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I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.
—  Audrey Hepburn
i literally have 0 reason for this i just want followers follow train

I know that I (and tons or others) have crazily benefited from making/reblogging follow trains, and I ALSO know that quite a few of us are trying to meet our end of the year goals! So here’s a follow train specifically for us thirsty 1d bloggers. 

  • I follow back anyone who asks (even in the tags or in my ask or wherever)
  • so just reblog
  • follow some people (and follow me if you want!!)
  • hopefully meet your end of the year goal!!

good luck you guys!! wishing everyone a super great holiday season!!

anonymous asked:

TAKE ME HOME SUCKED HARD! THAT WAS BACK WHEN NONE OF THEM COULD SING. No wonder you thought Harry's stuff was a "snooze fest." You have no taste! And Made in the AM was way better than FOUR. You've lost all credibility ROTFL!

1) who the fuck still uses rotfl…. 2) you are so wrong… 3) they could all sing back then excuse you 4) I don’t give a shit about my “credibility” as a 1d blogger 

anonymous asked:

Hi my favorite 1D blogger!! I am curious what the most shocking events of the year were for you like maybe list your top 5?

Well this is fairly easy actually.

1. Zayn leaving
2. Louis getting Briana pregnant
3. OT4 announcing the hiatus
4. Eleanor and Louis break up
5. 1D dropping DMD in the middle of the night with zero promo

I have more, let’s make it a top 10

6. Liam getting a hand tattoo
7. Zayn dumping Perrie (which shouldn’t have been shocking but after all the other events with him it was)
8. Liam missing a show for the first time ever
9. Louis getting his ass tattoo AND US GETTING A SELFIE OF IT
10. Liam and Sophia breakup


Liam Payne attended the late performance of Michael Jackson ONE at Mandalay Bay last night!

(That’s Monday, for those of you keeping track of your days by One Direction calendars and therefore too distracted to actually notice the day. They’re so dreamy.)

1D Hiatus: Day 220

* Pictures and a video of Louis and Danielle outside the cinema in Los Angeles last night come out

* A few video previews of Louis on America’s Got Talent are released

* The episode of America’s Got Talent featuring Louis airs on NBC

* Louis Walsh speaks up about the boys’ future as a band and says they’re ‘over’

* Pictures of Harry on the set of ‘Dunkirk’ about two weeks ago come out

* The Mirror publishes an article about Niall’s rumoured girlfriend Celine ‘receiving death threats’ over a leaked photo of her with ‘another guy’

* #1DMemories and #LouisStayStrong trend on Twitter

It’s Jul 20th, 2016.