and who can blame her? There’s so much!) in her article. No matter who you are, I’d like you to take this seriously… and you should be able to understand why this is serious towards the end.

You’re going to see why people are doubting Freddie Reign Tomlinson (Louis’ supposed “son”) and his existence. Please keep an open mind and just take all this into consideration before you decide to label me cruel things, such as a “psycho boyband-obsessed teenager.” 

I have tried to see both sides of the babygate argument: it’s real vs. it’s fake.

I have yet to find convincing and legit proof that babygate was “not planned” and how it’s “not another major publicity stunt.” I’m a very open-minded person myself, and I don’t often jump to ridiculous conclusions. 

Why would they plan babygate anyway?

  • Damage control
  • It’s all about keeping One Direction relevant… even on their break
  • Punishment for Louis (keep reading)
  • To diminish rumors of Louis being gay/bisexual 
  • Louis was also an easy target; he goes out partying and drinking so him getting a girl pregnant seems plausible 

How Louis reacts when the “baby” is just MENTIONED….

Babygate has been suspicious since it started from Day 1 back in July. But it was relatively quiet until Louis was forced to talk about it in interviews as the months progressed. One interview that stands out was when the boys were in Glasgow, Scotland back in October. Louis and Niall gave a painfully awkward interview that just adds to the massive amount of evidence which points to babygate being planned/fake. 

How is it “painfully awkward”? Well, if you’ve seen the interview and don’t understand (or if you haven’t seen it at all) I’d be happy to sum it up for you:

Louis and Niall laughing along with the reporter…. They’re having fun!

They joke around some more and they still appear to be okay…

The boys continue to share some laughs and give details about their upcoming album, “Made In The AM.”

Niall shares what he’s gonna do on break. Then Louis says he’s gonna enjoy relaxing…. but that’s when the reporter reminds him that he “has a baby on the way.”

Well, shit… That went just went completely downhill. You can tell this bothers Niall, too. If that doesn’t raise a red flag then I don’t know what else will. Louis starts to distance himself and nervously plays with his hands in his lap…

He’s forced to give a “satisfying” answer (most likely from management) so the reporter can move on. The whole setting becomes extremely awkward… The reporter seems to be the only one having fun now.

People have told me: “Well he only made it awkward because he doesn’t wanna give away details about his personal life!” … However, that’s the only “excuse” that the Briana Jungwirth “fans” and baby believers have given me. But when they choose to be ignorant of Niall and Louis’ body language, that’s just plain stupid. Sorry not sorry.

Like I said, this was just one of the first of many pieces of evidence. Anyway,  let’s move on…

How Louis reacts around other kids and babies…

Here we have Louis throughout the years, and recently, with children:

Here we have Louis around his baby siblings, Doris and Ernest, whom he is actually related to… Awww! So sweet! He’s such a good big brother…

I’ve never seen a genuine smile when he’s with Freddie. Hell, he doesn’t look the slightest bit happy with his “own son.”

Don’t believe me? Okay. Here’s how Louis reacts around “Freddie”:

Now with these three images you’re probably thinking two things: “What do you want him to do, smile all the time?” and/or “He’s only frowning because the paparazzi won’t leave him alone!” – Well, that may be so…. but if I was a die-hard fan of kids and I finally had my own baby (whether this baby had been planned or not) I’d be over the moon every time I was around him/her. Plus, in the first photo, it’s clear that he doesn’t even know there’s paparazzi. We have yet to see a genuine smile when he’s with this “baby.”

If the baby turns out to be real: Guys…. the media has told you that this is a grown man who’s “so sure that this kid is his” and who has “finally confirmed” that his baby is real but yet he doesn’t even smile or give a small grin around the infant? Riiiight. That’s very contradicting….

If they’re using a doll: I had to stroll around town with a baby doll in a stroller with people silently judging me I wouldn’t be smiling either. Hell, most of us would refuse to do this… but they’re pressuring Louis. That’s sick and inhumane. 

How Louis’ bandmates react…

Remember the Good Morning America interview about the baby back in August 2015? No? Well, go watch it…. 

These are the boys’ reactions when the interviewer congratulates Louis on “upcoming fatherhood”:

In case you can’t tell, here are their reactions up close…

Harry Styles with his “Do they actually believe that?” face.

Liam Payne looking at Louis like, “Are they serious, bro?”

Niall Horan’s expression reads something like: “You’ve gotta be shittin’ me…”

And none of them bothered to comment or show support for the news during the interview. They’re practically like brothers to Louis and they’d know if something like this was true or not. They’d also likely know if there really was a baby…

Also, let’s not forget Louis’ reaction the whole time:

He looks amused, to be honest. But he manages to keep a straight face. His expression could have several possible explanations… but you can’t rule out the fact that this isn’t exactly a face that reads “thank you very much.” 

Louis is careful with his words in interviews…

While we’re talking about the Good Morning America interview, it’s important to take note that Louis didn’t really “confirm” the news, nor did he deny it. That’s what gets most people; just because he didn’t deny it doesn’t mean it’s still true… 

Louis said: “Yeah…uh…it’s a very exciting time so… I’m buzzin’, thank you.” 

