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Ram Dass and Allen Ginsberg Part 1 of 7

Ram Dass and Allen Ginsberg in the 1980’s talk about Kerouac, polarization of the 60’s, breaking away from the norm. One doesn’t need to have the external tr…

You have to watch this sequence of vids if you’re interested in the dynamic and heritage of the consciousness movement coming out of the sixties into the eighties. And just listening to these two because they were there in the thick of it…

I am a therapist, meditator, yogini. I facilitate deepening and opening. That is my passion. The real safe space for me and what I try to convey is: within you. Trust yourself, your deep heart and you will be able to walk through life unafraid. This is a difficult journey because a lot of us have walls and defenses (for good reason) around ourselves, our hearts which we don’t want to get rid of and which therefore block any connection we may have with others. We have terms and conditions which we use to weed out the “good” and the “bad”. But if we dropped this conditioning, and saw that everyone is hurt and afraid in the same way we are, we can start reaching out and extending love. This is the safest place to me - when you are always seeing the world through, not your head, but your heart. peace! C

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Let’s Review:

How you can tell the difference between Trikonasana (Triangle) and Parsvakonasana (side-angle) in simple easy to see terms:

Trikonasana - front leg is Straightback foot toes pointing out to the side (mainly); front hand is usually along side inner shin, fingers extending, palm open or sometimes grabbing the toe; top arm extended straight up.

Parsvakonasana - front leg is Bent 90°; back foot is turned in 45°; hand is on the floor (usually); top arm extended over ear.

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