[Special Quest] Labyrinth of Dreams
Duration: 4/29 (Sat) 16:00 ~ 5/8 (Mon) 15:59

Chance to get 5☆ Shing and 4☆ Ines from the special quest.

There will be two difficulties: the lower difficulty drops Ines and Spirit Crystals, which can be exchanged for items, and the higher difficulty drops Shing.

The higher difficulty quest costs 1AP, and will be split into the following first clear bonuses:

4/29 (Sat) 16:00 ~

  • Asteria stone
  • Asteria stone
  • Asteria stone

5/1 (Mon) 5:00 ~

  • 5☆ Shing
  • 5☆ Shing
  • 5☆ Shing

5/3 (Wed) 5:00 ~

  • 5☆ Shing
  • Summoning Tear
  • EX Skill Book x10
on the khux survey

Hey, yo, people. You know what’s going on in ux right now? That’s right, a survey working to improve the embarrassing shit show that naux has become. And you know what people are wasting our only chance to get some improvement on? Yelling about the kairi4kh3 movement to people who literally have no ties to the kh3 dev team. It’s going to make no difference, so can you PLEASE try to say things about the game this survey actually affects? That’ll actually be beneficial to the community as a whole.

By all means, feel free to ask them for more Kairi medals! Even requests for Kairi avatar outfits would be great! Those are the things that are meant to be said on the survey, and have a proper place where you can cry out for them. But do not waste the feedback sections on your pleas for Kairi in KH3— I assure you it will make no difference. This is a completely different dev team, and there is no way they’re going to be conveying this movement to the KH3 devs just because some users are yelling about it.

I’d be more forgiving if there was nothing else to talk about, but there are some very!!! serious!!! issues in naux!!!! And this survey is the only chance we have to address these issues. The survey that was done in jpux was taken very seriously and helped get many of its issues fixed, so this survey should HOPEFULLY be able to make a difference for us too.

Basic rundown is that the team for naux doesn’t seem to give a single shit about us, and we’re nothing more than a cash cow to exploit. They’re assuming we don’t know how much better the treatment of users is on jpux, and are taking advantage of that. We’re getting about a quarter of the free jewels that are given in jpux, all the while being rushed through events and story quests and medal draws as if it’s possible to keep up well WITHOUT spending our every last penny on jewels. The daily login jewels we get are half the amount jp gets (50/50/100/100/200 vs 100/100/200/200/300) and at this point in time it’s getting a bit late to still be optimistic about the amount raising. Same goes for daily jewel quests— they are around every day in jp, meanwhile on na, we’ve only gotten them twice as week long events, and are most likely to become a one week a month sort of thing at this rate.

So how are f2p players ever expected to flourish like we do on jp? We’re not— p2w is pretty much the only way we can hope to keep up with the crazy fast difficulty spike, and guess what— the jewels in naux are more expensive than the ones in jp too! And while the price is unlikely to change, yeah, the amount of free jewels seriously need to be equal to or at LEAST close to jp. We’re right about at the point in time that jp got their daily jewel quests permanently and daily login bonuses raised, so it’s seriously now or never.

Unfortunately it doesn’t end there either— the epic carnival draws are bullshit. 3k jewels for a chance at one of ANY of the epic medals in the pool? Right from the start, jp has always guaranteed you’d get at least one of the NEW medals for every 3k draw. This is an absolute necessity honestly, given how the medal pool grows bigger and bigger and even more hopeless with every draw that comes around. Wasting the equivalent of $15 on a draw that you’ll likely get nothing but story drop medals, some tier 2 medals, and a single very likely to be worthless or old epic medal is ridiculous. No matter how many draws you do, the odds are going to get slimmer and slimmer to get the advertised new medals as time goes on, and that’s seriously unacceptable in light of the jpux guarantees.

But wait, there’s more! The problem of hackers is still being dealt with pretty passively, and they’re still managing to run rampant in the rankings despite the “disciplinary” actions being taken against them. Nobody likes hackers making all their hard work go to waste by hacking their way to the top, now do they? There’s also the matter of AP cost of the third mission of the current DDD event being upped to 50AP, when in jp it was only 20-30AP. Sure, we had the first week of it being during the 1AP event, but what about the people who didn’t have a chance to do it then, and hoped to do it during the second week? It’s a big fat senseless “screw you”, especially when paired with the extremely low drop rates. The DDD medals are the best free medals around for a long time, and now many people will have no chance at guilting them, for NO apparent reason. It’s pathetic.

If you already wasted your survey on useless blabber, don’t fret! You’re able to send in another, you just won’t get another free 600 jewels. If you really want to use this as a chance to complain about Kairi, fine. But PLEASE, for the sake of enjoyment for all of us, send in a second survey addressing some of the issues I’ve explained here. As a jpux player, I know how much harder things are going to get in this game very soon, and with the way things are currently, f2p are going to have no chance at surviving it.


Emi // 16

I live in the United States 

I’m a junior in high school 


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AP Chemistry

AP Physics 1

AP Spanish lang 

AP US history 

Honors precalculus 

Preliminary Medicine 


Stay motivated 

Get good grades 

Better time management 


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