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“I’m honestly so done with people calling Ahro (Hwarang) a weak character just becuase she cries a lot. As someone who cries easily, let me tell you it has absolutely nothing to do with how strong I am I will literally destroy someone through tears, physically and emotionally. The whole idea that female leads need to be presented as nothing but strong (like hye jung from doctors) is off putting because most people aren’t like that. You want reality, here’s reality, a girl that cries but expresses her emotions in her own way, while still being badass and taking care of people. It’s totally okay to like brutally strong female leads, but writing off a character as 1D just because they cry and ignoring everything else they do is unfair. Not everyone’s going to be a hero in every situation. People are good at their own things and that’s when they shine. Ahro shines when she’s standing up for herself and taking care of other people. And that makes her a pretty great lead.”

The Thinker Of Tender Thoughts by Anonymous (1D Aro-Ace-Fic-Exchange)

Words: 13,227

Chapters: 1/1

Pairing: Harry/Louis

Louis sits on his hands to stop them from shaking as he adds, ‘and I’m ace.’ If only he had glitter, he thinks. Coming out deserves a bit of sparkle.

This fic made my heart dance. It’s well written, everything emerged in a soft atmosphere, the characters are described lovingly and the storyline is just…. very dear to my heart, very important overall, and very perfect.

The Story is part of the 1D-Aro-Ace-Fic-Exchange.

Have fun reading! <3 - Jo

credit to the owners of the pics (I found them all through a quick google search)

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hi, could i ask your opinion on 1d solo projects and not always staying in the same genre. A heavy hitter record exec weighed in saying its unprecedented seeing the level of post band success and how they'd made smart decisions within the 1D phase too. with liam and zayn clearly shifting genres and newer audiences for all of them -i'm curious because of your tags + i've seen people say mean things about liam appropriating hip hop, which is sort of unfair. i'm excited personally, still curious!

hey, snapple. i think it’s super compelling to see all of them explore their own tastes, bc for so long that was subsumed under The Taste of 1D, As A Machine. so a lot of it is personally v fun to see them happy and getting to just be them- that’s validating and cool to a lot of our headcanons and discussions of their character.

i love that they feel they can be true to themselves and still have wide spread support.

i think their success definitely, may be attributed to that which a lot of people like to overlook - 1d has been in the music industry from the time they were literal children. they know how it works. 1d have each had very public and popular, social media hub persona from the time they were literal children. they know how that works. they’ve had fans personally invested in everything they do from the time they were literally children. they know how fan followings work.

i criticize them a lot bc i think they could have done woooorlds more w 1d’s music and brand, but to be honest, their strength is really maintaining for so long, by playing it safe.

they’re still all relatively playing it safe.

i enjoyed mind of mine, but all the single releases from zayn have been hyper marketable and mainstream.

they’re playing the field like they know how, but just jumping into the already existing genres that best suit them and their voical talents/interest, i believe. ie. louis doesn’t have strong vocal capabilities anymore and loves to dirty party all the time, but is a homebody at heart: went with dance/electronic with a producer & vocal editing and soft, supportive lyrics.

which also speaks to another undeniable and interesting, interesting truth: ot5 all know themselves very, very well. 


i don’t rly feel like i have a right to judge whether liam (or zayn) is appropriating hip hop bc i am white? i have heard a lot of people who do have the right say they are uncomfy with it/say much more eloquent and rightful things about them re it. my tag for critical collection is #r

anyways, the real answer is, i just don’t care for liam that much anymore bc a lot of shit he’s done lol and don’t think an out and proud member of the lgbt comm like frank, should be imagined as wanting to work w someone who is repeatedly homophobic boop

ps. i’ve since deleted the post this q is referencing bc it’s been brought to my attention that it was made by a tinhat and also that we can never have nice things ever

i still think about nick from freaks and geeks like every single day… everything was left so unresolved between him and lindsay… like yes i know he got a new girlfriend… but everybody knew it was to make lindsay jealous… and then she shows up at the disco… and they kind of linger there wanting to say they miss each other… but they never do

You’ve got to press it on you, 

you just think it, that’s what you do baby, 

hold it down, DARE.

