1d fitspo

Lou Teasdale has a great body and even after having a baby four years ago, her bod looks AMAZING! So here’s a little fitness guide on how you could achieve a body like hers. Now remember, everyone’s different and it doesn’t always take the same time to lose weight as someone else so be patient and also, I’m not a professional when it comes to this so this is just my tips :)
Ofcourse you ALWAYS have to stretch before you start with any workout or else you could tear a muscle and hurt yourself.
So starting off, it’s always good to start with some jogging in place where you’re standing (if you’re inside) as it warms up your body. When you’re done you could bend over, trying to touch your toes, but don’t push yourself too badly! Also stretch your arms and legs before starting.
You can see above what kind of exercises you can do to get strong thighs and abdomen + a beautiful butt :)
Hope this helped! If you have any requests or just want to talk, my ask box is always open! Love you guys xx