1d dirty fanfics

okay but I feel like Harry would definitely send you nudes n shit while you’re in class

Like, you’d be listening to your professor lecture and your phone would vibrate and you’d take a quick glance and just about scream– it’d come out as a tiny garbled squawk.

And it’d be a thread of pics of him, starting from a selfie where he’s slumped into the couch in his donut hoodie with his messy nest of hair bc he didn’t feel like brushing it this morning so he just ran his fingers through it a couple of times and then called it a Grammy-worthy hairstyle. His face is neutral as he’s staring at the TV, the hood of the jumper hanging over his right shoulder and he just looks cozy and lazy. And then the second pic would be a pic of him looking down at some unknown thing off camera, but by the angle of the pic you deduce it’s his lap. And then the pic after that would be of him with his hand tucked into his black Nike running shorts, the outline of his knuckles showing that he’s cupping himself underneath. This picture would be followed by the caption, “im hard :(”

And you’d roll your eyes, typing back a quick “handle it” and locking your phone, setting it back on top of your textbook and continuing taking notes. It’d vibrate again, but you’d ignore it bc you don’t want to miss anything important. Then it buzzes again, and again, and again, and it keeps going at faster intervals and you know he’s aware that you’re ignoring him. You snatch it back up with a small, exasperated sigh, flicking through the 19 messages he’s shot at you. “help me!” “It hurts!!” “Don’t be so cruel :(” “baby I need you to cocks me through this!” “Get it? ‘Cocks’? Sounds like coax :D"

Then a pic of him all pouty with his big emerald eyes all doe-like. “just a quick one, c'mon. Just tell me what you’d do to me if you were here :)”

“I’d tell you that you sound like a fuckboy.”

“You answered so it worked”

“Because it was annoying. Now leave me alone I have work to do!”

And then a pic would come through of his bare hard-on, tucked out of his shorts and in his large hand with his fingers wrapped around it, pearls of pre-come shiny on the tip. “But I’m so hard for you :((”

You’d yelp, lowering your brightness to the lowest setting and tapping out an angry reply: “I’m. In. Public. You. Dipshit.”

“Scandalous ;))”

“do you want to get blocked again?”

“Tell me you wanna suck me off :)”

“not now, Har, please. I have to go”

And before you shut off your phone a vid pops up and you see his face as the thumbnail, so you click it, glancing up quickly to make sure no one is watching and putting one earbud in.

“I’m really hard– s'like, it hurts a lot. And you’re not here and I just want you wrapped around me.” He frowns like a child, knuckling at his eyes and you can tell he woke up recently, even if it is one in the afternoon. “So ’m just gonna…hold on…this new phone’s a slippery one, innit? I’ve dropped it more times than I can count…”

The camera flips and, sure enough, there he is, all shades of red and purple, thick and veiny and bubbling over with jizz as he strokes himself at a medium pace, twisting every now and then to give the handjob some variety. “I just want you so bad, minx. Wanna push myself inside your hot, wet, soft and tight…fucking hell, you’re so tight…”

You’d shift a bit, legs clamping out of instinct. He’s such a dick for doing this. You glance up and there’s 5 minutes left of class. You can make it.

He flips the camera back over to his face, where he’s leaning his head back against the sofa and biting his lips raw, tiny feathery moans oozing from his lips as his breathing gets heavier, his shoulders visibly jolting. “Oh, fuck me, doll. Make me come so hard, so much…Wanna taste you– just shove my face in between your pretty little legs and lick into you until you’re shaking.”

His jaw clenches, the muscle ticking and the veins in his neck chisel themselves into existence, his Adam’s Apple bobbing slowly as he swallows thickly. Sweat is beading his forehead, a few teeny curls sticking to his skin. You can see the hint of stubble that curtains the lower half of his jaw and trails onto the underside of his face and it only worsens the ordeal because you can just about feel it now, rubbing against your thighs or scratching down your back as he takes you from behind. The little shit is staring directly into the camera and smirking, for fuck’s sake, licking the corner of his mouth and humming out a long groan. “Nice and hard for you, babygirl. Want you to fuck my brains out…”

The video ends there with Harry’s back arching off the couch, cutting off as he gives a watery yelp. You sit there, blinking tears of desperation from your eyes and trying to force the blush from your cheeks.

“When i get home, you’re fucked.”

“Wouldn’t want it any other way ;)”

Strike a pose


Harry Styles sat in the set, adjusting the light fixtures and getting it perfect. For this shoot, he was going to make it his best one.

Being one of the most famous photographers in the world right now, he always took pride in his work, but he wanted something to top that. And to top the crazy things he had done, he’s doing something simple.

His model was someone he had hand picked out of 3,000 girls who were begging for him to take photos of them. The girl had an a light to her that resonated on her face, but also the look in her eyes and smile that was slightly seductive. Harry knew the moment he saw her that he wanted to shoot her, despite her being a new model.

Today’s shoot would be in a studio apartment, with big windows showing off the cityscape, and hug bed with messy white sheets.

Harry liked to work alone. Another reason why he was so unique. No lighting people, no stress. Just him, the model and his camera. So that being said, he fixed his sets to perfect like he was doing now. After fixing the sheets to be perfectly messy, he sat on the bed waiting for her to arrive.

Jeanine was overwhelmed with excitement to be working with Harry Styles. Being a model who wanted to make it big, although she was just coming up in the industry, she knew how big it was to be able to say she’s even met him, let alone worked from him.

The fact that she was handpicked out of thousands of girls made her a bit dizzy. She wasn’t insecure, but she didn’t expect to be chosen, despite how insanely beautiful she was. She could act for the camera, she had the talent, but getting to shoot with him was like getting into Princeton, but only in the modeling industry.

She rushed up the stairs, heading to the room they agreed to meet in. She is out of breath from running once she gets up the stairs.

“I’m sorry if I’m late,” she sighs, putting her stuff down, walking up to Harry to shake his hand, “Jeanine,” she smiles. Damn, Harry is /extremely/ attractive.

“Harry.” He smiled, but Instead of shaking her hand, he brought it up to kiss gently. He knew /exactly/ how to drive women crazy.

He looked Jeanine loved carefully, loving what he saw. A perfect body, gorgeous face and beautiful smile. She didn’t have much makeup on besides the standard eyeliner mascara foundation.

“I’ve got to say, your pictures don’t do you justice… In then you’re stunning but in person… You’re quite honestly one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen.” He says softly, observing her.

He wasn’t lying. She was. Her natural beauty was astounding, and he wanted to take hundreds of photos of her. He could imagine her in every setting. On the bed, on a runway, in the city and in a field. She had versatile beauty that Harry had never seen before.

Jeanine’s cheeks grow even more red as Harry compliments her. This is what photographers are supposed to do so that they’re models perform in front of the camera for them well. Make them feel confident and sexy to encourage them to just be themselves.

But Jeanine could tell that this wasn’t just Harry being polite for business. She could tell he said it with more intention behind his words, and it made her tummy flutter a bit.

“Thank you, thank you so much. I seriously can’t thank you enough for even choosing me. It’s truly an honor, every model in the industry knows how incredible of an experience it is to work with someone like you,” she says, voice soft like her gorgeous skin.

“Thank you for modeling for me.” Harry smiled at her softly, before taking her hand and leading her to the window.

“Now the concept of this is sexy natural mornings. So I have a large tee shirt of mine ready for you to wear, you can change into that. Basically like a boyfriends clothes type of thing.” He said handing her the tee shirt.

When she came back to him wearing it, and nothing else, he felt his pants tighten a bit. This was rare for him. He was surrounded by models daily, seeing then naked but fuck, she looked sexy and a bit nervous, her eyes big and she looked at him with doe eyes and thick lashes and he wanted to do filthy things to her.

He cleared his throat, eyes roaming her body. “Perfect, very sexy. Now stand here and just look out for me alright?” He said before rushing to his camera.

Jeanine was used to photographers calling her sexy, beautiful, but she could see the hungry way Harry was looking at her, and she could definitely tell that there was a bit of desire in his tone.

Her cheeks flushed again and she nodded as he requested she stand there. Jeanine was a natural, that’s why she was booking these types of jobs so early in her career. She can turn on the sexiness at any given time that she is instructed to.

Jeanine looks towards the camera and gives it bedroom eyes, acting as if she’s staring at a man she lusts for. But as Harry focuses the camera, she decides to do it for him instead of the camera. She tries to convince herself that she’s doing it for better photo results, but she knows that the sexiness she’s turning on is for him.

Her eyes were making it hard for him to keep his dick from popping out of his pants. The sexual tension was filling the room, as he shot photo after photo.

He cleared his throat and instructed her of her next place.
“So I need you on the bed now. I want the shots to look like you’re trying to lure a man or woman into bed with you, give them they eyes and the body language. Do you know what I’m talking about?”

She nods, understanding exactly what to do, and exactly how to do it.

She climbs onto the bed and sits up at first, making sure her back is facing the camera. She pulls his shirt up over her bare ass so that her ass cheeks are shown, before she turns her head around to face the camera, and only her head, bites her lip, and gives /him/ seductive eyes.

It’s known that there’s always got to be chemistry between said model and the photographer, however, this is more than just chemistry. This is literal attraction to one another.

Her ass was round and smooth and fuck, he just wanted to touch it. Maybe mark it up a bit. And he wanted to bite that damn lip… She was killing him.

“Mm, that’s good darling. Maybe turn around and face the front, lower your shirt a little bit.” He suggests. “Tease the camera.”

“Mhmm,” she hums, turning her body around. She grips onto his shirt that’s on her naked body, pulling the shirt down a bit so that most of her breasts are shown. A lot of cleavage, and almost a nip slip. She closes her eyes and tilts her head back, arching her head to the side a bit to give the camera a sexy, sleepy look.

She pulls the shirt down a bit too much, and her nipple becomes exposed, the cool air hitting the sensitive erection of her nipples.

“Shit…” Harry whispers under his breath.
“That’s good sweetheart keep it like that.” He whispers to her, snapping photos and moving around for different angles.

“I need to fix something..” He says before walking over to her and messing up her hair a bit, making it messy like sex hair. “That’s better doll.” He says softly, hand slipping down to stroke her cheek.

“Mmm, good, want to be as sexy as possible for this shoot. This is huge for me,” she whispers, leaning into his hand as it hits her cheek.

She’s extremely aware that her breasts are hanging out, but she doesn’t mind. In an odd and extremely sexual way, she kind of likes it. She does wish she was wearing panties, however, because there is a dull ache between her thighs, and Harry is in an extremely flattering outfit. God, he’s so sexy, and she knows he thinks she is as well. He’s achingly fucking hot.

