“the boy with the curls, who wouldn’t love him?”

Made with Vine

a new one. its been too long! this is original sin

u hide ur feelings like a murder weapon but i feel the tension
when u tighten ur grip around my chest
and its obsessive but u kill me in the best way
like cigarettes in bed after sex in some french film

undress me cuz im nothing like ur exes, shoulda guessed it
from the cradle to my final resting place im still the best
voted most likely to be resurrected, no objections
honey everyone’s a sucker for my cruel intentions

ur my high school dream, im a mean prom queen
with a shotgun, six vodka shots in, never stoppin’
makin out on a chopping block, lipstick sloppy like courtney
love the way u grab me in the courtyard

four star motels like four seasons for the poor man
gimme one good reason to slow down
when u say im too Britney, gimme Lindsay Lohan
good girls gone bad really get u goin

drop the panties to the floor, but keep the halo on
fuck a fallen angel so good u get closer to god
ive been drawn to the dark side since day one
and i never know my limits ‘till im too far gone

everybody knows im a disaster waitin to happen
when I rap like every tragedy’s about me
like everybody wants to have me, or stab me
with friends like these, who needs a fuckin’ enemy?

(u got me on my knees but I’m no victim
once bitten, never shy again, the devil’s my witness)