1D Hiatus: Day 358

* Niall gets papped while shopping in Beverly Hills

* A 7-minute prologue for ‘Dunkirk’ is said to be released with ‘Rogue One’

* A picture of Louis with a fan at KFC in Doncaster yesterday comes out

It’s Dec 5th, 2016.

Blogmas 3; A Christmas Welcome.

aww your christmas stories will be so good! maybe a story where H takes his girlfriend home for the very first time for christmas and thats the first time she meet his mom and sister and robin. I could imagine shed be soooooooo nervous and anxious :o

The missus’ first Christmas with Harry and his family and she’s nervous. Imagine how sweet he’d be trying to comfort her

Harry and missus are at Harry’s parents annual Christmas party and Harry gets drunk

Christmas at Harry’s old house with his family,and Anne starts to show the missus photos of baby harry,and harry would get so embarrassed and blush,dear good

Here we have the long-awaited and anticipated third instalment to Blogmas, 2016. Thank you for being patient with me, my lovelies. You’re all wonderful and I’m thankful for all of the requests that you’ve sent in; they’re all amazing. A little over 6.5k words here, but, it’s filled with festive feels and everything so I hope it makes you get Christmas-y.

Four requests in one here, so, thank you every Anon who sent them in. I’ve had so much fun writing these ones and I’m looking forward to the others that I have stocked in a document, hahaha. I hope you enjoy this; feedback would be wonderful. xx

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Your future is so bright and big that you shouldn’t think about the things that have happened in the past. You need to focus on you and push yourself to make it to your lifelong dream. You are loved.


i was peaking through my drafts and realized i never posted this gem. i quite like this piece actually. something about any kind of dad!harry really gets to me. imagining harold as a father? cuteness overload. 

WARNINGS :: not much, man. i will say i envision their ages to be about 23-24 because it’s *5 years after they were 18*. super cool stuff. not too too important but if you needed an era to think of i would think OTRA/2015 harry :) 

my masterlist xx


“I didn’t want to hurt you. I left for you and I know that sounds like bullshit but it’s the truth! Your career was finally taking off and I could see how happy you were, how could I take that away from you?”

Harry’s awestruck. Simply and completely awestruck. How can she even say this? They were in it together. They grew up together, they were eachother’s wingmen, they were eachother’s first love. They went through everything together.


harry and y/n reconnect after 5 years.

- - -

Harry didn’t know what had happened. In all the truth that could be told, he didn’t really ever just notice someone in a random crowd.

Sure, there could be someone who was pretty or hot that caught his eye. But to have a magnetic pull like this to a seeming stranger, made his head spin.

But that’s his very problem.

She’s most definitely not a stranger, and she’s most definitely not just some pretty girl, and she’s most definitely not a random person.

It’s Y/N.

The love of Harry’s life, to explain it in a short way, yet, she shouldn’t be.

See, they broke up over 5 years ago and Harry has just never really gotten over her. He thinks he may never.

Because she was magnetic.

She was infatuating.

She was immaculate.

But they were just so young.

Or at least those were her words.

Because when you’re on one knee with a ring, asking for a hand in marriage, you don’t expect anything bad to happen.

But that’s where Harry was five years ago.

Young love was not to be trusted. They were only 18 and maybe she did know better but Harry simply didn’t give a fuck.

Because he was in love with her. He still is.

But now he stands here faced with the rejection of his life and she hasn’t even looked at him yet.

He doesn’t know whether to approach her or get the hell away from her and never come back.

But before his mind can make his decision, his heart beats him to it with quick strides of his long legs so he can be close to her.

Maybe Harry was clumsy, he always had been. But in the haste of not seeing your one true love in over 5 years might have made his approach a bit unorthodox.

She was holding a donut or something of that sort and that ends up on the floor when Harry trips over the sidewalk and basically falls on top of her.

Yeah, so maybe Harry was a bit clumsy.

“Ouch,” she giggles that airy laugh that Harry just adores, “Bit clumsy there-”

Her eyes meet his and the words that were escaping from her lips are now stuck in her throat and Y/N seriously considers hallucinating is the answer to what is happening.

