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Steele Rose

Lonely Heart

Second Chances

- The series where you’re his ex-girlfriend and see his new girlfriend wearing one of your t-shirts

It’s Because I Love You

Not Worth It

He Needs You

- The series where you’re in love with him but he likes your best friend

Even When Your Demons Become Too Strong

I’m A Monster

Stay Away From Me

You Let Me Go

- The series where he’s dangerous, but not around you


Borrowed Time

- The series where Harry doesn’t talk but falls in love with you

Pretty In Pink 

- The one where Harry fake dates Kendall but is in love with you

I Think I Know Why

- The one where he disrespects you when you take care of him on tour even though he’s ill

I Know You Didn’t Come to Apologize 

- The one inspired by Love You Goodbye

Lips Of An Angel

- The one where you call too late

My Wonderful, Beautiful, Psychotic Girlfriend

- The one inspired by Stockholm Syndrome

I’m Sorry

Marry Me

- The series where Harry won’t have sex with you

5 Years


- The series where Harry misses Anne so you surprise him with plane tickets to visit her

As You Wish

- The one where you’re shy and he secretly draws you


- The one where you’re blind

Missed You

- The one inspired by Spaces 

All I Have

- The one where you’re anorexic *trigger warning*

I Can’t

I’m Sorry I Didn’t Fight

- The series where Gemma doesn’t like you

I Need You

- The one where Niall’s an overprotective older brother

Don’t Leave

- The one where the power goes out

The Way It Was

It Hurts

I’m Not Leaving You

Don’t Ever Let It Go

- The series where you’re divorced and Harry and your daughter spend Christmas without you

Do You Love Me?

- The one where you have paranoia disorder

I’ll Always Save You

- The one where he saves your life


- The one where you’re involved in a car accident

***** Some of these imagines are under construction. They are in the process of being edited due to grammatical/spelling errors and have been being written when I was a less experienced writer. The content will not change, and neither will the characters, however, there may be changes that vary from very slim to very extreme. These will be done shortly. *****

You’re His Sister and You’re Jealous Of Gemma 

He’s Getting Married, But Not To You  

There’s a Rumor Being Spread About You

You’re Sick

He Falls In Love With You On Tour

He Keeps Your Relationship A Secret  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

First “I Love You”

You’re Lonely 

You’re A MILF and He Gets Over-Possessive

Your Best Friend Talks Negatively About Your Relationship With Him and Harry Overhears 

You’re Best Friends But End up Kissing

Management Makes You Breakup    

He’s Going To Propose, But Not To You  Part 2 Part 3   

You’re Poor and He Doesn’t Know   

The Boys Tell Him To Breakup With You Part 2  

BSM: You’re In the Hospital For an Eating Disorder  

He Sends You Mixed Signals  

okay but I feel like Harry would definitely send you nudes n shit while you’re in class

Like, you’d be listening to your professor lecture and your phone would vibrate and you’d take a quick glance and just about scream– it’d come out as a tiny garbled squawk.

And it’d be a thread of pics of him, starting from a selfie where he’s slumped into the couch in his donut hoodie with his messy nest of hair bc he didn’t feel like brushing it this morning so he just ran his fingers through it a couple of times and then called it a Grammy-worthy hairstyle. His face is neutral as he’s staring at the TV, the hood of the jumper hanging over his right shoulder and he just looks cozy and lazy. And then the second pic would be a pic of him looking down at some unknown thing off camera, but by the angle of the pic you deduce it’s his lap. And then the pic after that would be of him with his hand tucked into his black Nike running shorts, the outline of his knuckles showing that he’s cupping himself underneath. This picture would be followed by the caption, “im hard :(”

And you’d roll your eyes, typing back a quick “handle it” and locking your phone, setting it back on top of your textbook and continuing taking notes. It’d vibrate again, but you’d ignore it bc you don’t want to miss anything important. Then it buzzes again, and again, and again, and it keeps going at faster intervals and you know he’s aware that you’re ignoring him. You snatch it back up with a small, exasperated sigh, flicking through the 19 messages he’s shot at you. “help me!” “It hurts!!” “Don’t be so cruel :(” “baby I need you to cocks me through this!” “Get it? ‘Cocks’? Sounds like coax :D"

Then a pic of him all pouty with his big emerald eyes all doe-like. “just a quick one, c'mon. Just tell me what you’d do to me if you were here :)”

“I’d tell you that you sound like a fuckboy.”

“You answered so it worked”

“Because it was annoying. Now leave me alone I have work to do!”

And then a pic would come through of his bare hard-on, tucked out of his shorts and in his large hand with his fingers wrapped around it, pearls of pre-come shiny on the tip. “But I’m so hard for you :((”

You’d yelp, lowering your brightness to the lowest setting and tapping out an angry reply: “I’m. In. Public. You. Dipshit.”

“Scandalous ;))”

“do you want to get blocked again?”

“Tell me you wanna suck me off :)”

“if you use one more smiley face…”

“what, these? :)))) :-)))”

“Har, please. I have to go”

And before you shut off your phone a vid pops up and you see his face as the thumbnail, so you click it, glancing up quickly to make sure no one is watching and putting one earbud in.

“I’m really hard– s'like, it hurts a lot. And you’re not here and I just want you wrapped around me.” He frowns like a child, knuckling at his eyes and you can tell he woke up recently, even if it is one in the afternoon. “So ’m just gonna…hold on…this new phone’s a slippery one, innit? I’ve dropped it more times than I can count…”

The camera flips and, sure enough, there he is, all shades of red and purple, thick and veiny and bubbling over with jizz as he strokes himself at a medium pace, twisting every now and then to give the handjob some variety. “I just want you so bad, minx. Wanna push myself inside you while you’re all hot, wet, soft and tight…fucking hell, you’re so tight…”

You’d shift a bit, legs clamping out of instinct. He’s such a dick for doing this. You glance up and there’s 5 minutes left of class. You can make it.

