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Impatient H

“’S she going to come out yet?”


You shot your husband a look, raising your brows before chuckling on how he is.

“Are you feeling contractions?”

“Harry, we talked about this.”

“I know, I know.”

He motioned you to stand up very gently, with his finger, complying to what he requested and assisting you to by holding your arms, sitting on the spot you were sat on before carefully pulling you down to his lap.

Both Harry and you aren’t going to lie; this is your favorite. You sitting on his lap and leaning on his chest, his hands resting on top of your pregnant bumo and his chin resting on your shoulder.

“I already told you that it could take me 40 weeks; 10 months before I give birth.”

He whined, his lips brushing against your shoulder which you loved.

“But baby, you’re already 38 weeks along.”

“And you’re impatient, H.”

“I really want to see her already.”

Your hand stroked Harry’s hair out of habit and for his comfort, letting out a hum of appreciation go noticed.

“So do I, love. But we need to wait.”

There’s eagerness and joy in Harry’s voice that made you smile and laugh in an instant, making his cheeks warm up.

“There’s something about this day, love. I can feel it.”

“You said that yesterday.”

“Because maybe it’ll pressure your water to break already!” he exclaimed, smiling when he saw you laugh so giddily.

“How can you pressure my water to break?”

He grinned, his face nuzzled on your neck, a reply popping into his head, making him chuckle from thinking of it.

“Say that it’s a disgrace to it’s family and purified water all the way.”

“Oh my god,” you said in between your laughter, your cheeks reddening in whether how bad or good it is.

“It was good. Admit.”

“It’s good,” you complied, putting your hands on top of Harry’s.

“Do we have anything she needs that’s missing?”

“I think not.”

“Well we already have mittens, right? We bought newborn diapers a week ago, we have lots of onesies. What else?”

Harry inquired seriously which made you think, his finger drawing figures on your large bump.

“We have a crib. Bonnets, blankets, pillows. We agreed to not have pacifiers and teethers since they don’t help. Our mums told us not to too.”

“’S our bag ready?”

“I’m sure you packed it last night.”

“’S she coming out yet?”


“Fine,” he replied, knowing that he’s not going to give up on asking you, letting him massage your hands and press little kisses on your neck.

There’s comfortable silence at the moment, Harry’s inquired from what he heard, what he read, what you feel and what you saw making you think.

It made you think that you’re as eager to see your baby girl as Harry is. That how it differs from some having to give birth early and not, some having their water break before having contractions and not, some being dilated early.

“I know what we forgot.”

“What did we?” you chuckled from Harry’s excited tone.

“Baby shampoo.”

Your mouth fell slightly agape at the realization that the both of you genuinely forgot to get one.

“I’ll tell Gemma to get one now. She loves going to baby stores as much as we do.”

He pulled his phone out of the pocket of his sweatpants, a knowing look on his face.

“Love, sit on the other couch. I’m preventing you fron radiation as much as possible.”

You rolled your eyes, saying ‘fine’ before slowly standing from his lap, your hand on his knee as support before gently walking to the other couch, hearing Harry talk to Gemma who immediately answered the call.

As you did and maybe not coincidentially, you felt wetness on your lower torso, the water seamlessly coming down your legs with ease.

Your eyes widened on the fact that your water broke, turning around to a wide-eyed and paling Harry who looks like a mix of excitement and shock, mouth agape and phone lowered down on the fact that your water just broke.

“Holy shit.”

and then there’s you, Louis,, who always fought harder than anyone ive ever witnessed

fought for the boys, for us as fans, for the bands sound, for the lyrics that changed our lives, for the uniqueness that each of you brought to the table, for your sisters, for your brother, for your mother, for your friends both new and old, for your OWN sound, for your OWN collaborations, for your OWN lyrics and your OWN singles and your OWN album, your OWN photoshoots and your OWN magazine covers.

you never stop fighting and I know you must be tired, but we love you so much. we are so fiercely proud of who you are and who you’ve become. we are proud of what you are doing. and we thank you for what you have done for us, in saving each of us in our own special way

It’s so odd that a factual statement like “Harry said he wanted the hiatus and the other three have said they didn’t” is seen as promoting an idea of Harry vs Louis by some Larries.

What is so threatening about this? Liam, Niall and Louis have all said they resisted and did not want the hiatus. Harry has said he pushed for it. Four men whose stories actually match up for the first time in how long?

How is that us making things about Harry vs Louis?

And while I’m asking questions, if you’re so sure and secure that they love each other now and forever (Louis and Harry, I mean), how is them having a disagreement not celebrated as something normal? Real couples disagree. Yes, about big issues, too.

Or is it that you’re seeing the writing on the wall (about 1D and/or Larry) and not liking that you can actually read it now?