The interviewer then turns to Harry and remarks that he’s been “very quiet.” To which Harry looks like he knows something they don’t:

He pulls that face, the face he does when he’s about to tell or joke or when he’s about to laugh… Harry knows what’s up.

All he says in reply is: “Oh no, no, I’m having a great time!”

This is the look he has after he says that:

Silly, silly Harry. Oh! Look at everyone else, too:

How Louis’ family reacts…

Louis’ mother, Johannah, blocks people on Twitter who love to give updates on “Freddie.” She also blocks people who believe Louis and Briana are a “happy couple” that should be married (although this could just be internet trolls). Overall: instead of blocking people who ship her son in a gay relationship with Harry Styles, she’s blocking people who worship and “support” Briana and Freddie… even ones who aren’t harassing her. Sounds like Johannah is just as much done with this shit as her own son; this is a woman who should love hearing positive things about her own grandson but no, no, no. 

November 28, 2015: Johannah and Louis’ sister, Lottie, had to spend a day with Briana and her mother in Los Angeles. We got one fan photo of Lottie and Briana (who was actually cropped out) getting into a car to supposedly go shopping for baby clothes (it was never confirmed exactly what their plans were but this is what the media believed). That same day, before leaving with her mother and the Jungwirths, Lottie posted a photo on Instagram with the middle finger (”fuck you”) emoji in the caption. In the photo, however, Lottie is holding her fingers up, making the peace sign. The caption makes it seem like she was throwing shade at the Jungwirths; she resents them and hates having to go along with this babygate stunt (being forced to spend time with someone for the sake of publicity for her older brother). She’s a very sweet girl and likes most people connected to her brother, including his friends and bandmates… but Briana? Oh no. Even the look on Lottie’s face says, “I’m so done with this shit…” 

  • We should also point out that Lottie has never defended Briana or Freddie (her own “nephew”) and she’s been relatively quiet for most of babygate so far, avoiding most things that have to do with it. I mean, if I had a niece or nephew I’d be over the moon about it and I’d jump to their defense if people were calling him or her fake.
  • Pictures of Lottie with her siblings, twins Ernest and Doris, who recently turned two years old. They’re still babies and Lottie is so happy and tickled to be around them. Not to mention she loves talking about them, too. But “Freddie”? Nah. (1) (2)

The “Fizzy vs Ashley” Twitter Feud: Louis’ sister Felicite (aka “Fizzy”) is no stranger to slaying someone on social media. In the past she’s defended her brother from hate, particularly due to homophobic comments and slurs aimed in his direction. But in February 2016 she was slaying on Twitter for a different reason… 

It all started when someone tweeted a picture of a baby and claimed that it was Freddie. Fizzy liked it. 

However someone told Fizzy that she’d actually just liked the photo of a random baby and that it wasn’t Freddie. To which she responded with:

This got the attention of Briana Jungwirth’s cousin, Ashley, who thought it would be a good idea to “question” Fizzy: 

That’s a damn lie because….they are….

Well, Fizzy didn’t take to kindly to Ashley’s lie. So what did she say?

The fact that Fizzy also used those specific emojis tells us that she knows something we don’t and that she’s throwing shade towards the Jungwirth family.

And don’t forget that Fizzy’s boyfriend, Rishi, liked this tweet:

Wow….. could this get any shadier? Unfortunately, Fizzy knew that trouble would brew since thousands of people had just seen her call out Louis’ (supposed) baby mama’s family for using fake baby pics. She then deleted her tweets about “Freddie” and her tweet to Ashley. 

Later, she goes on to act like nothing ever happened…

Lucky for us… screenshots exist and we caught the whole thing. 

Fizzy once followed an account that debunked babygate: While Fizzy is being brought up, it’s also important to mention that sometime in mid-January she followed this Instagram account that was dedicated to proving that Freddie Reign Tomlinson didn’t exist and that Briana was never pregnant. 

Need proof that she followed? Okay. Here you go:

And the comments…

I doubt anyone can come up with an explanation as to why Louis’ sister–his own flesh and blood!–would follow such an account; the username just makes it so obvious, and she knew what she was doing. As far as I know, Fizzy only followed this account for a few days. Right around the time “Freddie” was “born,” she unfollowed them and re-followed Briana. That’s totally not suspicious at all *sarcasm*

Let’s talk about Briana’s Snapchat stories, too…

This evidence is one of those “no fucks given” situations. 

We all know about Briana Jungwirth, the “baby mama” and “victim of Larry shippers.” She made a Snapchat account a few weeks ago and one of the first things she did was drag herself into the babygate mess to get attention.

Here’s how it went: First, Briana wanted everyone to know that she was going to Beverly Hills (where Louis was, with his family visiting at the time). She didn’t meet up with Louis at all. Later she and her friend Olivia went driving, blasting music (very loudly, might I add) and at one point Olivia took Briana’s phone to (purposely) show a baby car seat behind Briana (who was the driver). But the car seat was backwards and apparently not even strapped in… and they were still blasting music. Great parenting, Briana *yawns*.