Harry took the shirt and tugged on it a bit, making the other nipple pop out. He cursed internally, looking at the gorgeous breasts. He was sure he was fully hard now.

“Take your hands and hold them over your nipples, please.” He I trusted before backing up a bit and shooting several shots of her bare breasts and hands.

“That’s perfect. Sexy.. You could lure any man into bed with that.”

“Mmmm,” she hums, but it sounds more like a moan as she covers her nipples with her hands and looks directly at Harry.

Her cheeks flush, and any need of blush that she had before vanishes as she looks towards Harry’s jeans. She can see the bulge and she can surely feel the bit of stickiness between her thighs.

“Good. ’S what I’m going for,” she licks her lips, staring at Harry long after he’s taken the photo.

Harry smirked at her as he took the photos quietly, his hard on becoming more and more frequent. He had never had a model make him so crazy before, and she was doing it without even trying.

“And what else are you trying to do, kitten?” He asks as he lowers the camera, looking at her with lust blown eyes. He walks towards her slowly, the shirt falling even lower so par of her stomach is exposed.

She bites her lip hard at his question, her eyes widening a bit as he begins to slowly walk towards her. Her skin heats up and she squeezes her thighs together at the pet name.

“Mmm, dunno. It’s kind of hard to think, having such a sexy photographer and all,” she hums, trying to sound more confident, trying to play it cool. Which is quite hard, considering she’s not quite sure how this will go or where it will lead, and her heart is beating out of her chest

Harry looks at her with a smirk, putting down the camera and sitting next to her on the edge of the bed.

“Well, we must talk about this then. Am I making you uncomfortable or…distracting you?”

He looked at her with pure lust in his eyes, wanting to pounce on her at any second, but he wanted to wait for her to make the first move.

Her breath noticeably hitched at his question and she moves her hand to his chest where she rests her palm, looking into his eyes.

“Distracting me? Maybe a bit. Making me uncomfortable? Not at all. You’re just extremely sexy, I can’t help but want to put on a show for you, rather than just the cameras,” she admits in a whisper.

“Why don’t you do that for me then, love. I’ll sit back, show me what you’ve got.” He smirked challengingly, climbing up the bed and leaning leaning against the headboard.

He watched her with curiosity as she got up. She was so fucking gorgeous, he felt his self control completely slipping my away.

She smirks and moves her hands to the hem of his shirt, peeling it slowly off her body, stripping herself completely for him.

She raises an eyebrow before punching her nipples and playing with her tits, laying on her back before she reveals the money spot.

She shows him her pretty pink pussy, spreading herself open for him to take a look, “don’t think you’ve seen this part of me yet, though…”

Her tits were gorgeous, the perfect size and shape. He practically drooled over time as she ran her hands over then and pinched her erect nipples, leaving him aching to bite and suck on them.

Finally, she opened her legs and let him take a look at her gorgeous cunt. He moaned out loud and dropped a hand on his pants to palm himself.

“Holy shit… Baby, you’re so gorgeous. Your pussy is so wet, I can see it from here.”

“Aren’t I nice and wet and pink? Just for you,” she hums, beginning to rub on her swollen clit. She can’t help herself, he’s so irresistible and hot, and she was wearing his shirt and doing sexy poses for him. This was inevitable.

“I need some relief, but I don’t know where I’ll get it…” She pouts playfully

He watched her almost in a trance as she rubbed her clit, his eyes locked on her fingers as they circles the swollen nerve.

“Come sit on my lap darling, I might be able to help you out.” He whispered, watching her still play with herself.

She wanted to give him the best view of her swollen, soaked folds and clit that she was playing with gently with her fingers. She wanted to make sure he could see /everything/.

“Mmm,” she moans at his request, sitting up once again and licking her fingers to get any cum off of them.

She crawls over to him, before she climbs onto his lap as requested and spreads her legs over it. She moves her hands to rest on his shoulders and she looks into the green of his eyes. He is an absolute dream.

Harry’s hands moved to touch her breasts, squeezing them gently. Then his lips when to kiss her collar bones gently, sucking a small mark and trailing his lips down to her nipple, licking it teasingly, then suddenly sucking it into his mouth.

His other hand traveled to her swollen clít, rubbing it in slow lazy circles knowing she would buck into his hand for more.

He looked at her, her head thrown back in pleasure and her back arched as she suckled on her nipples.

This was the most erotic situation Jeanine had been in, in all of her years. It was not only dirty and completely unorthodox, it was with the most attractive man she had ever seen.

“Oh god, that feels so good, I love that so much….” She breathes out, her words coming out in breathless rhythm.

Her back arched and her legs shook a bit from the immense pleasure of him simply lazily rubbing her swollen, slippery clit in circles.

“You’re so fucking sexy.” Harry moaned before switching nipples. He played with them with his mouth, suckling, gently biting, licking. He could see it was driving her crazy.

His hand that was on her clít sped up, rubbing fast and hard against her as she gasped.

“How does that feel baby? You’re dripping wet.”

She nods quickly, whimpers slipping from her swollen lips. She wants to kiss /him/, and his gorgeous lips. She wants to do more than just touching each other’s genitals.

She moves her head forward and presses her lips against his hungrily, swiping her tongue against his bottom lip almost immediately. “So good baby,” she whimpers, her toes curling and her back arching even more.

Harry kissed her back deeply, their tongues swirling and exploring each other’s mouths.
He slipped a finger into her tightness, moaning against her lips at the feeling of her wet, warm pussy on his finger.

“You’re so tight, baby girl.” He cooed, sliding it in and out. “Bet you’d feel fùcking incredible around my cock, all warm and wet.”

His use of dirty words made her moan even more, her pussy clenching around his long, slender fingers that are used to snap the sexy shots of her on the bed. She begins rocking her hips and creating rhythm to intensify the pleasure.

“Oh god, I bet your cock is so big, shit…want it in my face,” she gasps, her eyes squeezing shut as she pulls away from his mouth to roll her head back.

“Do you want to touch me baby? I’m so hard for you. Absolutely aching. ” he moaned, thrusting his fingers faster into her.

“I’ve been hard since I saw you, you’re the sexiest girl I’ve ever seen… I want to destroy you.” He growled into her ear.

The word destroy, mixed with the growl in her ear makes her legs shake even more, she is so weak, weak for him.

“I wanna touch your cock, please, let me,” she begs, moving her hands down. She begins fumbling with the zipper of his pants and tugs them down before unbuttoning them, moving to his boxers where she palms him over the thin layer of cloth, “so hard baby…”

“Mmm fuck. That’s it baby, take it out.” He hisses as her small hand takes hold of his cöck through his boxers.

She takes it out, stroking it softly as he throws his head back and moans. “Such pretty hands on my big cock… Spit on it baby, get it all wet.”

Her eyes are a bit wide because of how big he is. She’s never seen a dick as big as Harry Styles’s, and she’s damn happy that she’s getting the opportunity to.

“Any of your other models ever do this to you?” She hums softly as she begins to jerk his massive erection, biting her lip as she looks into the green of his lustful eyes.

“No, just you… They don’t turn me on like you. Never got this hard over any of them.” He pants, catching her lips in a dirty kiss.

“Your lips taste delicious. I wonder…..” He trails off before taking his hand away and sucking her wetness off his fingers, moaning. “Mm, you taste amazing everywhere.”

Her confidence is instantly boosted by him once again, and she feels her stomach do flip flops at his answer. She moans softly as her brain scans through the possibilities.

“You want to find out how I taste, baby? There’s only one way…” She smirks, licking her lips as she brushes her thumb against his sensitive tip.

Harry looked at her with his eyes dark with lust. She looked so innocent but fuck, she knew exactly what to do to make a man go to his knees.

“You look like such a pretty, innocent angel at first baby… But those eyes.. You can see you’re a naughty girl, aren’t you?”

“I open up when I feel extra specially comfortable with the man I’m fucking,” she smirks, sticking her ass up in the air as she leans down to take him into her mouth.

She begins by kitten licking the head and looking up at him with innocent eyes, pumping his base and fondling his balls in the other hand.

His Hand reaches down to squeeze her ass as she licks at his tip gently. She looked gorgeous, big doe eyes with fluttering lashes while her pink tongue licked at his dick.

“Suck it angel, cmon.” He groaned and sure enough she took him into her mouth, the warmth and wetness making him moan.

She never thought she’d find herself in a situation like this. Sucking her photographer’s dick after a very sexy shoot. It’s frowned upon in the agency and seen as very wrong, but she could give less of a shit because it feels so damn /right/.

She also loves the adrenaline rush that it’s giving her. She takes more of him into her mouth and begins bobbing her head, getting his penis ass sticky and wet with her warm spit. She moves her head faster and moans against him to send glorious vibrations.

Her mouth was warm and wet, just right for him. She got him wet with her spit and dove right in, taking him into her mouth and sucking. It felt fùcking amazing.

“Shit, that’s it angel. Such pretty lips wrapped around me, such a gorgeous sight.” He cooed, taking her hair and fisting it in a pony tail to keep it out of her face.

She felt her hair being pulled up into a ponytail and she was grateful. She didn’t want her hair to get in the way of the incredible blow job she was giving Harry.

She massages his balls in her left hand as her lips pucker around his cock, her tongue moving up and down his shaft as she bobs her head.

She pulls her mouth off with a pop and kitten licks the head again before looking up to him.

“You like that? I love that I’m the only model who’s done this to you…” She growls, moving her head down to suckle his balls.

Her hands on his balls and licks on the tip made him quiver in pleasure. He had never gotten head this good in his life.

“Only one angel, and it’s so good. Fuck…” He groaned, before gasping as she sucked on his balls.

“Shit baby, shit… That’s so good, more.”

Some guys don’t like it when their balls are played with, so Jeanine is extremely pleased when Harry seems to like it. Her ex wasn’t into it and she had to pretend like she didn’t want to play with his balls during head.

She leaves kisses all over them, licking up the seam between them with a throaty moan. Her legs squeeze together to relieve some tension, her body feeling as if it’s about to explode with need.

“Baby, Fück me please.” He whined, pulling her up to his lap. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Need to fuck tou, come on.” He hissed, flipping them over and sliding into her. Loud moans left both of their mouths AT the stretch of his big cock inside of her tiny pùssy.

She had never been with anyone so big before in her life. The way her pussy was stretching around his massive erection made her cry out his name.

“Oh shit, yeah! Oh my god, feels so good,” she nearly screams as Harry pounds into her tight, warm cunt. “so fucking good, feels so fucking good,” she repeats, digging her nails into his shoulders.

No one could ever know about this. Ever. This was a very unorthodox and dirty situation, boning her photographer after a sexy photoshoot.