He flips the camera back over to his face, where he’s leaning his head back against the sofa and biting his lips raw, tiny feathery moans oozing from them as his breathing gets heavier, his shoulders visibly jolting. “Oh, fuck me, doll. Make me come so hard, so much…Wanna taste you– just shove my face in between your pretty little legs and lick into you until you’re shaking.”

His jaw clenches, the muscle ticking and the veins in his neck chisel themselves into existence, his Adam’s Apple bobbing slowly as he swallows thickly. Sweat is beading his forehead, a few teeny curls sticking to his skin. You can see the hint of stubble that curtains the lower half of his jaw and trails onto the underside of his face and it only worsens the ordeal because you can just about feel it now, rubbing against your thighs as he’s in nose deep or scratching down the back of your shoulders as he takes you from behind. The little shit is staring directly into the camera and smirking, for fuck’s sake, licking the corner of his mouth and humming out a long groan. “Nice and hard for you, babygirl. Want you to fuck my brains out…”

The video ends there with Harry’s back arching off the couch, cutting off as he gives a watery yelp. You sit there, blinking tears of desperation from your eyes and trying to force the blush from your cheeks.

“When i get home, you’re fucked.”

“Wouldn’t want it any other way ;)”

You’re Mine (SMUT)

A/N: Also combining this with the person who said they wanted smut GIFs in the story. Enjoy! I apologise for the lack of GIFs in here as it’s kinda hard to find ones that fit the scenario in this story XD

Character: Harry

Warning(s): Smut. Rough-handling.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the GIFs used here

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Dirty harry imagine (praise kink)

It’s been about a year since Harry and I had started dating and although we’ve been intamite a few times there were still some kinks of mine he didn’t know about. You see When I first met him I was very shy when it came to that kinda stuff but he slowly made me more comfortable with it breaking down my walls. “hey babe tell me a kink you have that I don’t know about” Harry whispered in my ear hovering over me and placing small kisses on my neck I whimpered tilting my head to the side giving him better access. Apart of me wanted to tell him that I had a huge praise kink but another part of me was afraid he would laugh and think it was silly. When I said nothing he sighed “fine don’t tell me it’ll be more fun to try and find out myself anyways”. “Harry why is this such a big deal?” I asked and he shrugged “just wanna know what gets that pretty little cunt soaked” he breathed and I gasped at his filthy words feeling myself start to become wet. Slowly riding both of us of our clothes a groan fell past his lips when he spread my legs and saw how wet I already was “you must want me bad huh baby girl?”. “Please just do something” I begged in no mood to be teased with that he brought his tongue to my heat licking a strip from my entrance to my clit causing me to tangle my fingers in his curls. “N-need your fingers to” I choked out making him tisk “greedy little thing ain’t you Y/N” all I could do was let out a moan as he slid two fingers into my entrance while his tongue focused on my swollen nub. “Fuck don’t stop” I cried out as he soon sped up the movements of both his mouth and fingers making me teeter dangerously close to the edge but before I could cum he stopped pulling away and I whimpered wanting my release so bad. “Sorry love wanted to be inside you when you let go” I nodded and he lined himself up with me before slowly pushing in inch by inch wanting me to feel all of him. It didn’t take long for Harry to find a rhythm fast and rough just how I liked it “such a good girl you always take my cock so well Y/N” he growled making me become even more wet if possible causing a wicked grin to appear on his face. “Oh is that it hmm? is that what makes this pussy soaked? me telling you what a good girl you are for me” I bite my lip and nodded unable to form proper words “why didn’t you just tell me you had a praise kink that’s so hot baby”. “God I’m so close” I whined and he brought his hand between us rubbing my clit in figure eights that’s all it took for me to let go. “That’s my good girl” he praised me nuzzling his face into my neck and I could feel the cocky smirk on his face him being amused and proud of himself for finding out about this kink of mine. “Don’t get cocky Harry next time I might have to find out a kink of yours” he chuckled and winked before bringing his lips to mine “looking forward to it babe”.



Warning: This contains sex. If you are uncomfortable with this topic, please do not read this.

Masterlist linked in bio.

Something is different every time I come home.

It feels different, like the air surrounding the constraints of my house is building up an extreme amount of pressure around me. With every step I take I feel as if I’m being pushed back, and every step forward ends up a battle between my body and my heart.

There was a time where I believed this was because the hours of the day felt longer and I pushed my body past its limits. Coming home felt more like a chore for me, because my nights consisted of extra work at the office and a nearly one hour drive back home.

But the more I’ve tried to figure out why there was an uneasy feeling in my chest and a pit in my stomach whenever I walked past the front door, I’ve began to realize that it wasn’t the long hours or the agonizing drive back to town that made my home feel different.

It was Y/n. She’s different.

She isn’t here with me anymore. I often find myself feeling alone, resorting to bottles of wine or champaign to keep me off the brink of insanity. She used to always be with me, I can’t remember a time she wasn’t by my side. She was everywhere I turned, with her hand in mine, lips against my skin, her soft voice muttering the three words that consumed our relationship.

Those times when she was there for me, it was almost strange for us to not be together. We were a package, there was barely anything that was “I” anymore, it was always a “we.” And that was something that began to scared me. I was unappreciative of love, unappreciative of affection and the feeling a woman had given me. I was so immune to the euphoria it gave me that I had moved onto other things. I put my love life second.

She was never a first choice to me anymore. She was in the back of my mind, pushed far away from the life I was living. She could tell I was disconnected from the relationship we had, but she kept telling me she knew I loved her and that I was completely blinded by ignorance. She refused to leave until I told her I didn’t love her anymore.

I didn’t tell her that. I couldn’t.

It took me months for reality to hit—when I started feeling lonely and misplaced. I needed her, I needed what she had given me. It kept me sane, it kept me grounded. She gave me a set of direction, to know where to end up by the day’s end. Without her, there really is no start of a new day, or an end of a night. Every day is the same, and there was no sense of time.

Nothing moved without her.