There’s more! And this made me laugh my ass off: Olivia picks up three half-filled baby bottles–all of which were uncapped (that’s very unsanitary)–and says: “Oh my God, Briana! You have so much stuff I can’t even put my Starbucks in here!” And they were laughing and being over-dramatic on purpose. It’s like they’re shoving this in our faces to “prove us wrong.” Yeah, but the whole damn time you didn’t even hear a single baby noise. 

Then they get out of the car and Briana is “struggling” to put together the baby stroller together while Olivia films and laughs, neither of them taking it seriously. Shouldn’t Briana know how to put together a stroller by now? “Freddie” is almost three months old and she’s also had her whole pregnancy to learn something like this. Yeah… really great parenting, Briana *yawns louder*. Oh my God…. did they leave “Freddie” in a hot car? Or did they set him on the ground? Because the poor thing wasn’t anywhere in that video.

To finish it all off, they recorded the baby stroller being pushed for three seconds… still no shot of the baby or any baby noises; Olivia sounded like she was trying not to crack up. 

That same day… “Freddie” was reportedly spending all day with Louis and his friend Oli. So either Briana and Olivia are shading babygate… or they were lying for attention.

One Direction’s management would definitely do something like this, given their reputation…

Modest! Management has a bad reputation with their past and present clients. They signed One Direction back in July 2010 when they were on the X Factor UK. Here’s what you need to know:

X Factor UK 2010 finalist Rebecca Ferguson took them to court in June 2012 after a barrage of mistreatment. She claims they watched her faint during an interview– instead of asking her if she was okay or taking her to receive any medical treatment…. they handed her a can of Coke and told her to finish the interview. She also stated that they were “vile” and would not let her take time off to see her children under any circumstances. Even at one point she was so physically exhausted that she couldn’t walk and they still made her work. 

Screenshots still exist of these tweets because they can no longer be found (since they were deleted). After the court settlement a whole year later, Rebecca stated that she was happier and healthier. In September 2015 it was reported that she was currently with new management and working on her upcoming fourth album.

Evidence has also pointed to Modest! Management controlling their clients’ personal Twitter accounts. Because when Rebecca was taking them to court and tweeted about her children…. “Louis” decided to respond.

He’s very protective of his younger sisters just like Rebecca is protective of her children. So why does Louis seem to defend management’s actions in this tweet? Oh wait. It’s not really him…. Look at the time stamp on the tweets! She didn’t even tag him… That should make you raise an eyebrow. 

That same day, “Louis” defended management once again:

Babygate is punishment for Louis’ past actions…

Louis has had a history of standing up to management. Undoubtedly, this would have consequences for him. Modest! Management has a negative reputation for dragging their artists through hell, as shown above. Let’s not forget this interview that Louis and Zayn did in 2013 (that wasn’t shown on most broadcasts).

“Telling porky pies” is an English term; for example… “Don’t go telling me porky pies!” It means “telling lies.” You can ask most Brits and they might be able to confirm this. So, essentially, we have proof that Zayn and Louis called their management out as liars. Not surprising, however it was a risky move. 

This video is also important to notice. After hinting that their management has been lying to the press “behind their backs”, Louis and Zayn’s body language immediately changes. Zayn even looks off camera (possibly to someone from the management team) and then puts his head down, as if he knows he’s in trouble. Louis does a better job at hiding his regret for saying what he said, though you notice that he “stutters” for a moment. That stutter is probably nothing…but it should be noted.

Louis always warns us with a selfie… It’s a pattern

Every time “Louis” posts something about the baby on Instagram, what’s the previous post? That’s right… a selfie! This may sound ridiculous but it seems that’s the only way he can warn us anymore. Not to mention the last two only have a time gap of one day. 

The post on April 7 is damage control. 

Damage control- action taken to limit the damaging effects of an accident or error

What was the error that day? The trending article from Buzzfeed that called “Freddie” fake. But given that Louis posted a selfie the day before (and I told everyone to watch out), they were probably gonna post a pic of “Freddie” anyway.

Only “Larry shippers” believe babygate is fake… this is NOT TRUE

Larry shippers- people who believe that Louis Tomlinson is in a gay relationship with his bandmate Harry Styles, and he has been ever since One Direction formed in 2010.

Yeah, one thing I continue to see since these “babygate is fake” articles have emerged is that everyone loves blaming this ‘conspiracy theory’ on Larry Stylinson shippers (who are also called “fake fans”) and no one else. I guarantee you 100% that if you were to dig around and ask most Directioners if they shipped “Larry,” they’d say “no” or “just as a friendship.” And I also guarantee you that these same people are also likely to believe that babygate is fake, since “Larry” has nothing to do with it… Here’s a survey:

Trust me…. there are way more comments like these.

Larry Stylinson and babygate are two very different topics.

Louis’ mental, physical and emotional health is suffering…

This one is very debatable; Louis has shown dramatic signs of unhealthy weight loss as well as sleep deprivation and emotional exhaustion. 

I’ve heard it all: “You don’t know what he’s going through, how can you know?” or “Ewww, do you like assuming things?” or “He looks fine! Everyone gets tired when they have a kid!”

