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99 percent of you will get this wrong which one is zayn

gentlejaebum-deactivated2017052  asked:

what are your opinions on Liam's tweets?

Anonymous said:in less than an hour Liam said he is 100% not gay, posted a selfie with his “gf” and made it clear that he was gambling! heterosexual Liam is on fire!________________________Anonymous said:Soooo are we gonna ignore the fact that in Liam’s first tweet there was no capitalisation or punctuation, but in the second tweet everything is capitalised and punctuated? #Fuckeryisafoot________________________Anonymous said:I hate Liam’s twitter________________________Anonymous said:ummmm Liam’s tweet!Anonymous said:twitter(.)com/angela_horan/status/513751989260656642 the pic Liam’s talking about in his last tweet________________________  

I was sent the video link to this several days ago. I, in all my 19 year old wisdom, didn’t feel the need to respond. Obviously it’s a lookalike (the asker sent it as if it were real). Why would Liam feel the need to?? All 5 members of 1D have lookalike porn floating around out there. This is ridiculous. No, I don’t think this was really Liam tweeting. If he hasn’t cared in 4 years, why start now? And there’s nothing “weird” about two consenting adults having sex. FUCK YOU 1DHQ. YOU’RE THE FUCKING DREGS OF HUMANITY, YOU HATEFUL PIECES OF SHIT!!! A POX ON ALL YOUR HOUSES!! MAY KARMA KICK YOU SQUARE IN THE ASS FOR THIS!! 

I think I predicted a little while back that a “biggest load of bullshit” equivalent was coming. Welp, they outdid themselves. Not only do we have homophobia, we have dumb frat boy douche Liam gambling his money away and implying he’s only concerned with footing the bill for his golddigger girlfriend’s highly questionable education. I. Am. Livid. If I know my Liam, he will not take this lying down. Rebellion is coming. Hold on…