Gotta post this idea before i forget about it

Cause i was thinking about in all the scenarios Marienette could be akumatized and the consequences of it. And i was thinking i have never seen a scenenario in which she succeeds.
What if Akuma!Marinette is the only one who finally manage to do what non other akuma before?

We are talking about Ladybug here. Marinette is the one akumatized sure but Ladybug as well and even if Chat can do a hell of a fight i cant see him winning, maybe because he will be to stunned to fight back or not focused enough (or maybe it was his fault everything is happening)

And finally it happens. Akuma!Marinette did it. She has the Cat Miraculous. Hawkmoth cant be more happy he finally have both Miraculous he can finally make his dream come true.

He asks for Marinette to bring the Miraculous back.

But she says no.

Hawkmoth is taken aback. Why is she not obeying him? He gave her the powers and the way to forget and stop feeling. She should have been grateful! She should have been bringing the Miraculous to him. So he tells her that. He threats her with the pain he can inflict to her since she is still her puppet.

But Marinette is not listening. She is looking curios at the ring and touching her earrings (black earrings because of the infection).

And Hawkmoth feels it. The idea what is forming in her head. He panics. He tries to remove the akuma from her.

But Akuma!Marinette is faster. And her thoughts are more dangerous and sharper.

She only thanks Hawkmoth for the help and he can have his butterfly back. And to the people, to Chat, Adrien, laying at her feet, looking frightened, to prepare themselves to the wrath of a god.

And she puts the ring on her finger.

Those who know me know that I’m not Seungri biased. I’ve never been. But let me tell you somethig: that doesn’t make me blind to how talented he is or how much effort he puts on everything he does as one of the members of Bigbang.

About how he’s treated. I’ve talk about this with the DG. I’ve been concerned about the way the other members treat him, the jokes…I feel like he has to put on a show and be “extra” to get his time because he “knows” the attention will be on the others; that he as he is wouldn’t get as much attention. And that hurts even if he’s not your bias because that’s not what he deserves after 10 years of working his soul off. He’s a grown man, one that has worked so hard to get to this point, not only the goofy one of the group… (Also, he’s no that way when he’s DJing or with his business)

And the way he’s trated has an impact in the way fans look at him. See him as the “funny” one, the cutie…(I do understand the role of the maknae in a group, but they’re no longer teenagers. Again, he’s a grown man. Are they going to treat him the same when they’re 30-40??)

He should leave BB(?) Although I think he’s not being treated the same as others, bigbang wouldn’t be the same without him. Bigbang wouldn’t be here without him. He deserves his place in Bigbang. He loves Bigbang. Bigbang without Seungri IS NOT BIGBANG.

Even if the company (and some VIPs) seem to think that his career and his solos aren’t as important as other’s he’s an amazing singer. You can like him or not, but he is and he deserves a minimum of respect after all this time.

One thing that I love about him, one thing that I’d never forget is how much he loves vips. And it seems like he has to beg for attention, for love. He even thinks that he’s the last on the VIP’s hearts. How can you say you’re a BB fan, a VIP if you’re part of the group that makes him feel that way?.

He’s important. He’s talented. He’s Bigbang. He’s loved. He deserves to be trated the same, and with respect.