This is a special piece to me because an artist I really admire @cargsdoodles used to draw 1D as Gorillaz characters and seeing that way back when made me want to draw 1D. I never even really listened to them until I saw this art and I definitely hadn’t thought of drawing them. So thanks Carg! You mean a lot to me! So here’s a revamped edition of a classic fanart. 

tumblrs peak was me and belle assigning members of 1d to characters from different tv shows for like 2 hours and cluttering everyones dash with it

larry in mtv article!!!!!!??????HELP





I’m dead now btw 

but there was such a long time when there weren’t pics of H and L together, no mentions in articles, and just generally a weird, sad atmosphere, but things are looking up (: 

Hi everyone!

There’s been some talk about neurodivergent headcanons for the 1D boys, and we think that’s great. However, we’ve noticed a lack of fics in the 1D fandom that reflect these awesome and inclusive headcanons. So, if you’re interested in broadening the neurodiversity of 1D fic characters, join this ficathon!

What does neurodivergent mean?

Someone who is neurodivergent or neuroAtypical means that they have a mental illness or a disorder. Essentially, it means their brain functions outside the “norm”.

Does this include mental illness?

Yes, it includes mental illness. We would like to gently encourage you to write mental illnesses other than depression and general anxiety if you feel comfortable doing so or if you are confident that you can write them in a sensitive manner.

What are the rules?

  • At least one member of One Direction must be neurodivergent. You are welcome to have a neurodiverse mix of background characters (obviously including neurotypicals) but your main character(s) must be neurodivergent.
  • Gen/OT5 fics and pairing fics are both welcome! At least one person in the pairing must be neurodivergent.
  • Please avoid use the word r*tarded as much as possible, unless you can reclaim it. Any fic that uses the r-slur, including by people who can reclaim the slur, MUST include a warning in the tags of it and must include an additional warning in the note before the fic. Your fic will not be posted until it includes these. Under no circumstances may you have an untagged use of the r-slur and it may not be encouraged in the fic UNLESS somehow in the fic the character using it gets scolded or told off. We are sorry for being so strict on this, but it is important considering the nature of the ficathon.
  • It is preferred that ableist language is tagged. What is considered ableist does, unfortunately, vary from person to person and neurodivergence to neurodivergence, but a tag or a warning would be nice.
  • The minimum word count for submissions is 3,000 words. Longer is always nice, but absolutely not necessary!
  • YOUR FIC MUST BE TAGGED CAREFULLY FOR TRIGGERS. If you think it could be a trigger? Tag it. We will link to common triggers.
  • Betas are good if you can find them. We will help out as much as we can if you cannot find a beta at all. Please let us know who your beta is in your submission, or keep us updated when you find one.
  • Neurotypical people are welcome to participate, but please find a neurodivergent beta before you submit.

How do I sign up?

Fill out this form!

When is the deadline?

Sign ups are from now (July 15th 2015) until August 15th 2015. Submission deadline is October 15th 2015 and we will start posting November 1st 2015. We will read over all fics before they get posted to make sure they are sensitive enough to be posted. Don’t worry - if there’s something that might not be quite “OK” enough for the ficathon, we will contact you and let you know so that you have a chance to rewrite it!

Can I send in prompts?

Absolutely! Please add trigger warnings at the beginning of the prompt. We will attempt to add any that are missing but for our sakes, please try to add them yourself :) Submit here!

I don’t want to write a fic. Can I provide art?

Yes! Please send us a submission with the Tumblr you want to use (can be your main or art blog) and any triggers you may have so we can pair you up with the appropriate fic. Please note that due to the nature of the ficathon, not all fics will get art, and not all artists may be able to get a fic to draw for.

We are also attempting to gather writing resources for all authors, so if you have any please send them our way! Our resources are scarce :(

Spot the difference

This blows my mind how liam was totally uncomfortable with sensual whispering on stage during concerts, so zayn had to place his hand on liams neck and literally hold him.

And then some time later we had this. Yeah, Liam, come’ere. Need to say smth. Yes, good boy. And in moment Liam is all over Zayn, holding clinging to him.

They even made tommo uncomfortable! And you need to have a serious skill to accomplish that! Huh?

Million years ago I did another post about changes in liams behaviour. You can check it out if you are interested. (x)

Gifs are not mine.

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Hi peter! What's ur opinion on Zayn leaving one direction?

The what leaving the what, now?

If the Zayn is leaving in one direction, then surely you can run after him and catch him?

He can’t have gotten too far. We’ll look for him together, okay?