I frown as I’m greeted with silence and complete emptiness. A place where I used to feel comfort and love has turned into a place that makes me feel anything but whole. It’s as if a part of me evaporates and every inch of me feels cold and numb.

If I were to just make her understand how wrong I’ve been, maybe the hurt in my heart and the squeezing in my chest would disappear. If she would to just greet me at the door, the way she always had upon my arrival, maybe the parts of me that died along with my relationship would begin to feel whole again.

But I never know what to say to her. I never know what to do. Because even though the both of us live in the same square feet, reaching out to her is as hard as ever. And it’s all because I never appreciated the times I was able to.

I slowly head to our bedroom, desperate to fight for the woman I had fallen in love with. I’ve waited too long to fix the pieces I’ve broken, and I’m convinced that if I were to waste another night with an empty side to the bed, I would completely break, too.

“Y/n?” I call, slowly opening our bedroom door.

“Y/n, baby, I really have to talk to y—“

I halt when I hear the voice of my love through the bathroom door. Her voice, the delicacy and sincerity of it, filling the increasingly deep spaces around us, almost patching up every crack between us.

"So tell me you’re strong, tell me you see. I need to hear it, can you promise me to keep your eyes open, my love”

My eyes flutter shut, resting my forehead upon the bathroom door, embracing the passion and beauty she always had within her.

To hear her, in such a way that I do now, brought me to a point of emotion I’d never experienced before. Every minute, every second I’ve spent without her is overwhelming me with utter guilt and sadness. She deserves better than me, so much better than me, yet she still hasn’t left me the way I left her.

I’ve always questioned it, why she hasn’t left me. She wouldn’t have had lost much, only the shadow of what once was my greatest and deepest love for her. She held on and never believed I’ve ever stopped loving her. She knew that in the end of all our conflicts, our love would conquer all. She knew that.

"So show me your fire, show me your heart. You know I’ll never let you fall apart if you keep your eyes open, my love”

In my moment of weakness, my shaking fingers grip the door knob to open the door. My love, Y/n, is the first thing I see. If not, the only thing I see. She’s lighting candles around the already filled bathtub, dimly illuminating the darkened bathroom.

Her head whips around when she hears the creek at the door, her once peaceful demeanor now uplifting into happiness when she looks at me.

"Harry!” She smiles softly, placing the lighter that was once held in her hands gently onto the edge of the bathtub. “I made you a bath. I know you’ve been working really hard lately. I taped the football game you missed last night, made the water extra hot, and have a towel out for you.”

I haven’t taken my eyes off of her yet, keeping my gaze right on her beautiful face, desperately hoping she can feel every bit of me craving every bit of her.

“And since you’re picky with the amount of bubbles you like in your bath, I left your favorite scented ones right by the shampoo. Lavender and kiwi.”

My heart melts as she speaks, her sweet consideration and thoughts for me making every inch of my body feel warm.

If there’s one thing about our relationship that has stayed the same through all this time, it’s her heart. It was always the most evident part to her. She genuinely cares and loves for me, always finding ways to make me happy and put me first. And even though I’ve given her nothing but hurt, she still cares for me the way she always had.

“Will you be joining me?” I ask, tilting my head slightly to the side as I look at her t-shirt covered body.

She picks up the lighter again, fiddling with the object between her digits. She presses her her lips crushing together in a straight line, hesitation evident in her lips.

“Oh, um—no. I have a lot of work to do and I’m assuming you want to be alone after yo—"

“Please” I whimper, my voice cracking, not giving a damn if I sound desperate and vulnerable.  

"I—I haven’t held you in a while.” I breathe out, my eyes fluttering shut, taking it everything in me to not run to her right now.

She bites her lip as she looks at me, as if searching for any trace of doubt in me. I need her, I need her back. I need to love her again, need to feel her love on me and feel her heart against mine. I won’t be able to live with myself if I break her away from me. If I don’t let her know how much I need her in this moment, she’ll never know, and she deserves to.

“O—okay. I can join you, then.” she blushes, fingers brushing her hair out of her face and behind her ear.

We both undress until we are both bare in front of each other. And it’s now that I’ve come to realize the beauty of what we are given; everything we are gifted with. I haven’t seen her in such a state in a while, it’s impossible for me to resist myself as my fingers glide against her sides.

“You’re so beautiful, angel” I whisper, pressing my lips against her neck, “such pretty baby.”

She hums, wrapping her arms around my waist as placing her head gently against my chest. I brush my fingers through her hair as I kiss the top of her head, embracing the feeling of her body against mine.

“You should go in before the water gets cold.” she giggles.

I chuckle slightly, maneuvering my body from hers before I step into the bath. The water stings at first, but I quickly get immune to the temperature against my skin. She follows my movements, stepping into the bath and sinking into the water.

Her back is against my chest, her arms laying on top of my legs. I smile softly before I dip my hand into the water and rub it onto her skin. She hisses at the burn, but relaxes once the heat begins to sooth her muscles. Once her skin is covered in water, I wrap my arms around her waist. I place my cheek upon her back, drawing hearts along her abdomen.

Holding her from behind, I begin to move my lips along her damp shoulder. I’m not kissing her, not yet, but exploring every inch of her body with my most loving features.

“Missed you.” I mumble, my lips now feathering light kisses where her shoulder meets her neck. “Been missing you so much.”

Her head lulls back onto my shoulder, a small whine leaving her lips as she grants me more access to her now chilled neck. I kiss along her throat, keeping each kiss on her skin for seconds at a time.

"I’m so sorry, baby” I mutter, “I love you, I always have.”

My throat tightens as a tear slowly falls down my cheek. I hear her suck in a small breath as my fingers brush her chest, over where her heart beats.

"Come closer to me, you’re so far away.”

And both figuratively and literally, I feel her coming closer to me than she ever has before. We were touching, all parts of us meeting again into a loving bliss, and my surrender on keeping her away from me has become a treasure.

I lean closely to her ear, placing my lips upon her skin. My fingers find their way to her clit, the pads of them making slow but pressured circles against it.