It takes Harry a good 10 seconds to finally get the hell off of her after practically falling on top of her because of the trance he seemed to be in.

He always did love her eyes.

“God, m’so sorry, I can’t believe I just did that - holy shit…” he’s rambling and Y/N knows he only rambles when he’s nervous.

“Harry, it’s okay. I’m fine.”

Are you, though?”

And that’s the question that has absolutely nothing to do with the last thing she said.

Is she okay? Did she find someone else? Is he better than Harry? Is she engaged? Is she married?

He also was prone to exaggerating things to an extent.

There’s no ring on her finger but there’s also no sign of regret.

She’s so incredibly hard to read and Harry always struggled with that. She’s like a mystery that’s just waiting to be solved.

“Harry, I don’t think-”

“Please. Jus’, tell me one thing.”

She appears to be hesitant in her decision because she knows exactly what he’s about to ask. This isn’t what normally happens, right? You don’t randomly bump into an old love after 5 years and rehash on distant decisions.

Do you?

“I told you that day.”

Harry thinks that’s a load of fucking bullshit.

“You didn’t. Don’t act like I don’ know yeh, Y/N. I know when you’re not telling the truth. You didn’t tell me the truth that day and you’re still not.”

He doesn’t mean to come off so forward and confrontational but he blames it on five years of hopeless thinking about why in the hell did she leave him?

“This is crazy, I can’t- we haven’t seen each other in over 5 years!”

She’s absentmindedly pushing him back out of reflex. She made the decision that day, and he couldn’t be apart of it. Sometimes she blames herself, that it was a selfish thing to abandon him from. But she did it for him.

“There’s so much I’ve wanted to tell you and I can’t take back any decision I’ve made. I loved you and you were amazing but I was so damn scared-”

“Fuck that,” He interrupts her with the shake of his head because everything she’s saying is driving him crazy, “I loved yeh and yeh just left! ‘Said no for the love of God! Then you decide ‘hm let’s crush him even more and disappear for no fuckin’ reason!’. If I was so amazing how could you leave me like that?”

Her eyes are brimming with tears she hasn’t felt in so long. If guilty could be used Y/N would say it was an understatement. The tears of heartbreak and if anyone can define the word heartbreak it would be Harry and Y/N.

“I didn’t want to hurt you. I left for you and I know that sounds like bullshit but it’s the truth! Your career was finally taking off and I could see how happy you were, how could I take that away from you?”

Harry’s awestruck. Simply and completely awestruck. How can she even say this? They were in it together. They grew up together, they were eachother’s wingmen, they were eachother’s first love. They went through everything together.

“No, you can’t do that. Don’ blame that shit on me. Was crushed when you left! I didn’t leave my bloody apartment for 2 damn weeks! How could you even say that? That I would be better off without my main source of happiness, such bullshit.”

When they were dating, they never fought. Harry asked Y/N out for the first  dance of the year in 9th grade and they started dating the next day when those “magical sparks” went off when they shared a midnight kiss. Foolish really, because they were both only 14 and at that time they had no idea what was ahead of them.

Big stuff, evidently, because a couple years later, Harry started getting bigger and bigger. More people were noticing him and the world seemed to be much more vast than either of them would’ve expected. He wasn’t just Harry anymore, he was Harry Styles. And Y/N would admit to being scared he would forget about her. She grew up with him and if he was going to disregard her for the world, she would’ve been heartbroken. Ironic now. 15, going on 16, going on 17, going on 18 and he always made sure she felt like a princess. Better than that, in fact, because she was the Queen to his King.

And that’s exactly why Harry is so beyond confused and Y/N is so regretful of leaving him. But she was so scared. Scared of losing him to something that she wasn’t in control of keeping alive. Then he proposed and that scared her even more. And because they never ever fought, she didn’t want to start.

So, she left.

“I didn’t know how to deal with you being upset with me. You were my anchor and you had never yelled before that. I couldn’t handle it.”

“Couldn’t handle me yelling - what the fu - c'mon love, what the hell would I had been mad at you for? You were the only person in my life I could’ve never yelled at. Too special.”

Y/N’s full on crying now and Harry would admit to holding those tears back himself. How did they even end up like this? Was it fate that they ran into each other?

