Best travel tip for Tokyo

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I’ve traveled to a lot of places, and I would say that my best travel tip if I could give anyone one for Tokyo, would be to go out as soon as you have your stuff set down wherever you plan on staying. It’s a safe country, and things happen ALL NIGHT LONG. They say that about New York, but even still I wouldn’t want to be wandering the streets there too long by myself not knowing where I’m wandering to, but in Tokyo, it’s not only totally safe, but it’s something you’ll discover so many secret wonders.

Things you might come across (that I did come across):
It just so happened to be Vogues fashion night out the night I was there, and as most travelers are totally unaware what day it is, let alone what events are on, I had absolutely no idea, but A bit of wandering and free champagne from every store I entered got me wondering what the heck was up with Tokyo. I know it’s a magical place, but it was seriously wild. I ended up meeting a huge crew of people in the Chloe store as we were getting photos taken, and we spent the whole night eating, drinking and partying for free all over town. Thank God I hadn’t stayed home. I also ended up coming to Tskiji at about 3or 4am - this is the world’s largest fish market, and they auction off fresh fish for $5,000 or more! And it’s FREE to go to. That night was finished off by fresh sushi and sashimi at about 6am, where I was treated to all kinds of things I’ve never seen raw let alone eaten - even raw horse. Life is for living. Get out there!

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Mount Takao is still one of my greatest memories of Tokyo, just outside the city, it was such a contrast to the urban chaos.

There were many small monestry’s hidden away in these mist covered hills, it was wonderful to explore and definitely one of the most memorable places I’ve visited.

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As tempting as it is to buy tulips from the flower market, don’t. It’s not worth the heartbreak when customs tells you to toss them out.

Enjoy the tulips while you’re there.

Traveling Tokyo

Some of the best food selections can be found on the top floor of the malls above rail stations. Get a JR Rail pass to skip long lines and ride almost any rail for an unforgettable experience!