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The feeling of having someone coming to your show and they’ve bought a ticket, and they’ve driven and parked a car and come in. They’re coming to see YOU and that is a feeling I don’t really know how to describe properly. They sing along the songs, they cheer when you’re finished and that’s the nicest thing that anyone could ever do for someone.”


I don’t think anyone really gave 1D enough credit in terms of what we were like in the studio,” he said. “I think people just thought, ‘Oh another manufactured lot who don’t really write their own stuff,’ but people would be wrong if they thought that. So this time around it was me working closely with producers and knowing what I like in terms of sound and being inspired by different artists and how they would write and different ways of writing songs and stuff like that.To me the way I look at it, if you’re from a small town you’ll get this, every time you go back to your hometown you’ll see this girl in the bar, or wherever, and then everything comes back to you,” he said. “And then the other part of it is the town itself no matter whatever you do whenever you live, when you go home, everything comes back to the town. That’s the way I kind of wrote it, as a double meaning." 

Niall Horan for Billboard.