“Yes!” she’s taking deep breaths, trying to gain control over her emotions, “I didn’t know how in God’s name you’d react.”

He furrows his eyebrows and shakes his head, more confused than ever.

“React? React to wha?”

“I was- fuck, I can’t-”

He puts his ringed hand on her shoulder and it’s then that she looks up into his eyes and the connection that is brought forth is mind numbing. Harry doesn’t like to see her so upset, it breaks his heart.

“Y/N, please don’ cry, I didn’t mean to be so forward like-”

“I was pregnant! I-I was pregnant, Harry.”

And it’s as if those words repeat over and over in his mind as they slow down to a point he can evaluate every spark of realization. But he’s stunned. Irrevocably stunned and he has no idea what to say.

“You - we were - what?” There’s no hint of anger in his voice but pure astonishment and he sounds as if he might cry. Whatever scenario he had come up with in his head would never have amounted to this.

“I don’t know what to say,” he’s talking in an octave that surely hasn’t been reached since before puberty but neither of them seem to notice.

She looks up at him with a pained smile, “She’s beautiful, Harry.”

It’s then that his whole world completely flips upside down. He has a daughter. What does she look like? Did she get his eyes or her mum’s? Did she get his nose or her mum’s?

He hopes she looks everything like her mother because if so she’s the prettiest girl in the whole world.

“Wh-what’s her name?” He has no trace of anger to the tone of his words and Y/N is completely shocked.

“Y-You’re not mad?” She’s got a little furrow of her eyebrows that creates creases on her forehead and Harry so desperately wants to kiss them away.

“How could I- Y/N, m’so sorry if yeh ever thought I wouldn’t be able to handle a family but if I’m being completely honest, raising a family with you was always my biggest dream.”

She’s got tears in her eyes again but they aren’t from sadness anymore, rather, utter happiness and pure relief that has been sitting on her shoulders for over five years.

“Darling, I know this is a lot but-”

“Victoria. Her name’s Victoria.”

He smiles then, because that’s the name she told him so very long ago she would name her first daughter.

“Tori for short, yeah?”

She giggles then and Harry really doesn’t think there’s any sound in our universe that could top it. She’s a proper angel or summat.

“You remembered.”

Both Harry and Y/N think this is their happy place. Together. Nowhere and no one else could compete with this feeling.

“Yeah, I mean, when yeh deleted all your social media it was kinda hard to track you down. Jus’ figured ya didn’t wan’ me to stalk you every other night,”

Somehow the universe has brought them even closer together because Y/N has her arms around his waist as he nuzzles into neck. Correction, their happy place is right in each other’s arms.

“Moved to Europe for a couple years, actually. Basically dropped off the face of the planet. It was just me and her for a while. Then I met someone and he was great but the problem was,” she tilts her neck up to meet his eyes, “he wasn’t you.”

The kiss they share then is one that could cause world peace. It’s something out of a movie and neither Y/N nor Harry ever want it to end. They’ve missed each other more than humanly describable.

She breaks the kiss with his lips following in a close pursuit until she pecks them once and whispers, “Come upstairs with me, would you?”

His eyes flutter around for a second and then he realizes they’re in an apartment building. A nice one at that. Does she…

“You live here?” Suddenly realization flashes across his face, “Wait, you mean to meet-”

“Yes, Harold. To meet your daughter. But if we don’t get a move along I’ll have to overtime pay the nanny so come on.”

She grabs his arm and drags him to the elevator but not before he pulls her in for another kiss.

“I love you, Y/N. S'very much.”

He looks down at her in hopes to not have scared her off again but with the most beautiful smile that could be compared to art is sent his way, he’d say he’s doing okay.

“I love you, too. And I’m sorry for breaking your heart,”

“But you’re here now, and that’s all that matters.” He interrupts her with promise holding eyes.

Young love is filled with many things. Adrenaline, lust, and danger. You almost always get burned. Really, it’s something that should be outlawed.

It’s a good thing Y/N and Harry love breaking the rules.


feedback is very much appreciated. send me an ask if you liked it or wanted to suggest something or even if you were confused on something. love talking to you guys xx

all the fucking love,


Come With Me

A/N: Requested by @amberhere-hi! So sorry for the delay, love! Hope ya like it!

