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This is john sjursen Zayn look a like you can follow him on Instagram: @john_sjursen Twitter: @JohnSjursen tumblr: @parydise


Bed Of Lies, Part 1 // (Part 2)

ziam feat nicki bc i’m emotional… i don’t own this gifs so take credit… also ot9cuchareand0 wanted credit for the idea so whtvr bitch… 

ps: i kept the “girl” bc changing original lyrics on covers is for pussies


99 percent of you will get this wrong which one is zayn

Liam Payne & David Backham Hairstyles Part 1/3

1) Faux Mohawk + 3 days beard

2) One strand of hair + soft, long voluminous hair with a strong designer beard

3) Spiky blowed quiff and very short shaved hair + light 3 days beard 

4) Wet side swept hair with a rough beard

5) side combed hair with strong side parting and a clean designer beard

6) shaved buzz cut + stronger grown beard 

So this is part 1 of their hairstyles. 

I’ve also tried to look at other similarities like clothes and the direction the look at to make it as similar as possible.