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1D Hiatus: Day 529

* More pictures of Louis shooting in Doncaster a few days ago are released

* Caspar Lee’s video featuring Liam will come out on Sunday

* A video with bloopers from the set of Caspar and Liam’s video is released

* Louis meets a fan in London

* Niall is on the cover of Billboard Magazine’s June issue

* HQ pictures of our handsome boy Niall for Billboard are released

* Niall posts nine pictures on Instagram

* It’s the day of Niall’s performance and appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon

It’s May 25th, 2017.

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Louis and We-Ota in @wubwubnparmaham​ ‘s Only You Can Be My Alpha  

Have my rusty traditional realism drawing ft. bad camera while I still dont have a pen tablet for any digital art T^T

anonymous asked:

HI I'm the 2013 larry supporter. Thanks so much for answering. I agree with your whole post. There's no question the azoffs have been handling Harry's image, writing sessions, etc since at least 2014 and Sony would only allow that if they were getting something in return. I'm unsure how much of Harry's situation is coerced vs HSHQ's business plan. Louis' current situation -not being closeted in general but this actual closet- seems to be hurting him personally and career-wise. I want him free.

Hey:) You’re very welcome and I agree with you again. I just want him free too.

I’m bewildered that anyone in our fandom is worried by Harry’s latest ‘stunt’ which is so transparent its comically harmless compared with the coffin-closet Louis is being nailed in to. Yeah its giving succour to antis and Het Harries yet again if they want to be that gullible; shows how little HSHQ seems to value Larry fandom; its probably not a lot of fun for Harry but… priorities? 

Louis closet is encouraging his own fans to desert him when he needs them most because its so overwhelming and its gone on so long and ‘look the others are happy and free!’ that some people seem to reach the thought process that ‘it must be his own choice’.   Louis is apparently both a powerful industry mastermind (’we have to trust he’s in charge! its insulting his intelligence not to!) and an unambitious moron who works to crash his own fanbase as he launches his solo career by using his solo single promo not to promote or perform his song, but as a vehicle to sell his heterosexuality/deny Larry/create a new homophobic narrative. This version of Louis is happy to deliberately shed  his most active fans and risk being framed as ‘the 1D member who failed’ because his burning obsession isn’t to launch a career as a solo singer but to ensure the GP and fans who already believe it, are reassured that he’s straight. As he vanishes into obscurity. Losing his own money to accomplish it. 

Compared with UK ‘promo’ of BTY the latest VS model to be thrown at Harry is pffft.. a seconds distraction. Whats been done to Louis over the past week in the UK has been deliberate sabotage. I doubt Harry will lose anything through this latest Azoff /Sony gambit. Louis whole career is on the line if he loses his fanbase through what they’re doing to him. So maybe forget the model and stream, request, buy BTY?