She shivers as she moans my name, but quickly recovers after I whisper a raspy "Turn around.”

She does so as slowly as possible. We both know this isn’t urgent intimacy, it’s a time for us to become one, to connect in ways we haven’t in months. It’s a time for our love to resurface to where it belongs.

She grabs my face between both of her hands, lowering her face so that our foreheads and noses are touching. She kisses me passionately, her thumbs rubbing along my flushed cheeks. I grab her hips, lifting her up so that she can sink down on me. We both leave the kiss to moan, our heads back for only the slightest moment before she puts her face against mine again.

She moves her hips slowly, occasionally grinding her hips against mine. My teeth clench together as she slides against me after a couple of moments. Her eyes glisten as she looks passionately into mine, biting her lip as she watches me moan under her pleasure.

She moans, her mouth remaining open as my hips move up to meet hers. I continue to pleasure her as I begin to kiss her again, tongue rubbing against hers and lips mushing together in the most delicate ways. I take my hands away from her hips to her hair, where the hair tie holds every piece out of her face. I let her hair down so that it flows below her shoulders. I admire it for a moment, but quickly gather her hair between the palm of my hand and fingers, almost as if her hair is up again, and pull her neck neck down. She whimpers from the pleasure, her breathing harsh as I suck on every inch of her neck. Her fingers scratch my shoulders, but it’s the feeling I’ve missed ever so dearly.

"I love you. So much. My everything.” I pound into her faster, one hand in her hair and the other on her hips, giving her my all, in the most gentle way I can muster.

“Your everything” she manages to breathe out.

I run my lips against her again, every part of her, from her collar bones to her shoulders, and from her shoulders to the crease of her under arms.

“I’m there” she groans, I’m close.”

She reaches out for my back, and once she does, she slides ever so closer to me. The new position drives the both of us wild, and every part of our will-power disappears even faster than before.

She holds onto me, squeezing me, just like she used to. And she’s closer to me now, closer than I could have ever wished for, and I could never love her more.


Watching The “Drag Me Down” Video For The First Time

He Draws You

A/n: I made this shorter than my other imagines. I’ve been trying new writing styles recently. Tell me what you think? :) 


Here she comes. Just after school ends, before the busses leave. Her hair that always seems to be down is tied up with a rubber band, for she always seemed to find them on the ground, after she realizes she forgot her hair tie at home.


She reads. She reads adventure trilogies, she reads romance novels, everything that describes her in 200 pages of fiction. She’s delicate, pure. She’s someone nobody could figure out, for she never spoke. She would just sit in the back of the class, of course, as if she were like any other student. But she isn’t. She’s mute, just another shy girl who’d sit and lose herself in words, yet found herself in them at the same time.

He loves it. He loves her, there was something about her. She is so much more than a quiet girl, Harry knows she has something hidden inside of her. She has to be someone else; something else.

Harry knows that.

Y/n takes her seat in the corner of the art room, the third seat from the left, just like always.

Harry wonders that if someone were to replace that seat with another if she would notice.

She takes out her 25th Anniversary Edition of The Princess Bride. There is a moment where she inhales the scent of the book, her eyes closing leisurely. 

He notices how her thumbs rub against the dust jacket.

She takes a quick look to see if Harry’s there. He is. Thankfully. It wouldn’t be like any other day if he wasn’t.

She reads her book for the fifth time since she was a child, it was always a story of life to her. It’s so much more than a book, it’s something else. She doesn’t know what it is, per say, but she feels that something. She feels it every time she steps into this art room, too.

Maybe it’s Harry. Maybe it’s his presence, the way he’s always so passionate about what he paints. He’s always investigating, always breaking down the bits and pieces of what he produces so that he can reach whatever he sees as perfect. And when it doesn’t, he shakes his head softly, and exhales through his nose in annoyance.

She wonders if he does his own tattoos.

“I like how he says ‘I love you’”

Y/n’s nose twitches, her gaze not leaving his as he speaks to her. Harry’s eyes don’t leave his canvas, he just keeps wetting his paintbrush and filling in the blanks.

“'As you wish’, it’s different. It’s unique, it’s indirect. I like how she says it, too. It’s unexpected, for him, though. Who knew a woman could ever be so confident? You know, last minute speeches about loving him because she got jealous.”

Harry still hasn’t looked at her. He’s too focused on painting his own version of The Princess Bride. He wanted to paint every character. He wanted to include Inigo, Fezzik, Prince Humperdinck, and every other character that had made up the story. But he just couldn’t stop imagining Y/n and Buttercup, and himself as Westly. All he seemed to draw was her, or her with him. As if his paint and paintbrush were made for her.

“I liked The Announcement. That chapter was like a whole other world. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more involved in a story in my life.”

He finally turns to look at her. She’s looking at him with such peace and love, she’s more than positive it radiated throughout the room. But she doesn’t care. He is capturing every bit of her heart with his, and she can’t stop looking at him.

“Have you?” He asks, his paintbrush that’s faded with her hair color, held loosely between his pointer and middle finger.

She shakes her head, a small smile playing on her lips as she blushes, looking back down at her book.

“I’m reading that chapter now” she whispers.

She wonders if he heard her,

He had.

He wonders why she doesn’t speak much. Her voice is angelic, almost surreal. Just like he imagined. 

Harry smiles, barely. He doesn’t want to make her think he heard her, she might be uncomfortable with that, and that’s the last thing he wants. For her to be uncomfortable.

But that’s the last thing she could ever feel, especially with him.

“Well, I’m glad somebody feels the same I do. Nobody reads that book anymore. It scares me. I fear the written word will be gone soon. I don’t know how I’d deal with that.”

She nods. She understands. Maybe because it’s Harry, and everything Harry had done, she understood.

He’s different. But the same as her. That’s something she doesn’t understand.

Harry opens his mouth to speak, but he freezes. He thinks twice about his actions, but he can’t help himself. He feels connected with her somehow, in ways that aren’t found. But he does, and he doesn’t want it to end.