“How’s this baby? Hmm?” He purred as he thrusted in and out of her warmth, losing all self control.

“How do I feel inside you? You’re so fucking tight and I’m starching you open aren’t I?” He grunted, biting down hard on the skin near her collarbone. He wanted to leave marks.

“Such a gorgeous girl, fuck.”

“Oh yeah, fuck baby. Stretching me out so good. Fucking hell you’re so damn sexy,” she pants, her toes curling before she wraps her legs around his waist.

“Fuck me harder baby. Wanna hear your balls smacking against my taint,” she breathes, proud of the dirty words slipping from her lips.

Harry growled loudly, starting to pound into her. The bed was squeaking, his hands resting above her head. Her hands on his back, scratching down his back.

“Like this baby?” He grunted. The noises of their fucking filled the room, skin slapping skin, mouths smacking together.

“Such dirty words falling out of such a gorgeous mouth, I fucking love it.”

“Yeah baby, oh shit, that’s perfect!” She screams, her hands gripping the sheets and her back threatening to arch off of the bed.

Her legs shake as she gets even closer to reaching her climax, her head rolling back as Harry’s mouth moves to her neck to lick and suck.

“Yes baby, want you to cum okay? Gonna fuck you really hard, want you to scream for me when you cum.” He hissed between gritted teeth, returning her favor and sucking multiple marks on to her neck.

He was fucking her as hard as he could, headboard clashing against the wall and her legs shaking, the heavy breathing and skin slapping and their loans mixing together.

He felt her clench around him, signaling she was close. “Cmon baby, cum.”

Jeanine can’t hold out for much longer. She’s never felt this close, so quickly, in her entire life. It’s always taken a while for her to get there, or the guy just didn’t care to get her there at all.

“Fuck yeah baby, ’m so close….” She trails off, breathing heavily as she clenches around Harry’s massive dick.

One last hard thrust really gets her going, and she cums around his fat cock with a loud scream.

Harry groaned, feeling her clench around him triggering not his orgasm. Finally, he felt his stomach clench and the pressure was released.

He came, spilling inside of her while panting against her mouth.

“Well, fuck.”

Imagine: asking Niall what’s for dinner and he’s like: “I don’t know…

…me, you, us?” 

Can you imagine waking up to this! I would literally die 😍


AU meme: Harry giving you oral sex.

Requested by anon.

demi & selena {dirty imagine}

“do you even know how fucking sexy you are?” ms. lovato mutters in my ear as she bends me over her desk. i moan feeling her fingers, slide up my ass slapping it nice and hard. “ughhh fuck ms. lovato!” i whimper. “you like that you nasty whore?” she whispers in my ear, biting down on my earlobe. her hands slide my undies aside, ramming two fingers inside me. “oh fuck yes!!” i moan gripping the sides of the desk. “such a dirty slut selena.” she smiles against my skin. her lips kiss down my neck. “do you want to cum baby girl?” she asks, swirling her fingers inside me. my eyes close shut, as her other hand reaches for my clit. “ohh you love that dont you?!” ms. lovato giggles rubbing harder on my swollen bud. “yes yes please make me cum!!” i shout rocking my hips. “thats it selena, cum for my baby, cum i want to taste all your sweet juices.” she whispers filling my hole with her three fingers. i grab onto the desk even more as my legs start shaking, and the knot in the pit of my stomach starts to rise. “ selena, selena….”

“selena!!!” my teachers voice, drags me back to the plain classroom. “huh? what!” i nearly shout looking around the class. everyones eyes are on me. “pay attention! we have a finals next week and your not going to pass sleeping through the review!” ms.lovato says smacking her ruler on the board. i try to contain a moan as i imagine her smacking my ass with it, bending me over her desk and letting the ruler connect with my ass cheeks. i can feel the slippery feeling in between my legs. i bite my lip watching as ms.lovato scribbles things on the board. i watch as her ass moves from side to side in her tight pencil skirt. i imagine having my tongue inside her making her yell out my name, having her hands tangled in my hair pushing me further and further into her sweet pussy. i shift in my chair, rubbing my legs together. her white almost see through blouse is a perfect fit, you can see the shape of her breasts, round and big. oh how i want them in my mouth. “selena.” ms.lovato says. “yes.” i say looking at my sexy teacher. “what is the answer to this.” she says, pointing to a simple problem written in purple marker on the board.

 my eyes dont want to focus on anything else but her. “the answer.” she says, looking down to my legs as i keep rubbing them together. “i dont know.” i finally say, not letting my eyes fall from hers. “i know ms.lovato!” the girl in front shouts rising her hand high. “whats the answer emily.” ms.lovato says keeping her eyes locked on mine. emily shouts the answer proudly. “very good.” ms. lovato smiles finally letting our gaze drop. 

about a hour later the bell rings for lunch and we all dismiss without a word from ms.lovato. iam the last one to leave the room, when i look back at her she is bending down picking up a paper she dropped. i get a peek at her bright pink undies. i bite my lip rushing into the bathroom, looking down at my soaked undies once i reach the inside of the stall. i dont want to do this in school, but ms. lovato looked so fucking good today, how can i not!!. i slide my hand down my body, going under my skirt rubbing my clit slowly. i lean against the door trying to be quiet. i push two fingers inside me pumping ever so lightly. “ohh.” i whisper covering my mouth as my fingers slide in knuckles deep. i pump faster, listening to my wetness as it makes splotching noises. 

the restroom door opens and i freeze. heels walk by my stall door, i look through the crack of the door to see who just walked in but i see no one. the heels walk by once more and the door opens and shuts. i take a breath, relieved that i didnt get caught. i unlock and walk through my stall door. ms.lovato is standing right in front of the restroom door with her arms crossed in front of her chest. “so what were you doing in there selena?” she smiles. “what do you mean?” i say not looking her in the eye. “oh i think you know what i mean.” she whispers locking the restroom door. can this be really happening?! i must have fallen asleep again. “how long have you been looking at me the way you do?” she smiles walking closer to me.

 i open my mouth to talk but nothing air comes out. she presses her body behind me, grabbing my hips. i watch her in the mirror, as she leans her head down to my ear, biting my earlobe ever so lightly. i gasp, feeling her warm hands run up my stomach then back down. “i bet you taste wonderfully.” she mutters, kissing just behind my ear. i grab her hand, when she pushes under my bra feeling my breasts. “look at yourself.” she whispers turning me to look at her through the mirror. my shirt is wrinkled with her hand under it lifting it to where i can see my whole stomach. i can see my bra about to slip up releasing my breasts. her other hand is tracing the him of my skirt ready to push down. “i want you to watch as i make you feel good okay?” she whispers, pushing her hand past my skirt and undies. “fuck.” i whimper as she cups my pussy. “ohhh look at you.” she laughs, making eye contact with me through the mirror. my mouth falls open when i feel her playing with my little bub between her fingers. her fingers slip inside me triggering me to fall back against her.

 “soaked through, someone is a dirty girl.” she mumbles kissing down my neck. “are you a dirty girl selena?” she asks sliding another finger into me. i bite down hard on my lower lip, trying my hardest not to scream out. “are you?” she repeats ramming her three fingers inside me. “ahhhh yes fuck ms. lovato ! iam such a fucking dirty girl!!” i nearly scream, she smirks at me. 

a bang at the door scares us both. “whos in there!?” someone yells from outside. “shh.” she whispers walking towards the door. i look towards the mirror again to see my shirt all messed up along with my hair and skirt. we hear footsteps walk away. “now go to my class, while i give the janitor an excuse .” she tells me fixing my shirt, while i flatten down my hair and straighten my skirt. “now dont be late.”she smiles, reaching for my ass grabbing it roughly. i moan in response. “go.” she smiles opening the door. walking down to her class, i cant even think straight. images of us in the mirror flicker through my head. i cant fucking believe it. walking into her class i hop up on the her desk moving her things aside. my legs dangle off the edge as i wait for her. 

the door clicks, ms. lovato walks in. she locks it behind her then makes her way to me. “just how i wanted you.” she smiles standing between my legs. “i want a taste of this pussy.” she whispers pulling her lips to mine. “can i ?” she asks as if i was going to deny her. “please.” i whimper, laying back on her desk. her kneels down lifting my skirt up, her fingers trace my inner thighs. rushes of excitement run through my body, waiting for the moment i wanted since i was assigned to this class. she rubs both her hands at each side of my covered pussy. “please.” i beg reaching down to her hands. she laughs, leaning her head forward nipping at my pussy through the fabric. “ohhhhh.” i moan deeply arching my back against the cold wooden desk. “more.” i breath out grabbing her hair in between my fingers. she shakes her head violently between my legs, causing a high pitch moan to leave my lips. she pulls off my undies tossing them aside then pressing her tongue against my pussy lips. “you are really killing me” i smile looking down to her. she smiles sticking her tongue inside me. i feel her warm tongue, slip inside running over my clit, my body reacts almost instantly. “shit yes ms. lovato like that.” i moan pushing her face into me more. “moan my fucking name.” she snaps spitting on my open pussy. “fuck yes !! ms.lovato!! tongue fuck me just like that ms. lovato please dont stop!!” i shout, she hums into me. the sensation nearly throws me over the edge. i whimper wrapping my legs around her neck, “shit shit shit.” i whisper as her tongue swirls around inside me. she smacks my ass, gripping it. “ughh yess.” i grunt grinding my pussy on her face. “uh huh you like that?!” she mutters sticking out her tongue so i can grind down on her. i nod, grabbing my breasts. she pulls away standing up. another whimper leaves my lips, from the lost of her touch. “now stand up you dirty little girl.” she demands walking over to her white board. i do as told and stand letting my skirt fall back down covering myself. “now how bad of a girl have you been?” she asks lifting the ruler from earlier. a small gasp leaves me, thinking back to class when i imagined her doing dirty things with that damn ruler and now its happening. “how bad?!” she snaps, slapping the ruler down onto the desk. “very bad.” i reply, just wanting her tongue back inside me. “really?” she smiles walking over to me. she stands behind me once more. “what were you doing in the stall?” she whispers gliding the ruler up my legs. “i-i was umm…” i start but soon get lost in my thoughts to finish. the ruler traces the sides of my legs then under my skirt touching my ass. then sliding down in between my legs, laying flat on my pussy. “what were you doing?” she hisses slapping it against my pussy. “ugh.” i moan leaning over the desk. “i was touching myself.” i breath out, feeling the sting between my legs.

