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Favorite Harry Gifs #13 

Special Edition - T O N G U E 

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The Billionaire (Harry Styles)

Harry Styles One Shot 

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NOTE: All of this is completely fictional. The male lead is only being used for physical appearance.

Warnings: Sexual content, mature content, language, and slight daddy kink. (If you are uncomfortable with any of the following please do not read. Thank you.)

You had grown use to the seemingly quite penthouse. There wasn’t much life about other then the staff and the five month old baby you were bouncing on your robe clad hip. Your sock covered feet sank into the carpet as you held her close. 

It was much too late for her to be up but she was having a rough night and wanted to be held as well as eat every hour.  Your daughter Amelia cooed as she rubbed her cheek against the black silk that adorned your body this evening. 

As she babbled contently you paced around your large bedroom. The lights above your head were lit dimply and the curtains that covered the window overlooking London were open wide. The view still took your breath away even to this day, though you’ve seen it every morning, afternoon, and evening for the past few months. 

Your daughters dark green eyes looked at the buildings and lights before her and her small hand touched the cold glass. She let out a small shriek from the cold but kept her hand there nonetheless.  

The city was alit and buzzing as you peered outside. The night was in full darkness down and the dark grey’s of the clouds and deep navy blues covered the sky as you waited for your husband to come home. 

You knew he had a rough day at work since he hadn’t called you back from earlier. Just this morning you could even feel the tension in his shoulders as you kissed the area. He had been more hard on the staff then usual earlier and that should have been your clue that things were tough for him.

If anything your husband was as hard a worker as they came. He ran his company like a tight ship and he took everything regarding it seriously. If he wasn’t structured the way he was he wouldn’t have the money or life he did today. He built S. Enterprise from the ground up and that was no small feat to laugh at. 

He was all business to everyone but you and the little angel in your arms. It was cliché to say that he was this kind and sweet man to you but it was utterly the truth. You were his queen and your daughter his little princess. 

‘No’ wasn’t installed in either of your vocabularies, nor was the thought of needing anything. All you had to do was bat your eyelashes, ask, or give him a kiss and whatever it was you wanted would be given to you. 

You lived the good life. Diamonds adorned your body, designer brands covered your figure, the car you drove embraced the status Harry brought along with him. Not to mention your last name was enough to catch a few eyes as well.  

A lifestyle is something that you have control over and you most certainly had control over this one. His wealth hadn’t changed you as you were still the same girl you were before you met him, now you just had more money.

He had billions of dollars to dote of both you and your daughter; at times it scared you how much money he had. He was simply a billionaire and the sky was the limit. 

Before you had come along he wasn’t content though he had all of this money he didn’t have anyone he could appreciate it with. But with you he changed.

The man had a private jet, cars of all types, and he would never have to worry about anything. Random vacations and a showering of gifts were normal for you and in honesty you loved it. Of course you hadn’t known about the money until after the two of you were serious but it was a nice bonus knowing you and your daughter would always be secure. 

Before you the staff had told you that before he had met you he was ice cold. He still was cold to them but that was the boss type of persona within him. With you he thawed and now he had someone to enjoy and to love. 

You could feel your daughter getting sleepy with each passing moment and soon she buried her face into your chest and let out a tiny sigh. You padded out of your room and moved Amelia to her room where you placed the sleepy baby in her crib. You ran your fingers over her soft skin and marveled at the sight of your darling daughter. You made sure she would be okay and turned on the gold fairy lights that lined the wall in front of her crib. You made sure the monitor was turned on as well before taking one last glance down at her. As she slid into the clutches of sleep your bare feet padded back over to your room where you lounged in bed and picked up your phone. 

You dialed the familiar number and soon you heard the voice you longed to hear all day. 

“Hi,” you murmured and you heard him sigh on the other end. You wanted him to be home so he could hold you tightly and tell you about his day. 

“Hi kitten.” Though his voice sounded strained but it softened a fraction as he spoke to you. 

“I haven’t heard from you all day… are you alright?” You asked and you heard shuffling on the other end. You could make out the faint typing on his end. 

“It’s been a long day. I’m leaving now though,” he told you and your heart picked up. Finally. 

“I’ll see you soon then?” You rolled onto your stomach and lifted your legs in the air and crossed your ankles. The softness of duvet caressed your palms as you rested one in front of yourself. 