But you can tell he’s lost weight… maybe not around the waist, but definitely in the face. Doctors attribute unhealthy weight loss in the face to eating disorders such as anorexia. Eating very little / skipping meals due to stress? That’s always possible! He’s gained the weight back… only to lose it again within the next few weeks.

I understand that in some of these photos it’s probably just a “bad angle,” the lighting, or he’s drunk… But with each photo you know he’s possibly not at his healthiest. I’m no doctor… but I am someone who’s very observant.

Why did he FINALLY do something after all this time?

Louis loves children to death and he is overjoyed to be around them. We’ve established that, yeah? So if he was “so sure” that he was going to be a father ever since the news broke back in July…. if he is “so sure” that Freddie is really his and no one else’s…. why, two days ago, did he finally “shut down rumors” that the “baby” was fake? Let me tell you what’s wrong with this:

  • Several people and fans pointed out that pictures of the baby only appear in black and white, with its eyes closed, and it’s “photoshopped.” Whoever is in charge of this stunt was paying attention, because “Louis” posted a picture of a baby IN COLOR… WITH ITS EYES OPEN…that appears to be REAL. Only one thing: it doesn’t look like the “Freddie” we’ve seen. Fail. A reverse image search found no results, so it wasn’t stolen… but why would they finally use a real baby? We should mention that this is the first photo “Louis” has posted of the baby where “he” isn’t holding it…. That’s weird, if he’s so desperate to prove it’s real (like every online article is saying) then wouldn’t he be in the photo with it, too? And the reason I say “Louis” is because he doesn’t have full control of his Instagram account either. 
  • If they wanted to prove to us that this was genuine and NOT fake, they would’ve had Louis shut down “Freddie is fake” rumors from the beginning when it first started. It’s also trended on Twitter before… and Louis still did nothing. All we got outta that was Briana’s family stealing more baby pics.

“There’s a video of the baby… why are you still in denial?”

First, I’m not in denial. If there turns out to be a baby that’s actually Louis’ then I’ll be happy for him…. But we have all this evidence that says otherwise.

Oh. That video that TMZ posted with the baby crying while Louis was pushing it? 

To management: I’ll give them props for finally using a real baby; at the same time that also makes them sick monsters. That baby still looks nothing like what we’ve been shown recently. The fact that they finally reached this level is actually really disturbing– because they’re running out of ideas and it’s down to the last straw.

Unfortunately, they can’t make Louis act like he’s happy.

“Well then if it’s real then who’s baby is it?” 

Great question. 

Although Buzzfeed already covered this, I do need to point out that SYCO’s Global Head of Media, Ann-Marie Thomson, had twins (a boy and a girl) a few months ago (although it’s not sure officially when). 

The first photo she posted of them was on February 1. They look to be almost three months old in this picture. Three months old? That would put their birth around late November, two months before “Freddie.” In a tweet on December 3, 2015, Ann-Marie asked if there was a spa in LA where she could take her newborn twins to. That would mean they would’ve been a few weeks old, in fact making their birth around late November as I said. Also, in the same tweet, Ann Marie wants to know if the baby spa would be in areas such as Woodland Hills or Calabasas.

Guess who lives in Calabasas? Briana Jungwirth and her family. Wow. I wonder if that’s a “coincidence”? 

We need to compare photos of Ann-Marie’s babies to the ones of “Freddie” we got from TMZ and other media outlets, as well as photos in general from the last few days:

They used the boy for Louis’ photo…

On the left is Ann Marie’s photo (taken on February 8). On the right is what “Louis” posted on Instagram (April 7). 

The ears, nose, and little fingers look exactly the same. The two month difference would explain why the right photo shows the baby with more hair. But the photo that’s on Louis’ Instagram may not have been taken the same day it was posted (and that would mostly likely be the case). You can’t deny that both of the babies pictured above look almost exactly the same. 

Now, for the photos we got yesterday they used the girl…

On the left is from February 13. The right is from two days ago (April 7). Yes the angles are different but the girl is different from her twin because she has chubbier cheeks. 

But now let’s compare the Instagram post to the paparazzi photo…

No way that’s the same baby. 

But with another photo of the girl twin…

Now THAT looks like the same baby (these photos are two months apart).

It would make sense to use twins for this stunt. If one needs to rest or won’t stop crying, etc. they can switch them back and forth, and although these twins look alike they’re not identical, they’re fraternal– you can tell. That’s why there are noticeable differences and it’s easy to distinguish which baby is which. It’s scientifically impossible for there to be a pair of identical twins that are a boy and a girl. 

Oh hey! This must not have been the first time they used the girl twin.

See, I thought that was a doll because the sun was in its eyes and Louis was doing nothing to protect it. But I guess it was a real baby (since I had people messaging me that they met Louis and saw/heard crying from the stroller). A real baby…. but not “Freddie.” These pics were from about two weeks ago.

So now you must be like, “Wait, why would Ann-Marie allow her babies to be used? Isn’t that illegal?”

  1. She didn’t sign a contract, but yet she’s probably getting paid. 
  2. Since she didn’t sign a contract for her babies to be used (which would/should be illegal as hell!) the idea is that maybe Louis and his friends/family will “babysit” her kid(s) while she’s doing her other work or relaxing, while the media and everyone else thinks it’s Freddie. 
  3. She’s BFFs with Simon Cowell…. gee, that should sum things up.

