Quotes from Harry Styles’ Interview

Writing for his album

“I started the album end of Feb last year for about three weeks and then had to stop for about 5 months when I went to do a movie. I came back to it in July and finished writing it in December. For a while before all I thought about it was stressing about what it was going to be. It gave me a chance to completely step away from it for a bit and have a real break. By the end of the movie, because we were swimming so much I just wanted to write songs…I think we wrote about 70 songs - we did 50 songs and ideas in Jamaica and that’s including like little ideas. Well full songs, I say there are 30 songs probably. One of the songs on the album, I wrote a few years ago.”

On his album

“I was with the guys who I was writing it with and we just wanted to make what we wanted to listen to and that has been the most fun part for me about making the whole album. In the least weird way possible, it’s my favourite album to listen to at the moment… I hope we did a good job but I really like the album so I hope people like it. I think if you put out something that you don’t stand behind and really love, then if it doesn’t go well then you could regret not doing what you wanted to do. Whereas if nothing happens with it, I love it you know so I think that’s what you should do. I think that’s been my favourite part to the overall thing is listening to the album and making all the changes – it has been fun to watch over it all.”

Writing in Jamaica

“I just wanted to not be somewhere that I’d get distracted. It was 360 of writing, you’d go home for dinner, write at the house then go back to the studio. I liked being away from everything and doing it like that.”

About his debut single

“It’s a bit weird, I feel like I’ve been hibernating for so long now and you hear it in the safety of the studio and now it’s time to give birth … it’s the song (debut single) I’m most proud of writing.”

About making it on his own

“I’ve been hibernating trying to get it all ready, that’s been fun, but I like this bit as well. I think it’s gonna be fun, it’s gonna be good. It’s not like I’m travelling on my own now, I have a band and everything and they’re amazing.”

Ed Sheeran

“I played him (Sheeran) a few songs after the album was finished. He didn’t say that he didn’t like any, but he did like one song that isn’t on the album. So I did have a bit of a minute of like hmmm no but…”

On Adele

“I’ve spoken to her a little bit, she knows one of the guys that I wrote it with (his music) a lot. But I don’t think so much advice, I just like how she does stuff. I think she leads by example, she’s the biggest, she’s amazing, she’s the best so she should be the biggest. The thing with her is she’s a different thing, she’s just good at it, I like how she does everything, it looks very nice. For my 21st she gave me one of her albums 21 and said, ‘I did some pretty cool stuff when I was 21, good luck’ and I was like, 'geez’.”

On Dating

“I haven’t dated in a long time really because I went away to do the movie then did the album so I haven’t in a while. I have a couple of candles left still though. 

Whether dating when famous is hard

“I don’t know, maybe. I feel like with all of the stuff how people date now, with all online stuff, I feel like you can do that (Google) with anyone really if you’re looking at someone’s profile before seeing them. It’s kinda the same… No, I used to (research dates), then I said I’m not going to do that anymore, it’s impossible to go in without a perception of someone and you’ve never met them and I started feeling like that was wrong and weird. I think I snore, and also I quite like routine, so I don’t know if I’m ­incredibly spontaneous.”

Cutting his hair for Dunkirk

“I felt very naked for a while. I was like yeah, I’ve gotta shave my hair off. It wasn’t a hard decision, it got made into a wig.”

Why he rarely tweets

“I don’t like saying something for the sake of it.”

Life at home and work

“The first time I went home not wearing trainers, I was in a pair of boots. Someone said, ‘What the bloody hell are they?’ I like to separate working and being at home with family.”

Staying grounded

“It’s easier in the way that I like to separate stuff from working and being at home with family and stuff. When you separate it it’s easier to see it for what it is. When you let it become everything and that’s your whole life, then it’s easy to get a bit lost in it. I’m lucky, I have amazing friends and my family’s amazing so I think they make it easier to keep the separation between the two which makes it easier for me.”

