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Real talk, I’m actually glad I missed the heyday of terrible 1D merchandise even though I love it beyond all reason because I would be dead-ass broke and surrounded by utter crap from a very specific ~era. I’m not even gonna scratch the surface here because their faces have been on EVERYTHING–clothing, perfume, shoes (UGGS??? wowwww), dolls, backpacks, books, bracelets, games, bedspreads, you name it–but I found a few hilarious items that I would totally buy right now, if I could (cough cough, future gift ideas). 

Exhibit A: I defy you to walk into a Primark and NOT buy at least five of these:

GLORIOUS!! Except for when you actually put them on:

I feel like it’s disrespectful to both Niall AND me to plaster his face on my ass crack, and yet I would (”I would!”)…bonus points because this is brought to us by “subfocus”, lolllll:

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