 she leans against my back, running her hands up my body. “show me.” she whispers in my ear. i turn towards her, sitting down on her desk. she smiles watching my hands as they slip under my skirt. i suck in a breath as my fingertips trace over my clit. i play with my little bud, rubbing down faster and harder with my index and middle finger. i moan, bucking my hips. ms. lovato smiles placing both hands on my knees spreading them wide. my fingers slip inside me, triggering me to moan out. she pulls me forward against her removing my fingers. “i want to do that.” she smiles pressing her lips to mine. the taste of sweet strawberry enters my mouth as her tongue fights mine. she wins in the end, but i dont mind one bit. her hand travels down to my core rubbing me gently then pushing two fingers into me. “please make me cum.” i moan rocking my hips down on her hands. “its so sexy how fucking wet you are.” she smiles pumping her fingers faster. “lay back.” she says pulling down my skirt, and practically ripping off my shirt. “now try not to moan to loud baby.” she laughs, snaking her arms around my thighs, pulling my pussy onto her mouth. i whimper grabbing a handful of her hair, pushing her tongue deep inside me. her lips wrap around my clit, my body reacts all on its own shivering and jerking forward. her two thin fingers, slide easily into me causing a loud whimper and moan to echo through me.  “yes yes ms.lovato !! fuck just like that dont you fucking stop!!” i shout as her tongue circles my clit. “cum i want to suck you dry baby girl cum all over me cum for me.” she mutters against my core. my legs begin shaking, my heart races more than before, and my knot is my stomach feels like it is going to erupt. thousands of dirty words tumble from my lips, as i rush through my high.

 ms. lovato continues licking and nipping on my pussy until there is no more cum leaking out. she rises and sits in her chair with the biggest smile on her face as she watches me lay breathless on her desk. “that was so fucking amazing.” i gasp looking at her. “well iam glad you enjoyed it.” she laughs crossing her arms in front of her chest. “now its time to make you feel good.” i smile standing up, kneeling down in front of her. she smiles slightly, as her eyes follow me. i push her pencil skirt up her thighs, and get a look at her undies that i saw from earlier that day. “god the things i would do to you.” i mumble spreading her legs in front of me. 

“like what?” she asks in a soft tone. my fingers trace the curves of her thighs, soaking every little detail of her skin. “like kiss every single inch of your beautiful body.” i whisper kissing her inner thighs. she whimpers, “i would lick this pussy every single night.” i mumble placing my head between her legs, and nibbling at her covered pussy. she moans, rocking against my mouth. a small wet spot appears right in front of my mouth, as my lips kiss her core. “fuck selena.” she moans grabbing her breasts in both hands squeezing them. “i would want to her you moan my name all nigh long.” i say gripping both sides of her undies, dragging them down her legs. “now i want you to moan my fucking name while i eat this delicious pussy.” i purr sticking my tongue inside her. she moans out grabbing each arm rest of the chair. “shit !” she moans. “moan my fucking name!” i demand slapping her open pussy. “oh shit selena!!” she shouts. “thats it baby let everyone know who the fuck is making you feel this fucking good.” i smirk grabbing her thighs pulling them apart. “no no ughhhhh so deep!” she whimpers in a high pitch voice that ive never heard before. she mutter dirty things under her breath, as i tongue fuck her. “yes selena, please more.” she pants, wanting more. i shove my three fingers inside her. she screams out my name, guiding me to where her favorite spot is. once i find it i attack it. curling my fingers inside her soaked pussy, hitting her g-spot in a fast and hard pace. “holy shit! selena yes baby your making me so fucking wet, this is your pussy. make me cum i want to cum all over you!!!” she moans letting her head fall back against the chair, sinking down. “yes !! iam cumming ! keep fucking my pussy!! ohhh shit selenaaa!” she shouts clenching around my fingers, cumming all over me. i connect my mouth to her pussy, licking her walls clean. “your so sweet.” i smile looking up to her, giving her sensitive clit a long lick. “mmmm” she hums straightening back in her chair. “well that was a fun lunch.” she smiles reaching for her undies, and dropping them in the drawer of her desk. “what a bad girl.” i smile, fixing my skirt for the thousand time in less than  hour. “maybe you can do something about that later tonight.” she winks as the bell echos the halls. “maybe i will, i do need more help to bring my grade up in this class.” i smile. 

hope you enjoyed it ! sorry for the crappy ending…. let me know what you think! thanks for reading! xx 

Fixer-Upper [h.s.]



The situation Y/N had found herself in was very rare and unnatural considering she was normally very mindful and cautious of these types of circumstances, especially now during class. It was odd and uncomfortable– boy, was it uncomfortable– and it made her feel hollowly awkward and flustered with anxiety.

It had happened to her a handful of times because, naturally, thinking about Harry can get her wound up pretty tight if just the right explicit thoughts managed to wriggle themselves in from the recesses of her mind. Thoughts that she wouldn’t allow herself to dwell on too much while in public because making herself horny in front of her peers was utterly stupid. But this time, Y/N wasn’t really able to control it. It snuck up on her and when set into motion, she just couldn’t make it stop. It was like trying to halt a neutral FedEx truck from rolling down a hill only by pulling it with bare hands– hopeless and blatantly impossible.

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AU meme: Harry has been telling his family about you, and they are really excited to meet you.

Requested by anon, hope you like it :)


***WARNING- smut******

“Alright class, that’s all for today. Your papers are due next week, have them turned in because they count for a good percentage of your grade.” Harry said to his students as they packed up to leave. He was stressed, ready to go back to his house and finally get some sleep.

One by one students trickled out of the door, and Harry packed up his things to go. But he turned around when he heard the door shut and the lock click, turning to see one of his students, one that’s been driving him crazy.

“Hi, what can I help you with?” He asked, trying to avoid scanning her body but failed miserable and she strutted over to him, hips swaying.

“I came to talk to you about my grade on the last test.” She said to him, voice soft and sweet as it usually was. She say down at the chair he had sitting near his desk, and he sat down as well.

“What about it?” She had gotten a horrible grade, and Harry was disappointed because he knew she was capable of passing it, but just didn’t have the drive.

“I wanted to know if there was anything I could do to change it. I might not be passing your class and it’s so hard. I don’t know what to do.” She pouted. Harry could feel his dick twitch in his pants, watching her lips form every word, and when she said ‘so hard’, God gave him strength to hold back.

“Well we can set you up with a tutor, if you’d like. I have a list of people that could really help you out.” He suggested. But she wasn’t having any of that. Getting up from her chair, she walked around to where he was sat in his office chair, and he shot her a confused look until she decided to climb on to his lap, straddling him. He was frozen under her, trying not to touch her. If he did he knew he would lose it.

“But Mr.Styles…” She whined, her hands reaching to play with his tie. “I don’t want to learn from someone else. Like I told you, it’s…” She leaned down to whisper in his ear. “So hard.” She whispered, grinding her hear against his erection. He gulped, looking at her with wide eyes. He was in trouble.

“Um, miss, I need you to get off of me, this is highly inappropriate.” He said lowly, motioning for her to get off.

“But you don’t want that, Mr.Styles… I see the way you look at me in class. You want me. And I can feel you.” She smirked, pressing herself down on to his erection again causing him to groan.

“I can’t do this, it’s not right. What do you want?” He asked trying to keep his cool. It was very hard when he had a very, very attractive girl on top of him, grinding against him. Something he had had actually dreams about.

“I want your help… Make sure I get all A’s in this class. And if you do that, I’ll give you whatever you want.” She purred into his ear, hands trailing down his chest, lips pressing against his skin.

He was done.

His hands reaches to her, one hand grabbing her hair and fisting it like a pony tail, the other rested on her ass, spanking it lightly.
“So you want to be naughty, hmm? Seduce your teacher, make em give you want you want? Is that what you do?” He hissed quietly, his breathing heavy as he pulled her face close to his.

She smirked at him, loving the feeling of his hands gripping her roughly. She had wanted this for a long, long time.
“Mr.Styles, I’m only naughty for you I promise. I always touch myself at the thought of you. I think about you fucking me hard against the wall, and on your desk. And sucking you off under your desk while you grade papers. Don’t you want that?” She said in a Low voice. And that’s when Harry really cracked.

Yanking her face towards his, he kissed her hard. Deeply and and sloppily, their lips met and tongues came out, swirling around each other. Both of their hands were traveling each other’s bodies, her hands in his hair and his on her ass. Pulling her against him as closely as he could he mumbled against her lips.
“So fùcking sexy baby, god damn it. Wanted you for so long. Came in here with those short skirts and small shirts, wanting to kill me.” He growled in between kisses. She nodded and whimpered.

“Please, Mr.Styles… Touch me.” She said taking his hand and putting it on top of her heat. He lifted the skirt she was wearing and slid his hand inside her panties, finding her clit and rubbing gentle circles. “You’re so wet, fück. Wet for me aren’t you?” He murmured into her ear.

“Yes, yes please… All for you, more.” She whined, bucking her wetness into his hand. He nodded and slipped a finger into her, cursing at how tight she was. “You’re so tight, baby. Shit. You’ll feel so good wrapped around me.” She moaned at his words, wanting what he was offering so badly.

Her hands tugged on his belt signaling she wanted it off. He stood up and signaled for her to get on her knees, and as soon as she could she grabbed at his belt and undid it.

“Desperate little girl…” He chuckled as she hurried to unbutton and unzip his pants, tugging down his boxers. As soon as she saw his length, her eyes widened. It was bigger than what she’s ever seen, and she almost moaned out loud at the thought of it inside of her. Carefully she reached up and grabbed it, stroking it a couple of times, looking mesmerized.“ So big…”

Harry on the other hand was swimming in pleasure. He had a pretty young girl on her knees, small hands wrapped around his cock. When she stared pressing kisses on it, he knew he was one lucky son of a bitch.
“That’s it baby, that’s nice.” He hummed.

She slowly took the tip of him inside her mouth sucking gently, before starting to bob up and down on his cock. And well Harry, he was in heaven. Her warm mouth wrapped around him was just what he needed.

“Yes, fuck yes.” He cursed as her hand moved to scratch down his stomach under his shirt. His hips bucked into her mouth making her gag a bit, but he didn’t care. It was all so good.

When he felt himself getting close he pulled her off his cock and motioned for her to stand up.
“Bend over the desk.” He said lowly, and she did as told, only wiggling her ass. It was stopped only seconds later by his large hand spanking her harshly this time. She gasped and tried to move away from his hand but he grabbed her waist quickly.

“No. If you want to tease me, you get punished.” He grit through his teeth, spanking her 10 more times. She whimpered and whined, but pain turned to pleasure after the fifth strike. She was aching now, dripping wet for him.

He took his cock and teased her folds with it, rubbing her clit with the head. “Do you want it baby? Tell me how badly.”