Being nervous about playing his music to others

“I think it’s nerve-racking in that I’ve only played it to like 10 people in a room. I try and not be there if I’m playing it…”

His mother and step-father’s reactions to the album

“I played the album to them the first time and there’s one song that’s got a vocal effect on it, the whole album finished then my stepdad said: ‘I’ve one question, where did you get the duck from, how did you get a duck in the studio?’ I was like: ‘That was me, thanks’. My Mum liked it which was handy. She cried a couple of times which was good, I think that was good.”

Musical Influences

“I think it’s hard to not have influencers from what you grew up listening on. I think everyone reacts differently to different types of music. I had a good range between my mum and dad… my dad listened to Fleetwood, The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and Queen. My mum was like Norah Jones and Savage Garden. There are a lot of melodies there.”

Being starstruck by other celebrities

“I remember the first time we went to an awards show in the US, we met Will Smith. It was a brief meeting – he was nice and very tall.”

Addressing the rumour about getting a sheep placenta facial

“No I’ve never had a sheep placenta facial.”

Rumours about Hobama

“I’m not allowed to talk about that.”

Rumour on taking his dates on helicopter rides

“No I’ve never done that,” Harry says, with Grimmy responding: “Not even with Barack?”

“No,“ Harry says. “It was his helicopter, haha.”

Talking about Chris Martin

“He’s lovely isn’t he? He is good at telling you to take care of yourself. I think he makes sure you are alright and is very zen. I think he is a pretty wonderful man.”

On Ronnie Wood

“Big fan, I love Ronnie Wood – I think I met him at a dinner party a few years ago and went to a couple of Stones shows…I think he is the nicest.”

Interviewing Paul McCartney for his Another Man issue

“It was amazing – his voice sounds like a song.”

Loving scented candles

“I mean I think everyone loves scented candles. But I usually take one from home if I’m travelling.”

About sprouts being the new kale

“I went two days ago. I got some spinach, eggs, OJ, milk, turkey and some brussels sprouts. Hmm what else did I buy…oh some Crème Eggs. I like putting sprouts in a curry and I like sauteing them. I think they are going to be the new kale. I met [someone] and I asked her what she did and she said ‘I’m the PR lady for Kale’ and I was like ‘good job then.”

Talking about his four nipples

“Still got them, managed to keep them. Maybe I just hide them in limited edition albums, like golden tickets. I’ll hold onto them.”

Best trait

“Best trait I don’t know, it’s weird to pick your best, shall we go with the nipples thing.”

On where not to ask him for a selfie

“I think in toilets is the weirdest one. It’s happened a couple of times… When someone tries to shake your hand right after having a wee, ‘I might wash my hands first’.”

About Liam’s son and being a potential godfather

“I spoke to Liam and he’s loving it. He said it’s going really well and everyone’s great. So I’m very happy for him. I think it’s a roll of the dice, there are a lot of people Liam has in mind. I’m not going to add any extra pressure. If it came my way I would be honoured.”

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Everything is Yours

Originally posted by harrysimpact

Authors Note:  Hooray for me staying committed as fuck to this mini series (I guess we can call it that now since its three parts or a three part imagine. Listen whatever floats your boat sister).  I’m in complete awe that in my writing comeback I have gotten this much positive feedback, thank you guys so much. I promise to continue to grow as a writer and pump out better content. I also made a masterlist of all my writing, so you guys can read my old writing while I work on new stuff. This part 2 of the Ultralight Beam Series, you can find part Uno here.  This part is inspired by Everything Is Yours by Kehlani (MY FUCKING QUEEN) , so it is highly recommended you listen to the song while reading. Anyways I hope you enjoy, part 3 coming soon and my ask box is still open to request so please leave some. Wuvers you guys. BTW This hella dedicated to @stylesallthelovex for being obessed with this series. Thanks for the support love.

  A month went by and you hadn’t talked to Harry since his listening party. You thought it would be a good thing, maybe it was time to cut your losses while you were ahead. Maybe this would allow you to better your relationship with Nick and Harry to find someone better. But Harry was right, you were so damn bored. Nick bored the hell out of you in every way possible , which should be the least of your worries because on top of all of the boredom he was still fucking his assistant. Not that you could be too angry when less than a month ago you were fucking Harry, but he was gone now and you were more unhappy than ever.

