1d VIP

You know what’s great? 1D fans made several (hundred) post(s) about how the music we (kpoppers) listen to is what ‘outcasts us in school’ and 'labels (kpoppers) as anime losers’ but have they not realized what is wrong here?

Yes, to them, that is being a 'loser’ and an 'outcast’, but only from people who are as close-minded as they are. For those of us who are part of this genre, we’ve found friends and families who stick by us even after we have minor wars amongst ourselves.

Despite the fact that people from all walks of the Kpop life didn’t have to get jnvolved in this war, they have. They’ve done it to support friends and biases alike. They’ve done it to remind everyone that we stick together, no matter how different we are in language, religion, race, or nationality.

That is why we don’t care about winning this war– because we already have. We’ve united an entire genre of music against a single band’s fandom, a fandom that has outcasted many of its own members by making racist comments about Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese idols in kpop and assuming that they wouldn’t be insulting the 1D members from those areas as well. We won by not having to pull out any cheap cards either, such as the tragic and heart breaking deaths of two wonderful women who were more than idols– who were family.

So you keep fighting, 1D, because 1 of 2 things will happen: you’re fight will die out and this will become an utter embarrassment to you in the future, or the men you worship so much see your messages of hatred and racism on their behalf and are appalled that their fans could be so hideous.

Your choice.

A loser, an outcast, a Kpopper.


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