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The one where you know what you want.

Finally, the fifth addition to the Divorce Series AU. I was inspired by two books written by Colleen Hoover, ‘November 9 and Hopeless’, I highly recommend giving it a read. They are amazing.  Let me know in my ask box if you guys are enjoyed this part. ENJOY! :)

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Dating Harry Styles (post 1d) Would Include

*Him never calling you by your real name, it’s always pet names (love, babe, sweetheart, etc.) 

 *You constantly watching the Dunkirk trailers, and saying “OMG that’s you” whenever you see his face 

 *Him being nervous to let you hear his new music because you are the last person he wants to disappoint 

 *You constantly reassuring him that his new music is amazing and you could never be more proud of how far he has come 

 *“Harry, what should I get as a tattoo?" 

"Doesn’t matter love, but whatever you decide I’m getting it too." 

 *Him telling you that you are going to make a guest appearance on James Corden’s late late show during the week Harry hosts. 

- you instantly being online shopping for an outfit to wear

 *Him constantly telling you how beautiful he thinks you are -Literally like 25/8 *being sad that he isn’t in 1D anymore, but also loving the amount of time you get with him now 

 *competing over who will say I love you first in the morning (and last at night before you go to bed)

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I thought some one said it was a sister of the girl and ua

yeah but the point is, every time louis breathes on SM he gets thousands of replies. the fact that he just /happened/ to reply to her (twice) is… incredibly coincidental. and 1D is full of *cough* coincidences

Going with Harry to tape the BBC Radio 1 interview with Grimmy (Fluffy af)

Or when you have to keep secret that you filmed a video question for Harry…

“Nervous?” you ask before taking a large bite of toast with butter and jam.

“It’s just a normal chat with Nick,” he wipes the crumbs from your lip before you can swat his hand away, adding, “I’m just nervous for it to air.”

“Yeah, too bad we can’t be on the beach with Nicky when that happens,” you smirk from your perch on one of the tall stools by the breakfast bar.

Harry smacks your thigh lightly from his seat next to you, nearly spitting out his tea. “You know he hates when you call him that,” he tilts his head to the side as his body shakes silently with laughter.

“‘S’why I call ‘im that,” you say with a mouthful of jam.

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Masterlist Updated


Mean Fuck (Frat Niall Smut)

Dirty Dare (Michael Clifford Smut)

Drunken State (Luke Hemmings Smut)

Wake Up Call (Niall Horan Smut)

Daddy Kink (Ashton Irwin Smut)

Home (Larry Smut)

White Secret (Calum Smut)

Mini Skirt (NIall Daddy Kink Smut)

Unusual First Night (Niall Smut)

Succumbing To The Prick (Niall Smut)

Preference And Imagines:

He Hears You Sing (5SOS 4/4 Imagine)

Backstage Quickie (1D 4/4 Preference)

Cuddles (Larry Stylinson Imagine)

CEO!Michael Short Imagine

Calum Hood Blurb!

Midnight Snack (5SOS 4/4 Imagine)

How He Kisses You (5SOS 4/4 Imagine)

Bad Internet Connection Makes Him Thinks You Didn’t Care (Lashton 2/4 Imagine)

How You Met Calum

How You Met Michael

How You Met Luke

How You Met Ashton

Morning Preference (5SOS 4/4 Imagine)

Snowy Day (5SOS 4/4 Preference)

He Walks In On You Changing (Cashton)

You Guys Dine With His Family (5SOS Preference 4/4)

He Founds Out You’re Extremely Ticklish (5SOS Preference 4/4)

Cute Tweet Wars (Cashton)

Football Girl (Niall Imagine)

Jealous - Nick Jonas (Luke Imagine)

Disney World (Father Ashton Imagine)

Happier (any of them sad imagine)


Hot Cocoa, Marhsmallow and Harry Styles (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

Niall Horan - “Fall Out”

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get to this one love, I know you’ve been waiting for it! I’ve also decided to start putting the ‘read more’ further down - to give a slight preview, ya know? And give them actual ‘titles’ lol

There was a time in your life that Niall Horan was the center of your world. Not so much in a romantic way but you were certain that had things not gone the way that they had it would have been a possibility. 

“You’re gonna forget all about me.” You joke the day before he left for his X-Factor audition. Neither of you knew what was going to happen but you had full faith in him.  

“You’ve been my life since we were kids, Y/N, how on earth could I forget about you.” You take in his frown, the look of concern on that adorable face of his and sigh, giving a slight shrug. 

“Maybe not forget about me so much as just move on. You’ll be off doing better things than sitting around here with me.” Niall sighs and reaches his arm out for you, pulling you against his skinny body. You just felt this sense of dread in your stomach, fearing that this was it. 