She nodded rapidly and pleaded with him, hiccuping because she was so desperate for it.
“Please sir, I need it so badly. I’ve wanted it for so long, please please fuck me.” That’s all Harry needed to hear before sliding into her.

Immediately he felt the warmth, the wetness and the tightness. She felt amazing just wrapped around him, he could feel her throbbing with need. He decided he had teased her enough, starting to slowly thrust into her. The wetness spread all over his cock and thighs but he didn’t care, it was so fùcking good.

“Harder, more.” She whined, sticking her ass out for harder thrusts. But what she got was a spanking again.
“Don’t be fucking greedy.” He hissed in her ear, thrusting slower.

Finally he felt like he was going nuts with the slow thrusts and without warning started to thrust faster and harder. The breath left her lungs as she leaned over the desk, knocking over his pencils and paper but he didn’t care.

Her hands were holding on to the edge of the desk desperately as he thrusted into her.
“So good, Mr.Styles, uh.” She cried out. He smirked and pulled out, leaving her whining.

“Shut up baby, sit on top of the desk. I want to see your face while I fuck you.” He smirked, and she sat in the desk opening her legs. He pushed her down to lay on the desk and pushed into her.

He immediately started pounding into her, not caring anymore if people heard her screams. He leaned over as his cock went in and out of her at a rapid pace, taking her face into his hand.

“You like this don’t you? Like being fucked like a naughty schoolgirl over a desk by your teacher. I knew you wanted my cock, fuck.” He growled, going harder and faster.

“I want you to cum around my cock, and then you’re going to suck it. I’m going to cum in that pretty mouth.” He groaned, reaching down to rub her clit.

Her legs started shaking, her mouth opening and no sound coming out until a loud scream erupted from her throat as she clenched, climaxing all over him.

Slowing his thrusts, he caresses her face. “That’s it baby, calm down. You did do good.” He kissed her nose gently, waiting for her to calm down. Her legs were still shaking and she was out of breath, and as much as it prided him to know he caused that, she was still his student and he still cared about her well being. So if she couldn’t breath, that would be a problem.

When she calmed down enough she tugged him down by his hair and kissed him messily, teeth clashing and biting lips, putting her thanks into the kiss. Then she slid down the desk to sit on her knees in front of him, taking his dick into her mouth, sucking on the tip as she stroked him.

“Cum for me, Mr.Styles.” She spoke softly and that’s all it took. He came, hard, in her mouth, holding the back of her head to him as he thrusted into her mouth a few times, roaring a loud “FUCK.”

Panting, he sat in his chair and tugged her into his lap.
“You get an A+.”

Harry Styles - Positive part 2

Part 1 

“Where did you get this from?” He looked down at his little girl in his lap.

“Bathroom, daddy.” She giggled and jumped off his lap before skipping down the hall to her room. His eyes darted up to look at her, his throat dry as he spoke. 

“You’re pregnant?”

“Yes.” She answered quietly, suddenly starting to feel uncomfortable.

“When did you find out?”

“A week ago.”

“And you didn’t think I should know?” His voice sounding deep, indicating he was close to yell.

“I-I didn’t want you to know.” She whispered and she could see his eyes were turning into a dark shade of green, her own staring to get blurry, as tears were starting to well up in her eyes.

“You didn’t want me to know.” He yelled, “You don’t think I’ve the right to know I’m going to be a father again? Well, let me tell you something. I’ve fucking every right to know.” He spit.

“Don’t yell at me.” Her voice sounded hoarse from all the crying and her tears were spilling out from her eyes.

“Don’t yell at you? Give me one good reason for why I shouldn’t. Because right now it’s a little fucking hard not to, when you’re acting like a selfish bitch.” He boomed with anger, his mind regretting the words as soon as they slipped out of his mouth, but he was to caught up in the moment to even process, what he had said. And instantly her sadness was turning into anger as she heard those words coming out from his mouth and she watched him walk out of the room. She quickly followed him into the kitchen, smashing an old vase to the floor getting his full attention.

“What the hell was that for?” He yelled once again, his voice so deep.

“Don’t yell at me, god dammit.” She screamed at him, “I can’t take this anymore, okay. I can’t. I didn’t want this to happen. I can’t have a child, when you’re about to leave. I don’t want it to grow up without it’s father by it’s side. And I didn’t tell you because I can’t bare the thought of telling you, when you’ll leave the next day. So, I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being such a selfish bitch.” She cried out, getting more and more frustrated with him, feeling she couldn’t reach him, “I can’t do this, Harry. I can’t. Not without you.” She cried. And it broke him. It broke him to see her in such a vulnerable state, knowing it was all his fault. His anger towards her disappearing. He couldn’t be angry with her. Not anymore at least. It wasn’t fair to blame it all on her, when he was the one to blame. He was angry with himself. Angry because he let this happened. Angry because he could see how she was crumbling on the inside, but trying to stay strong on the outside. Not just for her, but for their daughter and their unborn child as well. He then realized that he was the one who was selfish and not her. If anything she was far from selfish and it made him sick to his stomach for saying those words. He regretted it. He regretted it so much; not only for saying it, but for hurting her in the first place. She was the love of his life. The love he now had lost for good. They were divorced and as much as he wanted her back, he knew he couldn’t. He couldn’t live with what he had done. He couldn’t live with the guilt he felt whenever he looked at her. She deserved someone better and he wasn’t that person. No matter how much it hurt him, he couldn’t be the one for her anymore.

“I can’t do this, Harry. I can’t. Not without you.” She repeated again, now sounding more broken than ever; like she had heard every thoughts in his head, “I can’t live without you. I don’t know what to do, when you’re not around. I feel so lost. Please Harry, please.” He was holding her in his arms as she sobbed into the fabric of his shirt, clinging to him for her dear life.

“Shh, baby shh. It will be okay, I promise. I’ll always be here no matter what. We’ll figure it out, we always do.” He assured her, holding her tighter in his arms.

Woc Series: Snowed In

Okay hey guys!! Here is another imagine inspired by the blizzard that I’ve been enduring for the last couple of days.  This does contain smut so read at your own caution.  Comments, Feedback, and questions are always welcome!! Enjoy Xoxo


You were lying against your husband’s shoulder, your legs tucked up under you, and the lulling roar of the fireplace becoming a calming background noise from its place across from the couch where the two of you were settled on.  The snow was relentless, coming down in large, puffy flakes that could be seen from the floor-to-ceiling windows that adorned the far side of your shared flat, and as you nuzzled your head closer to Harry’s neck you felt at complete ease.

“This is actually pretty nice,” Harry murmured, the deep timbre of his voice vibrating from his chest. You ran a soothing circle around his abdomen as you hummed in agreeance.  

“Usually I would hate being snowed in like this, but I wish it would happen more often if it means I can spend my days with you,” Harry chuckled from under you as you smiled into his neck, your eyes closed, and you focusing on the melodic sound of his voice.

With a small smile you placed a chaste kiss underneath his ear, causing him to shiver slightly.

“I love you,” you whispered to your husband before giving him a slight kitten lick on his sensitive neck, expressing your mood which was sensually charged.

Harry let out a breathy moan from under you before gripping your shapely hips tightly in his large hands. You reached for his left hand and grasped it lightly in one of your own, letting your fingers run over the multiple rings adorning his slender fingers.  You let your fingers rest on your favorite one which was settled on his ring finger, and you smiled lightly as you felt the cool metal against the pad of your finger.

With your other hand you caressed Harry’s jaw and he quickly leaned into you, his green eyes dilating as you placed another small kiss on his parted lips.  You licked lightly at his bottom lip before pulling away, and you felt him tighten his hand around your own.

“Y/N,” he groaned out with a small shiver that had you squeezing your thighs together.

“Are you cold, babe?” You teased him with a soft smirk that had him glaring at you with his intensely green eyes.  He lightly smacked your ass and you let out a breathy gasp at his actions.

There was something about being stuck in your flat with Harry that had turned the two of you into extremely sensual beings.  Over the past couple of days the two of you had been making love like hormonal teenagers. From the bedroom to the kitchen counter, the two of you had christened almost every part of the sizeable flat, and yet as you rubbed up his chest, you found that you were craving more.

“You know, I was thinking,” Harry started, his voice gravely and deep.

“Hmmm,” you hummed as you shifted your body so that you were better aligned with his.

“One place we haven’t made love in….”  Your ears immediately perked up and you lifted your head to peer at your husband’s face.  You nodded at him, prompting him to go on.

“The shower…” Harry hummed and you raised your eyebrows at him.

“I don’t know, Haz. What if we slip?”  You questioned worriedly.

“That’s the fun part of it, love; the dangerous aspect.”

You pursed your lips at him before asking another question.  “What about my hair?”

Harry sighed before leaning his head back against the couch.  You watched his adam’s apple bob slightly, and eyed his purple love bites that you had given him over the course of a couple of days with a raised eyebrow.

“You’re already natural. Please, babe.  It’s a fantasy of mine,” Harry’s voice dropped to a low groan which reached your lower stomach, causing it to tighten.  He brought his head up to look at you with a growing intensity, and when you saw his jaw tighten with need, you nearly threw yourself on your knees.

“Okay,” you breathed to him, smiling when you saw his face brighten with happiness.

You watched as he bit at his plump lower lip before his face dissolved into a smirk, knowing you were watching him.  Before you could change your mind you untangled yourself from your persuasive husband, and got up from the couch, his hand still encasing one of yours.

“Get up, mister,” you heaved him up, as he was much bigger than you.  He laughed lightly, allowing himself to be pulled up, and you sighed when he was finally standing straight.

“Good job, missus,” Harry teased you with a laugh that had your face softening.  Suddenly needing his love, you raised up on your toes to circle your arms around his neck.  Knowing what you wanted, he brought his lips down upon yours and you smiled into the kiss. Your body was slowly warming from the inside out, and you curled your toes slightly as you ran a hand down his shirt and to his growing bulge.

Harry shivered as you rubbed him from the outside of his grey sweatpants, and you stepped impossibly closer to him as you moaned into his mouth, your tongue feeling his.  He pulled away slowly, his lips leaving a small peck on yours as he did so.

With a heavy hand, Harry stopped your movements on his crotch and you pouted at him.

Before you could say anything, he scooped you up over his shoulder, making your world turn upside down.

You felt his tattooed biceps holding you in a comfortable position, and you squealed as he slapped your ass playfully once more.  You smirked as you opened your eyes to see his ass, clad in his sweatpants and you tried your best to reach out and pinch it lightly causing Harry to jump before calling out your name in warning.

“I’ll get you back, Y/N, no worries.”  You felt your stomach tighten at his words and you squirmed lightly over his shoulder as you squeezed your thighs tight.