And it seems like they used her for Louis’ younger sister to pose with:

I really do believe that they’re using Ann-Marie’s twins now.

Speaking of the TMZ video…

Wait until they (probably) read this and force Louis to give a shit. He would never ignore a crying baby, and because he did….you know something is up. Hell, the paparazzi were watching him and all he said was: “Have a bit of respect for a baby, pal!” A baby. Not “his” baby. A baby….

Last but not least…. why are his bandmates silent about it?

Niall Horan: He has a three-year-old nephew and loves kids just like the rest of his bandmates. Not even a public congratulations to Louis on “his kid”– and this is surprising because Niall is the most active on Twitter and Instagram, apart from Liam. Everyone else close to Louis did that…. except for Harry….and Liam….. hell, even Zayn Malik is avoiding all this. But remember…. the first time the “baby” was brought up Niall looked like he was about to laugh his ass off. Then the next time it was brought up he looked really uncomfortable.

Zayn Malik: Sure, he’s focusing on his music right now…but if he had the time to congratulate the boys when “Drag Me Down” came out, and also had the time to acknowledge Liam on the band’s five-year anniversary, why hasn’t he said a damn thing about Louis’ “baby”? Despite what tabloids tell you, Zayn was (and probably still is) very close to Louis and he would surely have a comment to make about this……..oops! No.

Harry Styles: This man adores babies the most apart from the others. He even acknowledges pregnant women at concerts…. however, he never acknowledged Briana when she went to at least three shows. Damn. She even had VIP seats with Louis’ family!

Liam Payne: Alright, alright. Calm down. There was a magazine that ran a story on Liam a while back and “he” (because you know how magazines love to twist words or write their own made-up shit) said he couldn’t wait to meet Louis’ kid. But this was before “Freddie” was born… and still we’ve gotten nothing about Liam meeting his best friend’s child. 

So, in conclusion, this is all the evidence I have provided for you on why babygate was planned. This is why I believe there isn’t really a “Freddie Tomlinson.” Now I’ve received a ton of hate and people demanding to know how I can call “an innocent child” fake. At least I don’t just say shit to say it. I support my beliefs with evidence. So you can call me crazy. Call me a bitch. I don’t care. Because unless you can explain everything wrong with babygate (yes, including what Buzzfeed posted) and have solid (really solid) proof that this wasn’t planned….. I may change my mind. Actually, wait, I don’t think I can…. because you can’t explain ALL of this. But thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it changed your mind or at least made you think.

(And Modest! Management, if you’ve seen this… and you decide to “fix” some more babygate mistakes…. we’ll all notice because I’ve pointed them out. I have the right to freedom of speech. If you take this down it just proves that you’re hiding something and then everyone will know the truth.)

Have a nice day! 

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I’m Not Ready To Lose You Yet

She’s Beautiful 

Holiday Romance - part 1, part 2

Falling Apart Without You

I Won’t Put My Family Through This

Harry Always Keeps His Promises

We Are Different

Harry’s Birthday

You Told Me To Be Brave

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Wedding Vows

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Walk Away

My Girl

I Thought She Was You

I’m Pregnant

Drunk and Disorderly

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Better Than Words

Drag Me Down

Little White Lies

Spaces - part 1, part 2



Settle Down (The 1975) 


Teach Me


Niall Horan Masterlist

  1. Kisses Harry’s girlfriend
  2. Secretly dating Harry’s younger sister
  3. Takes care of sick sister
  4. Enchanted by waitress
  5. Wakes up sick
  6. Helps you through anxiety attack
  7. Keep asking questions during golf
  8. You leave him a sexy voicemail 
  9. Childhood best friends fall for each other
  10. He comes to visit you at college
  11. You break up with him
  12. Harry flirts with Niall’s girlfriend
  13. Teaches you guitar
  14. “Fall Out”
  15. “This Photograph”
I love when Harry is a fucking whale...

When he spits water while doing his famous arm thrust:

I am pretty sure his body transforms the liquid into holy water and he casually likes to take a bath sometimes…

He enjoys being a little tease when he gets down on his knees:

He can’t even handle his amazingness and needs to lay down sometimes:

But that’s not enough for him, of course he has to occasionally flip his brown locks in the air…

Let’s be honest here for a second, whale harry rules the world.
I mean, he is a piece of art:

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Masterlist for Imagines & Smut

Here is part 2 with all the imagines and smut ;)