“I’ll be home within the hour, wait up for me kitten?” His tone had lowered and had become deeper making you smile. Since it had been a rough day he would need to unwind and what better way to unwind then do so in you. 

“I’ll be up,” you said in a soft tone. You closed your eyes and you could just imagine the feeling of his fingertips running the soft skin of your stomach and the feeling of his hair against your inner thighs. 

The thoughts were just enough for you to make sure nothing was under the robe for when he came home…


You heard him before you saw him. His deep voice sounded off of the walls as he yelled at some person. You rolled your eyes and went to go find him; forever the business man he was. 

Before you took one look at the clock to see it was near midnight and he had just arrived. It brought you back to a time where it worried you that he came home so late. Your mind back then had thought of all the different types of scenarios of what he could be doing. 

He proved to be trustworthy and from the moment his eyes locked on yours they never wondered. He made you feel like you were the only person he had ever been with and he made true on his promise of making you his wife the day you took his last name. 

You followed the sound of his voice all the way to his office. The door was open so you peered in and saw him pacing back and fourth. You took a few steps in and when he noticed you he gave you a small smile and mouthed a ‘sorry.’ 

His body was clad in a black suit with a crisp suit. His curly locks pushed away from his face as his hands must have run through them the entire day. He looked rich and utterly fuckable standing there yelling. 

You walked over to his towering figure and wrapped your arms around him waist, looking up at him. His free arm wound around your waist and pulled you even closer to him. 

You placed your head on his chest as he continued to talk on the phone. Every now and again his grip on you would either tighten or loosen up depending on the topics broached.  

“Just do your fucking job. Pull a hostile takeover for all I care; I want the company.” He spat before hanging up. It still amazed you how he kept himself composed when dealing with things such as hostile takeovers and tricky clients. 

“I thought you’d be in bed.” He muttered as you broke away from him. His eyes ran up and down your body as the silk robe left nothing to the imagination. You could feel his eyes lingering in certain places longer then others as they caressed your anticipating form. 

“I told you I’d wait up didn’t I? I wanted to please daddy. ” You said as you smoothed the lapels of his suit. The crisp white shirt under his jacket was just slightly wrinkled but soon it would be covering you. 

“You did kitten, I am pleased.” He winked at you before grabbing your hand and pulling you out of his office. 

He dragged you into the bedroom and shut the door, locking it behind him. He turned around to face you and began to pull off his suit jacket. The black coat fell to floor as he advanced towards you.  

He backed you all the way up to the edge of your bed and you feel back, your hair a halo around you as you peered up at him. 

“What’s under the robe kitten?” He asked as he took the ties and fingered them. You could imagine his fingers in you and almost moaned at the thought. 

“Find out,” you said in a husky voice and he undid the ties slowly just to antagonize you. As he opened the sides you could tell he was happy that nothing would get in his way. 

The cold air made your nipples harden and perk up making his eyes travel right to your chest. His gaze was intimate as he brought his eyes back to yours. He took one step back from you and his hands loosened his tie. 

Once he got it off he threw it next to you on the bed and then started on his shirt. He was two buttons down when you couldn’t take it anymore. 

Your hand slid down your chest before your hand cupped your wet sex. You ran a finger down your slit before sliding it in yourself. Harry smirked above you and watched as he got undressed. 

You closed your eyes as you moaned at the feeling. Your other hand dropped down and began to rub small circles just above your clit. Your bit your lip and moved your fingers at a faster pace but soon your hands were knocked away. 

“You aren’t coming without me fucking in you,” Harry growled as he picked you up and placed you in the middle of the bed before getting on top of you. He grabbed a fistful of your hair and pulled your mouth to his. 

You noticed that he was naked and very hard as he pressed his body against yours. His hands had come up massage your aching breasts and you moaned as he pulled at your sensitive nipples.

Your eyes rolled back as he moved to place the bud in his mouth, swirling his tongue against your breast. His warm mouth sucked and nibbled at your chest area as he switched to the other breast. 

You were moaning loudly and mewling his name as his mouth popped off your nipple and his tongue licked down your torso before he stopped at your soaking entrance. 

