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before I forget, in case the audio from Niall’s interview with JoJo Wright last Tuesday never makes it up online, JoJo asked Niall if he had any pre-show rituals, and Niall said that his vocal coach, Helene, had put together a vocal warm-up of all the song parts that the band sings together, and his favourite thing was singing through that with his band before going on stage.

and dammit that gave me all the fucking feels. that he’s a solo artist, but being part of a band is still so important to him. that after perhaps a growing distance between his 1D bandmates, he now has a new band to share the ride with - one that he has chosen himself. and that as the leader of the band this time around, he sets the tone for how they work together - and how to keep them together, even as the venues get bigger and the novelty of touring starts to fade.

This Day in 1D History - July 28


  • Niall, Harry, and Liam hit the course with JLS!


  • 1D meet Eddie Vedder backstage before the show!!
  • Take Me Home Tour concert – Seattle, USA, feat. a misguided phone toss and Liam (literally) pulling Louis’ leg(s) :)) 


  • Louis makes a special announcement <333
  • Harry has some trouble with the choreo at a hilariously adorable M&G
  • On the Road Again Tour concert—Kansas City, USA 


  • Harry and Tom are all smiles on set :))
First Impression*

Anonymous: can u make more modeling imagines?? like how harry meets y/n and he feels like she is familiar but cant remember. and when they are like hanging in tour bus or backstage etc (1d does exist) one of the boys finds her cover of like it being revealing. and so on

I’ve changed this up a bit so it fits in with the series!


You and Harry had been dating for a few months now and this was the first time you were going to meet the boys. Harry invited you on a couple of tour dates and to say you were nervous was an understatement.

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mentioning the hiatus in 2015

In roughly chronological order. In some cases they’re literally just mentioning it, answering the oft-repeated ‘what will you do during this hiatus?’. I’m certain this isn’t comprehensive, but it’s pretty long, so I’m including a cut.

Harry was responding to a reporter across from him, and as far as I could hear, Louis says, “Oh no, never know!” (Summertime Ball, June 2015)

(Idol Sweden, 10/13/15)

(Sunrise Australia)

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Okay so in the Backstage Video of the Apple Music Festival (that comes with the Per-ordered Deluxe Edition of MITAM), this thing happens… Again…

- Louis is looking at Harry as he speaks, all good, no problem.

- He looks away and smiles at what he’s saying (aww Louis Fondlinson you break our hearts)

- Then he looks off set at someone out of shot

- And immediately looks away as the smile drops off his face and he continues to look upset until the camera cuts to something else.

This all happens in a space of about three seconds. We all know it isn’t the first time, but the fact that it happens over and over again is heartbreaking. It’s so hard to watch.


Larry looking like they tryna avoid catching a disease and liam is deadass balls deep in niall, when will we get justice?