Many people are attracted to meditation and a so called spiritual life, provided it feeds the ego, and empowers another new identity, but this is not our way.
Our way of Pure Dhamma is to become less and less until we are like the wind in the trees or the ripples on the water. In reality only a beautiful movement of love, compassion and joy seeking nothing for itself but serving the world with kindness.
Letting go of the ever demanding ego (self identity) is the greatest gift we can bring to our own life and the life of all beings.
The less of ‘you’ there is, the happier you will be.
This is how to be no-one, going no-where.

​Michael Kewley - Being no-one.

May all beings be happy.

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healing story by jonghyun (day i) ♡ 150918
시간이 늦었어 (beautiful tonight)
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