Character: Niall

Warning(s): None

Originally posted by littleirishlover93

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Niall Smut// Fifteen Days

@jennalbriggs asked,“Could you do a Niall smut where he comes home from a long day at the Studio then starts working on his laptop and you start teasing him”


You sat on Niall’s couch waiting for him to come home while watching tv. You didn’t leave here, but your roommate had her boyfriend over. Watching them made you miss Niall even more than usual. He’s been busy with work in the studio all week and you rarely saw him.

You heard the door open and keys changeling door the apartment hallway. Your eyes brightened as you heard Niall stepping down the hallway.

“Y/N? Is that you?” Nial asked, running upstairs, most likely to his room.

“Yeah, I wanted to see if you could hang out tonight?” you called to him.

He didn’t answer.You could only hear him going through his things. He came down the stairs and walked into the living room.

“Hey, darling,” he said before kissing your cheek.

“Hey, so I thought maybe we could order some food and watch a movie and cuddle for a little,” you suggested, facing him from the couch.

“I would love to baby, but I have to work a bit tonight,” he told you, “but if you want to stay and order some food, I’d be okay with that,” he said before walking away to his office.

It has been ten days since you and Niall had spent any real time together; it had been fifteen since you actually had sex. Not only did you miss him, you needed him. His hands, his arms, his lips, everything. You had made attempts to get him alone, but he was either busy or tired.

You got up from the soft couch and walked into the doorway of his office. His hair was disheveled, and he seemed stressed. He was typing quickly and stopping every once and awhile.

“You okay?” you asked Niall. His head slowly raised up. You recognized his tired blue eyes as soon as they met yours.

He ran his hands down his face and nodded, “I’m fine, I’m good.”

You didn’t believe him. You walked over to him and sat down on his lap. You wrapped your arms around his neck,

“I think you need to relieve some stress, baby. You’ve been working a lot lately,” you whispered in his ear.

“Y/N, I have to work. I need to finish this before the end of the week,” he told you sternly. “I can’t have any distractions right now.”

You pouted and ran your fingers through his hair that was browner than it was blonde now, “That means you have three days to finish this, and I can maybe help you.”

“I’m in the studio for the next couple days then I have to fly out to LA on Friday,” he sighed.

“Please,” you mumbled, slowly rocking your hips against his. “It’s been ten days since we spent any time together, Ni. Fifteen since we had sex, and you love sex,” you reminded him.

He slightly chuckled, “Baby, don’t do this.” You raised your eyebrows, questioning him. “Don’t move your hips like that, darling. I need you to get down.”

“Okay,” you smirked while you slid off his lap and onto your knees in front of him. You slowly ran your hands up his thighs and around his crotch.

“Y/N, I’m bus-”

“Then just work, Ni,” you whispered as you undid his zipper and his pants buttons. You slid his pants down to is ankles, leaving him in just his boxers. Niall was only semi-hard through his boxers when you massaged his cock.

“Baby, baby, stop. I can’t focus,” he told, slightly groaning.

You ignored him as you took his cock out of boxers. You licked the palm of your hand and gripped his cock. You rubbed your hand from the tip to his balls. You looked up at your flustered boyfriend; he was a mess.

You dragged your tongue around his tip causing him to moan. You continuously did this as your hands ran down his shaft. He ran his fingers through your hair as you took him fully into your mouth.

“Fuck, Y/N,” he moaned, biting his lip.

You hadn’t seen Niall this worked up in awhile. His cheeks were red, his hair was wild, and the lust in his eyes was intense. You continued bobbing your head and rolling your tongue around his cock. You could feel his member becoming harder in your mouth; he was fully hard by now; he was yours now.

You released him from your mouth, leaving him a bit disgruntle, “Well, you’re a busy man, and you have to work so…” you smiling, standing up from your knees.

“Oh no you don’t, baby girl,” Niall growled, standing with you. “You just woke up fifteen days of sexual frustration, and you’re not going anywhere.”