“Would you like to go out to an art museum with me this weekend? Or maybe a library, a book store? Just, do something with me, yeah?” He asks.

She smiles, wide. Teeth showing and everything. Her cheeks are flushed, her eyes are glistening, her heart is pounding. She couldn’t seem to control herself.

“As you wish.” She whispers.

She wonders if anything will ever be the same.

Champagne Mixed with a Bit of Adrenaline [h.s.]

A/N: this was a request from an anon and I finally got it done! It’s meant to go with this amazing piece of art. :-)  this piece is dedicated to the amazing @tiostyles because Brianne kept it from getting lost in the void LMAO. her support inspired me to finish it so thanks Brianne ilyvm :-) sorry for any mistakes or typos! Drop by my inbox with opinions bc I’m kinda?? Iffy on it?? Anywho, enjoy!

Harry likes to think he has stamina. He’s proven it countless of times before and he’s sure he will continue to prove it until the end of his days.

A great example would be that one time on the tour bus when he had popped a stiffy around 9 PM and couldn’t do anything about it, since no one was planning on going to bed yet, so he couldn’t sneak away to handle it. He’d had to wait until well after 1 AM, when the snoring elephants known as his band mates were conked out cold, to sneak into the bathroom with his Astroglide and rub out a quick one to a picture of Y/N wearing nothing but a pink, sheer silk button-up with the word “Styles” embroidered on the chest pocket.

Or the time when he and Y/N had attended a family get-together that his mother had thrown at his old house in the new pool she’d had built. Y/N had gotten the brilliant idea to grope him during a game of water volleyball and he’d had to play actively, all whilst doing his best to make sure no one saw the raging boner tenting his Gucci lion-printed swim trunks. After the underwater fun was over and the barbecue was done, his mom had condemned him to stay and help clean up. Washing dishes with his dick leaking wasn’t exactly his idea of a good time.

After that long night, Harry had given his mom a quick kiss goodbye and ignored her comments about how it was odd for his jacket to be tied backwards around his waist. He’d dragged a grinning Y/N to his car, setting route to their apartment but somehow ending up in an abandoned mall square, fucking in the backseat of his Rover.

And don’t even get him started on the time he lost three rounds of Go Fish to Y/N and, as retribution, had to wear a vibrating cock ring to Lux’s birthday party. Trying to explain to a four year old why his lap was vibrating, all while maintaining a cool composure, should’ve been made into an Olympic sport because the sheer amount of concentration and determination needed was truly out of this fucking world. Not only that, but fucking in a bathroom the size of a coat closet wasn’t necessarily prime, either. Lou had been having her upstairs bathroom remodeled and the one in the living room was too obvious, so they’d had to sneak down to the one in the basement. It was tiny, cramped, and smelled way too much like lemon-scented Lysol. His left leg had fallen asleep, but as if that wasn’t bad enough, Y/N had decided to up and leave halfway through and left him horribly blue-balled. Giving a toast to his goddaughter’s coming-of-age wasn’t really fluent when casually trying to cover up the bulge in his jeans with a Hello Kitty placemat.

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Three Is Better Than Two

Pairing: Harry Styles x Zayn Malik x Reader

Warning:Smut, Threesome

Summary: Harry gives the birthday surprise of a life time.

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He Hurts You After A Fight Without Meaning To: Part 2

Part 1


Where is she? She hasn’t come back, hasn’t called, hasn’t even made a simple way to contact him. Harry is pacing, hands in his hair as he tugs at the roots. He has never panicked more in his life. Nobody has seen her, nobody has spoken to her. Where the hell could she be? Without him? Without anyone? 

“Fucking shit” he mumbled, tears welling in his eyes when he realizes she’s been ignoring him. 

He needs her, now, with him. He needs her safe. Harry immediately grabs his keys and cell phone, planning on looking for her, even if it took all night. He wasn’t going to quit. 

“Come on, Y/n” he mumbles to himself, opening the front door in aggravation. 

He suddenly takes a step back, a gasp immediately leaving his lips as he takes in the image in front of him. Y/n, on the ground, limp, with blood on the ground surrounding her. His heart picks up speed, hands clenching at his sides as his thoughts race with worry.

“Y/n?” He whispers, hoping, praying that she’s awake somehow. But not any part of her is responsive.

“Please, God, no” he sobs, immediately assuming the worst.

She looks so dead. Her skin fare, blood dripping from her forehead, body more still than anything he’s ever seen, and he’s quick to realize how this is the only time he’s been near her where she hasn’t jumped up to kiss him.

And it’s his fault.

“Y/n. Y/n, you have to answer me, baby. Please” He chokes, gently sitting on his knees before her.

He sticks his hands out, as if wanting to grab her, but he doesn’t know how. One wrong hold and he could damage her even worse. His hands shake, reaching back towards his body a couple more times.

“No no no”

He’s sobbing, so lost in it he doesn’t even give a thought about how to handle the situation.

“Come on. Can you hear me? You have to let me know if you can hear me.”

Nothing. Nothing. No hand squeezing, no eye twitch, not a single indication she can even smell him; feel him.

If he could stay with her until she was up, he would. But he knows, all too well, there is no way she’d be save another hour without professional help. So, he is quick to call an ambulance, desperate for his girl to be okay, because, God, if she isn’t, Harry wouldn’t leave his house for months.

He grabs her again. His tearful, wild eyes looking for any more traces of damage she could have experienced during the fall. There is nothing, and for a split second, Harry is happy she has no other damages on her, until he realizes this means she didn’t protect herself.

His lips quiver, eyes flooding over until they spill over the edge. There is nothing he can process. He has done this to her, it was all him. The fighting, the screaming, the fear in her, the way she backed away from him, her running away, the door closing so fast and so close behind her that she had no choice but to fall. It was all him.

Harry holds her like he’s hugging her. Her head against his, and her legs around his waist. He doesn’t mind the small amount of blood still driving from the gash on her forehead. It feels natural to him, as if he’s actually with her, just for a couple of seconds.

