1d beards

When someone mentions Ziam

When someone says there’s no evidence to back up Ziam

When someone believes Larry is real but won’t even consider Ziam

When someone keeps talking about S*ph*am, Z*gi, Paynet0n or Ch*am

When people act like Zayn and Liam haven’t gone through any problems with Modest!

When someone says Niall is the captain of Ziam

(it’s Louis)

When you didn’t sleep because you were dealing with Ziam all night

When someone you know IRL finds your Ziam blog

When you decide you don’t care that you’ve been #EXPOSED as a Ziamie

When someone finally realizes Ziam is real

The End. 

Here’s one last Ziam gif to end on a good note:

none of the gifs are mine


p.s :wether the theory is right or wrong …Louis is NOT a dad and #babygate is real 😎

(thx to @m3llybaby cuz her post made me think of tammi could be freddie'mom ..maybe who knows!👀)

🔴🔵⚪ Harry tweeted “Beach, don’ kill my vibes) in 6 Feb. 2016 … & We know that tammi’s name on IG is ( beachgirlxo) !!! Is he was threwing shade at the real mother ???! 👀

I could stare to this gif for hours and I don’t even know why!

anonymous asked:

I think Harry is free. Niall probably got the green signal to release his album too, which means Niall is free too. Louis is NOT bc of the label. Liam is still with Cheryl and will probably be when he releases his music, so he is NOT free. Zayn clearly NOT free. How is this contract different for each member of 1D?

Ok, a couple of things - its unpopular opinion time!

The only member of 1D that has a different situation then the other dudes is Zayn, due to his departure and the likely use of the Leaving Member Clause, which basically contractually forced Zayn to remain with Syco. Simon Cowell freely admitted that (and even though the dramatic af leave was a stunt, there was still some degree of paperwork involved, as evidenced by the shareholders rework):

Louis’s contract is not different then Niall, Harry, or Liam’s. Louis is signed with Syco as a solo artist. Regardless of where you stand with Liam’s situation, let’s be realistic Business Hoes about this - Liam claimed that baby as his. That baby has his last name, and that doesn’t just disappear when the clock strikes midnight and a contract ends, and from the way this past week has been going, that baby appears to be an active part of Liam’s marketing (at least in the UK).


Time for a little Zerrie throwback - I believe this photo is photoshopped.

The shadow behind Zayn makes sense - you can see an open-legged shadow of Zayn’s legs, as well as a side-profile shadow of Perrie.

However, the shadow behind Perrie doesn’t make sense:

Perrie is standing with closed legs, but the shadow behind her has open legs, and thus must be a shadow of Zayn.

While yes it’s true that a person can have multiple shadows coming from multiple light sources, I don’t think there’s any possible way for Zayn’s shadow with open legs in full view to be perpendicular to him. Shadows have to start where the feet meet the ground, and this shadow definitely does not.

There is no natural way I can see for that shadow to occur.

Edit: longer tl;dr explanation here if the above doesn’t make sense to you.

some of y’all: zerrie is goalz, louis and briana are so cute together!!

Next week. the same people: zigi is the ultimate power couple! Louis and danielle look amazing, they’re adorablez!

next month: zayn & blank are my otpz! louis & blank are my favz, I love this couple!!

*me since the beginning*: ziam is real, larry is real, i’m chill