I wanted to open up Mermaidsonas, which are drawings of you as a mermaid essentially! We all like to envision ourselves as mythical creatures we all have let’s be honest, so let me draw just that for you! Just the mermaid version of you is $10 and if you want an animal with you it’s $20! Any additional person (say you want mermaid harry swimming beside you) is half of whatever you ordered. (You + Character is $15, whereas You+ Character+animal(s) is $30) 

Mermaids don’t have to be limited to the classic pretty figured lady either. You want octopus tentacles instead of a fin? Cool. You want white glowing eyes and tattoos everywhere? Super. Want boobies out? Got it. Want to look more terrifying than glamorous? A-Okay. I want these to turn out exactly how you want! We all want to see ourselves as mermaids let’s be real.

As an example here is botticelliharry I designed as a mermaid. All she told me was that she wanted a blue green fin so voila. (Please be more specific than that though)

Feel free to send me an email at: where I will give you a paypal link. I think I’m only going to do like 20 of these so please let me know now if you want one!


Captain Niall Horan, and his ships.

100 % just drew Zayn in psychedelic colours instead of working on a massive assignment that is due tomorrow… Please take my art supplies away from me. 

Coloured pencils in sketchbook, ~2.5 hours