1AP? Ang benta promise.
  • 'Twas our last subject for the day, English, which made our day. Our topic was all about affixes and so we had an activity. It was much more like a game between the girls and boys. We were suppose to think of a word which matches the suffixes and prefixes our professor will give us. The one who gives a word first, gets the point. And so read this chat and find yourself rotfl.
  • Professor: Give me a word ending with the suffix "-ee"
  • Boy classmate: "JollibEE!" (What the actual fuck was that?! Everyone bursts into laughter! Seriously, BENTAA.)
  • Professor: Give me a word ending with the suffix "-ship"!
  • Boy/Girl? Classmate: Uhh, Uhh. Friendship!
  • Whole class: Walaa! Meron na niyan sa book!
  • Professor: Ok. Next question.
  • Boy/Girl? Classmate: Ma'am! Ma'am! Meron na ako! Loyal! Loyalship! Meron ako ma'am. LOYALSHIP!!!
  • Me: HUH?! Loyalship? Meron ba nun?
  • Megan/Seatmate: WALA. Loyalty yun! Hahahahaha!
  • Me: Hahahahahah! Ang benta talaga ng classmate natin!
  • Professor: Ok. Ok. Next question. Give me a word starting with the prefix "-trans"
  • Boy/Girl? Classmate: Ma'am! TRANSGENDER!
  • Whole class: Hahahahahahahahaha!
  • Boy/Girl? Classmate: Tama naman ah!
  • Tamarah/ Classmate: Aminado eh. Hahahahaha!
  • Seriously, ang benta ng class namin today. Jollibee made my day! Hahahaha!