  Your eyes fluttered open and squinted slight adjusting to the morning sun, you pushed your white duvet to the side as you slipped out of bed and into your bedside slippers. You walked over to your bedroom mirror taking a look at yourself. You let out a gentle sigh as you rubbed your cheeks. Is this really what your life has become, you thought as you let your hair down from your ponytail. You were bored. You were unloved. But most of all you were unhappy. You caught a glimpse of Nick in the mirror, and you caught yourself wishing it was Harry. You never took the time to realize how much you missed Harry; you missed waking up to his soft snores, his concentrated face when he attempted to help you make pancakes, the soft touch of his button up shirts that you would always throw on after a night full of passion. You looked down at your engagement ring on your finger, before you thought it was one of the most beautiful rings you had ever seen in your life. But now you despised the ring, it was a constant reminder of one of the dumbest mistakes you had ever made in your life. You would rather marry that piece of shit than to be with someone who actually loves you , Harry’s words echoed in your mind as tears slowly began to roll down your cheeks. What were you doing here? With this man that you don’t even love and that doesn’t even love you. You don’t even notice that you were sobbing until multiple tears drops hit your ring finger, you looked up at yourself once again. I loved you since I first met you ! . You slowly pulled the ring off your finger, the ring that you had worn for the last 9 months, and placed on the dresser. You quickly grabbed your suitcase and stuffed it with your essential personal items, once you were done you took last glance at Nick. He barely even noticed you got out of bed, you shook your head and walked out of the door and out of Nick’s life for good.

 You drove 5 hours, probably 4 hours since you were literally speeding the entire way there , to get to Harry’s house. Luckily security let you in with no question, you slowed your car as you approached his driveway. You stepped out your car and walked to his front door, softly knocking “Harry it’s me open up”. You knocked again a little bit harder this time, tapping your foot impatiently as you waited. “Harry I know you hear me answer the door”, you glanced behind you ‘to make eye contact with the security who looked both concerned and confused. It didn’t take long before you were banging on the door, your first were balled up slamming on the door out of frustration. “Let me the fuck in Harry I swear to god, you threw your weight against the door as you screamed. You continued to bang and shout until your felt warm, wrong hands holding your fist tightly in the air ; you looked up to see the person you had been dying to see for over a month hovering over you. He lowered your hands you sides, ran his thumb over your fingers stopping at your ring finger. He looked up at you in utter shock at the absence of your engagement.

”Where is -”

“I left it and I left Nick"

“Now why would you do that ?  I was looking forward to the wedding ”, Harry let out a small laugh as he leaned in the doorframe, arms crossed.
“ Can I just come inside please”, you sighed as you ran your fingers through your hair. You knew that Harry was gonna give you hell for all the hell you gave him. Harry licked his lips before stepping aside, you stepped through doors with your head down. You timidly walked into the living room, Harry not too far behind you. You began to pace in a line, biting your lip nervously while constantly ruffling up your hair, Harry stood a few feet away with his arms crossed waiting for you to talk.

“ Look I know you may hate me and I know I should have done this sooner but I was scared”

”Scared of what (Y/N), I did nothing to make you fear me or my love”

“I wasn’t scared of you”, you yelled making both of you stare at each other in silence. 

 “So what were you scared of what ?”

” I was scared of admitting to myself that I fell in love with the wrong person”, you confessed crossing your arms tightly around your chest as you stepped closer to Harry.

“I woke up this morning and I looked at the mirror and I just broke down because I love you. I love you so much and I prevented myself from being happy with you because I was too scared of looking like a failure. I’m sorry that I hurt you . I’m sorry I was selfish and only thought about myself, but I can’t go another day without telling you how much I love you and how sorry I am. If you want I can lea-”

You were cut off by Harry’s lips crashing into yours, cupping your face in his hands . You relaxed in the kiss as you wrapped your arms around your neck.

 “You’re not going anywhere”, Harry’s hand moved down from your face, placing his hands around your legs as he swept off your feet.

“I’m yours, Everything is yours”, you smiled before attacking his lips again.