“Who’s pussy is this?” He asked you as he looked at you. His tongue was right in-between his lips and you wanted it in you now. 

“Yours, it’s yours.” You moaned and he let out an affirmative sound before his tongue lay flat against you. You rocked your hips against his mouth and your legs tightened on his shoulders. 

His tongue went from flat to pointed as it went between your folds and right in you. He alternated between both and then he began to lap at your aching clit. 

You could hear him nibbling on you and and the sound paired with his mouth on your pussy brought you right into ecstasy as your muscles tightened and pleasure poured out of you as you gripped his hair and wrapped your thighs tightly around his head as you came. 

He lapped up all of your juices before sucking the skin of your inner thighs. You were trembling from the intensity of your orgasm but you knew that would be the first of the night, or should you say morning now that it was way past midnight. 

He kissed his way up your body before bring his mouth back to yours. You could taste yourself on his tongue and you moaned at the taste. You flipped the both of you over so that you were on the top.  

“Fuck kitten I love when you take control.” He smiled at you and you moved up his body. 

His cock was flush against his stomach and you noticed that the tip was already oozing precum. You smirked at him as you ran your hands over his stomach and down to his aching member. You took it into your hand and began to pump him slowly as you brought your lips onto his neck and sucked at the skin there. 

You broke away to look at his face as you sank down onto him. He groaned as you took him all the way to the hilt. 

You moved up and down on but that wasn’t enough for him as he listed his hips for more friction. Your breathing was heavier as you bounced on him and whimpered his name over and over. His hands gripped your ass and he pulled you up and down on his dick. 

“Harder,” you said as you ground yourself against him more. Though you had just come you were getting worked up again and a release was right there. You moved your body atop his but he flipped the both of you over again.

“Want me to fuck you hard kitten? I should have tied you up with my tie yeah?” He whispered right into your ear as he pounded right into you. 

“So fucking tight.” He moaned as he hit your g-spot straight on making you yell out. 

“Come on kitten, come for me. Be a good girl and come for daddy. You like the way I’m pounding your pussy don’t you? You like that baby?” His words made you yell out his name once more as you came all over his cock. 

He fucked you hard all through your peak and his pace picked up as he groaned. 

“Come on baby, come in my tight little-” you didn’t get to finish your sentence as he slammed into you once time before he jerked against you, filling you with his seed. 

He stayed in you until he became soft again and rolled off of you. You were happy you were on the pill because you knew that was the last thing on his mind right now. 

“You’re so good kitten, you please me so much.” He grinned at you and picked up your left hand with the giant ring on it. He pressed a kiss to your open palm as you rested your head on his chest. 

“Goodnight baby,” you mumbled as your eyes slid closed. You didn’t hear him say anything back as you both feel asleep sated. 


Right when you woke up you noticed Harry wasn’t in bed. You got back into your robe that had been discarded last night and padded over to go see your daughter. 

You noticed that she too was gone and you knew that Harry had her. You walked down the stairs into your open living room. The curtains were open and there was rustling in the kitchen so you knew the cook was work. 

Margo, the maid, was dusting and gave you a smile that you returned. The staff adored you and your daughter but feared their boss. 

“Where is Harry?” You asked her and the older women bristled with efficiency in her answer.

“Mr. Styles is on the deck with Ms. Amelia.” You thank her and walked over to where they were. The weather was chill out so Harry had wrapped her in a blanket as he held her close. Her head rested his shoulder as he stood. 

“There my two favorite people are,” you said as you joined them. 

“Emmy and I were just talking about the little vacation I am going to take my girls on.” He said as he pressed a kiss to his baby girls head. 

“Oh? And where will we be going?” You asked him and you placed a hand on his back. 

“I’m think Paris.” He grinned at you and gave you a long and lingering kiss. Amelia fussed at the lack of attention and the both of you pulled away. 

“I love Paris… we have good memories there.” You said with a blush. You though back to the time where he tied you to the bed post and made sure you and come at his hands and mouth only. He teased you the entire time and just the thought alone heated your flesh. 

“We should remake some.” 

“We most definitely should, maybe with a gag this time, maybe some body paint…” you mused and he grinned at you. 

“We are definitely remaking that memory.” The smirk he was sporting was just enough the make a little pool form on your panties as you waited for what would happen then. 

What a tease. 

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