1d concert experience



Because everyone deserves to see their fave artist front row at least once in their life!


San Jose concert:

Okay so my friend and I got regular vip tickets for this show. So we got to go into soundcheck, we got free merch, and we were quite close to the stage. So we entered soundcheck and there were about 250 girls in souncheck, all regular and ultimate vip. We were seated in the 5th row which was about 25-30 feet away from the stage. The band came out AND I FLIPPED THE FUCK OUT BECAUSE JOSH, JON, SANDY, AND DAN LIKE OH MY GOD. So they were just practicing and stuff and I was towards the end of the row, infront of jon so I was waving at him AND THEN HE SMILED AT ME AND I DIED OMG. The band practiced for about 15 minutes and then. THE BOYS CAME OUT AND IT WAS SO CRAZY. I was going mental and there were alot of people crying omg. Niall was wearing a snapback, Liam was wearing a captain america shirt, louis was wearing shorts, Harry was wearing a beanie, and Zayn was wearing a lose fitting shirt. As the were singing and stuff I was dramatically waving at Harry AND THEN HE SMILED AND WAVED AT ME AND I BASICALLY FLEW TO HEAVEN AND BACK. Ugh they are so much more beautiful and perfect in person. Their voices are like angels in person ok omg. They sang like 3 songs and did like a Q&A thing also. So after soundcheck ended we all got our free merchandise, which included a bag, poster, shirt, and buttons. So a couple hours later we entered the venue AND WE WERE IN ROW 4! OH MY GOD. We are towards the left side of the stage. The first opening act was this chick named Manika. She was alright. Then OLLY MURS CAME AND I HAD A HEARTATTACK ugh he is seriously such an amazing singer and his dance moves seriously made my life. I tried to get his attention but it didnt really work. Then about 20ish minutes later ONE DIRECTION CAME ON STAGE AND EVERYONE WAS GOING CRAZY IT WAS SO LOUD OMG. They were so close to us it was unreal. We had a poster that said “ZAYN, U RATCHET” and it had a derp picture of zayn. We got so many compliments on it. We held the poster up when zayn was in front of us and he just read it and stared at it for a few seconds. haha he had no idea what it ment probably. When Harry was close by I threw a pink bra at him. On the bra we put “u ratchet” and “double d, DO YOU LOVE ME NOW?” I threw it right in front of him and he just stared at it with a confused face. Then all the boys were reading/staring at it with a confused look. at this point i was dead mhm. then my friend blew up one of our beachballs and hit it towards the stage then harry kicked to the audience omg. when we threw the second beach ball liam took it and ran across the stage with it, IT WAS ADORABLE. During the last song the greatest thing happened… HARRY FUCKING STYLES WAVED AT ME AND THEN STARED AT ME FOR ABOUT 3 SECONDS BECAUSE I WAS FREAKING THE FUCK OUT. HOLY JESUS. Over all it was the greatest night of my life.

Oakland concert:

Okay this show was cool too they basically did the same thing. We had like no interaction with them though because we were in the upper balcony LOLOL. But before the concert we were waiting in line to go inside and everyone was running towards this gated area, which was where the back enterence was and their bus. I saw niall on a motorbike casually riding around on the side of the tour bus. after that we ran up to the top level of a parking garage next door and there was a bunch of girls up there. we all spotted zayn behind a bus (((probs smoking LOLLLL))) then he casually walked by and did a little sassy wave and we all went crazy. Yep basically the concert was fabu woohoo. The second greatest night of my life. 



so we got pretty good seats, not the best, but i’m not complaining. we could recognize who was who on stage and we were pretty close to the middle stage. zayn and louis still waved at us <333

the concert was supposed to be from 5-7 pm. olly murs was supposed to open for us, but for some reason he didn’t, so the concert started around 5:20. they performed up all night first, which was awesome. we were all jumping up and down and singing along, and during the concert they always let us sing into the microphone. when they were flying over the stage on the podium, they sang moments, which was really beautiful. they let us sing the last chorus, and that was when zayn and louis waved to us <3 in last first kiss, zayn altered the last note and it sounded really nice and beautiful. i regret not videoing that. harry altered his solo in kiss you, and i couldn’t stop screaming. in over again, louis changed the lyrics “british” to “turkish” for some reason. during twitter question, niall and the audience had a little fun screaming back to each other. they only did 3 twitter questions, and it was one of the best parts. they were so funny. they even did the fresh prince of bel air theme song! haha it was the best and zayn at the end was so cute. one of the twitter questions was gramatically incorrect. “what favorite japanese word?” and when they read it out loud, they were frowning and stuff. PRICELESS. after that louis kept on repeating it and making fun of the girl HAHAHA i love louis. and so much nouis during the concert. like during one of the songs, one of the lyrics was “so hard” and when niall sang that, louis pointed at niall’s dick and mouthed “so hard”. and between the songs louis pointed at niall and he was like “i think you can see niall’s nipple through the shirt” and it was hilarious i love louis <3 and niall did his signature niall jump twice. during twitter questions, harry yelled “GANBARIMASUUU” and it was adorable. louis voice is the cutest thing i’ve ever heard omg soooo adorable. and their voices are 1000 times better live omg

yesterday was the best day ever and i had the most fun in my life ahhh omg

and i actually don’t have post concert depression. when they left, i was smiling and thinking about how happy i was, but my friend was crying. and i didn’t cry at all during the concert. i teared up during story of my life, little things and moments, but thats it. and i also teared up during one of the videos during wardrobe change because of louis. 

but right now my whole body aches all over because of all the jumping and my throat hurts like hell because of the screaming