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Neymar [EXTRA LONG] Long Imagine; [I'm requesting a smut imagine about Neymar having a crush on you but he's with Bruna. She's really jealous of your relationship with him and they get in a huge fight, afterwards you come over to comfort him and it ends up getting intimate. She comes back to get one of her things and walks in on you two but Neymar doesn't really care and neither do you]

I had just gotten off the phone with my best friend Neymar and he had invited me to his house warming party. Him and his girlfriend Bruna had just moved house probably because of the relationship problems they were having. Ney had briefly told me about them but I knew he wasn’t telling me the full story. It was none of my business anyway but I hated seeing one of my best friends so upset. I quickly put on a bit of mascara, eyeliner and deep crimson lipstick. I pinched my cheeks so they gained some color and called a cab.
Once I arrived at the house warming party I knocked on the door nervously. I think I looked okay. Well better than usual because I had put on my brand new dress which was revealing but classy all the same. I had also put on very high heels which was very stupid of me as I would probably be falling about all night but these were the only ones that matched my dress. Whilst thinking about the ludicrous length of my heels the door swiftly opened and I was met by a smiling Neymar and a surprised Bruna. The party was almost definitely in full swing as Ney moved to give me a quick kiss on the cheek.
“Thank you for coming! Welcome!” He beamed and I wrapped my arms around him and gave him a small hug to which he returned. I could see Bruna from over his shoulder scowling at me and I had no idea why. 
“Hi Y/N” she gave me the fakest smile she could muster whilst pulling Ney away from me and wrapping her arm around his waist.
“Hello Bruna” I replied casually smoothing out my dress. What was her problem? Why did she hate me so much?
I quickly excused myself before the situation got any more awkward and went to get a drink. As I was leaving I could hear Bruna hissing at Neymar “why did you have to fucking invite her?” 
She was fuming and my anger began to build. How dare she be so horrible to me for absolutely nothing? 
I saw Ney hiss something to her just as harshly whilst moving away from her but he was just out of earshot. As I moved towards the bar I saw Marc one my friends that I hadn’t seen in a while and his eyebrows raised in surprise followed by a grin when he saw me which made my heart flutter. At least someone is nice to me. As I approached him he gave me a kiss on the cheek and wrapped his strong arms around me in a warm and comforting hug. We began to catch up on all of the things that had happened recently and in no time I was in stitches from laughing so hard. Marc placed his hand loosely around my waist and I leaned into him. These heels were really killing my feet! I saw Ney through a crowd and I could see he wasn’t happy as a sour expression took over his handsome features and his jaw clenched. I felt bad for being in such a happy mood when the host of the party was so upset so I explained to Marc that I would go and check on Ney and he removed his hand from my waist and nodded in approval. I smiled and made my way upstairs seeing as that was the last place I had seen Ney go. 
As I make my way upstairs I am stopped by a very flushed and angry Bruna.
“Listen here bitch I know you’re a whore who sleeps with every guy who says hello but you better leave Neymar alone” she spits and I gasp.
What !? I blink rapidly utterly stunned.
“My boyfriend is not interested in you at all and we have just moved house to have a fresh start. He doesn’t need reminders nor you confusing his feelings and I don’t need you encouraging him and stringing him along away from me.” She adds and all color drains from my face.
Before I can say anything in retaliation she spots a friend and moves away from me with one last cold look and I breathe a sigh of relief, trying to relive what just happened. Did it happen !??
I tuck a loose strand of my hair behind my ear and go upstairs into the room which I assume is the one Neymar is in as all the others have their doors wide open. 
I knock cautiously and hear an angry ‘go away’ from a familiar voice. I go ahead and open the door anyway and I’m met with Neymar looking outside the huge glass window. 
“I said go aw-” he begins turning around but his eyes soften when he sees it’s me.
“Y/N” he breathes.
“Yeah it’s me. I know you said you didn’t want anyone in here but I’m worried about you. You seemed angry before are you okay?” I ask concerned moving towards him. 
“Yeah I’ll be fine it’s just Bruna. We just got into a fight and she just .. I don’t know what to do” he sighs and moves closer towards me. He takes my hand and sits me down on the edge of the bed.
“No kidding. All due respect Ney but she is a bitch. She just screamed at me about leading you on and messing with your feelings downstairs. I have no idea what she’s talking about” I almost laughed at what seemed to be a laughable situation.
“She did what?” He snarled standing up. 
“How dare she? I specifically told her to not say anything but she never listens.”
“I’ll go talk to her” he says sternly and I quickly got up too.
“Ney please just leave it. I’m only a little bit shaken up but she’s just worried about you. I don’t know what she means about me messing with your feelings and confusing you though…” I say placing my small hands on his chest. He lets out a small sigh and 
places my hands around his neck.
