1d kcas


Heres the thing; SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT ZAYN LEAVING. I KNOW HE MIGHT UPSET PEOPLE BUT HE NEEDS TO TAKE CARE OF HIMSELF. PEOPLE SAY SHIT ABOUT HIM CHEATING OR THAT HE SHOULDN’T BE WITH PERRIE BUT HES SO FUCKING HAPPY WITH HER SO WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN HIS HAPPINESS? DONT BE AN ASSHOLE. Im sure he knows hes going to upset people so how much courage do you think it took him to leave? Do you really think he just up and left because he could. And do you think hes just running away from his problems? No he cant take fucking everyones bullshit about him and who he loves so he needs a break from it. Im sure they’re fine but honestly everyone needs to chill. I love the boys and this fandom but sometimes we ALL need to sit down. Myself included. SO please just let him be alone on his break an when he comes back don’t start any shit. If you actually love him, you’ll let him be happy wherever he is and whoever hes with doing whatever he wants. 

So, as someone who cares about Zayn and wants him to be happy, just let him be. Thank youuu