His hands lifted up your hoodie revealing your bra-less chest. His hands roamed your chest as his lips attacked your neck. You leaned against his wood and marble desk. Niall kicked off his jeans and underwear from his ankles.  He helped you onto the desk and removed your leggings.

“Were you wearing any underwear?” Niall questioned, sliding your leggings off. “You walked in here today just wanting to be fucked, didn’t you?”

“Maybe,” you mumbled.

“I bet you came in here wet, didn’t you?” His finger played with your wet silt. “You just couldn’t wait for me to fuck this pussy.” You shook your head in a response. He rubbed his cock against your silt. “I’m going to need an answer from you, baby.”

“Niall, I need your cock; I’ve needed it for days. Please fuck me, Ni,” you begged.

“Lay down.” You placed your back on the cold surface.

Niall didn’t waste any time placing his cock inside of you. You were already back in heaven with Niall slowly thrusting into you. His arms held your legs to get deeper inside of you.

This is what you had been craving for two weeks. You knew touching yourself wasn’t the same.  

“Fuck, is it me or did you get tighter than the last time because damn, you’ve never left so good,” Niall mentioned in between moans.

He quickened his tempo. He held both of your wrists over your head after you tried touching yourself.

“I haven’t touched you in fifteen days,” he reminded you as his right hand squeezed your breast again. “You just lay there and enjoy yourself, babe.”

You felt yourself already close to your high. You knew Niall wasn’t even close to being finished with you. You knew he was only getting started, but you couldn’t help yourself.

“Niall, I’m s-so close,” you cried.

“Don’t you dare. I’m not done with you yet,” you mumbled. He pulled you by your arms to meet him. “In my arms, baby girl.”

You did so as he lifted you by your ass and you wrapped your arms around his neck. You attached your lips to his, throwing him off balance and into the fall. You both laughed against each other’s lips.

“Fuck me against this wall,” you whispered against his skin. “Please, Ni.”

He turned you around so your back faced the wall, “Well, yes, ma’am.”

He re-entered you again with his head in the crook of your neck. You bounced with his thrust; you were in perfect sync. His right hand gripped your hair as he left his mark on your neck collar.

“Holy fu-fuck,” you cried out.

You were breathless in Niall’s animal-like actions. You knew you weren’t going to make it. He was hitting every place just right.

“Baby, I can’t anymore. I’m going to cum!” you told him as quickened his thrust to the point of being sloppy.

“Come on, Y/N. Cum all over my cock,” Niall told you.

You felt fifteen days of lust sweep right from under you. Your body shook in Niall’s arms as you reached your high.

Niall let out profanity after profanity as he approached his high with you. He felt his arms getting weaker as you slid down the wall with Niall falling with you. You fell on top of him as you both ended your highs. You were lying down on Niall’s rising chest.

You heard Niall’s phone from the desk begin to ring. Niall looked up as you looked at him.

“Um I think I’ll just-” you began but he stopped you.

“No, just let it ring,” Niall told you. “You said you wanted to watch a movie and get some food.”

“You have to work, and I’ve distracted you enough if it isn’t obvious,” you smiled.

“Y/N, you are my work. I’ll order the food, and you pick out the movie.”

“Niall, you said you had a deadline in a cou-” you were quickly cut off as Niall picked you up again. He placed you on the desk again and handed you your clothes.

“Like I said, go find a movie, baby,” he mumbled before kissing your forehead.

You put your hoodie back on and smiled, “Niall Horan, I love you.”

“Y/n Y/L/N, I love you.”

anonymous asked:

About that ask where the anon mentions family and their connection to the stunts---everybody and their mother signs an NDA when there is a celebrity concerned. My aunt works as a tutor for a school that has a few children of famous ppl. She had to sign an NDA for the ones she tutors and even some for the ones she **doesnt**, solely based on the fact that they are classmates of those who she does teach lol it's crazy. not far-fetched thinking the boys' families do it too.


That’s totally true! I’ve signed NDAs for folks that I’ve worked for (and even some companies). I’m pretty positive that all employees of One Direction, their friends, and their immediate family members have all signed NDAs. It’s standard stuff, because you don’t want Aunt Milly blowing up your shit.