1d baby pics

ok um im so sorry like NOAH FENCE but……….  

niall: ey mate, proud of you

harry: why’s that exactly, niall?

niall: last two in the band to not have gotten a girl pregnant!



harry: true!

*nods and highfives*

He tweets a picture of your child 2


@Louis_Tomlinson: Cheeky lil’ pout before her ballet class! Love my lil’ miss X

@Real_Liam_Payne: Guess who got a huuuge smile from a verryyy sleepy baby today? ;) #prouddaddy #lookatthatface  

@Harry_Styles: “Do you wanna smile for daddy? No? Okay." 

@zaynmalik: Little man almost looks as good as me, aha #itsalllove :) x

@NiallOfficial: Look at my princess! She’ll eat anything including a good bit of snow! HAHAHAHA she cracks me up!

anonymous asked:

Hi! Do you have a MP about Harry and his adoration for pregnant women/babies? I feel like this is important information and deserves to be well documented. lol

I don’t… so I made one! 

Nothing gets Harry Elizabeth Styles more excited than a bun in the oven because he used to be a baker. 

Harry has eyes for pregnant women like a falcon does for its prey.

 Harry always rubs his own tummy when he sees a baby bump. 

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