1d folder

“ His mind was locked away, safe in a place without words, where there was only sound. “ 
Love Is A Rebellious Bird by @100percentsassy and @gloriaandrews

doush.k - 2016

going through Harry’s phone like

‘Louis smiling’

'Louis laughing’

'Louis eating’

'Louis in my clothes’

'Louis naked’

'Louis in my gray beanie’

'Louis sleeping’

'Louis writing’

'Angry Louis’

'Grumpy Louis’


You just know

Today in Physics:
  • Teacher: if you don't have a folder i have some so come get one!
  • Boy: Fuck yeah, there's a one direction one! no body touch it its MINE.
  • Girl Beside Him: You like One Direction?!?!
  • Boy: Yeah bitch, they're fabulous, i'm fabulous. Together our babies will be the most fabulous bitches in the world. *snaps finger*
  • Teacher: *stares at boy in shock*
  • Girl: *stares at boy in shock*
  • Me: *stares at him with pure admiration*
  • Teacher: just sit down...