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This Day in 1D History - February 19


  • **first** X Factor Live Tour concert – Birmingham, UK!!!!!!! 


  • cupcake making cupcakes (via Niall’s Twitter :))


  • “No cups so I went for the pot! :)” (pic via the 1D Insta)


  • Liam lands at LAX with a new ‘4’ finger tat!!

Au Meme (manip):

selenagomez: I’m in love with this photo and also with this guy. My pretty boy has already 22 years and I’m in tears. I love you to the moon and back. #hppybday @niazkilam

hi jst here to say that i made a 1d insta that yall should follow its jst so i can post pics of the boys often w/o spamming my main so follow @squirreldirection :)

Concept: a video popping up on 1D twitter, facebook and insta. In the video louis says that they are having an important livestream the next day. When the stream begins, theres only harry sitting on a couch, saying something like “we are very thankful for your support through these years. We have always tried to show our true selves to you, while sometimes it has just been impossible. Today, here, we are ready to show you the one truth that some of you have known since the beginning. Welcome.” and then it cuts to the larry wedding™, which is just about to begin.

Tonight You’re Mine

for: ashley (@221hazza, @theriseofsoloharry)

by: savannah (@lifesbetterasamermaid)

a story about a girl who used to love to paint, a boy with a very worn backpack, and cherry blossoms.  

word count: 6,390

warnings: n/a

main pairing: harry + rei

sometimes people come into your life at exactly the right moment and they change everything. but it doesn’t mean that they’re going to stay, some people just aren’t meant to stay. you only get them for a little while, you only get them for a night.

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This Day in 1D History - September 28



  • Harry shows off his new tats on Twitter 


  • Louis has a kick about :))
  • I SIT HERE ALONE AND I WONDER WHY (aka Zarry get ready backstage on the 1D Insta)
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Perth, Australia


  • Where We Are Tour concert – Charlotte, USA


  • Harry is Ready