  1. Louis
  2. Louis Part 2
  3. Niall: Under The Willow Tree
  4. Niall: Water Park
  5. Zayn: First Night Over
  6. Harry: Accident
  7. Liam: Permanent
  8. Zayn: Destiny Text
  9. Zayn: Destiny Text Part 2
  10. Zayn: Destiny Text Part 3
  11. Zayn: Destiny Text Part 4
  12. Zayn: Destiny Text Part 5
  13. Zayn: Destiny Text Part 6
  14. Zayn: Destiny Text Part 7
  15. Harry: Tough Match
  16. Niall: Sex Talk
  17. Louis: Post Office Trouble
  18. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series)
  19. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) Part 2
  20. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) Part 3
  21. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) Part 4
  22. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) Part 5
  23. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) Part 6
  24. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) Part 7
  25. Harry: Lucky Number 13 (Series) Part 8
  26. Harry: Hiccups
  27. Harry: All Natural
  28. Ziam: Kiss
  29. Niall for Emily: Just Friends
  30. Niall: Greek God AU
  31. Niall: The Real Thing
  32. Harry: Protector
  33. Niall: Stockholm Syndrome
  34. Liam: Midnight Writings
  35. Louis: Laundry Room
  36. Harry: Over Thinking
  37. Harry: Song Session
  38. Harry: Peace Maker
  39. Harry: Flower Power
  40. Louis: Change
  41. Niall: Sex Talk Continued
  42. One Direction: Smiling Through The Pain
  43. Harry: College Acceptance
  44. Niall: Two Great Accomplishments
  45. Niall: Soccer Game
  46. Harry: Clouds And Meadows
  47. Niall: Cup of Coffee’
  48. Louis: Thirsty
  49. Harry: Irreplaceable
  50. Niall/Harry: Aquarius
  51. Louis: Tossing and Turning
  52. Zayn: The Ball
  53. Liam: What Happened in Venice?
  54. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 1
  55. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 2
  56. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 3
  57. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 4
  58. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 5
  59. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 6
  60. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 7
  61. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 8
  62. Louis: The Lighthouse (Series) Part 9
  63. Zayn: First Night Over Part 2
  64. Niall Imagine: What’s Missing
  65. Liam: Superbowl
  66. Liam: Red Shoes Part 1


  1. Harry Smut: Taken For Granted
  2. Liam Smut: That Dress
  3. Harry Smut: Valentine’s Day Lust
  4. Louis Smut: Dominant
  5. Liam Smut: Beach Day
  6. Zayn Smut: Not All Is Lost
  7. Zayn Smut: Fury
  8. Harry Smut: Brutally Honest
  9. Niall Smut: Camping 101
  10. Louis Smut: Sweet
  11. Niall Smut: History Repeats Itself
  12. Harry Smut: Golden Elevator
  13. Louis Smut: Hard Game
  14. Niall Smut: Do It Yourself
  15. Niall Smut: Dr. Horan
  16. Zayn Smut: Psychology ,Cake, and Sex
  17. Liam Smut: First Lesson
  18. Harry Smut: Pole Master
2014 Masterpost

For some reason my /2014 page keep deleting the links I add so I’m going to have to post my old 2014 imagines this way! (Some of these are rough and poorly written so I apologize for that, but enjoy them nonetheless!)