“I’m sorry” he whispers in agony, small pecks of delicate kisses being placed on her neck. “This is all me. Not your fault at all”

“You can kill me later, kill me so fucking hard Y/n. I don’t care. Yell at me until death. I just wanna be with you.”

His tears have left wet blotches along her neck, and his harsh grips are leaving marks upon her skin, but she always said it was her favorite part of her.

It hasn’t been long where Harry just sits holding her. Body crushing holds and passionate kisses, even though she can’t feel them. He wishes now more than ever that he wouldn’t be so goddamn jealous all the time. if he would have just been rational, understanding, none of this would have happened. But seeing some man fucking his girl for the movie they were casted for set something off within him.

It was as if he was a match being stricken on a rough surface, the millisecond before igniting.

“Sir, sir, excuse me, sir.” A voice rambles behind him.

He turns to look at the woman with desperation, Y/n’s head cradled in his hands, tears running consistently down his face.

“Help her. Please help her.” He whispers through clenched teeth.

The paramedic nods, sliding the stretcher over to her. She glances at Harry, who is mumbling incoherent apologies as he pets her hair.

“Sir, do you know what happened? What is her name?” another paramedic asks, papers clipped on a clipboard and her pen settled stiffly in her hand.

“Her name is Y/n. Y/n Y/l/n. S—someone shut the door right behind her and I guess it hit her, a—and she fell. I don’t even know h—how long she’s been out.”

She nods as she writes down the information. “Alright. We need to get her to the emergency room immediately. She could be in a coma as far as I’m concerned, we need to get her out now. Linda! Call the hospital, she’s lost a horrible amount of blood!”

Everything around Harry seemed to go in slow motion. From the paramedics taking her away from him, to placing her to the back of the emergency vehicle, everything was coming out as a blur.

“C—coma?” He gasps, hand immediately being placed on his chest, guilt immediately and fully taking its toll on him.

“A coma? H—how? W—what?”

“With all of the blood loss and the incredible amount of impact that was taken place during her fall, it seems like she has a better chance of being in one than just being in shock.”

Harry’s face goes completely pale. His Y/n, his beautiful, lively, perfect Y/n, un a coma. The thought makes his eyes squeeze shut and his stomach wanting to throw up everything out of it.

All he can manage to think about was that this is all his fault.

Demi & cher lloyd {dirty imagine}

i trace my finger slowly up demi’s ass making sure not to wake her as she sleeps peacefully cuddled next to me. i smirk watching her wiggle a bit as i make little swirls around the middle of her back. she smiles a little as i reach to the back of her neck then back down again. “cher.” she mutters with her face pressed against my chest. “yes?” i reply watching my finger as it traces her curves. “its to early.” she mumbles drifting back to sleep. “but..” “to early.” she mutters not opening her eyes. i pout sitting up, making her fall on the pillow. shes only wears a muscle shirt that barely covers anything. “demi iam horny!” i pout crossing my arms looking down to her as she does absolutely nothing. “demi your girlfriend is all dripping wet.” i whisper into her ear. she smiles a little then says,”ill lick your pussy later just me sleep.” completely killing the mood. i sigh getting up walking down stairs wearing only a huge shirt that drapes over my knees. i pass the laundry room glaring at all the clothes piled mountain high waiting to be washed or dyed. i moan lazily looking back to the stairs with no sound of demi, i drag my feet to the pile of our clothes. i pick up as much clothes as i can then open the top of the washer to see wet clothes already washed and ready to by dyed. “you got to be kidding me.” i mutter letting the clothes in my hands fall to my feet then reach down into the machine to get the clean clothes. as the last of the clothes are stuck at the bottom i lift myself until my torso is up on the side of the washer with my legs in the air trying to reach the bottom of the tube. i struggle for a moment then finally reach it but once i do i feel warm hands on my waist holding me still. i look back to see a naked demi smiling at me. “i love this side of you.” she jokes grabbing my bare ass. “oh shut up.” i laugh getting down but not turning around. her hands lift my shirt over my head leaving me naked. “i have a surprise for you.” she whispers in my ear moving my hair from my shoulder. “what is it?” i ask gripping the washer as her hands send chills down my body. “you’ll gunna love it.” she smiles kissing my neck softly. i feel a cool object between my legs tracing my slit of my pussy. i reach behind me to touch demis ass when i feel straps lined across her hips and down below her ass. i moan knowing exactly what it is just as it enters me. “fuck!” i whimper leaning over the wash, spreading my legs. she thrusts upward sending the whole toy inside me. i clench around it as she thrusts roughly again. “demi ahh.” i moan out laying back against her. she pulls out turning me around then closing the washer top. “sit up here.” she says lifting me by my hips. i scoot to the edge wrapping my legs around her waist pulling her and the toy closer. i gasp as she pushes forwards slightly giving me just the tip inside me. “please demi.” i moan trying to push the toy in more. she smiles grabbing my ass in both hands then laying her pink lips on mine. as we kiss she pushes me forward, i moan feeling the toy slide into my pussy slowly. “you look so sexy.” she mutters making our hips hit against each other. i wrap my arms around her neck, grinding my hips down. “make me cum.” i whisper in her ear running my fingers through her hair. she nibbles at her lip before grabbing the him of my shirt and pulling it upward. she carries me to our room laying me down on the bed. “god i love your body so much.” she smiles hovering over me, kissing my breasts. i feel the dildo rub against my inner thigh making me whimper. she takes the toy in her hand rubbing it along my pussy lips. i suck in a breath watching her. “so so wet.” she whispers pushing the tip inside then taking it out. “its all for you please fuck me.” i reply touching her. she smirks cupping my pussy. i rock my hips as she pushes against my core slipping two fingers into me. “fuck.” i whimper reaching up to her pulling her down to me. our lips collide sliding over each others mouth. she pushes the toy inside me thrusting roughly a couple times “demi !!” i shout out grabbing the head board of the bed as she continues. the frame of the bed smacks the wall over and over again matching demis thrusts. “shit yes baby that feels so fucking good!” i moan listening to my wetness making smacking sounds as the toy pounds into me. she smiles moving her hips in small circles knowing how much that drives me crazy. “i know just how you like it dont i ?” she whispers sucking down on my neck. i nod closing my eyes as i start to build up to my high. “keep going pleaseee.” i beg grabbing her hips making sure she doesnt pull away. she stays with her rhythm. i hum whimpering as my favorite feeling takes over my body. demi pulls me on top of her, she shoves her hips upwards causing me to scream out. her hands attach to my chest playing with my nipples as we both rock our hips making me cum onto the toy. i lean down over her catching my breath. she laughs moving my hair that dangles between us. “fuck.” i say breathless. she wiggles down under me until her head is inches from my sore pussy. i sit up looking down to her as she licks her lips. “my favorite meal of the day.” she smiles rubbing my pussy before eating me. i shiver gripping the pillow besides me as her tongue enters me. “holy fuck.” i gasp, her hands grab my thighs holding me down. she sucks and licks every inch of my pussy dry. “it wouldnt be right if i didnt clean up my mess.” she laughs licking me once more before sitting up. “have fun?” she asks taking my hand. i nod biting my lip as the dildo stands tall on her lap. “again?” she smiles stroking the huge toy. i nod batting my eye lashes at her. “your such a dirty dirty girl cher.” she smiles pulling me until iam chest and chest with her. “iam your dirty girl.” i say pushing myself down onto the dildo. “mmmm i love the sound of that.” she smiles laying me down for take two.

