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Dressing like 1D in ‘Four’ shoot. 

Harry is a bit improvised cos well, those tassels and tan boots and unusual rings and sheer floral shirt with titties out are just too much ‘him’ to pass the opportunity lol. Louis’ shoes and Liam’s scarf are also improvised.. and also couldn’t help but use that shirt for Niall haha ;). But overall I think I managed to use my wardrobe to create the general aesthetic of each boy quite well :D. And I think the Liam one is my fave! (Also damn I need to switch up my posing… 🙈)

Thanks to myfrogsonharold for photos and ideas <3 

1d & their love languages

(based on a conversation i had with @dearly i can’t believe how much thought i’ve put into this. clearly my summer has been put to good use)

Louis: Gifts giving/verbal expression:::: Louis (clearly) likes giving things to people. He buys his mum flowers, he gave gifts to Harvey’s family, he buys Harry clothes and (we can assume) rings. Louis, also, really loves the fans which he talks about frequently and passionately. And I’m using the fans as an example because we don’t really hear him talk about his family a lot, but in the instance that he is talking about people he loves, he finds genuine comfort and ease in that, which, I feel, says a lot about how he loves

Harry: Action/physical expression:::: Harry, I think, does like giving gifts to people to some degree but I feel like his expressions of love are more personalized and public (ex: songwriting, anchor tattoo, etc). (Which, yes, Louis writes songs about his love life too, but I feel like Harry find comfort in that in the sense that he does it behind closed doors as well; he loves Lottie but he might not write her a song, (hence what I mean by he personalizes how he expresses) but he would do something equally as public (if he were permitted to). Harry is also a cuddlebunny, which you can see from the plethora of pictures that have amassed over the years. He’s very tactile, and clingy, even to some degree, with certain fans. (Though that’s more a polite affection, some fans he seems genuinely at ease with and comfortable being affectionate with)

Zayn: Mix of Physical/Facial Expression/Intimacy/Trust:::: This is so interesting to me because Harry and Zayn love the same way but in different ways. Zayn, I feel, is okay with verbal and physical(touch) expression of his love, but I feel like he finds most comfort in silent expression. Since facial expressions comprise like 90% of what we’re thinking, he seems to rely on that for people to understand he loves them and cares for them, which requires a level of intimacy which also, coincidentally, brings me to my next point, where it seems he expresses a lot of his love through allowing people be intimate (emotionally) with him. Which, I suppose, comes with a measure of trust because while Zayn is a giant squishy teddybear inside I get the impression he isn’t one to let his defenses down so easily. He doesn’t hide his squishy center in the sense that he pretends it doesn’t exist, but he does protect it.

Liam: Verbal Expression (Aggressive Protection)(?)/Versatility in Expression: I didn’t know how else to describe it, but Aggression in this sense, is not a bad thing. Aggression in the sense that Liam is always calculating. From the moment you say something against someone he loves (using the boys as an example of course), he’s very planned and deliberate in how he combats it. And I know I am using the boys as an example but I feel like this carries into his family/personal life as well. And when I say versatility in expression, he bickers when Person A wants to bicker, he touches when Person B expresses touch. It’s a very nice quality to have, actually.

Niall: ?????/Physical Affection: All the boys are extremely tactile and Niall is no different, though Niall is interesting because while I feel a lot of his on stage affection is exaggerated and contrived, I also believe that he is genuinely physically affectionate with the boys. I mean, he kissed Zayn on the cheek during that interview at the TiU premier and Zayn didn’t even flinch, so he does seem to express his love physically quite frequently. But that’s about the only vibe I get from Niall because Niall is hard to read and so very isolated.

Of course I don’t know any of the boys personally, and I could be way off but based on what I’ve seen, I’d say this is a pretty solid assessment.