Imagines: (My ideas)
001) His birthday
002) How you sleep together
003) Valentines Day
004) Scratches
005) Your daughter brings home a guy
006) Butt touches
007) “Robbers” by The 1975 (based off their music video)
008) You help him relax
009) Bakery AU
010) Letter to the “next one”
Requested imagines:
001) You have a panic attack & he protects you
002) You see him playing with your cousins
003) You find out Harry has depression
004) You’re singing along to the radio and you don’t realize Harry’s listening
005) He gets jealous of how you spend a lot of time with Gemma
006) He cheats on you and tries to explain it
007) He finds out that you’re bisexual
008) You meet at a mutual friends party
009) The story behind one of Harry’s tweets
010) He’s upset about the paparazzi & you take him out, but he ends up getting in a fight
011) Ashton Irwin hits on you and Harry gets jealous
012) He makes fun of how short you are
013) You have dinner with Harry’s family
014) Harry watches you play the piano
015) Zombie apocalypse
016) You’re 5’9 and are self conscious of your height
017) You play scrabble during a blackout
018) You have a boss who flirts with you and Harry confronts him
019) You want to cuddle w/ Harry but he ignores
020) He comforts you and then tells you he loves you for the 1st time
021) You’re on vocal rest and you play charades
022) You don’t like yourself
023) He’s in the hospital & you’re crying by his bedside & he wipes away your tears
024) You slip on ice and he takes care of you
025) He does your makeup
026) The other boys hear you & Harry frickle frackling having sex
027) Amusement park
028) You belly dance for him
029) He admires your body
030) You’re FWB but he wants to be more than that
031) You get your wisdom teeth removed
032) He cuts his finger so you take care of him and Anne sees
033) He sees you at a restaurant and it’s love at first sight so Louis helps him get your number
034) Your relationship goes public
034) He’s your teacher and he likes you
035) He’s a lifeguard and he saves you from drowning
036) He finds your violin and asks you to play for him
037) Masquerade ball
038) Your brother has a drug addiction so you confide in Harry for help
039) You’re 7 years younger than Harry and you get hate for it
040) You & Harry get in a fight in front of your child/he hits you/he tries to make it up to you
041) He asks you to prom
042) You can’t drive and you have to tell him
043) Harry distracts you from shopping
044) Spending Easter w/your cousins and your aunt embarrasses you
045) You’re a UNI student and Harry sees you drawing and asks you if you can teach him
046) You have a drug addiction and Harry and the boys confront you about it
047) You have mono and he has to take care of you
048) “Not a Bad Thing” by Justin Timberlake / He’s punk
049) It’s your daughter Mia’s first day of kindergarten and she doesn’t want to go
050) Spring break / Mankini?
051) You meet through Nick Grimshaw / Hide and seek at Nick’s party (you hide in a tree w/ Harry & bond)
052) Cute twitter conversations b/w the two of you
053) You have a nightmare
054) You & Dave Franco present the boys an award at the Brits
055) You get sick and throw up in Harry’s car and he takes care of you
056) Your school goes into lockdown and Harry helps console you
057) Your a singer and your make a music video where you’re naked in it & Harry dislikes it & you fight
058) You watch the stars together
059) You’re an actress and your co-star kisses you when you win an award for best kiss & Harry gets jealous
060) You’re at a party and he’s talking with another girl so you talk w/ a guy
061) He gets mad / bar fight
062) You talk about the future and you don’t want children
063) The boys visit a hospital that you work at and Harry asks you out
064) You & Harry double date w/ Gemma and her date hits on you
065) He paints your nails badly
066) You’re a ballerina/You hurt your ankle and Harry helps you
067) You’re a picky eater and he gets you to try something (fish)
068) He’s drunk and Liam asks you to drive him home and he flirts w/you
069) Your mother shows him baby pictures of you
070) You go outside in the rain
071) You’re Lou’s intern and Harry asks you to get breakfast one morning
072) The media finds out that you were once abused (You’re Liam’s sister)
073) Tickle fight and he pins you down
074) Louis catches the two of you kissing (Written in Louis’ point of view)
075) [Drunken] Truth or dare/”Too hot”
076) Spin the bottle (you kiss Niall)
077) He posts a photo of the two of you on Instagram while wearing matching onesies
078) He’s stressed and decides to take pills
079) You break up and begin to rebel
080) He sits between your legs and you play with his hair/he watches you watch TV
081) A texting conversation b/w the two of you
082) He’s a gang leader and you’re abducted (Dark Harry)
083) Food fight
084) Justin Bieber flirts with you and Harry gets jealous
085) You dye your hair quite often
086) There’s a big storm and you’re scared but he comforts you
087) You’re in Little Mix and you have a secret relationship with Harry
088) He’s a blanket hog
089) You spend the night at his house and Anne sees you two sleeping w/ each other
090) You get a puppy
091) Grocery shopping
092) Fourth of July
093) You fall asleep when you’re on Skype w/him
094) You wake up from a coughing fit
095) You’re at a Halloween party and you’re dressed as something sexy
096) You ride a motorcycle with him
097) He spills wine on you when you meet
098) He gets amnesia
099) He takes care of you when you have cramps
100) You go to the boy’s concert w/Sophia, Eleanor and Perrie
101) He goes to your volleyball game
102) He has a child from a previous relationship & the kid likes you more than his actual mom
103) There’s a bug on your wall and you have him kill it
104) He brings you out on stage and proposes to you
105) You’re American and when Harry visits your mom uses a bad English accent
106) You comfort him during a storm
107) He tries to make dinner & fails so you make dinner & he distracts you
108) You think your daughter is lost but she’s in the basement with Harry
109) You get sunburn
110) You’re a songwriter and you write “Halo” (by Beyonce) about Harry
111) You go to the dentist and Harry has to take care of you
112) Steamy Twister
113) Your 1 year old daughter gets her ears pierced/Harry bounces her on his leg
114) You’re Ashton Irwin’s sister and he sets you up with Harry
115) Harry takes a photo of you sneakily and says to Niall that you’ll be his future wife
116) You’re Princess Belle at a Disney park
117) You have a mud fight and make a mess
118) Lou has another child so you’re the boy’s replacement hairdresser
119) You’re being interviewed by Grimmy and you call up Harry during it