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In-School Session (Harry Styles dirty imagine)

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I huffed and grabbed my books out of my locker, for my first period class. It was Monday, so its already a bad start. I also have Physics first. I HATE my teacher, and I HATE Harry Styles, my lab partner.

Harry Styles was the school ‘cool kid’. He had all the friends, teachers hated him, and always tried to get him in trouble, reckon it didn’t work, but anyway, and all of the girls wanted him. I can’t lie, he is hot. You could get lost in his deep, green orbs. When he stared at you, you could really feel it. He was muscular, and very fit. He went to the gym almost everyday, and I found that extremely sexy. Though I would never dare tell him that. Despite the fact that I hate him, I would still fuck him.

No problem.

I walked into class, when Mrs. Francelas looked my way.

“Good, you’re not late, for once.” She more so muttered the last part to herself. I rolled my eyes, and went to go take my seat. Good, I thought to myself. Harry isn’t here. 

Soon enough class started. We were about a half hour into the course, when the door flew open, to reveal a sexy Harry Styles. He wore tight, tight black pants, and a low cut black t-shirt, that looked great on him. He neck was perfectly defined, and you could see some of his chest tattoos. They were such a turn on. His curls were swooped to the side, as usual, and had a few pimples, but I thought it was rather cute. Perfect guys were boring. His green eyes were dark, with the way the light shone on them, and it made him look do-able. I would have fucked him right now. My eyes soon fell to his lips. I wish they hadn’t. His red, plump, kissable lips were slightly parted while he was listening to the teacher talk, and his front tooth came down on his lip as he bit it.

Fuck, that was hot.

His brows furrowed in concentration as he was listening to her.

It was, well…sexy. What more could I say?

I couldn’t help but imagine what his lips would feel like on my clit. His tongue deep inside me, as his long fingers moved in, and out…in, and out…

I could feel my panties getting wet, so I immediately stopped thinking about that, and tried to focus on my work.

While they were talking, I caught him sneak a few glances at me. At first, I thought he was just looking at his seat, longing to sit down. But then, our eyes met, and there was…tension.

Sexual tension, it seemed.

His eyes were filled with…lust, was it?

His eyes kept flickering from mine, down to my breasts. I smirked. I was wearing a very tight white, button up blouse, and a very short plaid skirt, with heals. I knew I was turning him on, and I liked it. The fact that there were people around, made it all the more interesting.

Once he finished talking with the teacher, he looked straight at me, while walking, in a very sexy way.  


He smirked, as he took his seat next to me, not making another single glance.

I gotta say, I was slightly disappointed.

I was in the middle of drawing a ray-diagram, when I felt a hand place on my thigh. I froze, and quickly looked down at the hand.

His long, slender fingers lay on my thigh, as his thumb gently stroke my leg. He wore a silver ring on his middle finger.

I slowly looked up, to see if he was looking down at me, but he still stared at his paper, doing his work.

I didn’t do anything, but go back to my work, acting like it didn’t bother me.

I felt his hand trail higher. And higher.

And higher. 

It reached the hem of my skirt, as he played with the plaid fabric.

My breath hitched in my throat. I caught him smirk at the corner of my eye. I shook my head, getting out of my daze, and I went to go grab his hand, to remove it. But before I could do so, his hand found the band of my panties. 

I was gonna be soaked. 

His long fingers played with the band for a few moments, but then his hand slipped inside my panties. His slender fingers trailed down and reached my clit.

I looked over at his to see him writing something down on my paper.

You’re fucking soaked, baby. Tell me, who made you this wet?

I couldn’t think straight. 

His hand, was on my clit. And he was fucking teasing me!

I decided to write back.

Are you going to finger me already, Harry?

I put the pen down, and looked up to the board.

He finally stuck a long finger in my pussy, and moved it around, painfully slow. He curled his finger, and I could hardly contain a moan, but I did. 

He then put another finger inside me, and started doing scissors. Curling his finger as he came back up.

I couldn’t help it.

I let out a soft moan.

But not soft enough, everyone looked over to me.

“What is the matter now?” The teacher asked. Harry was still fingering me like crazy. I shook my head.

“I finally got this ray-diagram correctly, Mrs.” I said trying to be smooth, but probably failed miserably.

She said nothing, but got back to teaching.

I let out a shaky breath, I was about to cum, and he knew it. My walls clenched around his fingers, and all too soon, the sensation was gone. 

His fingers were gone.