It only took a second for Harry to carry you into the large, marbled bathroom, and once the two of you were fully in, he set you down.

You swiped at the curls falling in your face before crossing your arms in front of your chest, staring at Harry and his little smirk.

He began to undress in front of you, first taking off his old shirt to leave his torso bare.  His skin was so smooth, only interrupted by the random inks adorning his body, and you watched as his hair cascaded down his shoulders.  He looked over to you and raised an eyebrow.

“Are you not going to give me the pleasure of seeing your body, Y/N,” he joked, his accent causing you to smirk at him.

“I don’t know,” you teased him as you turned around for added effect.  With mischievous eyes you turned your head to look at him through the large bathroom mirror and found yourself biting at your lip as you took in his dark expression.

Almost like an animal, you watched as he stalked towards you before abruptly turning you around. Before you could say anything, he ripped his button down that you were wearing off of your shoulders, the buttons falling all over the marble floor, leaving you in just your pair of panties.  You gasped up at him but his eyes were still dark with a predatory edge, and you found yourself pooling between your legs.

“Well, Mr. Styles,” you hummed out, “you’re very eager.”  Harry gripped himself between his legs and slowly rubbed the palm of his hand against his crouch with a loud groan.

“Baby,” he ground out. “You have no idea.”

His words had you pulling off your soaked panties, and with eager fingers you reached out to him, knocking his hand away from his sweatpants and untying them greedily. You felt him stare down at you as you pulled down his sweats, and your heart began to thump heavily when you saw the glistening head of his cock peeking out from the slit in his boxers.

“Haz,” you breathed up to him and watched as his face crumbled with need.  Without realizing it you softly rubbed his tip with the pad of your thumb, smearing his precum around it before pulling his boxers down his legs.  Immediately his fat cock bounced up to his stomach and with short breaths you watched as he stepped out of his sweats and boxers.

“Start the shower, kitten,” Harry groaned out to you, and you immediately opened the door to the shower and turned the handle to your regular temperature that ran just a smudge cooler than Harry’s.  The water from the rainfall shower cascaded down your body in rivulets and you felt your curly hair begin to compress against your head.

You heard Harry step into the shower and immediately felt his presence behind you.  He circled his arms around your plush waist, and you couldn’t stop the moan that fell from your lips when he brought his waist to meet yours.  You felt his cock jump right above your ass, and without realizing it you grinded back into him.

“Fuck, Y/N,” Harry let out a throaty growl that had you laying your head back against his chest, allowing the water to fall down your breasts as it pebbled your nipples.  You felt Harry bring his head down to breathe into your neck, and your knees nearly buckled as you felt his hot breath make contact with your wet skin.

“Harry,” you moaned out, feeling the all too familiar ache take residence in your lower body.

“What do you need, kitten?” Harry questioned you with a deep tone that reached to your lower parts.

“You,” you begged him breathlessly.

“What parts of me?” You could practically hear the smirk in his voice and you began to breathe heavily as it became humid in the large shower.

“Your cock,” you moaned out as you felt one of Harry’s hands slide down your waist to scratch right below your navel.

“That’s all, baby?” Harry cooed seductively in your ear.

“And your hands…”

“Yea,” Harry’s hand scratched lower to meet your lips, but you let out a whine when he stopped.

“What’s the matter, love? I told you I would get you back…” He cooed to you before nestling his face into your neck.  With a slow lick, he tongued his way up your neck, causing a breathy moan to tears its way from your lips.

The air was getting hot, sticking to your skin in damp droplets, and with Harry’s heavy presence behind you coupled with the steady fall of the water on your hot skin, you were finding that your body was becoming less and less out of your control.

You allowed your languid body to lean against Harry’s front, very aware of Harry’s pulsing cock between the two of you.

With unsteady fingers you reached behind you to grasp his member lightly, eliciting a raw moan to leak from Harry’s pink lips.  You quickly turned around so that you were facing him, and began to pump him with your hand.  His skin was sleeker with the water running down it, but you were able to fist his base before bringing your hand up to rub at his tip.  You began to stroke him faster, spurred on by his deep moans of pleasure, and when you looked up at his face your breath nearly caught.  His head was tilted back and his eyes were squeezed tight, his mouth wide open.  He looked like the picture of pleasure, and a thrill went through you as you realized you were responsible for it.

You continued to pump him in your loose grip, but not before long he brought down a warm hand to cease your movements.

“I need to cum inside you,” he gritted out through his clenched teeth as he brought his head down to look at you.  You felt your curls tighten and nestle closer to your head as you nodded at him, and with a deep breath you brought your hand up to scratch lightly at the hair below his navel.

Your body began to feel like it was kicked into overdrive, as with soft yet assertive movements, Harry turned you back around and bent you over slightly so that your hands laid flat against the glass wall of the shower.  The cool glass was a welcomed contrast to your hot surroundings and you found yourself leaning heavily against the glass as you felt Harry guide his member to your soaking pussy.

He rubbed his cock against your clit, and a sharp spike of pleasure rolled through you, causing your breath to get caught in your throat.

“Harry,” you moaned out as you closed your eyes, letting your body take over.

Harry continued to rub himself on you, collecting up your juices along with the warm water, and you whimpered as he ghosted himself over your opening.

“Harry, please,” you begged, as you felt frustrated tears come to your eyes.  You were now throbbing, and with the humid air clinging to you like a second skin, your senses were in overload.

You curled your hand against the sleek glass wall as Harry pushed his tip in, stretching your walls and making you cry out at his large girth.

His large hands slipped down to your waist as you tried to lean back against him and bring him in further, but his strong arms kept you from doing so.

Your body began to shiver as he bucked into you slowly, going in just an inch.

“What’s wrong, baby? Are you cold?” He taunted you with a throaty groan and you gritted your teeth as you felt another wave of pleasure roll over you.

You cried out as he exited you, and you felt yourself tighten, needing him to be back inside of you.

“God, you look so good, Y/N,” Harry ground out.  “Bent over for me… waiting on my cock.”

You whimpered at his words as you tilted your forehead to rest on the wet glass.

“Is that what you want, love?  My cock?” Harry’s voice was dark and deep and you realized that he was so far gone in his fantasy that you couldn’t help but moan loudly for him, feeling the water hit your back and run down your spread legs.  You needed him so bad that you couldn’t tell if it was water or tears running down your cheeks, and with a whimper that had him rubbing his cock on you, you felt yourself unraveling.

The steady presence of Harry’s cock swirling around your clit brought a deep warmth in your lower stomach that had you quivering.

“You alright, my love,” Harry’s voice turned tender as he realized that you were quickly becoming restless.

“Haz, I need you, please,” you cried out as you wiggled your ass at him, hoping to prompt him to make love to you and stop with his awful teasing.

“Okay, kitten, okay.  I love you,” he bent over you to murmur into you, and you nearly buckled underneath him as you felt his breath hit your sensitive neck.

Before you could beg anymore, you felt Harry guide himself to your opening and slowly spread you open, groaning in pleasure as he filled you all the way to the hilt on the first try.

“Oh God—Fuck!” You screamed out as you felt Harry stay there, allowing you to get used to his large size before he moved again.

He stayed leaning over you as he slowly pounded into you, causing moans to drop from your lips every couple of seconds.

“Fuck—Y/N!! Fuck,” Harry growled into your neck, his hair falling in wet strands down his shoulders and occasionally whipping around your neck with every thrust.

You felt so unbelievably full that you could only stay bent over and allow your husband to do all of the work.  He felt so amazingly good, and with the water rolling over your bodies, and getting between the two of you to allow Harry’s thrusts to move so much easier, you couldn’t help it as you screamed his name over and over.

Harry continued to hump over you, and you felt him exit you before entering you once more, hitting bundles of nerves that he only seemed to touch.  Your fingernails dug into the sleek glass in front of you as you felt your stomach begin to warm and radiate throughout the rest of your body.  Your toes began to curl and your whole body moved against the humid wall as Harry entered you over and over again.

“Harry, I can’t—“ Your words came out mumbled as you felt yourself nearing your release.

“Hold on a little bit longer,” Harry grit out as you moaned.  You were becoming super sensitive and could feel every small movement he was making inside of you.  He rocked into you, his pace increasing as his hands became heavier on your waist.

“Fuck,” he whispered as he jerked up into you and held himself there.  The fine mist around your body was making it difficult to breathe, but you took in a deep gulp as he slowly pulled himself out of you to only leave his tip in.  Without thinking, you tightened around him, and you felt his head drop to your wet shoulder.

“God, Y/N…”  He moaned as you continued to tighten around his tip, the feeling pleasurable for the both of you.

“I’m gonna cum,” Harry groaned as he filled you to the hilt once more, his back arching as you felt his balls lightly slap your clit.

“Oh God, Haz—Haz!” You moaned out as you felt your release wash over your body, causing a deep whimper to fall from your lips and your whole body to tighten.  You felt Harry nip lightly at the skin of your shoulder before a deep curse word fell from his mouth in the form of a groan.  He tried to fill you up even more as you felt him tense from above you, and not a second later you felt a particular kind of warmth as he released inside of you.

Your toes curled and you rested your head on the glass once more as your breaths came out heavy.

“Omygod,” you whispered, watching through lidded eyes how your breath fogged the glass up even more.

“Baby, I love you so much,” Harry stood up straight and exited you, and he immediately helped you up from your position.  You felt a warmness begin to drip out of you and you scrunched your face up at the funny feeling.

“Let’s get you cleaned up, yea?” Harry offered, his chest rising and falling as he ran a hand through his tangled, wet hair.

“Come here first,” you pouted at him, your body still responding to seeing his naked one right in front of you.  He shuffled over to you, the water beating at his body, and you reached up to brush wet tendrils of hair out of his face.

“My baby Tarzan..” you giggled at your husband and his playful glare.

“After what we did, love, I’m a grown man,” Harry joked you and you couldn’t help but smile as you looked up at him, his jade eyes still dilated, but slowly coming back to their normal size.

“I love you so much,” he whispered to you, his words almost lost in the sound of the water hitting the floor.

“I love you, too,” you smiled, “even though you made me get my hair wet.”

Harry immediately rolled his eyes with a smirk and pulled you in close, peppering your face with small kisses.  

And as the snow raged on outside, the two of you laughed and giggled, enjoying your time together.

Harry Styles Very Dirty Imagine: Your First Time Having Sex With Each Other (LONG)


Sorry that the title is a bit long. I wanted it to be sure that it isn’t your first time. I really wanted to write this since it has been my dream for the past 3 days. FYI, it’s REALLY LONG! Anyway, here! (1,698 words!)

