Nakakatuwa yung mga kaklase ko. Haha! Labasan kasi ng grades ngayon sa ust, bumabaha ng PM yung Facebook ko. Puro lahat sila sobrang thankful dahil pasado yung inaakala nilang bagsak. First time ko matuwa ng ganito para sa ibang tao. Haha. Ang weird pero masaya. Sana pasado din siya :)

1AP? Ang benta promise.
  • 'Twas our last subject for the day, English, which made our day. Our topic was all about affixes and so we had an activity. It was much more like a game between the girls and boys. We were suppose to think of a word which matches the suffixes and prefixes our professor will give us. The one who gives a word first, gets the point. And so read this chat and find yourself rotfl.
  • Professor:Give me a word ending with the suffix "-ee"
  • Boy classmate:"JollibEE!" (What the actual fuck was that?! Everyone bursts into laughter! Seriously, BENTAA.)
  • Professor:Give me a word ending with the suffix "-ship"!
  • Boy/Girl? Classmate:Uhh, Uhh. Friendship!
  • Whole class:Walaa! Meron na niyan sa book!
  • Professor:Ok. Next question.
  • Boy/Girl? Classmate:Ma'am! Ma'am! Meron na ako! Loyal! Loyalship! Meron ako ma'am. LOYALSHIP!!!
  • Me:HUH?! Loyalship? Meron ba nun?
  • Megan/Seatmate:WALA. Loyalty yun! Hahahahaha!
  • Me:Hahahahahah! Ang benta talaga ng classmate natin!
  • Professor:Ok. Ok. Next question. Give me a word starting with the prefix "-trans"
  • Boy/Girl? Classmate:Ma'am! TRANSGENDER!
  • Whole class:Hahahahahahahahaha!
  • Boy/Girl? Classmate:Tama naman ah!
  • Tamarah/ Classmate:Aminado eh. Hahahahaha!
  • Seriously, ang benta ng class namin today. Jollibee made my day! Hahahaha!

JULY 22ND - Lycesteria Formosa (Himalayan Honeysuckle) Lower Besore, Truro - silver-gelatin cameraless photograph (12x16" 1 plus 1AP) Invasive garden escapee #botany #printmaking #Himalayanhoneysuckle #invasiveplant #environmentalart #fineartphotography #williamarnold #weeds #suburbs #edgelands #flora

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