120) He proposes to you on the X Factor stage
121) You get stuck in an elevator together when you’re on bad terms
122) He removes your garter belt at your wedding
123) You camp out in your backyard during the fall
124) Harry gives you a hickey and Anne notices
125) An interviewer says something rude about Harry so you defend him
126) You’re a Youtuber and you play a scary game and Harry scares you
127) He’s the school flirt
128) “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith (based off the video)/He cheats
129) Christmas Eve
130) “I’m not driving anymore”
131) He’s a jock and you’re a nerd and he likes you
132) A stranger grabs your butt
133) Relationship talks/Proposal/”Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran
134) You got to the doctors for a check up and you both keep laughing
135) He does something cute for your 2 year anniversary
136) You braid his hair
137) You bother him when he’s playing video games
138) Bike rides in the rain
139) Kissing/7 minutes in heaven
140) You leave a baby on his doorstep
141) You smoke weed and Harry gets mad
142) You get in a fight and after that he finds out you had a miscarriage
143) You wash your dog together
144) Last look in mirror as bride and groom
145) Gemma the wing woman
146) Kisses in the rain
147) “Scared of the dark and the dentist”/You hide when the power goes out
148) Harry cries during one of his solos after you have a fight
149) You sit on his lap after your cat rejects him
150) He finds your bellybutton piercing hot/he throws you in the pool
151) He wants to have sex but you’re at his parents house so you say no
152) He tries to skateboard to impress you but breaks his arm
153) You & Louis are friends and you draw on Harry
154) Ice bucket challenge w/ Harry & Lux
155) You met in Brazil and he gets a tattoo
156) Harry works at the bakery and you’re Gemma’s friend
157) Vampire AU
158) Lou & Gemma sneak lingerie into your bag at a store
159) Harry explains puberty to your son/he talks about girls and you listen to his conversation
160) You’re in a bank and it gets held up by a gunman
161) You’re the love interest in the Robbers music video (The 1975) & Harry gets jealous
162) You’re the 6th member
163) Harry gets Darcy ready for preschool
164) The boys draw dirty things on your cast
165) He’s sick so you draw him a bath
166) He picks you up from school and your friends hit on him (Dark Harry)
167) You break up with him via voicemail: Part 1 (Your P.O.V.) - Part 2 (His P.O.V.) - Part 3 (I can’t find this part)
168) David Beckham is your father
169) He’s really innocent so you teach him a few things
170) He’s fascinated by you (Bakery AU)
171) You carve pumpkins
172) You’re both interviewed by Ellen
173) You meet at a Coldplay concert
174) It’s homecoming and Harry asks you to go w/him (he’s senior and you’re a sophomore)
175) You both meet each other by a river
176) You both get stranded in Kings Island Water Park
177) Haunted house
178) You find a Victoria’s Secret bag in his closet and think he’s cheating on you
179) He calls you “my baby blue eyes”
180) You’re a princess and it’s your birthday ball and you see Harry
181) A cop pulls you over and then asks for Harry’s autograph so she can give it to her daughter
182) You speak four languages
183) Little spoon Harry
184) Your ex is Andy Biersack
185) He breaks up with you before you pass away
186) Another band member flirts w/ you at a Christmas party and Harry gets jealous
187) Niall wants to have a threesome w/ you & Harry and Harry gets mad
188) He leaves you for Caroline Flack and wants you back
Song imagines:
(A * next to the song means I picked it myself and it wasn’t requested)
001) “F.U.” by Miley Cyrus
002) “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran
003) “Drive” by Miley Cyrus
004) “Say Something” by A Great Big World
005) “Cry Me A River” by Michael Buble
006) “All of Me” by John Legend
007) “Faithfully” by Journey
008) “Jealous” by Beyonce
009) “It’s Not Over” by Secondhand Serenade
010) “Fix You” by Coldplay
011) “Survivor” by Destiny’s Child
012) “Fool In Love” by Rihanna
013) “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith
014) “One More Night” by Maroon 5
015) “Our Song” by Ron Pope
016) “Robbers” by The 1975 (based off the music video) *
017) “Girls” by The 1975
018) “Amnesia” by 5 Seconds of Summer
019) “Bad” by David Guetta & Showtek ft Vassy
020) You’re a songwriter and you write “Halo” (by Beyonce) about Harry
021) “English Love Affair” by 5 Seconds of Summer
022) “If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn” by Sleeping With Sirens
023) “I’m Not the Only One” by Sam Smith (based off the video)
024) “Blue Jeans” by Lana Del Rey
025) “Last Call” by Lee Ann Womack
026) “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran
027) “Maps” by Maroon 5 (based off the video)
028) “All I Want” by Kodaline
029) “Just A Little Bit of Your Heart” by Ariana Grande
030) “Almost Lover” by A Fine Frenzy (covered by Jasmine Thompson)
031) “Hold On Till May” by Pierce The Veil
032) “Never Stop” by Safetysuit
033) “Out of the Woods” by Taylor Swift
034) “The Heart Wants What It Wants” by Selena Gomez
Picture imagines:
001) He tries on suits for your wedding day
002) Waking up in the morning with Harry
003) You snap at him and then go to apologize
004)  Friends with benefits
005) A texting conversation b/w the two of you
006) You go to one of his concerts
007) Cuddling after work
008) He’s a Youtuber

“everything we do” - a narry masterpost

niall loves harry so much i’m hURT

the way they look at each other such tiny babies



narry dancing together is the cutest

KINGS when will your faves ever

narry - kings of laughing and having fun

i can hEAR their laughs

okay this this right here is my favourite moment ever, the way they swing back and forth with their hips toGETHER I WOULD LIKE MY EYES DETACHED PLEASE

narry interviews >>>>>>>

what is he dOING

harry loves niall so much


my youngest

this hug was so great to me

harry messing with niall to make him laugh I love dying and being dead


harry isn’t even surprised i’Mbxhsbasbxs

hugging it out

niall is so used to harry being this clingy I love it

Harry is so used to niall being this clingy I love this also


my children reading getting an education together I love being a mom

when Niall knew the name of his broken bone and harry was impressed 

“pick someone who’s supportive” bYE


narry football games have a special place in my heart

just narry doing stuff together basically

I want to be Niall but I also want to be Harry





i want 2 die

this is the cutest my two baby kittens


is nialls hand nvm


finally the icONIC “EVERYTHING WE DO” bYE