“I had a really nice night tonight, Harry.” I said. We were on my doorstep. My front door was wide open, with me inside and Harry outside. He just dropped me off after date. We have been dating for almost 7 months now.

“I had a nice night too, [Y/N].” Harry said. I blushed at his words. He leaned in for a kiss. When our lips connected, there were sparks. I mean, we have kissed before, but nothing quite like this. It was magical, and I just didn’t want to pull away. Apparently, Harry couldn’t either. 

His arms tightened around my waist, pulling me closer. My hands were wrapped around his neck playing with his hair. We stood making out in my doorway. Good thing it was late and that I live alone, or else some one might have seen us.

My arms moved downwards and gripped his tie. I pulled him inside with it. Harry kissed me against the wall and kicked the door closed. I fisted his hair, making him moan into the kiss. I smiled slightly.

“Jump” Harry said in between kisses. I jumped and wrapped my legs around his waist. He held me up by my butt, squeezing slightly. I moaned and Harry smirked.

Slowly, with all of the spontaneous kissing, Harry made his way to my bedroom. We stopped several times when he pressed me into every open wall, but eventually we made it to my bedroom.

Once again, Harry kicked the door closed and kissed me against the wall. My legs were still wrapped around his waist. We parted and I looked into his eyes. He did the same.

“Are we about to do this?” I asked.

“Yeah” He breathed.

“Good” I smiled and kissed him again. 

Were were making out again loosing clothes in the process. Harry’s kisses traveled down my jaw, up by my ear, my sweet spot, and the down to my collar bone. While he was bust doing this, I undressed him.

I took off his tie. He shrug off his blazer and I unbuttoned his dress shirt. I got as far as unbuckling his belt before our lips were reattached again. Harry reached around behind me and unzipped my knee-length red dress. I unwrapped my legs and stood straight up so the dress could fall completely to the floor.

This was the most revealed I’ve ever been to Harry. My black lace bra and matching panties. Harry stared at me up and down. I felt uncomfortable, not being completely confident with my body. I tried to cover with my arms, but Harry grabbed my hands. I looked into his eyes.

“Beautiful” He whispered. I smiled.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and tugged his pants down. This was the most revealed he had ever been to me. I looked down at his really tight boxers. His erection was very big and hard. This was gonna hurt. Harry smirked.

“Like what you see, babe?” Harry asked, amused by my reaction.

“I did that?” I asked.

“Mmhmm” Harry hummed.

Harry reached for my hand and gently brought me over to my bed. I laid down and Harry went over to his jeans. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a condom.

“You cheeky bastard. You knew that this was gonna happen!” I laughed.

“Actually, I thought it would happen 2 weeks ago. I’ve been carrying this around for a while.” Harry said and we both laughed.

He kissed me once more and went down South, kissing every inch of my skin in his path. He pulled off my panties with his teeth. I was already soaked and he was making him harder to resist. (Lol sorry!) 

He stared at my freshly shaven wet pussy. His mouth was literally open. I smirked.

“Like what you see, babe?” I mocked him. I laughed but soon turned into a gasp as he suddenly licked me. He winked at me before plunging back down for more. He licked my clit and sucked on it. I was a moaning mess underneath him. 

He pulled away and pushed one of his long, thick fingers into me. He thrusted his finger in the way he would his dick. I bit my lip and closed my eyes. He then added another finger and thrusted harder. He added one more finger (three fingers total) and it hurt. I whimpered and Harry looked sad.

“I’m sorry, baby. I’m just stretching you.” Harry said and kissed me. I wasn’t a virgin, but it sill hurt. I’ve only had sex once, and that was over 7 months ago. 

Harry pulled out his fingers and licked them clean. I moaned at the sight of him licking my juices from his fingers. He pulled down his boxers and rolled the condom on. He was even bigger than I thought!

“Like what you see, babe?” He said in a high voice, mocking me mocking him. I rolled my eyes and braced myself.

He opened my legs and aligned himself. He pushed in slowly and pretty soon he was fully in. It burned slightly, but it would’ve been worse if he hadn’t ‘stretched me’. At least he knew he was big.

He thrusted slow at first after I was adjusted. We were both moaning.

“Fuck, [Y/N]. You’re so tight.” Harry moaned the last part.

“Your so big” I said. Harry slowly sped up.

“Faster” I whined.

“Wait. I’m looking for something.” Harry said.

“What?” I asked.

“Your G-Spot” Harry said mater-of-factly.

“What’s tha-” Harry hit something and I moaned loudly. Harry smiled.

“That, my dear, is your G-Spot.” Harry said. 

He went faster like I asked. He was pounding into me at quickening speeds and kept hitting my ‘G-Spot’. Every ten seconds he went faster. Pretty soon, I felt a burning sensation in my stomach.

“H-Harry” I whimpered. The pleasure was so good that my body wanted to squirm away. Harry held my hips down.

“I know, baby. Me too.” Harry said. 


Our moans kept getting louder. I couldn’t control my body anymore. The pleasure overwhelmed me. I crashed our lips together as we both released our earth-shattering orgasms. 

I worked us through our highs. Our lips were still attached as I slowed to a stop. I held myself there for a couple of minutes before pulling out and throwing away the used condom. I walked back to the bed and sat next to [Y/N]. 

She turned her head and smiled mischievously at me.

“What?” I asked, smiling. Her smile only grew wider. 

She pushed me down onto the bed and I moved up to lay on a pillow. She crawled over to me and straddled me. She kissed me lovingly then pulled away and stared into my eyes. 

“I love you” She said. That was the first time either of us had said that in our relationship. I smiled and kissed her again.

“I love you too” I said. She smiled brightly.

“Round 2?” [Y/N] asked.

“I really want to, but I don’t have another condom.” I said. She leaned over to the night stand and pulled out a condom from the drawer. 

“You weren’t the only one who thought this was gonna happen.” [Y/N] said. I laughed and sat up to take it from her, but she pushed me back down.

“Nope. I’m doing this.” [Y/N] said and opened the package. She took my semi- hard length in her small hand. It stiffened at her touch. She rolled it on. 

“Are we about to do this again?” I asked.

“Yeah” [Y/N] said.

“Good” I breathed. We laughed from our ‘recycled words’.

[Y/N] lined herself and slowly sank down on me. We were both moaning. She sat there, not moving. I stared at her, confused. She nodded her head backwards. I reached behind her and unclasped her bra. It fell off her shoulders leaving her bare, but I kept eye contact with her. [Y/N] rolled her eyes and grabbed my hands bringing them to her breasts. I squeezed them and she moaned loudly, her eyes closing. Her hands fell to my chest feeling my abs.

After a couple minutes, I removed my hands. She used my chest to push herself up and down. [Y/N] didn’t start slow, but went quickly and kept going faster. I moaned loudly and she smiled.

“Looks like I know your body pretty well already.” [Y/N] said happily.

“I know yours too” I defended.

“Prove it” [Y/N] said. I thrusted my hips upward to meet her hips, hitting her G-Spot. She moaned loudly.

“Yeah” She said, out of breath. 

[Y/N] started her fast pace again. Every couple of her thrusts, I would hit her G-Spot. Neither of us stood a chonce. [Y/N] couldn’t keep up with herself and started stopping. I took over and thrust faster than she did. 

On one particularly hard thrust, I hit her G-Spot. She made the sexiest noise ever. It was a moan, whimper, scream, groan, and little squeak at the same time. It was like the pleasure was too good for her. She leaned forward and nuzzled her face into the crook of my neck. I wrapped my arms around her back. [Y/N] was clenching so I knew she was close. Soon after she came…hard. She screamed into my neck and her whole body shook. I followed her and slowed to a stop. 

Her heart was racing and she was still shaking. It took a couple of minutes before she lifted her hips up off of my shaft. I sat up to take off the condom and threw it in the bedside trashcan. 

I laid back down next to [Y/N]. She rolled partly on top of me with her head on my chest. I pulled the blanket up for us. I was playing with her sweaty yet soft hair. It was a comfortable silence before I spoke;


“Hmm” She hummed.

“I really love you” I said truthfully.

“I really love you too, Harry” [Y/N] said. I smiled.

“[Y/N]?” I asked again.

“Hmm” She hummed again.

“I love your moans. So sexy.” I said. She chuckled.

“Yours are the sexiest noises” She said.

“Not true. You made the sexiest noise earlier. It was like a moan, whimper, scream, groan, and little squeak all at the same time.” I said.

“Really? That was sexy?” She asked.

“Extremely. Next time you make that noise, I’m recording it for my ring tone for you.” I said. We both laughed at my comment before peacefully drifting off to sleep, with many dreams about tonight. 


IDK how I feel about this one. What do you think? Good or not?

AU: You had been really stressed lately from studying really hard, Harry wanted to make you feel good. That night he makes you feel amazing, and you’re happy to have such an amazing boyfriend like Harry.


24 Days of One Shots is starting tomorrow!

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Harry Styles - Positive part 3

Part 1 

Part 2 

It’s been four months since he had left. Four month since he had left her for good; four month since he had left her heartbroken. She didn’t know how to go on with her life without having him by her side. Every day seemed to be endless. But somehow she managed. Somehow she managed to get through the day without falling completely apart. Having their daughter around helped. She brightened up her day; always being energetic and happy. And the swell on her stomach, the baby inside her that was growing into a beautiful human being somehow kept her whole. 

“Honey, are you ready to go?” She asked the little girl who was jumping around in the living room, her pigtails bouncing up and down.

“Yes mamma.” She giggled and joined her mother in the hallway, needing to get her shoes on before they would head to his house.

“Help please, mamma.” She lisped, still needing to be taught how to do her shoelaces completely. “Here you go, baby. Let’s go see daddy.” She kissed her little forehead before standing up again, touching her stomach gently. She took her small hand in hers as they made their way to the car. She buckled her in her car seat before driving to his house. He only lived a little further down the street. He wanted to live as close to them as possible, knowing they still needed each other. And with a baby on the way it only seemed right. But also because he missed them. He missed them so terribly much and he was starting to wonder, if leaving them had been the right decision. She parked the car behind his black Range Rover and unbuckled their four year old out of her seat. She sat her down on the ground and her little feet carried her away in a run to the front door, knocking on the door with a small knock.

“Daddy.” She squealed at the sight of her father.

“Princess.” He quickly picked her up and sat her on his hip, as he kissed her head.

“I’ve missed you so much.” He said and kissed her on the nose.

“I’ve missed you too, daddy.” She giggled. She nuzzled her face into his neck before demanding to be sat back down, so she could play with her new dolls he had bought her the last time she was there. He placed her down on her feet and turned around to see his ex wife standing with a smile on her face, as she was watching the two of them. The smile slowly disappeared when her gaze met his, eyes locking for a brief moment before breaking it again.