I looked over at him in disbelief. He had his two fingers separated from the rest of his fingers, because they were soaked. He looked around quickly to see if anyone was looking, then quickly looked at me, eyes boring into mine, filled with lust. His brows were furrowed. He brought his fingers up to his mouth, and slowly licked, and sucked his fingers. 

I let out another shaky breath, and looked down, and noticed his bulge.

He was hard as a rock

I quickly raised my hand.

“May I use the wash room?”

“Yeah, whatever, go ahead.” She said grumpily. I tried my hardest not to give her a smart ass answer, and made my way quickly out of class. it got quite uncomfortable, as I rushed to the bathroom. I swung the door open, and closed it. I quickly checked under the stalls to see if anyone was there.

All clear.

I heard a knock on the bathroom door, and I called, “its open!" 

Harry came in, eyes dark, full of need. He locked it, so absolutely no one could come in and interrupt.

He slowly walked over to me, and gently pushed me against the wall.

His lips were gazing my right cheek, then his mouth fell down to my neck, to gently bite it, and then went up to my ear, to whisper to me.

"Do you realise how much you’re killing me?” He whispered seductively.

I didn’t answer.

“Wearing those slutty clothes. You’ve been a naughty, naughty girl.” His big hands gripped my hips, as he grinded into me, his bulge present.

I still said nothing.

His lips came from my ear, to kiss my cheek a few times, until they finally reached my lips.

It was like nothing I’ve ever imagined. They were soft and went, and fit perfectly against mine. His tongue gazed my bottom lip, demanding for entrance, but I didn’t accept. I wanted to tease him, for teasing me earlier. His right hand moved from my hip, down to my arse, stroked it, and smacked it. 

I gasped, and he took the chance to enter his tongue in my mouth. Our tongues danced, a very rough dance. We were biting, and nibbling, and slightly sucking on each others’ lips. His kiss was like a drug, something that I needed. I was like a vampire, but instead of blood, I need his lips.

His left hand squeezed my waist again, as he kept on grinding into me.

Our lips were suddenly torn apart and we both gasped.

I took no time at all. I got on my knees and started undoing his belt. I pulled down his very tight pants, with much difficult, but I got it. He was wearing black Calvin Klein underwear, with a white band around it. I could see the outline of his dick, and I pushed him, so that he was leaning against the counter.

“You’ll wanna get comfortable, babe.” I said, as I looked up at him through my eye lashes. I then pulled down his underwear, grabbed his cock, stroked it a few times, and shoved it down my throat. I started deep throating him right away, wasting no time at all. I looked up at him again, to see his lips slightly parted, his brows furrowed. I could tell he was surprised that I could do this, and it was exactly what I wanted. He grabbed a handful of my hair and started shoving his dick in my mouth.

“Fuck.” He seethed. I moaned, causing a vibration to go through his dick, and that sent him over the edge.


**Harry’s P.O.V.**

I was getting what I always wanted.


And her mouth on my cock. 

I didn’t realise she’d be this good, and frankly, I was quite surprised. Her tongue did swirls around my dick, and she hallowed her mouth. She started deep throating right away, and it was the hottest thing I have ever experienced. I could feel her throat at the tip of my cock, and it sent waves of pleasure through me.

I was about to cum.

“Fuck, Angel baby, I’m gonna cum. Stop. Stop!” She still didn’t stop.

I was about to cum in her mouth, but when it was gone.

She was gone. Her sweet little mouth wasn’t around my dick any more.

I was breathing really heavy, as I stared down at her. Her eyes were a beautiful, shade of blue, with splattered spots of green, and yellow. Her long brown hair flowed freely, and I could tell that she didn’t like it. Her lips, her red, soft, plump lips, the lips that I loved on mine. The lips that I loved around my cock. 

I was hard as a rock, and I was going to fuck her senseless.

“Bend over.” I grabbed the back of her blouse, near the top, and shoved her over to the counter, her ass sticking out in the air. Despite the fact that she was wearing a skirt, I could see her thong perfectly. It was a dark violet color.

How fucking hot was that?

I got on my knees, and put both my hands, on either of her ass cheeks. She had the nicest ass I’ve ever seen. I stroked them once, then slapped.

“Baby, you’ve got a nice ass.” I breathed out. 

She moaned.

Stroke. Slap. 

“I’m about to fuck you senseless, honey.” I quickly stood up, pushed her thong to the side, and slammed into her. I didn’t even give her time to adjust, I just started going at it, not caring.

It didn’t seem like she cared either, as she was letting out loud moans, and was calling my name.

“Harry, fuck yes! Right there, oh yeah…” She tried to squirm, but I held her shoulders. My hands slid down to her tits.

They were firm, and they were the perfect size.

Not too big, not too small. Just perfect. 

I squeezed them hard, and stroked them. I was driving her off the edge.

“Angel baby, you like that? Yeah? Tell Harry how much you fucking like that.”

“You’re fucking amazing at this, Harry! Fuck me hard in my pussy, baby!” She yelled, and started to grind into my hips. That movement sent me crazy.

“Angel, you’ve got the tightest cunt I’ve ever fucked. Baby, this is fucking great.” I moaned, and moaned and moaned over and over again.

“I’m cumming baby. Right now. Fuck!” I came all over in her, and so did she. She came all over my cock. I pulled out, and stood behind her panting. 

“That was the sexiest thing ever.” She stated, breathless. I nodded in agreement, still having not found my breath.

She quickly fixed her thong, and adjusted her blouse and her hair. I pulled my underwear and pants up, and tied my belt. She turned away from the mirror and stared at me.

We stood still like that, for quite some time. Until we couldn’t hold back anymore. She ran over to me, jumped in my arms, and as I swung her around in circles, our lips met, in a passionate kiss. Not lie the other ones we shared, this one meant something. 

Could I be in love with her?

1D Preference: Your Celebrity Crush

Niall: Ansel Elgort

Louis: Matt Bomer

Zayn Malik: Alex Pettyfer

Harry: Armie Hammer

Liam: Ian Somerhalder