1d in i carly

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@harrybasquiat i have barely updated my music tastes since high school ahhh. the most important thing to me in music is lyrics, I think. I like songs that create rich story worlds (the mountain goats, the weakerthans, even tegan & sara) or seem to gesture towards stories even if the lyrics don’t totally make sense (the national, the tallest man on earth). does it feel like a fic? then i would probably like it. I don’t really enjoy stuff that’s too experimental/doesn’t at least have some parts you can sing along to. I don’t love radio pop, except for bright happy bubblegum pop-type stuff like carly rae jepsen and early 1d. I generally like country music bc of the story worlds stuff, but nothing too Straight White Dudes in Trucks. and I like stuff my parents listened to when I was a kid too, ummm like simon & garfunkel, don henley, fleetwood mac, that kind of thing.