“Hi.” She almost whispered.

“Hi. You wanna come in for a bit?” He asked. He wanted to talk. He missed talking to her and he missed having her around. His house seemed so empty and big; like there was something missing.

“I-I I don’t know, Harry.” She sounded unsure because as much as he missed having her around, she missed him even more.

“Please, just for a few minutes and then you can leave. I’m sure the little munchkin would like to show you her room too.”

“Okay.” She said and he lead the way in with her following close by.

“You want something to drink?” He offered her as they reached the kitchen.

“No thank you.” She looked around, taking in her surroundings. It was an elegant kitchen with a beautiful view to the garden.

“It’s a beautiful garden.” She commented.

“Yes.” He agreed not saying much and after a few minutes with silence she finally stood up, regretting coming in, in the first place.

“I’ll go now. This was a bad idea.” She spoke, ready to leave but something stopped her from walking out of the door.

“I miss you.” He confessed and walked over to where she had stopped, taking her hands in his, “I miss you.” He repeated, looking deep into her beautiful eyes, trying to see what was going on in her mind.

“W-what?” It came out as a whisper. She was confused, hurt and angry at the same time. Confused because of what he just said. Hurt because it hurt her to know that he missed her. Angry because how dared he say that; how dared he say those words she wanted to hear so bad after so long. Angry at herself for letting herself feel this way again.

“Don’t say that, Harry. Don’t.” She finally said, taking her hands from his, “You can’t say something like that. Not now. I can’t.”

“Look.” He interrupted, “I miss you. And I know it’s not fair to say this now, okay. I know that. But I miss you so much. I miss having you around. I miss us being a family.” He pedaled. He could see the tears starting to well up in her eyes. 

“I want us to be family again, Y/N. But I also know it will take time for you to forgive me. I know I hurt you and you’ve no idea how sorry I’m for that. I’m sorry for letting you go so easily. I should have fought for you. I can’t stand not having you around. I need you, I need our daughter and I need our unborn child by my side. So please, I beg you to find a place in your heart to forgive me and give us another chance. I love you, Y/N and I know you still love me too.”

“You were the one who said you couldn’t be with me anymore. You broke me, Harry.” She cried.

“I know baby, I know. You’ve no idea how sorry I’m. I never meant to hurt you. You deserve so much better. I don’t deserve your love, but I can’t go on without you either. I’m so sorry, baby. I love you so much.” He said and leaned down, pressing his lips to hers, kissing her lovingly and both of them felt the butterflies they haven’t felt for months.

anonymous asked:

ok but TEASING THE HELL OUT OF HARRY?? like the two of you are casually watching tv all snuggled up together and outa the blue y/n's just like "I bet I can turn you on" ONGDHJ



“Bet I can turn you on.” Y/N glances up at Harry from where her head is snuggled cozily into the plushness of his thighs, the left corner of her mouth tilting up mischievously.

Harry looks down at her, the bright green of his eyes reflecting the images on the TV across from their spot on the couch. His eyebrows raise up slightly in challenge and he purses his lips into a cocky smirk. “I dunno, doll. Last time you tried something along those lines, you were the one that ended up begging for it.”

A tight huff leaves her lips as she sits up abruptly, the hand that he had been combing soothingly through her hair slipping out and falling limply into his lap. Harry lolls his head in her direction and she wants nothing more than to smack the arrogant grin off his face.

Her eyes narrow. “I won’t let it happen this time.”

He gives her a slow, effortless shrug, reaching up to run his long fingers through his short, messy hair. His remark is snippy and teasing, showing her that he sincerely believes she can’t get away with it. “Sure you won’t.”

Y/N pouts, climbing her way onto his lap to straddle him, sitting comfortably onto his thick thighs and forcing him to look at her. “I’m serious! I’ll win this time!”

“Sure you will.” Harry remarks flatly, loving how he’s managing to rile her up so easily. His large hands coast up her expose thighs (the fluffy, hot pink panda pajama shorts she’s wearing are absurdly adorable) and trail up her hips, dipping under the “Disneyland 60th Diamond Celebration” t-shirt that he had bought her when they’d vacationed in Florida during the summer. Her skin is soft and warm against his fingertips, contrasting the cold that filters around the house from the air conditioning.

“Love when you get all competitive. Y'look so cute when you glare at me like that,” he chuckles softly, pecking at the grouchy frown that plumps her rosy lips, “but we both know who would end up on top, pet. Same as last time, and the time before that. You can’t beat the reigning champion.”

“Doesn’t mean I won’t try,” she crosses her arms across her chest defiantly, arching up a single eyebrow and setting her expression into one of intense determination.

Harry simply shrugs again, leaning back against the sofa cushions and crossing his arms behind his head as he gives sigh, blinking at her nice and slow, taunting. He shifts his legs and she can feel that he doesn’t have any underwear on under the electric blue running shorts. “Knock yourself out.”

“Don’t mind if I do.”

Y/N takes his lack of briefs as an advantage, the absence of an extra layer meaning that anything she does will impact him more directly. She begins to rock back and forth against his crotch gently, using her knees to propel her motion. Her arms drape across his broad shoulders, fingers burying themselves within the short chestnut waves along the back of his head (his hair no longer curled do to how much had been snipped off). Her lips tickle down the slope of his jaw and down the center of his throat, where she sucks harshly on his Adam’s Apple.

“S'not workin’, baby. Gotta try harder than that.” Harry’s voice is deep and raspy, but Y/N hears the tiniest quiver edging into it.

She quickly grabs at the locks on the very top, pulling them back so that his head snaps back onto the couch cushion, where she holds all control over what he can and can’t see. Y/N presses sloppy kisses onto his chin and up to his temple, hearing his breathing start to catch. She presses her forehead to his so that their gazes are leveled, looking into the clear green sheen of his eyes as she begins to bounce against his now semi-hard cock.

“I’d say I’m doing pretty damn well,” The breath from Y/N’s words tickle Harry’s lips, their noses nudging as she speeds up her pace, swiveling her hips in small circles as she feels his fingers twitching against her waist.

“Not gonna give up that easy,” Harry grunts stubbornly, but his body tells a different story in the way his hips are subtly bucking up against her. His mouth falls open, shallow gasps filling the air around him as his eyes become half-lidded in pleasure.

“Oh, yeah?” Y/N proceeds to halt her humping, dropping one of her hands from where it grips his shoulder down to the elastic waist band of his mesh shorts and thrusting it inside. She fondles his warm balls, squeezing and massaging them roughly, reminiscing in the strangled squawk that lodges inside his throat. “How about now?”

Harry tries to jerk his head forward but she tightens her grip on his hair, keeping his head pressed against the couch. He feels uneasy since he can’t see what she is going to do to him next, the way she is now twisting at his prick causing him to buck and thrash against his seat. “No fair! You touched me directly! That’s cheating!”

He’s gasping out the words desperately, his thighs clamping around the fist she has him cupped inside, trying to regain his winning composure. Y/N keeps her forehead flushed against his, her lips nipping at his own as she smiles triumphantly, laughing almost maniacally.

“Oops,” she whispers, now fully stroking him, thumbing over his sticky tip, his warm shaft seeming to burn her fingertips. “Say that I’m the winner or I’ll make you come.”

Harry gets quite sensitive after he comes and it usually takes him about ten minutes to get enough stamina back to regain a fucking session, so he doesn’t like coming from handsies. He calls them “fake-gasms” because it’s not the genuine, classic orgasm that he could get from being inside Y/N.

“No! No, no– okay! Okay, you win! You win! Just s-stop!” He’s pawing blindly at the arm she has shoved down his pants, trying to get her out before he bursts.

Y/N releases him, drawing her wet finger out of his soaked shorts and wiping them off on the fabric of the outer part of his right leg while smiling giddily. She lets go of his hair, allowing him to crane his neck forward, working out a stiff kink as he rubs at his mildly aching shoulders.

“Fuck…” Harry swallows thickly, blinking slowly to try and anchor himself back into reality. His mind is groggy and his teeth feel fuzzy, his entire body having been on the edge of climax to only crash back down. Rather roughly, he might add.

“I win, you lose, meaning I get to pick your punishment.” Y/N claps her hands excitedly, bouncing against his thighs playfully, and he wonders how it is possible for a girl as endearingly childish as Y/N to switch into the dominant stance she had just been using.

“But you– you cheated!” He splutters, looking up at her with sweaty, furrowed brows and bated breathe.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Y/N states blankly, cupping his face in her smaller hands and kissing the very tip of his cold nose.

Harry sighs, giving up easily since he still feels too off-balance to argue his point. “Fine. What’ll it be, then?”

She gets up, heading towards the staircase and turning back just as she climbs onto the first step. “I’m going get some lube and that strap-on Niall bought us for Valentine’s Day.”

Harry makes an unmanly squeak, not sure if he is up for that type of exertion at the moment. “You’re kidding, right? It’s been months since we’ve done that, Y/N! I’m gonna need some time to stretch myself out and I feel better using the water-based lube– y'know, the one we ran out of the other day? I dunno if–”

“Start prepping. I’ll be back in a jiffy.” And with that, her quick steps fade into the second floor of their flat.

Fuck me,“ Harry huffs begrudgingly, flopping onto his stomach and pulling his knees up to his chest, sticking his bum up in the air. He hooks his thumbs into his shorts and pushes them down, the cold air making his skin crawl. He slowly circles a finger around his puckering hole, dipping just the tip in and wincing slightly at the sensation.

He can’t say he’s not excited, though. Y/N was really good at pegging him and as he gradually begins to loosen himself up, he anticipates something inside him. Y/N is taking longer than expected and he’s starting to become impatient so he takes it upon himself to naturally lube up somewhat, licking at his index finger and toying it inside his hole. He moans quietly, thighs clenching and back muscles going taut under his black t-shirt.

“You look really good like that,” A soft voice speaks up, causing him to scream out in alarm.

Harry looks under himself to see Y/N standing behind him with the leather strap on secured around her hips, the hot pink, sparkly dildo standing proudly erect and covered in a thick layer of glossy lube.

“You good?” She kneels behind him on the couch, thumbing carefully over his throbbing entrance.

He hums softly– almost a whimper– grabbing a couch pillow and biting into it for support. He feels Y/N’s clothed chest press against his back, peppering kisses along the back of his neck as comfort.

“Quick or slow?”

“Quick.” He breathes, gripping the cushion tighter.

“On three. One, two–”

Hips are thrust swiftly against his and he feels himself filling up to the brink. Harry isn’t kidding when he says that the scream he lets out could put a pornstar to shame.