1d conference

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It is a bit funny, b/c not only does Louis talk about his own personal life with Dan, but also Liam's. Liam and Cheryl is one of Dan's fav topics, so I'm not surprised. Just ludicrous to think Louis willing sat there and had a gab about his mate's relationship.

I know. And shockingly, only that little quiz made it to video!

This reminds me of the time Dan was part of a press conference with 1D when they started the WWA tour in South America. He asked one question that got mocked by Louis (we saw the video of the whole press conference), then got a couple of photos with the band.

Next day he’s got an “exclusive” interview where he not only pretends he had a one-on-one interview with the band, but uses the answers they gave to other reporters OUT OF CONTEXT to fill out his bullshit article and changes the entire tone and context of the answer they gave him to suit his chosen narrative.

It’s the one time you could quite literally, with no exaggeration, see what that man does. 

And he made no excuses. The man literally has no shame.