I gaze at him with a ‘what are you doing?’ look and he moves closer to me so that his face is right in front of mine. His hands are placed firmly on my hips and I look up to meet his almond green eyes and his pupils dilate.
“I hadn’t noticed how beautiful your eyes are” he says in a deep low voice and his hands move towards my face. My mind begins to race and a million thoughts run through my head. 
“I’m in love with you” he whispers hoarsely and my eyes widen in shock.
“What? Ney you’re not.. thinking straight .. you have a girlfriend who hates me remember .. ?” I remind him timidly but my heart lurches and my pulse begins to quicken at his sweet words. His knuckles graze my cheekbones and I move my face into his palm so that his hand his cupping my cheek. My conscious and my hormones are battling it out but my conscious loses as I wrap my hands around his neck and bring my lips to his plump ones. As my lips touch Ney’s I feel his sharp intake of breath. I have no idea what I’m doing but I can’t stop. I can taste the faint hint of mint and alcohol on his tongue and he opens his mouth and really kisses me. My entire body feels like it’s been ignited and I don’t recall ever feeling like this. He cups my flushed cheek and his hands move to my hips. He places me slowly on the bed planting a small kiss on my lips and breathing my name once more. 
“You have no idea how much I’ve wanted this” he whispers his hot breath fanning my face. Ney pulls me by my hips closer to him as he lays back, never breaking the kiss. His skin is hot and his chest is moving up and down, from his rapid breathing. 
Before I can comment on it I hear the familiar voice of Bruna getting louder and louder. 
Before I have anytime to move from Ney’s lap she walks in mid speech and once she sees me and her boyfriend her face turns puce. 
My heart hammers and I climb off her boyfriends lap swiftly and try to cover my cleavage that somehow was spilling out of my dress. When did he even unzip my dress? 
“What the fuck is this!?” She almost screams. Her voice is a deadly combination and in that moment I am actually afraid of her and for her. I’ve just been caught messing around with her boyfriend, the love of her life. What was I even thinking?
“Bruna I’m sorry” he mumbles weakly.
“You know what this is the last straw and I’m done. Done with this relationship that it seems only I am trying in and I’m done trying to make a go of things. I love you how could you do this to me!?” She questions seething. Uncontrollable tears seem to roll down her face as she begins to shake and I find my cheeks are wet too. 
“I’m sorry it happened this way Bruna I really am” he says moving towards her.
She immediately retreats as a harsh ‘don’t touch me’ fall from her lips. 
He runs his hands through his hair and he seems frustrated. I feel for him but I feel for his poor girlfriend more. 
Bruna grabs a small duffle bag and begins to pack her things as me and Ney watch in astonishment. She’s leaving him? This is all my fault I have to say something.
“Bruna I’m so sorry this is all my doing. I didn’t mean for this to happen.” I try to explain but she shoots me an arctic glare which sends shivers down my spine and silences me instantly. 
“Shut up you stupid bitch. Of course this is all your fault. I always knew you were a whore who couldn’t keep her legs closed.”
Neymar opens his mouth in fury and I shake my head forcefully and give him a ‘please don’t say anything’ look and he grits his teeth, his jaw clenching in anger.
“I’ll be back tomorrow to get the rest of my things” she says sounding tired and defeated.
Neymar doesn’t reply as she throws her bag over her shoulder and exits the room and I see a tear falling slowly down her cheek.
“Are you okay?” He breathes moving towards me and cupping my cheeks.
“I’m fine but you really should go after Bruna. She’s so upset.” I tell him but he shakes his head with an impassive expression.
“I love you not her. I care about her but I care about you more. I’ve slowly but surely been falling in love with you. I’ve tried to stop it and tell myself that I want Bruna instead and not my best friend. But I just can’t. I can’t help what my heart wants .. ” he trails off and I am in awe. My eyes have widened in shock and my heart is beating so loud I’m sure he can hear it. He runs his hand through his hair which is a telltale sign that he’s either frustrated or confused. A brief flash of worry creeps over his eyes and he continues speaking but it’s not what I thought he’d say.
“Oh my god. What have I done? You don’t feel the same way right? I’ve just completely embarrassed myself in front of the person I care most about. I’m so so-” he blurts flustered but I shut him up with my lips. I give him a deep meaningful kiss and once he realizes that I’m kissing him he quickly returns it with the same desperation and I seize my opportunity. I begin running my fingers through his hair, grasping two handfuls and kissing him back while invading his mouth with my tongue. He pulls away breathless and flushed and I realize that I probably look the same way he does. 
“So you feel the same way?” He smiles his handsome smile that I’ve become fond of.
“Yes I feel the same way baby” I breathe returning his smile and he chuckles wrapping his sturdy arms around my waist and pulling me into his warm embrace.
“What are you going to do about Bruna?” I mutter into his ear.
“I don’t know. She’ll calm down then we’ll talk. I don’t want to leave on bad terms. But it’s fine it’ll be alright when she calms down. I want you not her.” He mumbles calmly into my ear and I smile into his shoulder. He’s finally mine I think to myself and my grin widens in happiness.


Nouis acting drunk tonight in Barcelona (07.08.14)

Louis is still telling Niall to go and stand over there haha