1d airport

In the hotel room

But what about Harry getting a hard on at the airport and he can’t wait to take you to your hotel room and when you finally get there, he wraps an arm around your waist and throws your baggage somewhere on the floor. His lips attack your neck and he slams the door behind you. His leg is between yours and your fingers tangled in your hair, slightly tugging at it. His hands are on the wall above your head and he’s leaving red marks all over your skin.

“Need something?” you smile and reach down for his belt.

“Just…” he moans when your hand slides down his boxers and you hold his cock, “Please, babe, please”

He lifts you and you wrap your legs around his waist. His fingers tease your entrance while he bites your nipple. Your head is tilted back and your back is against the cold door. You take off your shirt and unbotten your jeans before he rips off your panties and trusts in you.

“God, Harry!” you scream, not even a thought that someone can hear you cross your mind.

“Are yeh ready Y/N?” he smirks and you already know how roughtly this one will be, “Because i’m fucking going to destroy yeh.”

  • me in 2010: larry is so real
  • me in 2011: larry is so real
  • me in 2012: larry is so real
  • me in 2013: larry is so real
  • me in 2014: larry is so real
  • me in 2015: larry is so real
  • me on my deathbed: larry is so real
Preference #06 Airport Days


Going to Ireland


Going to France


Going to New York


Going to LA


Going to Italy