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hello all!!!!!!! im so excited to announce my high school au challenge!!!!!!!!


general info:

  • what is a challenge?
    • a challenge is a mix between an exchange and big bang. unlike big bang, a challenge has a specific theme the stories have to adhere by. and unlike an exchange, there won’t be any specific prompts, other than the challenge theme, or exchange of fics. so you’re really writing whatever you wish for yourself and readers! 
  • the challenge will be held on ao3 and tumblr, so you need an account on both to participate!
  • pairings are limited to 1d slash pairings (ex: larry, ziam, etc.)
  • minimum word count is 5k and there is no maximum!

how it works:

  • you have two weeks to sign up for the challenge using this form. it’s a simple form to add you to the list of writers participating. 
  • your fic must be high school au since that is the challenge theme. 
  • you have about two months to write your fic. i realize the time constraints are a bit shorter, but i think that the longer it is, the more people forget (i know what that’s like lmao). 
  • if you wish to drop out, just let me know. it’s totally cool. i get that sometimes life gets in the way or you’re not inspired enough. just don’t leave me hanging, please! 
  • i have not yet finalized a posting schedule, but fics are due on may 12, 2017. once i get a good grasp on how many people are participating, i’ll have a steady posting schedule, which will be on the challenge page!
  • you don’t have to keep your prompt/plot a secret. in fact, have fun with it and add in graphics/mixes/etc. 

important dates:

  • sign-ups open: March 9, 2017
  • sign-ups close: March 23, 2017
  • deadline to submit your fic: May 12, 2017


anonymous asked:

You do it in three parts. 1. " ONE SEPERATION: After being attacked by CRAZY fans, FASHION ICON Eleanor is SUDDENLY DUMPED by Louis Tomlinson." 2. "ONE DECEPTION: Louis Tomlinson learns he is not the father, stylist ex Briana is HEARTBROKEN, Simon Cowell disappointed." 3. "ONE BETRAYAL: Ex 1D girlfriend Eleanor finds new love in SUPERSTAR SINGER AND LOUIS' PAL James Arthur."

and the Lord said,”let it be so” and it was so

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That post with the old Elounor tweets has me feeling goosebumps just remembering the days . Why in the year 2017 is she still around lmao fjfjfjdnbndjdj how is she not embarrassed though that she's the only 1D ex that never moves on. It's like when you go off to college and progress but there's that one friend from your graduating class who stays in town and talks about nothing but the good ol high school days years later ahaha..

i know right? she probably thought she’d come back to her ~adoring fans~ but she’s forgotten that a lot of the people who thought elounor was real the first time around have grown up.

and yeah i know i would be so embarrassed in her position but it’s clear that money and attention matters more to her than anything else.

Its so weird on here how these freak ex 1d fans try to prove which man is less sexist than another like None Are Good Brittany just say you want to salivate over white men without feeling bad about it and go

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i just wanna scream to half of my dash "just admit u hate harry !!!" bc they're being so transparent and it's making me so angry and frustrated. ppl are blaming h for something out of his control. obviously i want them free as much as the next person but putting the blame for this happening to one of them on the other isn't helping anything and it's so upsetting to see

It would be so much easier if everyone was just upfront instead of beating around the bush, or, “I love Harry, but… (proceeds to devalue his success/blame him for circumstances out of his control).” How about this: if you hate Harry, say it, call yourself a Louie and move on. You hate Louis, call yourself a Harrie and move on. But the dramatics are so divisive and stupid; grow up. 

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this isn't a secret but i always come to your blog bc it's a calming place to me but ur also hilarious like i laugh at all ur tags lynn! i'm also a ex-1d/now bts/exo stan so all your jokes are relatable lmao anyway thank you for u for being here and i hope you're doing well these days <333333

WHO IN THE HALE ON GOD’S GREEN EARTH IS THIS ANGLE IN MY INBOX 😖😭😳😩😇😘🙈💓💗💟💘💖💓💕💞💘💖💗  !!! This is sooooo sweet tysm i wasn’t expecting this omg (i mean ik i rb that post but no one ever talks to me sefuhwoeijfoiwe) wowowow!! im not even funny i was just telling quynh that all i do is word vomit into the tags soeifjwefowjorjr…… but thank youuuu!!!!!!!!! i’m alive and anxious to finish up the year but u kno its good i suppose im just out here but i hope the same for u as well!!!!!

Alright, I’m not gonna reblog/deal with it anymore. But know this: This Blog Willl Defend The 1D Girlfriends/Ex-Girlfriends Until The End Of Time. Because considering how much the fandom brags about being a safe space and LGBT+ friendly and feminist, the slut-shaming and horrifying sexism targeted at these girls is out of control and really fucking vile.