Nakakatuwa yung mga kaklase ko. Haha! Labasan kasi ng grades ngayon sa ust, bumabaha ng PM yung Facebook ko. Puro lahat sila sobrang thankful dahil pasado yung inaakala nilang bagsak. First time ko matuwa ng ganito para sa ibang tao. Haha. Ang weird pero masaya. Sana pasado din siya :)

1AP? Ang benta promise.
  • 'Twas our last subject for the day, English, which made our day. Our topic was all about affixes and so we had an activity. It was much more like a game between the girls and boys. We were suppose to think of a word which matches the suffixes and prefixes our professor will give us. The one who gives a word first, gets the point. And so read this chat and find yourself rotfl.
  • Professor:Give me a word ending with the suffix "-ee"
  • Boy classmate:"JollibEE!" (What the actual fuck was that?! Everyone bursts into laughter! Seriously, BENTAA.)
  • Professor:Give me a word ending with the suffix "-ship"!
  • Boy/Girl? Classmate:Uhh, Uhh. Friendship!
  • Whole class:Walaa! Meron na niyan sa book!
  • Professor:Ok. Next question.
  • Boy/Girl? Classmate:Ma'am! Ma'am! Meron na ako! Loyal! Loyalship! Meron ako ma'am. LOYALSHIP!!!
  • Me:HUH?! Loyalship? Meron ba nun?
  • Megan/Seatmate:WALA. Loyalty yun! Hahahahaha!
  • Me:Hahahahahah! Ang benta talaga ng classmate natin!
  • Professor:Ok. Ok. Next question. Give me a word starting with the prefix "-trans"
  • Boy/Girl? Classmate:Ma'am! TRANSGENDER!
  • Whole class:Hahahahahahahahaha!
  • Boy/Girl? Classmate:Tama naman ah!
  • Tamarah/ Classmate:Aminado eh. Hahahahaha!
  • Seriously, ang benta ng class namin today. Jollibee made my day! Hahahaha!
Apology Rock Distribution [8/31]
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Apology Rock Distribution [8/31]


  • Due to the 10Min/1 AP >>> 5Min/ 1AP change, some customers have been afflicted with a bug where they could not recover AP.


  • Use a Rock to recover AP.

  • Attempt to select a quest that uses more AP than what you currently have.


  • You get 4 Rocks. Hooray.


  • Rocks will be distributed from the 1st of September, 2015, 4AM.

That’s all.

I still hate my rolls.

Update: I bought another 140 rocks. Was crap until the end, where I got Kaleidoscope > Herakles > Atanyanta in some sort of perverse Saved by the Bell Bingo. Why? I don’t quite know, really. Thank you, those of you who have offered alt accounts to me. I think I’ll live with what I have now, yeah.

Submitted August 31, 2015 at 03:18AM by Atelier-Lynette
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Finally, after 8 months of waiting, I’m enrolled again. I seriously missed going to school - the homeworks, projects, seatworks, blockmates, hallways, environment, EVERYTHING!

Unfortunately, I have this one subject that I’m nervous about. ETAR, which I had to take with the senior psychology students because the chairman of our department ruined the wonderful schedule I made. Plus, I don’t get to have my Algebra class with him ‘cause the chairman was complaining about me taking this class with the Applied Math students. She was asking me why do I have to take it with the AM students if my home section’s 1AP. I seriously didn’t know what to say because my only reason was to be with him. He can’t choose the 1AP schedule for Algebra 'cause he won’t be able to take his other subjects with him if he do that. So I just accepted my fate for this semester. Yeah, I’m depressed about it but who cares. I’ll still be seeing him in school anyway and we’ll be able to focus more if we don’t see each other in class. We’ll just help each other out if we’re having difficulty with it :)

June 5, start of classes. I swear I ain’t ready yet. Lol. Just four subjects for this semester, this is gonna be good. 


Palakasan ng loob. Siya yan. Yan yung time nga na nag-EK kaming magkaklase. Tapos excited na excited ako niyan kasi pangarap ko talagang makasakay sa ferris wheel kasi nga hindi pa talaga ako nakakasakay kahit isang beses. Sakto kami nagkatabi tapos picture daw. Eh tatlo kami sa side na yun, middle ako. Sabi ko paano magpipicture, hindi ako makikita. Kaya yan ang nangyari. Sobrang lakas ng trip namin. Hahaha! Then nag-request sila na picture daw kaming dalawa. Ignore the face. Kung kelan naman kasi siya kasama sa picture, ang pangit pangit ko pa talaga. Nanghihinayang ako. 

Buwan ng Wika sa classroom. This is gonna be PHUN! Hahaha. Ang corny ng concept na 1AP lang magcecelebrate nito. Nakakatamad tuloy pumasok pero kailangan eh. Hindi pwedeng iabandona ko mga responsibilidad ko doon dahil sa may mga problema ako. WOO! Kaya ko ‘to! ;)

Malapit na bornday ko! :D Gusto ko na ulit makatikim ng lutong bahay! Tapos may outing pa sa Monday. Sana matuloy. Please, Lord. Minsan lang po ako humiling. Haha. At minsan lang din ako sumama sa mga outing. Just for now, please sana matuloy.Hahaha.

New post (医師の6割が暴言、2割が暴行受けた経験 患者やその家族から――「メドピア」調査でわかる)

New post (医師の6割が暴言、2割が暴行受けた経験 患者やその家族から――「メドピア」調査でわかる)
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