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A short exploration into Harry and Louis’ sexuality pre-Xfactor

First of all, let me just say that this is a presentation of some facts about both Louis and Harry’s sexualities before the time of the X-factor. I’ve been around in this fandom a while and I feel like there are a lot of things newer fans probably missed out on back in the day.  Whatever you make of this is to your own opinion. Cool? Cool. Okay, let’s get into it. 

Exhibit 1 Harry & Tumblr
(Found via Harry possible old Tumblr) 

Subsection a)  Harry dating friend from his band White Eskimo

For this you can seen how Harry breifly details about being in a relationship with one of the members of the his old band White Eskimo. He goes on to state that they broke up but still remained friends. As you can see this post was made July 2010, though by the way Harry speaks it is an event that is a little ways back in the past. 

Subsection b

Harry’s ‘first kiss’

Here are a few other photos of Harry and the lads previously mentioned(and some others maybe?)  together… 

 Exhibit 2 Harry (on left) and boyfriend in middle school

This photo was circling around the internet a while back, I’m not exacally sure of the sorce or if it is infact Harry but it is a pretty convincing look alike if it isn’t.I reverse image searched this thing to no bloody end and couldn’t find anything that matched it, so I’m not sure if that gives it more or less validity.  

Exhibit 3 Louis’ Friends’ story 

(Via Louis’ Bebo) 

(Where photos like this came from- it has since been shut down)

This shows three of Louis’ male friends which he has dated. Jack, ‘we dated’ Samuel, ‘Fate brough us together. We  hooked up’ Jamie, ‘We hooked up. We dated.’ 

So there you are, I hope you feel slightly more enlightened on the subject and you can make you own assumptions from this. 

ps. The FBI should hire me for dragging these babies out of the pits of internet oblivion.