“No matter where I go or do, I’m not leaving you behind.“ He promised, exchanging smiles with you. You wanted to believe him… you really did.

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Just. Be kind. This fandom has been hurt /a lot/. People are tired, and angry, and /sad/. Let them be. Don’t fight with each other. Stop hurting and manipulating each other. Just be nice. Do what you feel you should do. But be good.

Marshmallow & Hot Cocoa (Harry Styles Imagine)

Summary: A christmas miracle happen over a small café with a marshmallow and hot cocoa 

Pairing: reader x harry 

Warning: only really cheesy words 

 Harry’s POV 

I look up the sky. Snow falling to my face. Christmas is one of the holidays i like. Family and friends gather together, enjoying good quality time. Everyone where they supposed to be. 

 With their love ones

Well except for me. I’m still finding her, she who i don’t know yet. This life is getting empty without her. All the people the touring, I long to share it to her. My very own someone. Shrugging my thoughts I shouldn’t be sad or gloomy in christmas eve. I should be happy, this is the first day off I can get after long times of working in the studio. Sadly, I can’t be with my family this christmas. The weather is getting colder. Tightening my coat, I step in to a small café. The place looks cozy and expectedly hardly anyone is there. Except a girl there sitting in the corner near the window. She’s caught up in her book. Constantly reaching to the bowl in front of her, now empty. I looked down to mine. Oh marshmallows. I decide to order a hot cocoa to the waiter. Inspecting her further, I think to myself. 

 She’s beautiful. Intriguing actually. 

Reaching out to my bowl, I pick it up and walk towards her.

“Out of marshmallows?” I said and smile when she lifted her face from her book and stare at my presence.

Have you ever seen an aurora? Even from the tv or even google? Its magnificent. I may sound cheesy right now but God help me. This girl in front of me, would be like a hundred auroras and flowers combine together with all those others nice and sweet things.

“Haha yea.. Seems like I’m too caught up.” She smile as she reach forward taking one from mine. “Thanks um?”


“Y/N”. She said smiling.

“Well what are you doing here alone in christmas eve?” She asked me

“Didn’t get to see my family. So currently being a loner.” I chuckled.

She frowns. “Same, I guess we can be two loners then?”

I grin at her. “Definitely.”

“What about girlfriend? Boyfriend? Hey I don’t judge!” She wink. 

“No, I’m single as a pringle.”

“Really? I am having a hard time believing Harry Styles doesn’t have anybody up his sleeve. No offense.” She lean back to her chair.

“No.” I chuckled. “I see that I blew my cover.” I said meaning she recognise me.

“Haha, sorry if I creep you out. But I try my best to start a normal convo, I think you don’t fancy me screaming when Harry Styles is talking to me.” 

I smiled again. She is something, okay. 

“So, what about you? Taken by anyone or just book and marshy over here.” I point to the marshmallow on the table.

“Nah, same luck as yours haha.” 

“Well care to hang out with me?”

She seems to be thinking for a while.

“Well why not? Not like I have anything to do.” She smile and closing her book.

After we finish our cocoa and the marshmallows, We decide to have a walk around the freezing river.

“So, hows life?” I asked as we stop and take a seat at one of the chair. 

“Well, always been a slut fucking with everyone’s life, but well, its good good. Wbu Mr. Curly?”

“Just got my day off after long time working in the studio. Just my luck, cant spend it with my family, but hey! I got you! That’s much better than I can ask.” I said truthfully making her blush, her cheeks reddening even more in the cold weather.

“Well for me this gotta be the best christmas eve ever. I met you, and now we’re both hanging out.” “True.”

We just stare at each other for a while before I lean in. Her lips just looks so enticing. Inviting.

So I did, I kissed her. And it taste like marshmallow. Sweet, but at the same time magical.

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This whole thing is so ridiculous tho and it's an actual misunderstanding (I'm assuming this started from the messages Sonja's been publishing I haven't seen anything else) because no one is talking about an actual boycott of Harry's album and she's certainly not but if you look at anons other blogs are getting you'd think she's organizing a fandom wide Harry sabotage and this misinformation is spreading and leading to indirects and insults and an already fractured fandom falling apart even more

misinformation has always been a big problem around here. everyone is so full of anger and it’s been directed all over the place. people just need to TALK to each other and stop yelling and being mean. it takes nothing to be nice and hear each other out. absolutely nothing. people just need to calm down. i get everyone’s riled up but come on

i like…dont care about the discourse because i dont think its gonna have any impact at all but im gonna say that some of yall have been threatening (and actually doing it) to boycott 1d and their singles and their albums multiple times since 2013 over petty stuff and, (i know its not exactly the same) but some of yall were (are) ready to boycott a girl band of innocent teenagers JUST because they are associated with syco.

just saying some of you dont really get a say in this lmao.