1d edit challenge


1D Edit Challenge: 1/1 Louis edit

“Obviously being in One Direction means… you know, we can travel the world. I don’t think… well, I know I wouldn’t have even been to America, nevermind all the places that we’ve been at this age, so yeah, it’s amazing. You know, Doncaster is great but I kind of wanted to see the world, and I’m lucky enough to have done that.”


1D edit challenge | 1 Harry Edit

↳ Harry Styles

Even though a lot of crazy things are going on around us, I honestly don’t think it’s been that hard to stay down to earth. I look around me and I can see how people could get carried away, because if you lived completely in the fame bubble you could end up thinking you’re the greatest thing ever. I almost feel a bit sorry for people whose lives get completely taken over by it, because I can see how hard it would be to stay grounded.

I think you just need to take a step back from it every now and again, remind yourself of what it is you’re involved in as a whole and get it in perspective. It’s a very cool job, but it doesn’t make me any better than anybody else.